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Hello and welcome to my blog, one that is dedicated to supplying information regarding a highly controversial subject known commonly as Gangstalking. Gangstalking is defined as an activity that is carried out by a number of individuals that have the intention to systematical destroy a persons life through a form of covert harassment. Gangstalking also goes under many other titles such as Community Based Harassment, Organized Mobbing….etc. What makes Gangstalking unique is that the evidence to support that the activity actually exists is relatively strong. Covert harassment is a practice that has existed for centuries and has been a preferred method of dissolving the objectives of opposition particularly those of governments, persons with significant power and organizations. Of recent times, this activity is being linked to Government operations that exist in law which allows the state to monitor and log citizens information on a scale never seen before in history.

So where do the lives of ordinary citizens, with no political or terrorist motives nor criminal wrongdoing become involved with with an activity that sounds like something straight out of a blockbuster spy movie?

Well, you could ask the citizens that lived under the Stasi regime. This is where Corrosioninfo gets it’s moniker. “Zersetsung” a word that has no direct English translation was the objective codeword used by the STASI, a secret police division that operated in East Germany during the cold war era. The word has a few translations but Corrosion is perhaps its best English reflection.

What is Organized Harassment?

With so much varying information emerging online today on the subject of what has been dubbed “Gangstalking” it’s existence is one of an activity that parallels the global reality of government surveillance that is affecting everyone with a conspiracy theory.

For someone new to the subject, especially someone who isn’t familiar with technology or historical aspects of organized harassment, it can seem too far-fetched to be understood or even be believed at first if at all. Wither the subject matter originates from a seemingly legitimate source or an individual who is experiencing it, it can instill either a lot of curiosity or be viewed as stuff of fantasy fiction conjured by collective of highly neurotic and creative individuals. In essence it can be quickly judged to be a paranoid delusion.

To those who might have chanced upon or looked up the subject may have already become familiarized with terms such as “Voice to Skull”, “Sensitizing”, “Street Theatre” amongst the descriptive content of the harassment that they experience, one can be forgiven for assuming absurd-ism. At it’s centre, the victim’s known as “Targeted Individuals” or “TI” for short claiming to be consistently harassed 24/7 by unknown perpetrators that to those around them can see no apparent activity is obviously going to become labelled with some form of mental illness.

Gaslighting: Prank/Abuse

Depending on the type of information that can be found, one consistent activity that is referenced in practically all is something known as “Gaslighting”. Gaslighting is a film that was made was made in the 40s/50s which is about how a person attempts to drive his partner insane by using psychological abuse to manipulate and control her.The victim in “Gaslighting” becomes subjected to a series of psychological distortions by her husband. One of which involves him adjusting the light coming from the gas lamps in the house while she is out of the room. Only when she to returns to find the room a bit darker or brighter she instantly notices and mentions it to her husband to which he convinces her that the light in the room hasn’t changed at all. As the story progresses the events continue until ultimately she becomes distrusting, paranoid and extremely anxious.

Changing the light in a room when someone is out of the room or moving things about is something any of us could do as a prank. Eventually most of us would come clean providing it didn’t get out of hand and joke about it afterwards depending of course if the person forgives you or not.

In gangstalking the types of activities “Targeted individuals” claim to be subjected to are  described to be similar to gaslighting. Where they differ from a simple prank is one that can force an individual to think that everyone they know is involved. In fact many gangstalkers who experience it for the first time think it is a practical joke. However, as time goes by they eventually realize that there is no joke but is in fact deadly serious. What is also apparent is that no curtain lifts on the instigator of what has become serious psychological abuse.


Let’s assume for a moment that gangstalking doesn’t exist or happen. Does that actually sound right to you? Perhaps the first thing that will come to mind is organized crime. In fact you have to be quite naive to think that stalking doesn’t exist. Many do it on a day to day basis without realizing it on social media sites. Even if you would never do it in public, the principle remains the same. You are looking into someone else’s life through a virtual window. Your friends and family are doing exactly the same. However, this is a social norm so really there shouldn’t be a question of harm in a hypothetical sense. The privilege to display information on the internet or not is in principle every individuals right and nobody elses.

When we look at it from the standpoint of abuse, that being where the stalking is an act to harm or control an individual into a state of fear or force them to do something they do not want to do, the matter is unquestionably serious. Contrasting stalking committed by one person or several compared to numbers equivalent to a small community defined in gangstalking, the issue being unquestionable serious becomes confusing and interloped with a multitude of far more serious questions.

The truth is, most people who experience organized harassment do not seem to know why they are being harassed. So this is where the problem begins.

Logically if friend came to you and said “Someone is following and harassing me.” you are instantly going to be concerned, especially if that person is trustworthy. If you ask them who is doing it to them, most often than not someone who is being gangstalked isn’t going to be able to tell you. For someone experiencing it for the first time, they know it is bigger than just an ex-partner or that of a civil dispute. Or is it?

That is where the rabbit hole opens.

Messing with the wrong person?

The subject of gangstalking doesn’t fall short of being labelled a hoax. To a community who interact and know each other to some degree won’t be completely un-entitled to a good dose of six degrees of separation should something serious happen such as a crime or dispute. Those are things that are part of everyday life.

Compared with a crime or a dispute against organized harassment, the individual is going to know why they are in trouble. Say if an individual owes money, the person wanting the money is most likely going to tell them to their face.

With gangstalking, individuals who experience it can have no such connections to this type of lifestyle.

All they know is, that the invasion of privacy and psychological abuse they suffer is beyond a simple explanation and that over time they begin to see that the abuse escalates to a level they never thought possible. Sadly, many are known to take their lives over it, because they cannot deal with or know how to cope with it.

Where things become more complicated is that those who put up with the harassment can eventually lose their job, friends, partners and home as the victim becomes isolated and subjected to further psychological abuse. This can force them down the route of drugs and organised crime which is, what is claimed is one of many objective designed to discredit and remove the target from society.


Why are citizens being subjected to highly illegal and exaggerated survellience methods?

This is a very broad question and it has a long history. Since the end of the Second World War there have been many social experiments conducted by western nations on their own people without proper knowledge or awareness being given. These experiments are normally dubbed “MK Ultra” which broadly describes the nature of these experiments.

MK Ultra is a codename coined by the CIA for projects designed to test developing methods of mind control. It is somewhat debated that MK stands for either Mind Kontrol or Mind Kill yet there are many other theories at to what it means.  The extent of the experiments that were conducted are extremely broad and have many projects and codenames. I majority of these projects are known about as many have been declassified, so many of these can be researched on the internet by anyone.

If you were born in the 50’s and 60’s, targets would have been exposed to the original MK Ultra experiments which involved the use of virtually any method of torture available in order to study human resistance. Most experiemnts were usually confined to highly secret locations or places such as state mental hospitals. The accuisition of targets were almost always highly illegal using covert methods of kidnapping and entrapment. Sometimes, candidates came from the education systems. These studies would then go on to used externally in the methods of interrogation.

Those born in the 70’s and 80’s were born into a second stage era of MK Ultra where a majority of social conditioning experiments were actively being tested on large scale through the media right down to the education systems.

This second stage is where a majority of children were being tested apon and normally the selection stage could begin at infancy. Sometimes, there can be a family history meaning that those from the 50′ and 60’s parenting those of the next generation would also be targeted. Generally, if you or your family have a history of mental illness, then you are at high risk or targeting.

Those born in the 90’s onwards will more likely to be unfamiliar with the pre-internet and tech-survellience age and are therefore will be part of non-confined social experimentation Google, Facebook and all previous development systems such as Myspace, MSN Messenger, Bebo and so on.

Can anyone be a target?

A Targeted Individual (TI) is a term which came from the internet. Its origin is not clearly understood, nor the peron(s) who coined it. A majority of information that came out about Gangstalking/Targeted Individuals was around late 2005/2006. If there is anything earlier please feel free to let me know.

At the moment, many targets state that between 2000-2004 is where a majority of heavy targeting began to them, around the time of 9/11.

However, there are now others giving detailed accounts of organised harassment dating back to early 90’s.To define a target today goes against the current systems in place.

Therefore I stipulate that there are generations of targets as I stated previously. It seems anyone can become a target against a current system that is now in place that operates completely different to the actual societal systems we use day in and out.

For those in the 70’s and 80’s, targeting will have been conducted much differently. It would have involved far more primative elements of observation and harassment. Anyone targeted whom knew anything that was going on was highly likely to not be believed.

The purpose of MK Ultra intended to develop a global mind control system that is ultimately undetectable. To this day there are systems in place that already achieve high levels of social control. The future of this control continues onwards through modern technology.

As a system, Gangstalking is complex phenomena. Much like its targets, it is not confined to one particular race, religion or sexual orientation. Nobody is immune from it no matter how much it might appear in todays world of terrorism and social unrest. Gangstalking is however, heavily compared to Nazi facism. With the system, there are ideals and philosophies and involve many thousands of people in one operation alone.

It is known that a majority whom take part in gangstalking are part of separated syndicates which are part of one whole.

The Stasi

The Stasi were a secret police unit that was formed in East Germany after the Second World War. “Zersetzung” from what is known from the many files that were declassified after the Cold War and fall of the Berlin Wall.  It was an operation that compared to modern “Counter Intelligence” involved tactics and technology that might seem primative to todays standards. Yet the Stasi Secret Police were at the time privileged to technology that was far more advanced than what society had.

The Tactics used by the Stasi were notoriously efficient at controlling and manipulating opponents of the of state. “Zersetzung” is the closest thing that is comparable to “Gangstalking” yet the translation of the word in english can only be losely defined as “Corrosion”.

As a person who has been subjected to “Zersetsung” tactics in my own country since a young age, witnessed and been subjected to many forms of indirect harassment, one thing is clear to me. Although not all the information available on the internet seems totally accurate and that even though the technologies described to torture individuals can be linked to real discoveries that have existed for many years, in principle and reality the simple tactics that were used in East Germany by the Stasi are still effective enough to used in todays society. Therefore the weight of truth in the claims can seem highly questionable to an observer, especially those who claim to have messages being sent to their skull by technology that has been designed to torture by their government.

Corrosioninfo aims to help approach the issue of organized harassment from a logical standpoint. “Targeted individuals” may be able to lift the lid on a very serious activity that is happening today one of which that is directly linked to Edward Snowden’s revelations over state sponsored spying and violation of privacy. Even if synthetic telepathy stimulated by technology is being used on people, it is worth knowing that the act of stalking is a criminal offense alone.

It is worth noting that my viewpoint is completely subjective to the issue and I can only relate what I know from experience in comparison to the historical facts and what is put out on the internet.

From experience, I will say that there is some information available on the internet about gangstalking that is accurate to some degree with many few being consistent and thorough. What isn’t stated much is how long it has been in operation for or is vague usually pointing the finger at subjects that focus on past human experimentation that can take a lot of time to absorb. In fact each source of information can be very time consuming to read and filled with a lot of biased viewpoints. For example, many sources of information that originate from the United States of America are written in the context that it is only happening in that country. This is incorrect. It happens all over the world.




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