Deconstructing Gangstalking: What Gangstalking is, how is it conducted and scientific principles.

This blog took a little while to write simply because there is simply so much stuff that I have experienced that I can write for hours on a single topic. Therefore I shall keep the posts as short as I possibly can. **Please bare in mind that in this blog I am not dismissing or criticizing any individual who hears voices or things in their head especially ones that relate to this subject. It merely looks at the some of psychology that already exists from experiments that are well documented.** Thank you for reading.

I was a young age when I began to experience something that I couldn’t explain or relate to others about. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the activities that I had witnessed were part of organized harassment designed to make me mentally ill.

I was never hospitalized when I was young, nor diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. In fact people were telling me that I wasn’t ill nor depressed. Unfortunately, it eventually came to a point where I did become seriously ill and my mental health suffered as a result. Looking back, with everything clear to me, how ironic it all seems.

There are many examples of psychological abuse and tactics that were used on me over many years I can share. Sadly, a lot of the tactics are relatively simple and were specific to me. Therefore it can be like picking a chapter out of a book and having to explain it in great detail without having to tell my whole life story. But plainly put, the type of harassment I have experienced involves going outside with grown adults you have never met act like children toward you.

How they managed to get into every facet of my life and put it in danger (and innocent people) is a far more complex thing to explain without being drawn into accusations of neurotic behavior.

For me it is hard to classify my perpetrators as stalkers because some of them I know and grew up with. Perhaps it is for me the reason I have come to understand more about why they do what they do and why it operates in the shadows.

Today, the act of organized harassment is in fact born from the home of those whom commit to these projects then it feeds into schools and upwards into most areas of business back into the government system, actively encouraged and hidden from those who are considered to be just oblivious citizens that are to be controlled and kept in line.

This is all enforced by the parents and members of society considered to be role models or people that are respected, although a large majority of people do not really understand what is actually happening. This is where hierarchy of power still and will always have it’s uses and control over information. More on that in another post.

Some that do participate actively believe that it is the natural progression of safety and peace for the community. In other words these people want to police society different from the current structures used today. But surely, in a society with laws, how on earth can this be true or a reality?

Who Watches The Watchers?

It is sadly ironic it seems, that from an age where playgrounds and places of recreation, neighbourhoods with good reputations and places that were considered safe have now become replaced with anti-social attitudes, the playgrounds have emptied and children can no longer be left unattended. True, society has never been completely safe and far from perfect but it was far less paranoid. So much for maintaining peace and harmony. All people see today is a dark cloud, a phantom entity of a heartless monster that has been painted into the minds of the community, one that must be routinely monitored and weeded out.

There is no denying that criminals exist even in an ages where everyone is monitored but can you really trust and believe every single thing that emanates out of the media today?

Well those involved in organized harassment want to make things short and sweet for you by monitoring people’s entire lives to prove it so.

These are the witch hunts of our time and gangstalkers have become the self appointed  Generals, literally. I shall explain.

A New Level of Mental Illness!

The problem of organized harassment is not so much that it is hard to prove, it’s that the harassers have done an incredibly good job of molding it into “a conspiracy theory”. Conspiracies are what most people tend to stay clear of as a topic of conversation simply because today it is enough to ruin ones reputation in an instant. The internet is full of stories and videos about secret societies, lizard people and some who are convinced that the earth is flat. In all fairness, even someone who is stalked can see that the logic in some of these topics are too ludicrous to be taken seriously.

Perhaps the influx of some of these absurd theories are aimed to fuel ignorance and stigma towards real issues that are happening in this world. Some videos on this subject and others that are loosely related can be well over three hours long. That’s A LOT of time and A LOT of information to absorb.

Imagine having to explain what you experience to other people without sounding absolutely INSANE and logical, trying to condense everything into a short conversation. Do people really have the time to spend three hours let alone one to here you out? On top of this, many ask if you can prove it! That’s what stumps victims the most. They find it extremely hard to do so. It’s not surprising, I’m sure it wouldn’t be an effective program if it was easy to prove. The fact is, proving the activities of a single stalker is hard enough.

With gang stalking a lot of the focus isn’t so much on wild conspiracies (flat earth, lizard people, etc…) that seriously question one’s logic to the conclusions, most of the actual events of what people experience are actual “real” things that are documented in history. They are in fact highly serious things that effect everyone today. Where things get complicated is that when people start mentioning abuse through electronic psychological torture weapons, voice to skull telepathy, radiation torture and so on people are quick are to judge and dismiss the person as “mentally ill.”

Concerning Spy-Technology And Mind Hacking.

With Science and technology advancing faster than the human race can keep up, really understanding what exists today is becoming increasingly difficult. But it is no secret that technologies such as the ones mentioned by “victims” of gangstalking exist. Many are covered often in online journals and the mainstream press which in all fairness can be viewed to be for the benefit of mankind.

Not including military weaponry, two particular areas in science co-exist with the technology accounted in “gangstalking”. That is technology used in biological advances to help those who have been affected in wars and those born with sensory impairments such as blindness, deafness or physical defects. With synthetic telepathy, humans that are literally encased in their own minds (those that have lost sight and hearing) it is likely that the technology developed to communicate with these individuals emanated from good intentions.

But these technologies also interlope with other highly questionable aspects of our daily lives. Certainly, with “Big Brother” ironically being a household name today, is it no surprise that we may have just slept into a new world of psychological control.

When Good Ideas Go Bad!

When it comes to aspects such as voice to skull or “V2K” as its more commonly known, someone who claims to be a victim of such torture will find it exceptionally hard to prove. The practice of hacking computers is a common phrase used today, one that is considered a threat to national security of countries all over the world. It can be performed by government themselves and groups or individuals in the community.

Before the internet, anyone wishing to spy on someone else through their home computer would have found it increasing difficult, unless you were interested in hacking a government computer. Anyone who as seen the film War Games will know that the 80’s was an era of wire tapping and not stealing vast amounts of information from a hard drive. That stuff was for the movies. That’s not to say that hacking wasn’t happening then, it’s just the interests of lives of the many weren’t of that much importance at the time.

But that’s not entirely true. Community spying as existed for a long time and so has spying technology, well before the first computer was a glint in the eye of Alan Turin.

It really depends on what you believe, but what the science says about simple electricity that is used in homes worldwide is enough to listen in on people, albeit not that reliable.

So, with all the technology available to monitor people as it is, why would anyone bother torturing people with electronic weapons?

Given fact that a weapon like this would be undetectable, why not just kill a person outright rather than torture them? With the talk of over population and new world orders, why wait around on these types of weapons?

The Talk Factor: Coincidences, the One Way Conversation, Infomation Extraction and Sensitization.

The fact is anyone one with the right resources could hack your phone or listen into your conversations. Think about it. If you listened into a person or watched them long enough alone or with a collective of people, surely you would be able to guess what someone was thinking. It is a case of pot luck, looking for the slightest reaction. This is how some of gangstalking works. It is a form of extraction.

For example. Say you wanted to know about what someone is thinking about you. Getting your target focused on enough relevant stimulus without making it obvious, may relates to something in their life and may start talking about it.

Then, as the day goes you try to get the targets attention by using as many coincidences to that event as possible. Eventually, you may get a person hooked on something and getting them talking more. It could be any event. Good or bad. The point is, it gets the person talking. The more a person talks, the more another person gets an idea of what that person is thinking. What happens then is simple psychology. If you have an entire room of coincidences all at once concerning a subject that relates to them, a person is going to feel uneasy.

Eventually, the person who you are targeting starts to become paranoid. They know they are being watched because there is no logical reason a multitude of coincidences could happen with such frequency.

Let’s say the individual I was torturing in this way was someone close to me. Then I could turn the events of a situation we had shared together in on that person, especially if it was  bad.

Now I have them thinking about me. Eventually, once the victim has become receptive to the stimulus I put around them, I have their full attention. They know they are being watched. For a while I could have this person thinking about me a lot. He may see me in public where I know they will be.This is where I can coincidentally bump into the the target and get talking.

Judging on the stimulus that my target has been subjected to I would know if anything had been said about me. This is where I can start hinting at things and playing with the targets mind. This is where a target can be convinced that one particular person is after them, when in reality it might be a collective. It doesn’t matter. The focus can be put on anyone or anything else. A labyrinth has just fallen down on the victim.

Without me even being in the room, that person could be feeling anything I want them to. Inside that person could be praying for it to stop. If I can see that my target is feeling a bit better Ill turn up the heat, then turn it down. The possibilities can be endless. With gangstalking, the main operative has a full history. Imagine what that can do to someones life.

This is where gangstalking gets clever and why higher involvement gets over looked.

All of the activities I have mentioned above could be performed at any point in a persons life. That meaning that I could watch a subject for a large percentage of their life and then boom, I can make it dawn on them that they have been watched for a long time.

Its kind of like “The Truman Show” that got nasty. This is how gangstalkers operate. They are extremely mentally ill individuals and think exactly how an individual stalker would.

Beware of the psychological game.

Considering the events associated with gangstalking, the situation deals with something much larger than one or two people. Being monitored by cameras 24/7 is one thing but what if someone actually got inside your head? That being someone or a collective of people reading your thoughts all the time and actual talk back to you!

Surely having  illustrated how this can be done by simply hacking a phones camera and audio, its pretty much an end game right?

Not exactly, there is another parallel that is brought into this.

In psychology, any form of persecutory act from an external source that cannot be proved logically will fall under the diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia. In technology, hearing voices in side your head from an external stimulus is called Science. That being electrical signals stimulating parts of the brain associated with different functions. With hearing voices, that being of the auditory cortex.

The Principles of Scientific Experiment.

Every experiment conducted today must have boundaries, or limitations that must be relevant to an observer. This is the only way any scientist can use anything as evidence. The reason people in society are selected for programs without their knowledge or consent is that for something to be simulated, the person who is subject to the tests must be completely unaware that they are in fact participating in something that is completely contrived.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

If you have never heard of Dr. Philip Zimbardo who was responsible for the Stanford Prison Experiment I suggest you research it straight away. Recently it was made into a film called “The Experiement” that starred Forest Whitaker, although it was only loosely based on the actual event. Therefore, I suggest you read the book first which is called “The Lucifer Effect”.

If you really want to understand what “gangstalking” really is in it’s absolute scientific theoretical principle, you need to look no further.

To explain briefly, in 1976, Dr. Zimbardo a Professor of Psychology based at Stanford University advertised for volunteers from the local community to participate in a prison experiment . The purpose of the experiment was simple. One half of volunteers would play the prisoners and the others would play the guards, who would eventually switch their roles after a period of time. The volunteers were asked to do simple tasks and operate like they were in a real prison. This experiment was held in a mock prison built in the basement of the university and was conducted in secrecy.

All the volunteers signed a written contract of terms and conditions that were in effect designed to be as ethical as possible. That being that the volunteers were allowed to leave if they wanted to. They were made aware  of the conditions they would be exposed to and how long the experiment would last.

Unfortunately, for the volunteers and the people involved in the experiment, it went horribly wrong.

Within a few days, a seemingly innocent experiment turned people with no history of criminal records into doing some pretty despicable things, even Dr. Zimbardo himself. In fact it is he above all others that was the impetus for the situation getting out of hand.

What was an experiment on paper became a reality in the minds of the individuals involved. When the conditions became too extreme, some volunteers they found that even though they signed a written contract, they were not allowed to leave and so bad that some of the volunteers wanted to leave without payment. The situation became very real.

This experiment could be considered to be a failure. It was in fact the total opposite. It shook the very foundations of Psychiatry to the core.


PROJECT STANFORD. Gangstalking: Prisoner and Guard

What parallels the Stanton experiment is how gangstalkers get together like the guards and come up with inventive ways to control their subjects. If you have read the book, you will understand how twisted and sadistic the methods became.

This is why many targeted individuals claim that their stalkers are psychopaths.

The core thing that made the Stanford Prison experiment so facinating was how the “idea” of justice that developed in the minds of the individuals of the volunteers. That idea spread into the mind of Dr.Zimbardo to the point he could not avoid plugging the plug on the whole thing. This is why the book is called “The Lucifer Effect”. It’s as if the idea took over people’s minds.

If you look what happens in the Stanford prison experiment, the rule of “what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them” applies.

This is where an important aspect comes in.

If perps really knew everything about a TI, and that if they were so bad, then why not just bring them to justice?

This is where scientific boundaries come in.

It is highly likely that those involved in this form of stalking do not know everything about their targets nor understand why they are following a subject. They are fed information from a source that does.

It is also highly likely, that the individuals involved in stalking are more oblivious to what they are part of than the targets they follow.


Because the Mr. Zimbardo’s involved in this experiment require it to be so. Otherwise, in terms of evidence in reflection to the real word, if people really knew what was happening, the evidence would be useless.

This is where you will find:

a) stalkers will sometimes talk to targeted individuals, even if a bit reluctant at first.

b)some stalkers will admit they are stalking they have no idea why they are following a targeted individual.

c)stalkers admit that they are being paid to follow targeted individual around.

d)stalkers cannot provide a clear answer to who has paid them to stalk the target.

The real catch 22 is that it is also highly likely that a stalker will not realize that the targeted individuals they are following may commit suicide or harm themselves.

“What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them!”

It also means that more and more people can be involved in committing acts that may eventually lead to a persons suicide, which with no evidence is considered to be murder.

This is where mental illness, slander and a whole host of psychological tactics are used on the entire situation at large to protect the study and not the people.

This is where the Gangstalking phenomena comes under the classification of “The Stanford Prison Experiment”. In reality gangstalking doesn’t exist, it is a study, and it is an exceptional illegal one at that.


Treating What You Experience Like a Science Experiment.

This may change some peoples lives, and not just targeted individuals. Once you turn an experiment into your experiment, then that’s where the rules change.

Much like the volunteers weren’t allowed to leave the Stanton experiment until it eventually came to a halt because it got out of hand, the absurd nature of gangstalking works just the same.

The question of becoming a stalker yourself isn’t really debatable. You are only doing back what you are having done to you. You know as well as anyone else that you would not want to live your life like that.

If someone accuses you of stalking a community, you will notice, certainly for the individuals that are recording and putting these events on camera, it is not liked at all by the people who get paid to do it. In fact, it can escalate to extreme proportions. Isn’t it a wonder TI’s don’t know why they ain’t getting a pay check too.

It is most likely what makes becoming a gangstalker sound appealing.

Sounding familiar? Prisoner becomes guard. But not a stalker.










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