In Response to Tamil Vendhan (Twitter conversation)

A few days ago I was presented with a number of questions from a new follower who lives in Southern India. I had promised to answer all the questions he had asked as the conversation was getting to sporadic. As Tamil was requesting a private conversation I promised I would reply in my blog as I don’t answer e-mails as of yet. Despite the fact that for whatever reason Tamil unfollowed not long after this conversation and wither it be this person was a perp posing as a TI which is very common, an AI Bot (which have been recently introduced) or that he is just trying to protect his identity, I remain true to my word. It is still relevant to TIs and it make no difference to me if the person is genuine or not. It is what it is and stalkers can take whatever they want from it. It is after all reflecting back what they do!

Either way Tamil’s questions were interesting and he did in fact hail from Southern India as his location appeared on my wordpress location.

As it is unclear to tell what the person has experienced and for how long, I have grouped together and condensed what has been asked into an order. Tamil Vendhan has told me that he is an atheist, is in his late 20’s and wants to fight as a TI. I also respect the fact that it is clear English is not his first language and respect the effort that has gone into going online to talk about this subject.

I make no assumptions and do not know if the person is genuine or not. However, the questions are relevant and have tried to answer them to the best of my abilities.

What is the MK Ultra program?

MK Ultra is a social control program that involved experimenting on members of the public without their knowledge or consent. It was conducted by the CIA in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s but it’s inception is likely to have been in operation since the invention of mental asylums some 300 years ago. On the internet, the official accounts of MK Ultra are only a small part of a very broad and expansive program that is worldwide in its nature.

MK Ultra was part of an ongoing “solution” to oversee and control overpopulation, sadly very much like the “Final Solution” Hitler inflicted upon the the Jews.

It has been in operation in many forms and code names but where it differs from the “Final Solution” is that it includes “assimilation” that being a method of dissolving cultures to merge and purge out ways of life viewed to be negative.

One of the most important movements of recent times which comes under the assimilation tests was the hippy counter-movement in the 60’s and 70’s where the use LSD, Marijuana and other high class drugs were introduced into society through the control and oversight of the FBI and CIA to test the effects of drugs on a large scale.

So why did our governments not experiment in a private locations and not in the public eye to avoid exposing MK Ultra?

It is likely they already had and it would seem that the powers that be were confident enough to execute this project on the public at large. Considering a lot of the individuals using drugs regularly were high and incapacitated, you can appreciate how valuable this information would have been to the military. Along with the entertainment industry an area that was exposed to be under the control of the ruling elite by John Todd in the 70’s, assimilation has operated under this watchful eye of immense control.

Many individuals that would have been psychologically disturbed from the effects of those drugs would have been targeted for further experiments.

With MK Ultra being the angle of controlling and “culling the flocks” it is part of an ongoing debate among the elite that has raged on for sometime. The fact is the powers that be preferred their battles to be fought the old way. However, through with the arrival of science there were some that thought it would be more convenient and less costly to kill people without them knowing it. That was until after the Second World War it was realized that the methods used by the Nazi’s to liquidize the Jews and the devastation cause by nuclear power was too costly to obvious to be contained from the public eye.

Since the industrial revolutions population numbers have sky rocketed from 1 billion to 7 million+ in 300 years where as in the proceeding centuries it remained below 1 billion. All those people need resources to survive and it was predicted long before that if those numbers continued to grow, the environment would not be able to sustain itself and everyone else.

This program exists in many forms in many different fields of science and social controls and comprises of thousands of years of knowledge obtained from ruling powers and modern experiments that involve religion, beliefs, race, technology and social attitudes.

Is there more than one person watching me?

A TI going from one place to another will have a whole host of stalkers following to make it seem that everyone is out to get them. They will look like ordinary people, but the TI will know that there are too many coincidences and references for it to be just down to chance.

I don’t mean to scare people or TI’s but the truth of the matter is that if you are being gangstalked in an obvious way the numbers will be phenomenal. Being a TI is described like living like a celebrity accept only you and the stalkers know and no-one else.

But don’t take it too personally, they are a large collective of individuals who pose as normal people, all working on different targets.

These people could be anyone you meet but a majority of them are involved in business especially self employed individuals.

Why Freemasons are at the core of Gangstalking?

Freemasons whom get a significant amount of attention for their secret society are of immense value in many fields but perhaps surprisingly the one they are most famous for. Masonry.

Not only are Masons today opening their doors to the wider public, its network of members are becoming more common throughout society. This might be a big give away.

Freemasons have the absolute knowledge of the foundations of modern and ancient engineering. Unless the home you live in was built by yourself, it would have been built and designed by Masons. In fact an entire neighbourhoods will have been draw up by an architect that will most like be a Freemason.

Home is where the heart is.

Everything starts at home. Every person should be aware of this.

The knowledge acquired by Masons over thousands of years plays a huge part in the structure of stalking. Who else would have the most intricate knowledge of the streets, homes and systems used for an area to function. It would be those that built them and  talking to the locals when doing what they do best. You invite them into your home, most without out knowing it. Is it no surprise they know a lot?

The blue prints to buildings they have created will most likely be stored in large databases across the world where each one can be evaluated in respects to weakness and strengths. That being, that a TI can be accustomed to a particular property through Masonic influence.

Rendering targets homeless

Masons are very clever at reaquiring property. Why? Because a good professional knows how to make profession mistakes and a professional mistake will cost more money than a part that fails from wear and tear. Most products are built to last. This is where a Mason can seem humble living in a home with the same appliances as you but get no problems.This applies throughout other businesses. They know the quality of what they have and also know how to flog a dead horse.

Property is the most expensive investment you can make. Families or individuals with plenty of money are less likely to be TI’s. Smaller and poorer families are at a higher risk.

It is those that can spend a fortune on their properties until they are in considerable debt.

This is perfect for the vultures. A Mason can snatch one of these up in an auction in a heart beat to be sold for a higher price or to be rented. Before that family know it they could be in a rented home owned by the same Mason. Straight into the pocket both helping that Mason to pay for his degree fees and contribute towards sweet charity.

There is a massive extortion and conversion market is this field of acquiring property through the leveling a families financial position.

Black Majick and Witchcraft in Freemasonry

Rites, rituals and majick are common place in the fields of these operations. In Masonry degrees and rites are conjoined with their work. But it is not quite the stuff of fantasy stories.

It means that the secrets that Masons employ within their teachings can relate to real objects that possess certain qualities, so becoming a code. Much like we humanize things in the material world, living things also fit the bill, like the practice of dog breeding for example.

A Mason could be having a normal conversation about a subject with you in a crowded room of people outside or inside whilst passing on signals to others. You wouldn’t even know it. The secret is in the patterns. Just like geometry which they hold sacred and worship.

It can also be seen as talking between the lines. Saying something without saying it. This is how many clever individuals are able to craft a conversation into their favour. Have you ever talked to a person who seems quite charming but you never seem to figure them out but they always leave knowing something about you? This is the art of what a Mason can do. It isn’t Magick as such, it is a very clever set of tricks to gain information and exploit it should it be needed. Having this knowledge also allows them to carve through small talk like butter and have traits in their business that allows them distractions.

For example a Mason in a home talking to you could have his phone on in his pocket to a fellow Mason listening in. If the conversation isn’t going as expected or is giving to much away the receiver can stop the call and ring the sender back.

A conversation like this might start with a statement like, “I can’t stay long, I’m expecting a call from someone for what whatever.”

That phone call is the distraction and the cue to leave. The other person has no idea what has just happened.

In the old days before phones this method of extraction would have needed a more tactile approach.

This is where not only Targeted Individuals are at high risk of exploitation but family members of Masons many some of which are unaware of their membership. From birth, every person fits a list of credentials. TI or not families worldwide are marked for a purpose. This means families are having their bloodlines slowly and carefully dissolved out of existence. Breeding in and breeding out! Surprisingly it is not a new practice.

In relationship to Gangstalking, Freemasonry is a clear overseer of this practice considering the nature of it operations.

Therefore depending on the circles you are in, your information can go right to the top and you don’t have to know anyone in government or media either. But someone in those realms will most definitely know who you are! Many no doubt that some of them will be your friends. That however does not mean that all gangstalkers are the same or fully understand why they are stalking you or who they are actually working for. Many are just normal people who are paid to snitch on the behalf other stalkers.

Are gangstalkers in my head, seeing what I see with technologies? Are these technologies viewing me directly from a satellite or from a device nearby?

These are very relevant and important questions.

Stalkers are not seeing through your own eyes through the use of technology or higher powers, but they can observe you with those technologies, physically in real-time for long periods of time. But it does not have to involve technology. The Stasi that operated in East Germany used methods that would be considered primitive today.

Technology is only used to monitor and predict what you do and what you think so that those involved in harassing you can have an idea of where you are going to be at a certain place, at a certain time so that appropriate number and types of agents can be allocated. Those agents will be operating under instructions and requirements suited to the target.

Through what gangstalkers learn and what is sent back via real-time observations from the TIs hand held technologies, questionnaires and written accounts by stalkers and so one this will be processed to create some form of visual representation of what is happening in the targets mind. Remember, gangstalkers overseeing operations aren’t just collecting information on you, they are also watching others in proximity to you. Not everyone is a gangstalker but people aware they are being watched could be turned against you.

The individuals involved in stalking are watching multiple targets, some aware and many others unaware. Many TI are played against each other and some have become so ill that they are beyond any hope of helping themselves. These people are likely to have a mental health diagnosis and have been convinced what is happening is all in their head.

The minds eye is the most major problem for artificial intelligence used to predict TIs actions. Thoughts are actions and thoughts involve speech that can be used by others to be exploited. Images are different. They are formed from many areas of the brain involving images, speech, interpretive language…. so much that a machine still finds it difficult to comprehend.

Imagine a computer trying to understand the mind and works of an abstract painter like Salvador Dali. Most of these styles of paintings use forms, shapes and arrangements of distorted physical objects, people and landscapes that do not exist in the real world in a natural state. Arranged in such a manor that to the artist they will have meaning, a message or none at all.,to the observer, it could mean anything they want that will be of relevance to them. This perception of gangstalking by a Targeted Individual is what fuels the operation to uses its counter measure. Mental Illness.

For a machine to learn, it must comprehend human emotion by copying a set of learned behaviours.

Those involved in the film and photography industry will have developed AI technologies that have been able to build random art works and CGI videos by learning. However, because it has not lived or experienced life, the work will still be artificial and a representation of a collective of ideas and experiences of people and mindsets not the machines identity. Therefore a machine does not have a purpose other than it’s instructions.

Observing a painting is a good way of understanding what happens in gangstalking.

Knowledge is power and when you know something, it will reveal itself in the physical world, even though it has been there all along.

This is the same with a painting or a picture that on first glance you will see all the aspects involved. However, if you learn something new you might see something different the next time you look at that picture. It all depends on relevance.

Human beings are not computers, we are variables and this makes observing and working out gangstalking operations easier. For a start any TI knows that what they experience is un-natural, it is borderline robotic that it is predictable

Believe it or not gangstalkers use protocols learned from their victims and targets that are applied universally or specific to one particular language or way of life. As all cultures are different, so are the mind sets involved with those that are stalked. Therefore containing a target is paramount. If the target moves somewhere else, the whole stalking community has to relearn all it’s operations or adopt ones from others. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. People are people afterall and it not like you are famous in the TV way either, so the red carpet treatment is going to be difficult. Isn’t it a wonder they want to entrap and put you in prison?

Remember what I mentioned about assimilation?

A targets file will contain a number of factors of concern and a list of traits that are viewed upon to be exploited. Religion, family, social circle, habits, political views, their personality, level of education, intelligence, love life, mental stability and so on.

Everything in a file is needed so that those in a specific region can understand and learn from the subject while systematically using harassment tactics to control the victim and other TIs using standard protocols that can later be widely applied.

Yes, that’s right. They are learning at your expense so a TI’s life becomes like a program or event. It’s like sitting down to watch a TV program you didn’t want to watch at a place you didn’t want to be.

An example protocol involves using many patterns or sequences that can be seen visually.

For example. A TI who has become aware that they’re being watched might find it difficult to look at what is in front of them. Some people look away to avoid direct contact. This is a natural trait common in people. It is called Avoidance Personality Disorder that is common in PTSD. Take the P out of PTSD and you have an accurate description of a TIs life.

This trait could be similar in another TI. With a collective algorthim all traits of TIs can be correlated and used in different ways.

No operation needs mess so keeping it simple is paramount. With the exception of some collateral that being a person other than a stalker agents enlisted to take a falls for their actions, anything else would just actually be coincidental.

If a person has been psychoanalytically observed long enough their reactions can be predicted. So for the person that turns his head when he/she looks at something that makes the feel embarrassed, reminds them of something unpleasant or is it is a person they do not wish to talk to etc they will turn and see something relevant that catches them off guard.

This relates to the next section.

Tamil describes a situation where he has been a victim of a distraction technique that can confuse and traumatize a TI. This involved Tamil approaching a speed bump/breaker on his bike, only to have is attention drawn to a girl before hitting the speed bump.

I shall present this from another point of view first. For example: Driving to work.

You are at a busy junction and you are in a rush to get to work. A driver behind you seems to be impatient. You notice this as you are aware of actions behind you. At this point you may feel the need to chance a gap in traffic to avoid the person behind to get out of the way.

Critical point. This is not an uncommon situation to be in. However, for gangstalkers this is an opportunity for multiple distractions. For a start, they already know you are late for work.

Typically, situations like this can be designed to cause an accident. A person behind you almost forcing you onto the road. But something else from another direction could catch your attention, something of relevance. This could make a TI panic and make a mistake. It could just be someone calling out your name but when you look the person is calling someone else, or appears to be.

Before you know it, you could be plowed into the back of a car. You are to blame. The person behind has disappeared and the person calling your name is now a witness. How could you even make an excuse to anyone?

To everyone, you were to blame. You were late for work and pushed your luck.

The reality is, you are experiencing things that are beyond what happens to normal people. You are being stalked and harassed and you have just been stitched up in a very clever set of tricks.

Gangstalkers will know a lot about you. In fact you might as well be a celebrity to them. This is achieved from countless hours and years of spying that has been conducted from average citizens part of community neighbourhood watch to computer hackers all the way up to the military.

With an event like this, a TI could be seeing many coincidences simultaneously. It seems so impossible that so many people could know anything about them or know what they are thinking. This is classic street theater.

But when things get more extreme is where the Targeted individual is experiencing things in the real world which appear to be emanating from a targeted individuals mind.

This is the sucker punch of gangstalking.

For example. Say that due to the effects of gangstalking I was stressed to the point I scratched myself until I bled. Perhaps I was feeling to worried to go out but had to anyway. So I leave the house to go shopping, worried about being watched. I get on the bus and overhear conversations, constantly on high alert, senses are heighten. At this point I could be completely paranoid and think everyone is following me or talking about me.

The utilization of gangstalkers will then focus on the event of the day. Blood. They may even see it coming seeing as I started scratching it a few days ago.

Somehow you are seeing associations everywhere. Red cars, houses, jumpers anything associated with red in frequency but then you could see “give blood” on a advertising billboard somewhere. That moment could make your heart drop. It could appear like you are having messages from god. This is where some TI’s loss the plot and think it is a religious experience. Some may seek help and become a born again Christian.

You have to ask yourself. Are you being paranoid just because you have harmed yourself or is this all real?

The trick with gangstalking is that 50% of what they do is real-time involvement, the rest is just the overworkings of a TIs troubled mind. Even then they are watching. So as you can imagine it gives gangstalkers plenty of room to maneuver and plan ahead.

How can this be true? Go to any psychiatrist and they will completely defuse all of your claims of harassment and persecution as paranoid delusion.

They will ask, “What is so important about you?

You will have your answer right there.

You aren’t important to them, but they can make use of you.

A TI making one journey somewhere will have a whole host of stalkers following to make it seem that everyone is out to get them. They will look like ordinary people, but the TI will know that there are too many coincidences and references for it to be just down to chance.

This is just one example of many coincidences that can happen in one day alone and it can feel unbelievably overwhelming.

If this happens everyday it is most certainly going to make someone extremely stressed and ill. That is the whole point.

In the case you have mentioned about seeing a girl while approaching a speed bump, one which requires you to slow down means that it would be a deliberate attempt to draw your attention away from what you are doing to cause an accident. For men, using women as a ploy is a broadly used tactic in gangstalking. Another thing that is common is that if a TI does not react to a situation involving a stalker of the opposite sex, where they have been used to bait or distract a TI, stalkers can use derogatory remarks afterwards either shouted or implied toward the TI. Those being of homophobic in nature or implying that you are gay.


How do you observe gangstalkers when you are being observed all the time?

Although this sounds absurd, many TIs develop an inner coping mechanism, especially those who have lived many years with it happening. Some just accept that they are followed, some learn from the stalkers are reflect back what they receive being clever enough to hide what they are doing.

Some have been followed for so long that they even knew the stalking was happening before the stalkers knew they were aware.

Some people just have that “gut feeling” something isn’t right around them. For children that are targeted, adult stalkers especially ones in authority rely to heavily on their  confidence in this program, that it is somehow “fool proof”.

I can guarantee you it isn’t and is far from a perfect operation.

Gangstalkers are people like us but not all gangstalkers are privileged to the same information as the ones they serve. You will find those people go up in a chain of authority much like any system.

Testing out stalkers can require you to be extremely brave but it is not something every person can handle.

How are you able to block out their thoughts?

Difficult to answer. I just can. Perhaps it’s just a state of self-conditioning that I have achieved through years of countless hours of reading books, articles and conversations.

One thing I had learned and suspected was a program that is written in to predictive text system in mobile phones.

It is a suggestive program that if you type out a sentence using the word presented in the list you can form sentences from the list. Some sentences can form themselves and some go no further.

You can try this yourself to see if it works. Go into your applications on a mobile phone device and open a note pad. Start asking questions? You might be able to form some kind of response.

On my old phone, the preset words on the phone were:

The I Thanks

The eye represents the “All Seeing Eye”.

The predictive text is the All Seeing Eye program in the phone. And it’s right under your nose.


There are many TI’s that experience what is known as voice to skull or V2K. This is where an indvidual experiences voices of people in their head from a source they cannot determine. To others, these voices are just merely assumed to be mental illness. However there are technologies that have been tested and proven to achieve synthetic telepathy.

There are TI’s that don’t experience V2K although it is not unlikely that they are having their thoughts read. As mentioned reading thoughts can be achieved through consistent observations.

The bottom line is that regardless, hearing a voice other than your own in your own head does not mean you have to listen to it, obey anything it tells you or be afraid of it.

Meditation is a great way of strengthening your mind and opening your mind to thoughts memories, whilst focusing on news perspectives.

It is also something people do often without thinking about, which are called Mantras.

When you explore meditation you will be able to see why gangstalking is more limited in what they can do than you realize. Mind over matter.

There is also another angle. Gangstalkers don’t like unpredictability. Why? Because it makes TI’s realize that gangstalkers are just guessing what they are thinking based on events that are most of the time pre-planned. It means that they will find it harder to hit on your buttons.

Every person has to have a stimulus to predict thoughts. Yes or no questions are the easiest ones to determine when asked directly. There are brain scanners used in research to predict what a human answers 8 seconds before they answer by focusing on one part of the brain. This is actually featured in a BBC Horizon documentary a few years ago.

The most stressful situation for a TI is accepting that they are being watched 24/7. It doesn’t mean you have to like it. So that means taking hold of every opportunity to find out who you are and take out all those people that are negative towards you at any cost! It could mean losing everyone but it could mean gaining some form of understanding to the questions that elude you.

The other thing to remember is that the authorities that would take it upon themselves to read others minds are not good people, regardless if they think it is for good.

People who do things for good make their intentions clear.

Gangstalking is exactly like the Stasi regime and is an act of treason.


How they are able to produce dream states?

Computers are not needed to produce dream states.

In psychology these are known as intrusive dreams and are natural to have.

The human brain and your body are constantly protecting you from not only things you ingest or breathe in but also from people.

A targeted individual who experiences things happen around them manifest into the psyche simply because the person knows that it is not right and the brain also knows and interprets it as a threat.

It maybe difficult for a targeted individual to explain what they experience to someone close to them but considering the magnitude of what is happening can make it hard to explain, simplify it can also make it seem that it is not enough to get over the severity of what is happening.

This can cause a person to internalize these things and if they are not released they find other ways of coming out of a person.

Humans, regardless of the general opinion are still very tribal and have compassion for others, even if it does not seem like it. If they see wrongdoing this can cause anger in person so great that it can build energy. For a targeted individual this puts them at risk of this energy coming out in all the wrong ways. Stalkers know this and is a fundamental subject of interest to them.

Why? To a stalker they view their targets like lab rats. Can you imagine how they feel when a TI doesn’t respond to their actions? This is the impetus a stalker has to put as much pressure on a target as possible so not to allow them to develop strength or any sort of knowledge.

Intrusive dreams are when a number of strange or threatening events that are happening  cannot be fully understood and find their way into the mind.

In some respects dreaming isn’t a bad thing. It means that despite everything, your body is still getting some rest.

However, the desired outcome of stalking is sleep deprivation. It is a thoroughly researched and understood method that is widely used in interrogation and as a torture method. That being a person who isn’t sleeping well over a period of time becomes tired quicker, forgetful and clumsy in their actions. Stress will induce depression and so on. Everyday will seem endless and feel like time is passing much slower.

Being in this state makes a TI more vulnerable to making mistakes in everyday life and also with cognitive impairment more susceptible to manipulation.

Sleep deprivation also lowers brain waves much like when a person becomes ill. Along with sleep deprivation stalkers alone with what they observe will seek to take advantage of this lowered mood state to try and control and brainwash individuals who are targeted.

Therefore dream states that may appear to suggest these individuals are in your mind is a question of who, what and why those manifestations are there in the first place.

Where gangstalkers are family, members, friends or acquaintances they are likely to feature in a TIs dreams as they are in a a communicative realm that can be understood.

Those unconnected with you might as well be ghosts or apparitions because they are people who do not know you.

In terms of hearing voices in your sleep, this can suggest a number of things. Either they are part of the dream or someone you live with is hypnotizing you in your sleep.

A common one is where a TI is unknowingly in a relationship with a gangstalker.

Some TI’s have partially woken up to hear a partner or someone talking into the ear or just in the room with suggestive or threatening speech.

If this ever happens to you, do not mention anything or say anything to that person in regards to what you have heard. Get out of that relationship as soon as you can.

A person who does this will have to have some knowledge, guidance or is fully trained in hypnotism. Regardless of what you know about a person, stalkers train others in this art or employ those with plenty of experience. They must also be highly creative liars with narcissistic traits.

The reason for this is because a TI that becomes isolated will envy a narcissist, thus along with the celebrity attention that stalkers give their target, the two play of one another.

This is a type of constructive separation technique where the abuser uses the victim to push them away without fully understanding why they are doing it. The abuser is fully aware of what is happening right from the start and this technique can leave the victim emotionally destitute for sometime. It is also usefully to the abuser/stalker as they can develop an emotional hold on the victim, especially if the abuser has any suspicions that the target suspects that they are stalkers themselves.


The things that gangstalkers do is silly and childish. The elderly are worse.

Some of the things gangstalkers do is beyond comprehension, that fully grown adults can act like children in a school yard, elderly included. Some of these people haven’t even got surveillance equipment, they are just general busy bodies with their years glued to the wall.

If you ever want to piss off a gangstalker there is nothing more offensive to them than the word “Pathetic”. It truly is a spectacle to behold watching an abusive stalker crumble under this one word. It renders many in total silence.


Your tweets give me hope. With a bit more information, I can feel freedom again.

Thank you. I hope this helps in someway so you can attain it.






  1. GS · April 2, 2016

    Thanks to author for a great write up. But, people, you are a TI or not, dont believe this story.
    Its full of wrong information. Deviating you away from what is happening.


    • lostartofasecret · April 2, 2016

      Unfortunately, this is no journalism about YOU. You asked for advice from a TI. If you were hoping to have a private chat to get information out of me then choose to delete me afterwards, you are mistaken. This has happened before and I am no mug to it. That is why I do not do private chats nor talk via e-mail. You had already unfollowed me as soon as you acquired my wordpress link and my statement that I do not talk privately. Please brief me with any inaccuracies that may be apparent in my post because from the sound of it, it sounds like you don’t like the stalking side of things. If you are an expert, please enlighten us all? Make no mistake if you think TI are going to be discredited especially from ones who have tried and tested methods of observing this activity for what it is especially when you come to me for advice.

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  2. ResearchOrganizedGangStalking · April 18, 2017

    You write some good stuff, and I appreciate that you attempt to explain things with science. That comment above looks pretty perpy-and hey always try to get you in private, with no witnesses.

    What is your stake in the matter? Are you an academic? But this has happened to several academics recently- Prof. Anthony Hall in Canada, and Eric Karlstrom at Cal State among others.Hall’s case is interesting because it is clearly the zionist/AIPAC/ADL types doing it, and most recently, they added an “attack” page just before you can access his blog @

    B’Nai Brith is one of the most obviously racist groups engaged in it, but many fanatical religionists do it, from Mormons to Scientologists and other cults, often working directly with local police and Fusion Center database abuses, or from within InfraGard or military apparatuses and even intelligence agencies like the NSA participate.

    Keep up the good work.My work is here:

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    • lostartofasecret · April 24, 2017

      Thank you.

      I am not an academic. For the life I live, I saw most academic lines of work a waste of time (and money). Most academic courses are bullshit. Because the majority of this tech is old by modern secret project standards, most courses are just considered to be vocational. This is something that isnt mentioned much in the TI circles. That is not to say they all are but from experience, the avenues I went down were pointless in terms of work.

      Most of what I do (in life) is self taught as I am quite adaptable to things that interest me and question everything. I have read and studied broad aspects of subjects that concern the fine line between sciences and Occult because it is effectively the core of our existance. Questions that needed answering.

      Considering I have been on this program for as long as I can remember, the path I have walked has ultimately put me right in front of advanced technologies so I know and can explain and predict how they work.

      Most of those involved in organised harassment havent got a clue what is going on. They are under instruction from others and are given false information. It doesnt matter to me much now, but the system can create an illusion through suggestion and word combinations which if you stay transfixed on can eventually influence thoughts. That to me is just something I can easily ignore.

      The majority of non-lethal electronic testing began on me during the late 90’s in the UK. This data was being put together for Google and major social networking sites that were being put together at the time. Unlike a majority of people using social media the companies needed to program test subjects in the 80’s well in perperation. The classification protocols were already in operation in schools in the UK in the 80s. Families that lived in my area have links to all sorts of areas in the fields of biological testing sciences where some had links to NASA, NSA, MI5 and the media.

      In my friends circles there are many individuals liked to military and computer technologies. Those individuals are ones that I don’t even need to question their involvement. Much of their creative arts are about what they do and the entire business is moving down this avenue of media influenced religion and morals which centre around survellience. Some of them were involved in organised harassment using primative forms of survellience and because of the families they had could have limited access to phone taps and spying equipment because it was something they would be eventually doing in later life. I lived a majority of my life in contact with these people without them knowing that I knew this. At times there were some events where this information was revealed to me directly (by accident) and indirectly through ignorance on their part.

      In terms of my life path, it has not been a dull one. I have meet famous people and those I have worked with are very much connected. Some I have no ill feelings for but some are involved in unforgivable shit. As I said, many of them do not know the full picture and others just enjoy the power of it.


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