Identity Theft of Targeted Individuals for AI Bot experiments!

Could identity theft of targeted individuals be one reason that gangstalking is being used?

If you think about it, with social media everywhere, is the possibility that forced suicide is being used on targets to completely steal their identities in use for projects over the world?

It has always concerned me that with TIs coming out in more frequency that the counter measure to contain the situation is to introduce AI Bot to force disinformation along with real people to oversee it.

That being that with AI in its infancy, targets who go online to get information for help might be faced with this situation and might give up.

Catch 22 situations

One TI who had been posting videos online died recently and it concerns me that her identity might have been in line for use in AI Bot identity theft.

Also having watched a few TIs take measures to film the events going on around them that their stalking has increased significantly. The fact that there are individuals prepared to go online and commit social suicide says it all.

However, get this.

The is no reason why a gangstalker couldn’t do the same!

Ploying Targeted individuals out into the open!

It seems clear to me that from what I have learned is that someone who is prepared to go online to film gangstalking is putting their entire reputation on the line to prove something that is happening to them that isn’t being addressed openly in the public.

But of course the first thing that a TI is going to think is that they are becoming a stalker themselves and opening themselves up to what they might perceive to be some public trial that they don’t wish to happen to them.

Any TI who is new to the information being presented to them may have noticed this from the videos online.


Beware the Phantoms

The purpose for these projects seems to indicate a possibility that one of the main purposes is to create “criminals” out of “TI’s” through reverse psychology.

Therefore it could mean that entrapment techniques in the future could be used to ensnare “targets”.

From a community point of view that might seem a good idea right?

I mean what better way to trap a criminal than to have a fake identity prowling entrapping them without having to have a real person involved?


I suppose the argument is that perhaps people don’t wish to have their young or loved ones involved with entrapment that could be potentially dangerous. Therefore AI technology is the next best thing.


But for a Targeted individual?

An innocent person used for weapons testing has their identity stolen without their knowledge for the pursuits of the interests of these projects.

A person who ends up committing suicide over something that they had no idea they were signed up for becomes a ghost in the machine to hunt the bad guys?


I’m sure other TIs will realize what I saying here.




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