Monarch Mind Control Targeted Individuals

** Good news. Original video now found.

This video was posted a few months ago and which I came across yesterday which I feel  was worth posting and talking about in a bit of detail as I felt it was worth some attention considering the nature of it’s content. It dates from three years ago and contains valuable information. It is hosted by Kieron Lee Perrin a man whom claims is a human experiement for brain implant technology.

A few TIs on my Twitter put across that I am normally not surprised by many of the tactics they observe, hear or see on the internet or TV. It might seem a bit shallow but I have been subjected to it for a long time.

Kieron Lee Perrin giving the lecture in this UFO Agenda video states that he is property of the Intelligence Services in the UK and that the implants in his brain were experiemental military technology.

A question often raised by TIs and secptics alike is, if you are mind controlled through implants in the body, how can someone break the control? Is the man in the lecture actually a robot or not. Literally.

It makes you wonder. Is the person only there to send a message to the public and that he actually has no control over his own life?  I doubt that this lecturer would ever have made it onto you tube if it was the case. Wither this person is in the military or not it seems clear that he has managed to break the control of the implants. It also makes me question. Does the person have scars on his head to show where he has received surgery to have these implants inserted?


The Injection Implant.

I’m sure there are many TIs that have no recollection of having any surgery undertaken on my brain.

However, some TI’s may have been in a position where they may have actually witnessed an implant being inserted under the skin via an injection.

I actually witnessed an implant being put into my left hand and to my knowledge, it is still there. Also, because it is done via injection left literally no scarring.Implants are not unheard of and are actually a common practice. In my case it is difficult to know wither this implant was a simple tracking device or technology described in the video.

Brain implants seem a very complex task. Especially when directly injected into the head, would this cause significant brain damage?

Events over the years seemed to have shifted in terms of the nature of what I have experienced with gangstalking and events timed to almost precision in some cases.

As the gentleman points out the implant and a mobile device such as an android smart phone used in conjunction can send out a real-time signal to a control center.

Why the mobile device is important.  Addition information for TIs.

Aside from a physical monitor which uses the available cameras, microphones and interactions to study to you the battery charge enables the device to read from the implant and boost the signal. Being as the human body only has a small electrical charge to power the implant, the mobile acts as a booster.

It is also worth mentioning that from a question presented to me about changing a mobile device to an older version with less sophisticated technology might be of no real use today where tracking is concerned and also there are many other devices in society all around us which could home in on the tracking implants, certainly if in close proximity. But wither these older devices are powerful enough to interact with implants is not clear.

The best way to deal with this problem is to only to switch on a mobile device when absolutely necessary. The reason for this is because when the device is off, this severs connections from AI servers which relay information to those involved in harassment programs.

Also, modern AI used on smartphones requires heavy use of cameras and software designed to psychologically profile the user (not just targeted individuals). This means that by removing the sight of the camera used by AI, it becomes blind and cannot see or read your emotions or reactions to stimulus on the screen. Applying a form of ware resistant black tape to cameras on smart phones can dramatically reduce the amount of “artificial mindreading” that will be sent out to stalkers to apply in the real world.

As it is broadly known today, removing the battery from your mobile also stops malware from activating your device when it appears to be switched off and stops GPS tracking.

This can dramatically reduce harassment and coincidental events that can affect ones thinking on a day to day basis. Harassment tactics normally switch to standard servellience which is far heavier on resources and requires secondary protocols to be used that have been drawn out by either those involved or AI that can manage much larger scale situations.

Between the lines

In the world of computer hacking the lecturer to me is suggesting that what he and many others are experiencing is literally mind hacking.

So it means that if the mind is being hacked through wireless communication, does it mean that these methods of war games involve different governments hacking each other populations minds and gaining control? Simply put. Consider the fact that an opposing country could hack a person and literally spy in real-time.

The TI who is interviewed and V2K as a reality.

The lady in the video is obviously highly aware of the stalking techniques that are happening around her. This means that she is still in touch with her emotions. A vital key. It also means that the person can also draw the line between what is reality and what is not. This tells me that implants may not be used broadly.

In respect to “coincidence” being that generated from thoughts transpiring into an event requires some perspective.

Those with a good comprehension of computers or their logical principles can put two and two together to see what is going on.

Certainly the problem with V2K is that if you are linked into a system and don’t know it then you will think that the things around you are the actions of a omniscient being. What could it mean for a person who has had bad thoughts only for it to now appear that they are being punished for thinking them regardless of any actions? The point is certainly by many and from what this TI points out, is that if you are experiencing harassment, what is a person to think otherwise?

By all accounts where many consider “mathematics” to be god so why wouldn’t those events be any different in a persons mind? That is where the appearance of mental illness can take hold over an individual.

However, some manage to break through the illusion and realize quite quickly what is happening.

For those that have limited understanding of the technology that is used today and it’s psychological implications some individuals can be subjected to severe torture methods that constitute all the signs of mental illness. See the Psychic Vampirism section.

The reason for suicides as a result of the Gangstalking program.

If there is anything that we can do to grieve and learn from those we have never meet that who have died through this program is to see that we all have our individual will underneath everything. It would seem those individuals didn’t die through guilt but to point out that they still had a choice in what must have seemed an extremely lonely situation.

It is extremely unsetting to know that TIs who have posted valuable information online have only to taken their own lives not long after. The saddest part of these situations is that the information the TI had worked out for themselves was through gaining control of the experiences and learning from them.

After talking to Martin Bott a TI from Germany who has some extensive knowledge about psychological control weapons, he confirmed what I had suspected after an experience of this technology which I only had a brief experience with that I can only describe as a quite voice sitting in the back of the mind which I was able to mentally push into and heard the voice loud and clear on the other end.

It is where he pointed out that V2K subjects pose a danger in that the technology can be used to obtain knowledge rather than be controlled by it.

Martin Bott claims that these weapons have been in use for over a 100 years, some of which are noted to be what has caused severe mental illness such as Schizophrenia through voice to skull testing. What is evident is that many of these technologies are patented making the blueprints for these technologies a reality.

“Psychic Vampirism”

The collection of mythical creatures used by stalkers to illustrate their opinions of you can come in may forms.

One of which is where they consider the target or subject to be a “Vampire” sucking the life out of other people around them. It is also a common phrase used to describe a person such as a Narcissist or someone with a Bi-Polar diagnosis.

This is where Schizophrenia could be the overwhelming onslaught of external voices battering the conscious mind into submission. Much like the gentleman in the film has described and is now able to either ignore or call up the communication if he wishes.


“You are a Monkey!”

This is something a TI will likely here at some point during their experiences shouted by gangstalkers.

One TI recalls hearing this outside the window of the mental assessment room in a psychiatric unit.

Much like the gentleman in this video stating that V2K subjects are like lab monkeys.

So it would seem evident that animal rights campaigners got their wish. Human experimentation did take over after all. Sadly the animal testing didn’t stop.


What the uninformed actually believe!

Targeted individuals might observe stalkers talking to them like as if they are under their control like a dog.

In the respects that they think they are it is an illusion they have been fed by the sources that monitor TIs.

It would seem that they view their subjects to be like human Tamagotchi. Unfortunately the whole TI game is like telling a friend that you have a human robot and using some clever tricks to convince them so.

Yes, some TIs may have implants but unfortunately for these clowns they are not under their full control, if not at all.



It appears that the TIs that are breaking through today are in fact persons who have not been able to be programmed and have slipped through what was supposed to be a set of events constructed to test full mind control over a long period of years. Much like myself it spanned through three decades. I do not doubt from my experience that there are older TIs from the 70’s and possibly the late 60’s in vast numbers around today.




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