Haarp and The Butterfly Effect.


The Haarp facilities that are present around the world today which have many conspiracy theorists convinced that it is the main base stations of mind control which get into our minds and read our thoughts through the use of frequency waves isn’t entirely accurate. It could be viewed that it uses collaborative data from AI sources around the world. Again, this all comes down to the technology that is up close and personal with us.

The Haarp facilities are weather stations that monitor and manipulate the ionic charges in the atmosphere by generating electrical friction similar to that present before thunder storms occur. Where warm and cold layers of air sit on top of one another producing friction thus building to cause lightening strikes and heavy rain. The Haarp facilities which have fields of thousands of pylons aligned in a grid can produce this effect artificially using vast amounts of electricity to directly aim and charge the atmosphere.

Much like a Harp or stringed instrument, the strings that produce notes is very much the same in principle has what the Haarp works on in the atmosphere. Plucking a string causes vibrations in the air. Like an electric guitar uses a magnetic to detect vibrations from metal strings, the Haarp could be seen as the fingers or plectrum picking at the vibrations in the air where computer technology is feeling out those vibrations with precise electrical precision as if almost to “feel” the atmosphere around us.

It might be seen that the A in the middle of HaArp represents Atmosphere or setting the atmosphere it to be more poetic.


The Haarp stations around the world feature in many different climatic regions ranging from colder areas such as Alaska to warmer regions such as deserts.

For all intensive purposes, a machine like this could provide some major benefits to regions on the earth that get little to no rainfall and vice versa.

Manipulating the atmosphere isn’t something that goes un-noticed especially to older generations who were accustomed to the seasonal conditions that held patterns year in and year out where freak weather conditions used to be few and far between. Climate change that has been the focus of attention for many years has been blamed for the extreme weather events that we have been observing.

If we talk about the butterfly effect as a result of our actions, it is a solid argument, but many of us are not scientists nor have access to accurate data on a daily basis that keeps us up to date with these findings. Most of us are busy with jobs and going about our lives. Many are not concerned or even pay any attention to these things. Where we are meant to feel that weather events are the results of what we are doing to the planet, is it no surprise that many of the people who would be happy to drop the many harmful things to the environment that people use day in and day out feel like they have no choices? More so that people have to feel pressured under a ton of guilt trip schemes that are put out on the media through philosophical memes and media reports, the Haarp facilities take no accountability.

The consequences of the Haarp experiments are still much the same in that they have a direct impact on things around us. It is well known that the weather has a direct impact on our moods and emotions as well as the functioning of nature around us.

The misconception is that these massive grid structures not are controlling our minds through thoughts with voice to skull telepathy, it is adjusting the weather to conduct tests using the things we say about the weather through data harvesting that is of importance.

These facilities need to know what we think about the environments and how we perceive them, how it makes us feel. It also means that data can be exploited.

The weather can be used to manipulate how we feel, predict our emotions and have a direct impact on the things we need to survive.

There are some world leaders who claim to have weapons that are far more powerful that the atomic bomb. Is it no wonder that there are some politicians hold the view that we should disarm our nuclear weapons? After all they are vastly destructive and cause severe radiation that is of no use to any country whatsoever.






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