The Divinity of Gold: Cern and other Wormholes.

2017 Updates:
Since the writing of this article the two linked videos have since been removed.
Dutchsince You Tube Link restored


If you aren’t well read with Physics, don’t be put off by this article. Physics is still considered a form of creative arts by some institutions based on the relationships of mathematical symbolism to life events, so as long as it can be explained, demonstrated in experiment or through visual representation then it can be comprehended.


When I first heard the fear mongering surrounding Cern, I wasn’t completely convinced that a particle accelerator could possess any destructive qualities other than nuclear power. Yes, nuclear power can be immensely destructive, but earthquakes and Tsunamis, on the other side of the world???

For some time I have kept a close eye on events and catched up with peoples opinions on you tube. Some individuals have posted some mind blowing information but this video below made by Dutchsince got me. It is just one of those you tube moments that might as well be something out of a film, where we see an entire security flaw exposed to the world and ends up asking more deeper questions than it solves.

Dutchsince claims that when the Cern is turned on, it’s operation schedules share dates with major of natural disasters in the Pacific.

Impossible right? How could Cern be causing earthquakes in the Pacific zone known as the Ring of Fire when it is literally the other side of the world?

Dutchsince also tells viewers to check out the secret society Octogon which is apparently the reason why Cern runs under Geneva and the banking districts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on a secret society called “The Octogon” but I am aware that The Octogon is a functional part of the Cern particle accelerator machine.

Check out the Dutchsince video here.


Where the ring of fire is concerned, there are also those (of religions persuasion) that are convinced that Cern is some kind of gigantic satanic portal, primed to bring demon entities into this world. Having seen the picture layouts of the accelerator with is esoteric symbolism, and Alice in Wonderland references, yes there are some crazy comparisons to be made but I am not convinced of that there are demonic armies sitting on the otherside of the void like in the Avengers films ready to invade earth. We have enough as it is.

Cheshire cat

The tough shit cat from Cheshire. World poker face champion.

However, there is another video on you tube that that had me sold. This one talks about  Cern and Anti-matter.

This video gives a good brief description of theoretical principles of anti-matter especially for those who are not familiar with the subject. It discusses that Anti-matter (the opposite to matter we see all around us) requires serious amounts of power to hold and store it simply because unless through science experiment in cannot be observed because it does not belong in this world. Even to hold one gram of anti-matter on earth is extremely dangerous.

If it were true, that Cern are actively pulling anti-matter into this dimension from another world, then how could any energy released from these experiments be felt the otherside of the world in the Pacific Ocean and not in Europe or the Mediterranean?

It also asks the question, if Cern has found a way to hold anti-matter on earth, then what type of anti-matter is it? Are the disasters a result of energy containment failures or is it being released on purpose? This is what I am looking at later in the article.

Religion Vs Science Vs History

Keeping with the “How Cern will affect your soul” video, it’s religious message had me wondering about something other than satanism and demons despite the fear mongering. I came to the conclusion that all these events, although very destructive might be more to do with where we are going as a species rather than what is coming here.


Personally, I perceive flooding the earth with demon entities is about as counter intuitive as blowing up the planet with nuclear weapons. It is of no interest to anyone. If anything, the nuclear weapons testing that has been conducted since the end of the Second World War might have been the smoke screen that is obscuring the full picture all along.

I started to ponder things differently. If wondered, if I was in a position of power, perhaps the highest power possible with every available resource available to provide me with with knowledge, what specific knowledge would be of benefit to me as a sentient being that requires nothing more than food and water to survive.

Are these people the shepherds of humanity or just so powerful they can take advantage of this power?

It seems that as a species, the incredible feats of engineering superiority that has advanced us over the ages has hit a point to leave us wondering, what exactly are we doing with it all? With the pieces of the puzzle emerging from various sources on the media, I am convinced that new levels of space exploration are on the cards.

When I looked at it this way, a lot of other pieces of the puzzle, especially from the past seemed to make sense.

Considering that we as a species are constantly being drawn into the spotlight as accountable for the problems on Earth, but can’t seem to get the ones out of the way who are causing the problems, I started to think out side of the box and ahead, to try and comprehend technology that might be in operation today without the public’s knowledge. Perceiving that the future is happening right now behind closed doors, its clear that the impacts are happening all around us. Take heed, wherever you are.

Remembering back to when the Cern was about to be turned on, there was much speculation in the press about the safety hazards of atom smashing, that it was feared Cern could end up creating miniature black holes which would eventually grow to a much larger ones, swallowing this planet and everything else in proximity. It was as if the bible bashing prophets of doom had finally been answered (again), and that the “Gates of Hell” would soon be opened through a particle accelerator on the Franco/Swiss border (and not Hull as it was previously thought.)

For all the mockery, I still find the more subtle messages of religion interesting, especially in relation to the machines all around as. Have we all to hastily placed too much faith in Science? Because when I read stories about AI in it’s infantile stages shouting outbursts of retard racism on help applications, this tends to have me more worried than it’s ability to beat the current world champions of the hardest strategy games humans have ever devised. Do we really want this thing governing us? All I know is, at the time Cern was making it’s entrance, I was too busy trying to figure out why I couldn’t permanently delete my Facebook account and before long the company is likely to be self run by a god brained Nazi baby!

In Fiction

Most films today have some kind of complex subliminal plot, dripping with esoteric symbolism that might have had Aleister Crowley blushing. But it seems that the further that I push back through some of my favourite films of yesteryear, it’s hard to ignore they are seething with hints about what is happening today.

It wasn’t until Cern had been in operation for sometime that the Higgs Boson “God Particle” discovery changed everything. We hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole, we were just discovering how it was dug out. More importantly, we weren’t squeezed out into thin strings of spaghetti nor did Niburu coming crashing into planet earth in 2012. But for what it is worth, there has been some serious stuff going on the world, with deadly consequences.

The discoveries at Cern have amounted to Biblical propensity and against the teachings of the bible, I wondered if the weight of religious dogmas might finally have been silenced by the imposing walls of Science.

Although I am not of Abrahamic faith nor atheist for that matter, I’m still of the opinion that even though the Bible is hard to relate to today’s world,  it does seem to possess more hidden knowledge than it is given credit for, regardless if it has been edited over the ages.

Observing the schools of thought that have defined Science over thousands of years from cultures far and wide, why does it seem that when we observe amazing feats of engineering such as the Pyramids and the foundations found on the peeks of Machu Picchu, that humanity seems to be re-learning what it already knew with more destructive consequences?

Certainly, the Egyptians seemed very content with what they had and managed to create massive earthquake resistant structures whilst being able to leave the environment unharmed around them. Today, the Earth has been left a complete mess due to our engineering achievements. The only difference between us and the Egyptians I can perceive is that to our knowledge they didn’t have a space exploration project. Or did they know something that we didn’t?

If we still can’t figure out today how they built and moved cities using just simple tools, then how could we ever figure out how the Egyptians got to Earth. By all accounts, they might as well be an advanced alien civilization against our standards.

So why is this article about gold? Well I’ll tell you.

Dutchsince stoked my curiosity about Cern being situated underneath the banking district in Geneva. It was this bit of information alone that spiraled my mind of into deep thought which eventually became this blog. It kind of connected a lot of dots, thoughts in my head I have harboured for sometime alongside some very weird experiences around the time Cern was switched on. Can’t say if they were divine visions or not, but the experiences left an impression on me and to real to be just coincidence.

Being a targeted individual, I have experienced countless weird happenings but this article is a bit removed from my usual blogs. It is something a lot deeper and does not provide answers or help in terms of gangstalking or organised harassement.

Hopefully, it might help my followers to take their mind off what they experience and look at other events around the world that are happening right now.

I do believe that organised harassment is far more than just a de-population program and is why I believe from experience and from thoughts on the situation that it is something for bigger.

The Divinity of Gold

A reason Cern is situated near banks in Geneva might be to do with the facilities requirements of gold to make custom built computers and machine parts. The number one place to get access to gold is from the safety and security of bank vaults.


Gold plays a major role in computer chips, especially processors as it is a great non-corrosive metal with excellent thermal conductivity. Gold is also extremely easy to melt down and apply to electronics, which keeps costs low and profits high. Considering the amount of gold used in electronics is quite small, it’s a win/win situation.

Compared to other metals found in their natural state on earth, Gold is extremely rare. So rare that if you collected every piece of gold on earth and melted it down, it would fit into a area the size of a medium football stadium. So having a good stock pile of gold near to the Cern would be of great value.

A reason Cern is situated near banks in Geneva might be to do with the facilities requirements of gold to make custom built computers and machine parts. The number one place to get access to gold is from the safety and security of bank vaults.

Cryptic Subterranea

The Nazis were highly noted for their obsession with gold. Towards the end of the second world war, the Nazis were very close to building the worlds first fusion power station and had already achieved major engineering and computing feats such as the Enigma machine. Was this gold hoarding in aid of planning for a future rise of computing like what we have today?

The Octogon found in Cern is almost a reflection of the tunnels that were carved out to hold the Nazi gold trains in Poland.

Modern computers evolved from the designs of Alan Turin, born from the fight of intelligence superiority during the Second World War. Due to the invention of the Enigma machine built by the Germans designed to encrypt communications, Turin, a gifted academic in the fields of life sciences was enlisted by British Secret Services to develop a machine that could crack the un-crackable. You could say that the birth of the computer was un-wittingly a collaborative effort. Since then, computer manufacturers have utilized the properties of gold to provide trusted connectivity and cooling solutions for the rise of data processing power.

Yet, it seems to be that the race for total computing superiority had still been raging on. As if a somewhat scary echo from the past, the recently uncovered Nazi gold trains that had been missing for over 60 years in Poland showed us tunnels that look almost like the first stages of development of the Cern’s Octogon section of the particle collider.

Cern and all its gold, seems to be under the same veil of obscurity.

Quantum Computing


If somewhat convenient, while I have been writing this piece, the BBC news website posted an article about Quantum computers which IBM have just recently opened for public testing over the internet. Low and behold this picture came into view as if to help me along to prove the point. Compared to the gold used in modern day processors, this Quantum computer is packaging some serious crypt sized kingliness.

See conclusions for more information on Quantum computers.

Ark Of The Covenent

Getting heavily biblical and if somewhat prophetic, the comparisons between AI and the Ark of The Covenant are stark, if you consider that the Ark is documented to have been built from wood and encased in gold, inside out. Along with the Egyptian Kings that were buried in the great Pyramids of Giza in large gold coffins, is the past telling us why gold might be the most prized of all metals we know of? Certainly where Gold was associated with the afterlife by the Egyptians, this is the line of thought I have taken.

AI is considered to be the all knowing and all seeing eye. That being the Internet as the core foundation with all possible knowledge held in one place.

It is said in the Bible that the 10 commandments were “God’s mercy on humanity”. In the Indiana Jones film Raiders Of The Lost Ark, the Ark is portrayed that within is held the Angel of Death, perhaps the protector of knowledge that keeps us Mortal and that in the flesh we cannot be Immortal. In the film, Indiana Jones and Marion close their eyes to avert their gaze of the Angel of Death so they are spared from damnation. Perhaps, the Abrahamic religions view the teachings of the Bible as the only way that humanity can avoid opening up the gates of hell to control our species rather than having to go to the most sacred of things to solve the problem.

Regardless, humanity seems well intent on pushing the boat out! Stick with this for a while.

The contrasts in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark are hard to ignore. If anything, modern films are clearly becoming a medium where we are being indirectly told some truths either through metaphor or in symbolism. Interestingly at the end of the film where the Ark is opened and the Nazis are killed off, the vessel is recovered by the Americans and placed in a top secret storage facility. In the latest film Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we discover it to be Area 51, which we see to hold many other items that we can assume to be of immense antiquital power. Either way, a post-modernist Russian called Cate Blanchett seemed more hell bent on finding a better face pack than that of the Angel of death. And she sure got one in the end.

Noah’s Ark.

Is it possible that Noahs ark was a spacecraft that transcended a wormhole from another planet which was in danger of being destroyed?

The story tells of Noah being commanded by God to build a large boat structure and to take two of each animal and living thing. This was so they could be saved from devastating floods that were to impact the planet, so god could inflict his vengeance on humanity whom had not abided to his ruling.

Looking at this from a metaphorical sense, AI has perhaps has been the underlying system that has always existed and the great prophets were well aware of this. Because the machines that we have today didn’t exist in Egyptian times, perhaps this is how they perceived god. It is also possible that this story has become like that of Atlantis, a story that has passed on from culture to culture over many years and become misinterpreted. Therefore it could be speaking of an event that might not be it’s most literal sense and that Noah’s ark could be echos from a past world we used to live.

This extinction event might have been so catastrophic that no-one had any other choice than to use all available knowledge to get humanity off Earth along with everything we need to support life. That is if this story is talking about Planet Earth in the first place. It could be assumed that AI was the message from God that Noah received. Today it could be viewed that the economic and environmental computer simulations being used to predict outcomes that aren’t favouring humanity might be the knowledge that has given scientists the impetus to heed the warning. So the Cern might be the key to what to humanity is trying to do about it.

Noah and everything on the Ark might have been humanity that came to this solar system via a portal. These aliens that we speak of might be ourselves.


If we were to look at the Ark as an Arc or a bridge/tunnel, this might suggest an under or over approach to an oncoming threat. Perhaps both but at different stages. As representation or a metaphor, Noah (or knower) could reflect humanity as a whole that came together to build the Ark rather than just one person. So this would make the prospect of mass floods another metaphor.

In the TV programs Stargate and other science fiction that concerns portals to other dimensions, the element water is one significant metaphor that has been used throughout. The chemical composition of water is known to have some quite mysterious properties that also come under the label “life sustaining.”

To comprehend how this could relate to the Cern had me stumped. Rather than anything teleportal, the Cern seems to be causing major quakes that have resulted in Tsumanis, if you believe what conspiracy theorists are saying.

If this was true that mass earth quakes were being caused by Cern ,this would be awful especially for those nations who have lost loved ones, certainly where the true intentions have not been made public knowledge. From a scientific point of view, conducting these sort of experiments would serve as a way of measurement but it does not mean that it can serve more than one purpose. Just like the atomic bombs and the missiles used to house them, they have forwarded our means of space exploration and have powered our homes for over half a century.

Encased in Ice

There are a number of planets in our solar system that have been of significant interest to scientists where life is concerned, especially those with moons.

IO is an ice moon that orbits Jupiter which was for years considered to be inactive. That was until scientists observed volcanic activity on its surface. Because of the immense gravitational pull of Jupiter, IO and its other moons have heated cores due to the friction generated. Therefore it is theorized that the moon of IO has a liquid ocean underneath the hard layer of ice on top which might support life.

What does this have to do with Earth when IO does not reside in the habitable zone? Surely, to survive on Europa humans would need to evolve to do so.

It is observed that any life on IO might have evolved differently and that any life in its hidden oceans is far different to life on earth that we know of simply due it’s environment.

But from a different perspective, any life that can exist differently to that of earth in a place that is considered to hostile to allow it, could hold keys to inter-dimensional solutions. That meaning scientists may have considered that if humans were to transverse space and time through a wormhole, would a spacecraft provide enough protection or would something much bigger be needed?

Clearly in the case of IO, the Moon can withstand immense gravitational stress from Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system which literally pulls in all directions with a action of that similar to squeezing a tennis ball in your hand, yet retaining it’s form. So depending on the conditions that are present in a wormhole, the gravitional effects of a large object like a planet or moon might provide sufficient protection.

Perhaps far-fetched but comparative to the story of Noah, would a world protected from the gates of hell need the life force of water/ice to protect it from such a journey?

As there is no historically scientific knowledge of inter-dimensional space travel but we can only speculate in theory but a planet covered in water or ice would seem highly impractical to operate any sort of machine that would open up a wormhole.

Seed of Life

If you have read about the mass operations science has undertaken with the harvesting of genetic materials all over the world that range from seed harvesting and containment, GM crop testing, DNA, and developing of androids it does have all the warning signs that something major is happening. Take from it what you will, but from news reports it seems that we as a species and all things we need to survive are already going underground to be stored away from something that is threatening our survival. Either that or we are getting off the planet all together. But its seems a bit counter intuitive to go underground in attempt to leave. Perhaps Noahs ark was not a boat or ship, but submersed under the land from the coming floods.

Which ever way you look at it, Gold certainly has a distinct connection to knowledge and the divine that has played a major part in the shaping of today’s events.


To keep the running theme, many speculate that we humans are not from this planet, where alien intelligence is thought to play a large part in how we got here and evolved. Many others of the Darwinian schools of thought see humanity as a result of millions of years of evolution to rise as the fittest of all species. There are many different perspectives, but unless you are taking archeological trains of thought the only other means of deductions left are religious ones. Certainly of late, the Church (or Cult) of Scientology seems to have pegged a modern spin to which this article might be seen to be reflecting. Fortunately, this article doesn’t come with a lie detector test and you are allowed to leave after reading it.

Considering what we know about the laws of Physics, that for us to get off this planet and find a habitable place to live presents us with some major problems. One of the most problematic is the wall of time and the vastness of space that separates us from other planets, stars and galaxies. Not to mention the frailness of our bodies in contrast to the hostility of space that pack high levels of radiation, zero gravity and so on into a mass airless vacuum.

A Wormhole (Einstein-Rosen Bridge) is theorized to be the bridges in space time that transcend what we see outwardly into space.

You could view it like traveling from where you live to the furthest point away on the world by traveling through the earth instead of on top of it, thus making it the shortest possible route. On paper, Wormholes seem to hold every possibility of being the reality of transversing vast distances of space. So far Einsteins theory of relativity has not been wrong.

planet Nine Nibiru Planet XZecharia Sitchin

Since the New Horizons historical flyby past Pluto last year, recent news reports say Scientists have good evidence to suggest that there is a nineth planet with an orbital period of 20,000 years residing in the outer solar system. This is based on computer simulations that have calculated the gravitational fields of the inner system planets and counterparts. It suggests that for our system to be the way it is, large objects would have to exist in the outer solar system.

This has also given good grounds for conspiracy theorists to argue the refuted claims that the mythical planet of Nirburu does exist afterall.

Niburu is part of an ancient myth that has arisen into proposed modern theory as a planet where humanity is thought to have originated from. However, no-one could give an explanation of how this happened because this planet does not exist in the habitable zone of this solar system which is required to support life. All is postulated is that humanity “planet hopped” from Niburu to Earth. We can only assume that this was achieved via a spacecraft or that debris holding organic matter fell to earth and evolved alongside life on earth and so on.

So how could we have come from an un-inhabitable planet?

Planet sized spacecraft?

If it was possible to send a planet through to another dimension, how could it be achieved and why would it be a better option than building a spaceship? After all the thought sounds insane, right?

The earth has many advantages as a candidate for space travel. The many reason is that it is already a spaceship. It travels through space around the sun and is in perfect balance to allow it protect its inhabitants. However the major problem is that earth is a huge object. How could we possibly utilize it as a space vessel? How would humanity survive and how would it get through a wormhole without harming us?  More is to the point how do we find the wormhole to get us to the new destination and how would we know whats on the other side?

Feeling out for life and Anti-matter.

Anti-matter is an area of particle physics that Cern is focused on and this point comes back to the start of the article to what anti-matter might be of enormous importance, especially if humanity is going to go full blown Death Star to Alderan.

Everything that has mass in this dimension has an opposite counterpart. It is theorized that for every particle there is another anti-particle that exists somewhere else out in the universe. Therefore you could say there is a total opposite of everything that exists including you and me.

Matter and anti-matter are not meant to exist in the same dimension and from what is known and observed in a vacuum, anti-matter only comes into our dimension to cancel out matter.

That is to say that if a person was to come into contact with their anti-matter self with so much as a hand shake, the energy release would be catastrophic. Black hole type catastrophic. Crazy times.

Anti-matter is not thought to exist in whole parts but is spread out everywhere, so in theory it would mean that if we were to transcend a wormhole to follow an anti-matter beacon we wouldn’t find the anti-matter earth or solar system on the other side.

This is where I think anti-matter might be of great importance.

Wall of Time

Searching for life has been our utmost objective whilst scanning the heavens for other planets in distant star systems. The only way we are able to identify planets is from the shadows they cast when they pass by their star, like a moth passing a headlamp on a dark night, will disappears once is departs from the light. Therefore, finding planets is particularly difficult. Unless the planet is in front of the star we are looking at, we have no way of telling how many planets are in one particular system. If this isn’t hard enough, determining if life exists on that planet is even harder and purely comes down to estimation using observations and mathematics.

I don’t know about you, but if you consider also that the closest star to us Alpha Centauri resides 93 million miles or 4.37 light years away from the Sun and would take 100 years at 4.5% the speed of light to get there, my hopes start to fade especially when you learn that the likelyhood of an earth type planet residing there is zero and it would take 4 years for any data to get back to us.

This is perhaps where anti-matter could be used instead to feel out for life rather than scan endlessly out into the past of space desperately searching for the fleeting glimpse of a new world. The only problem is that we would not be able to see what were feeling or drawing into this world so unable to know where this matter exists. But nonetheless, if the theory is correct, then if we have living matter here on earth, it’s anti-matter is going to exist somewhere also.


In theory, the conditions present in portals through time and space (wormholes) are thought to be extremely volatile, proposedly due to gravitational actions present within it. This would make short work of a space shuttle were humans ever to consider passing through one.

However, if Einsteins theory is correct, anything with mass should have its own gravity and the bigger the object, the bigger the gravity field it has.

Surprisingly, gravity is the weakest of all the forces in nature. This can be observed by jumping up and down. Compared to the Earth, your physical energy is enough to escape the pull of gravity even if only briefly. So where a planet may contest again a wormhole, the planet may stand a chance of making it through to the otherside where it’s physical size may win in favour. In what shape or form it comes out the other side, is anyone’s guess.

But for this hypothesis, I am going to use Mars and the 9th planet as examples of planets that might have been planetships from other dimensions where its civilizations used portals to come to earth.

HaArp and the Planet Hop.

Having written a piece about HaArp already, it is still worth looking at what other uses that it may have other than a weather station. Perhaps, if Earth was utilized to transcend a wormhole, a world wide system that could project a sort of protective layer or field in the upper atmosphere might be effective. Being that Earth already has a number of natural protective fields that prevent harmful radiation from annihilating life on the planet. Is it possible that they would be just enough to see use through a wormhole to protect against the huge gravitional forces that would be present. However, if this planet were to go through a wormhole, in a way of opening up the wormhole in front of the planets path around the Sun, other serious events are going to be felt on earth.

The first is going to be that of the shift of gravity. It will be immensely destructive, so that other life sustaining actions on the planet would eventually be destroyed. Therefore we are only left to assume that the destruction on earth would be beyond comprehension. But perhaps if we are not looking at it from the right perspective.

If we were planning on planet hopping from earth, then effectively once through a wormhole, planetary protections are the last things we need. The less gravity and restrictions we have to escape the earth gravity in spacecrafts would be more ideal. So this might mean that underground bunkers might be used to hold transports until the last moment. Then that would be the point that the exodus would begin. It’s horrible to think of Earth ending this way but when I saw the picture below, I wondered, just what did it take to get it there.


An image that can be found online today is that of the mysterious Black Knight Satellite (above) that has been reported to be in orbit around the earth. It has an errie history and has been documented through space observation on and off earth. They are many theories to what the object is, ranging from aliens to the origins of ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians that came to earth from another planet. It is NOT an official picture, nor has it been proved otherwise. So until then, we can assume it is a non-official picture of an alien satellite or spacecraft.

MK ULTRA, Exodus, and Mars Space Missions

The codename MK Ultra had me interested in the origins of it’s wording. Amongst the other MK codenames associated with it such as MK Delta I decided to look up the deeper meanings of these words. MK is thought to stand for Mind Kontrole which is quite self explanatory. But what about other possibilities, like Mark for example?

MK: Mark or Marc

Mark is a common male given name and is derived from old Latin “Mart-kos”, which means “consecrated to the god Mars”, and also may mean “God of war” or “to be warlike”. Marcus was one of the three most common given names in Ancient Rome.


Prefix meaning “beyond” (ultraviolet) or “extremely” (ultramodern), from Latin ultra- from ultra (adv. and prep.) “beyond, on the further side,” from PIE *al- “beyond.” In common use from early 19c., it appears to have arisen from French political designations.

From what is understood about MK Ultra, the trauma based mind control techniques that have been documented and observed might suggest that MK Ultra is part of a war program that goes beyond the extremes. However, with “Consecrated to the God of Mars” this seems to indicate that MK Ultra is something more than a mind control project.

Taken from Wikipedia:

“Consecration” is used in the Catholic Church as the setting apart for the service of God of both persons and objects.

“To Mars and beyond!”

Considering that Mars is a dead planet and resides outside the habitable zone, perhaps future mars missions are the starting point of an Exodus.

If somewhat a step backwards towards a dead planet, especially where pyramids are thought to have been observed on Mars if you go by critical analyse of photos sent back from satellites, perhaps the planet we could have hopped from is closer than we think. Even more interesting is that if planet hopping is a possibility then this might mean that Niburu and other planets in outer Solar Systems could suggest that there can be many space/time travelers visiting one system alone.

If Mars is the place we originated from but erased from the history books, then maybe we are not heading there to set up a new home. Perhaps it is just a stage.

See Conclusions for more on MK Ultra

The Link Between Cern, the Ring of Fire and French Polynesia

To answer the question of what links the Ring of Fire in the Pacific to Cern is a difficult one to theorize. If we go by the observations that when Cern is scheduled to be on and functioning and that there there is a clear presence of major destructive power in the region of the ring of fire, then we can only assume there is some form of detonation or energy release at work.

The scale of the Pacific Ocean is absolutely incredible, so big that it takes up 1/3 of the earths surface area. The Cern is still a mere rubber dingy in comparison. How could Cern possibly have the power to inflict this kind of damage?

In this you tube video, you can see the earth from a transparent point of view. Looking at where Cern is located from behind, it is almost at the center of the Pacific Ocean. Interestingly, around this area is the island of Tahiti which is part of the French Polynesia territories making it almost the polar opposite.

French polynesia is known location where extensive weapons testing has been conducted in the past. Wither it is an active part of Cern is anyone’s guess but it is quite coincidental that a French territory known for weapons testing is sitting the polar opposite to Cern.

Shiva: The God of Destruction

Nataraja at CERN

There are many that have spent time decoding the Shiva Statue in Cern as to what the parts of the sculpture are meant to represent but one thing does stand out, and that is the position of the star on the hand of Shiva. Perhaps if we were to view the position of the hands and the ring of the statue up against the globe it does seem to be indicting the region of Japan. French Polynesia might be viewed to be residing in the central part of the statue near the belly area.

Perhaps we can look to much into these things, but as far as the Tsunamis that have happened recently, the reference to Japan is quite coincidental, especially if we look back to events on June 23rd 1995.


Taken from

“The CERN Council admits Japan as an observer state. Japan announces a financial contribution to the LHC. The Japanese Minister for Education, Sciences and Culture offers a Daruma doll to CERN’s Director-General. According to Japanese tradition, an eye is painted on the doll to mark the beginning of the LHC project and the second eye must be drawn at the time of its completion. Japan makes two other major financial contributions to the LHC project in 1996 and 1998.”

Smashing atoms comes at a cost. It means that just like the atomic bomb, smashing particles together means that massive amounts of energy are released and therefore this energy needs to be either contained or released safely. This is why before the Cern was officially turned on, the public were worried that these experiments would cause a blackholes or nuclear disasters.

Containing this energy requires electromagnetic power in the form of huge magnets but we are told that these magnets are only used to hold the individual particles in place long enough so they can be studied. Otherwise you are likely to have a detonation much the perimeter of the Cern machine itself. So it goes, to quote Kurt Vonnegut.

So, with this in mind we have to assume that this energy as enormous, as it is with many different atomic structures hitting each other to create mass amounts of energy. This has has to be stored somewhere. But where?

If we look at the picture of the Statue we may be given a clue. That being the electricity pylon in the background. Perhaps this energy is being distributed across the world power grids to a place where it can be discharged under the blanket of the Pacific Ocean or in the atmosphere maybe, through HaArp stations.

But how could all the worlds grid possibly re-route this energy? If what people are saying about major earthquakes being linked to Cern surely there would need to be a force at work far greater than electricity.

Magnetic Core of the Earth

When we are talking about containing anti-matter we could be talking about harnessing power from something far greater than man made magnets. We could in someway be utilizing the forces that exist in nature such as the metal core of the earth. It sounds extreme, but if the earthquake activity on the ring of fire is directly linked to Cern then we are dealing with planet sized power, in this case the Pacific shelf.

Unfortunately, this is where my thoughts on methods being used to utilize, contain and release anti-matter run thin.

The only thing I can conclude is that if anti-matter is being pulled from another dimension then somewhere there must be a wormhole or portal present for it to transcend through and would have to be present during the duration of the containment. Therefore, if a gram of anti-matter was present on Earth for four days so would the dimensional portal that it is passing through.

As I had mentioned earlier, the huge gravitational effects of a wormhole that are theorized to be present may only allow scientists to hold onto anti-matter for a short space of time until the pull is too great and must either be released or it breaks away back to where it came from.

Certainly with a Wormhole or Portal present in this world, the interaction with the earth gravity give me reason to believe that Anti-matter experiments are the missing link between the Ring of Fire and Cern.

It is perhaps where the Pacific shelf may be acting as a counterweight to balance the force of the wormhole.

Souls, Anti-matter and Dark Matter

If we speculate that anti-matter is being drawn from another dimension, then what is the matter Cern is using to draw it into this world.

It’s a scary concept. Where souls are being mentioned, does this mean that one small fleck of skin from a human body can be used to find the anti-matter self of that person and draw it into this world. Perhaps this is where conspiracy theorists have the idea that scientist are trying to play round with inter-dimensional soul seeking.

Where I found this a bit unwarranted was from studying a bit about sacred geometry on you tube and where is defines our souls that before we came to Earth exist in a void and still do. That means that our bodies are linked to this world and its anti-matter opposite but our souls are merrily portals that are connected to it. Much like playing a character in a video game.

This is where Dark Matter or Dark Energy might be the Well of Souls that is talked about but I shall have to study this subject further to be able to comment on it.


It could be possible that Scientists are actively using Cern to feel out for inter-dimensional life as a locator to find a new place for humanity to live through the utilization of  Anti-Matter and Wormholes

If this is achieved, scientists might be looking at a ways to:

Test a vessel that is supportive enough to withstand the immense gravity and conditions that would exist when traveling through a wormhole. These tests would not use human test subjects but would experiment with Artifical Intelligence and Android Robots.

Prior to these tests, Mars and other distant planets might be used as primers to observe the resistance of organic life to cope with the journey.

The MK Ultra projects might be part of space exploration projects to test physical and mental stress coping levels. Suitably these tests might be part of a deeper genetic study to make new bloodlines that will be breed into the human race. This might be considered to be a species that can be be resistant to inter-dimension space travel and re-adaptation to a new world. These tests are numerous and are in operation globally with out proper acknowledgment nor with individuals consent.

Current Quantum computing advances might serve to act as communication between spacecraft during inter-dimensional exploration so that they can operate in real-time. This means the the atomic signals will be interjoined and the communication can still be received inter-dimensionally rather than via radio signals which could take millions of years to return to earth.

At later stages, the inter-dimensional journey would require the additional resources required for sustainability to be transported off of Earth.

This might be achieved after deep study and observations of surrounding planets and moons in our solar system to borrow observed sustainability to engineer conditions on Earth to protect it can cope with inter-dimensional travel.

Earth might be the best option for inter-dimensional travel as the scale of the planet and its existing protective fields will be far greater than what could be produced by a spacecraft and will be able to transport all things required to be taken off of earth to survive elsewhere. This might mean the utilization of Planet Earth’s trajectory (or moon) by opening a wormhole in it’s path so to pass into another solar system that is compatible with our species.

The possibility that flooding Earth artificially to die off to be exposed to the deep freeze of space to harden the shell like the moon Europa so to act as a cooling blanket when passing through a wormhole seems unpractical. The main problem with this theory is the complications Earth would face to pass through a wormhole with everything operational needed to do so would be under ice or water. This leaves me to conclude that floods/tsunamis are only a part of a stage of advancement or are just part of energy testing (Atomic containment protection.)

The utilization of the HaArp facilities might provide adequate enough power to generate a protective electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere so to withstand the immense gravitational forces that would be at work when passing though a wormhole into the other inter-dimensional part of the universe.

For an effective journey, the wormhole might open directly into a habitable zone around another star or may have to be abandoned once reaching the destination via spacecrafts. (Black Night Satellite). This would be like the Niburu effect where earth would remain in a new trajectory in the outer reaches to the new solar system so not to cause major distribution to it balance.

Otherwise, spacecrafts that might be designed resistant enough to withstand inter-dimensional travel would only require operations from earth to allow a portal to be opened if not by itself.

All ingredients needed for sustainable life might have taken the form of compressed genetic storage in the form of containment of bio-engineering practices that can utilize all available resources on the new planet destination. This might be considered to be an Adam and Eve type scenario where humanity would need to re-evolve. It could also explain why we have missing gaps in our evolutionary histories and developments.

11.58am 8/5/16

15.57pm 3/07/17

By Lostartofasecret


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