Harvesting of Data, Correlation and Dealing with Target Resistance.

Through a years of testing, Perps have had to find ways of dealing with targets who use methods to avoid harassment or control it. Using something like ear plugs for example to drown out harassment in public is not generally considered normal unless the situation requires it. Of course giving a reason might be difficult but if the person comes out and says “It is because I am being verablly harassed” people might think it strange or a cause for concern. It certainly is but with stalking on the rise and making its way into public knowledge it may become more frequently used and accepted. It is not something Perps want so try to responded with a counter measures normally involving harassment and sensitizing.

Examples of this might be drawing attention to the colour of the ear plugs being used, hand gestures directed towards the ears or introducing a subject that focuses on hearing. They do not want you doing it so much that a Perp will risk try to expose you using them with embarrassment if they are covered in someway.

Perps see this obstacle as a challenge and with challenges they can become a focus to Perp networks. That is, they all huddle around the table and have a big meeting with flip charts and so forth.

If a TI has worked out a way to ignore a type of harassment then this has to be worked into a protocol of how to deal with other TIs who are using its also. This then has to become a method that can be used broadly by Perps and kept simple to be co-ordinated effectively and un-noticed. Otherwise it is considered a weakness and has to be abandoned.

All methods of resistance are correlated on databases alongside the most effective ones. This means that a lot of TIs are still being tested depending on what they are doing to control the situation. They also study the mindset and how they came about the knowledge to either improvise or plan ahead at a given time.

Scrambling Targets

Perps normally require the target to talk or explain something without being asked directly so to understand their mindset if there is a problem being present. Some targets have Perps around them that can encourage conversation. These Perps are known as  Extractors. Many TIs report these people as being confrontational or manipulative, whom tend to cause arguments by forcing an argument for no reason and throw the argument of into many directions. Chaotic conversation.

These can be people who use cues or prompts harvested from extraction programs. Normally if a target likes to talk a lot then not much effort is needed to gain information. Otherwise some more extreme measures can be used.

This can sometimes involve the use of drugs. These can either be introduced to cause a relaxed state or an agitated uncomfortable state. Uncomfortable states sometimes only require the use of unprepared food more often than not fast food. Otherwise a target has to be mentally adjusted with specialized drugs or ones that may may fit a persons drug history.

If a target is confined to their homes or an area then introducing drugs can be difficult. LSD is a drug commonly used to cause mental confusion in a target and is useful to Perps because it is easy to conceal and can be applied to surfaces without being visually noticeable. LSD can be absorbed easily through the skin so a target may have no idea how they came to feel that way.

LSD is also a perfect weapon to get a target into the mental health system as it can cause a whole host of symptoms associated with mental illness.

Because a target will not expect to have been drugged they may assume they are mentally unwell or may consider that they have been poisoned.

Normally if this is suspected blood samples can be performed in hospitals but this depends on how long after exposure to the drug and the amount ingested or absorbed. The half-life of the drug is also important. Some drugs can leave the body after a matter of hours where others can last for weeks.

However, databases used to test for drugs only find what is known, so drugs that have been developed in secret to be used on targets will not show up. This is a method of discrediting, using the target to cause conflict with the system.

As apposed to uppers, downers can be used to relax a target so they feel calm and content. This can produce false emotional feelings and once worn off any withdrawal effects can scramble the mindset further losing grip on time and memory.

If a person has not sought out mental health treatment and the target is resistant, then their credibility remains. Perps have to work much harder to try and comprimise the targets mental health.

Methods using drugs come under lifting and dropping protocols which require less intervention from Perps and is sometimes used to distance themselves at a time they may fell threatened of exposure and not always by the target.


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