Lifting Phases and Moral Compass In Depth

For those that where not targeted from a young age, research is done into the targets psychological profile history and information is collected from any CBH informants or individuals that have has close personal contact them. This is to look for areas of isolation or conflict they have experienced as a means to draw the target to think situationally rather than that the harassment is a deliberate operation against something that they have done or are doing that maybe considered as a threat.

Lifting phases are where a target is seen to have confidence built from resisting harassment and is becoming mentally stronger rather than weakened.What Perps tend to do is to limit or stop harassment for a short period of time so the target pays less attention to what is going on around them. This is with the hope that the target will make a mistake later on to be capitalized on.

For example, if the target is displaying severe signs of mental distress during harassment, they know that if the harassment stops then they may possibly show far less signs. These tactics are done for discrediting reasons to make the target look as if they are making up what they experience.

Manipulative efforts are sometimes used to try and break the target back down into low confidence by indirectly tell the target things that make them believe that the harassment has stopped with no direct reasons or explanations. However, at the same time efforts are being planned ahead to work on discrediting the target further.

If these tactics do not work then the target is allowed to lift from harassment for a longer period of time and is studied with precision in attempt to break the target later on.

If a target is under the mental health services or a form of care where they have managed to get better, it is not favorable to have this person become what is considered to be a trusted member of society again. This presents serious problems for illegal paperwork that exists on a target, the file that has been built up over years of survellience.

What should be understood is that a lifting phase does not mean that the target has been completely brainwashed into thinking they are doing it themselves and that Perps have control. Lifting phases are an absolute last resort.

It is simply because the target is far too “empowered” to be manipulated by stalking harassment.

Empowered means when a target has learned a way to study their perpetrators rather than run from them or hide. It is the information a TI experiences and witnesses that is what is most feared, therefore making the target empowered with knowledge.

This what a lot of Perp targeting mindsets come down to. A form of moral compass, or an “idea” that they think to be right but try to portray has gone un-noticed in the public’s attention without any chance to questioned or debated. This is why Perps use anything they can to harass a victim. It could be perceived that the target “deserves it” or is needed to show them the errors of their ways were there was no logical requirement for harassment in the beginning.

Perps have the problem that certain people in society have been used for many years for psychological, social and medical experimentation. Therefore they try to aim focus on the target about things in there life which could be considered illegal whlist trying to protect their investments put into MK Ultra victims.

The point of this is that MK Ultras are people who are partly experimented on as they are allowed to function in society but are not told what is happening to them. Some individuals can have minor surgery conducted for different reasons right from birth if required to study the effects it has on society. The fact it is deliberate may indicate that these methods may have been tested long before they were known about but were being tested in different parts of the world to monitor its effects. Sometimes birth defects are taken into consideration and are sometimes considered as candidates. For a non-MK Ultra, if a defect is able to be solved with minor surgery, then it is normally worked through quickly within their lifetime. MK Ultras are avoided these chances and are used to test their psychological effects and impacts on others.

To cover all the reasons for why these tests are conducted is to broad to be discussed in one topic alone as the enter all fields of science.


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