The Target

I have issued this blog early and is missing the detail that I want to explain to other TIs. These are based on my observations around me and what I have tested while living my life at the same time. The way I test what I experience is to use as much logic as possible so to rule out the possibility that what I experience could be just my mind playing tricks.
What I have found that if I start to focus my attention to studying what happens around me, the patterns that emerge start to present logic as to the sources of how the harassment is being conducted. It mirrors the harassment that I experience, making it cancel out.
The harassment and attempted mind control being use is extremely difficult to explain, certainly as I have had to do this on my own. Thankfully with the help of TIs online there seems to be many similarities in tactics being used. However, I feel it is best to update the information as I go along because the experiences and what I have learned over the years is hard to recall and write about in one go. Also there is a lot of information TIs are posting that are on the subjects being talked about so I feel it best to get some of it out now.
I do not make money from what I write nor try to copy what other TIs experience. This can be distributed just like any other blog I have. I’d appreciate it if you do use any information please be sure to reference this blog page. Thank you.



The Target as referred to by Perps is used to represent a number of situations or methods to harass a target other than just to represent a targeted individual.

Audible Harassment and The Target Device

The image above is a representation of a card used in targeting ranges. It is being showed here to represent the same principles used for audible harassment.
At the centre is the electronic device that is being used by Perps to monitor a target. Surrounding are four hypothetical targets to represent perpetrators in the environment although the number in real situations can reach 100s or more. The surrounding rings are to show the maximum range a sound can be heard from both the target and the perpetrators.
Perpatrators need their harassment to be heard at the central position, so the further the distance the louder and more penetrative the sound is needed to be heard. It may seem excessive but Perps will use this type of harassment from a few miles away. This does not have to be ruled out as coincidence or just background noise. Often it is done deliberately, mixed in with normal activities. To the target and depending on their mindset, they will be aware of subtle changes in their environment.

Stationary Targets

Most harassment is conducted when the target is in a fixed position within their home  being the most desirable because it is the targets personal space. These tactics are also applied broadly to where a target works, a friends house and so on. Any feeling of intrusion will make the target feel uncomfortable, so perps make it a priority to centre around the targets living area more than any other place.
Perps need to know that the target can hear what is being conducted from the outside and usually go by listening into the microphone on a targets electronic device to see if it is being picked up. Over time a device is tested vigorously to take into account any restrictions such as closed windows or what type of tactics can be used in a given area. This is so they can adapt to different methods of harassment. They could be subtle such as unwanted phone calls through deliberate distribution of the targets telephone numbers, door to door salesmen or anything timed with things that require the target to move out of their position in a given location.
Frequency ranges from low to high are also tested based on studies conducted into sleep deprivation and cognitive impairment.
As well as frequency, volume also plays a part in harassment as well as the source of which it emanates. Perps will always tend to use simple household objects that to someone sensitized will just hear as background noise of a busy area.
In the diagram below is a list of devices and situations commonly used to represent their loudness on a decibel meter.
At the top is a gunshot. In the first stages of harassment, sounds that replicate this sound are used often. A TI who is un-aware to what is happening might face this once thier situation has developed to a point where more subtle harassment used socially has caused enough distress within a target. Then they move straight into the main phases of the programs.
Gunshots or anything that can reproduce this type of volume are enough to cause a shock reaction within the body and mind on almost anyone, if unprepared. Fireworks that are used in annual events such as New Years, Halloween are preferred by Perps. They require the target to be heavily sensitized before the event with either indirect threats or implications so the target becomes isolated. As time goes on each year the target will remember the what happened at a particular time because these loud and extreme harassment were bad enough to trigger the emotions and feelings it produced. Perps will expect this and will increase harassment on previous seasonal events where they have operated before.
Being as the public can gain access to fireworks before events and it is normal to hear them before calendar event, Perps will center around a target as close as possible but if deemed to be arousing suspicion will distance the harassment further should they or other complain to the authorities.
Norms in society allow Perps to make use of timing. To a neighbourhood of people no-one is going to notice a sound they hear often unless it becomes a problem for them too. Either way, those in a neighbourhood will not even consider that someone locally is being targeted. That is how Perps aim to keep their activities secret. Hidden in plain sight.
Once a target has been sensitized Perps analyze how the target has responded to the events. Targets are likely to talk or confide in those they trust. Unknowingly they are being listened into and watched should a camera be present so to learn their mindset and judge what harassment tactics to use and plan for.
Before cameras came into our homes with the advancement of technology, MK Ultra experiments were sometimes overseen by intelligence agencies and conducted in absolute secrecy. During this time, individuals displayed more significant signs of mental illness and most of the technology being used was decades away from reaching the public domain. Targets were subjected to far more extreme levels of harassment in almost any place or situation which could pose as normal situations so to keep the target from making any attempts at acquiring evidence.
Moving down the list in the diagram, Perps move to lower levels of volume and more discrete items over-time such as gardening or building equipment. To those who are sensitized these can sound quite threatening once they feel isolated. It means that the target can eventually misinterpret most sounds to be of some significance to them.

Verbal Harassment

What Perps try to achieve is when a target is in a given location, is to get as close to the target as possible so that what is being said can be heard but not close enough to be heard clearly. Perps tend to use words that sound close to trigger words that the target may experience, ones that have already been sensitized too over a period of time. The trigger word could be something associated to a person (normally a perpetrator know to the target) or a situational word that ties into a past event.
This is so that the harassment can remain indirect and partially coherent. What will happen is that when the target is caught unawares, Perps can use trigger words more clearly, or use one or two words that are suited to the target. Other times the speech will be derogatory aimed at certain areas of the targets life to force a sense of low self esteem and doubt.
These are used briefly so not to be distinguishable within a sentence so to avoid it being recorded by the target to be used as evidence.
Generally, harassment can involve many numbers of tactics using different types of individuals from all walks of life from children to the elderly.
Children used in harassment are considered effective in audible operations due the high pitched nature of their voices. Many who shriek and scream are used often and are taught to act disobedient and childish so verbal abuse can be take focus off of the adult perpetrator(s).
Again verbal harassment is one that can be exploited in many ways. One example is too use a Reformer. People who have reformed from a way of life they used to live, either through the justice system or mental health system, lifestyles which may be intrinsically bad can offer advantages to Perps with the aid to incorporate a social normal that restricts the target from making accusations against them who is deemed to have some sort of problem.
As well as reformers, Perps use abuse victims and other individuals that can play on their own situations in attempt to make the victims situation look easy forcing a sense of guilt. These type of people are used deliberately to force a guilt complex within the target and aim to cause considerable embarrassment.
Generally, persons involved in community based harassment can remain un-noticed to a target for sometime (many years in some cases) and may say hello to each other if they are neighbours or make general conversation in the street. When harassment is turned up, these individuals can be easy to spot because their mood and body language can change dramatically and act vindictively for no apparent reason as if to make the target feel they have done something wrong to them.
However, if Perps they have technology cut off and this persists, then other protocols are introduced. If these do not work then they have to find a way of getting a perps into the targets life to disrupt their resistance. This could be using a perps to gain friendship with the target or to use a Perp selected with the intention to gain love interest. These people are profiled to match the target based on their mental profile, very similar to ones that used on dating websites. However, the matching process is far more in depth and considers many factors need to fulfill objectives.

Targeting with Situational Events

TIs should remember the word Situation because it is what perps use to blend in with society unaware to give the appearance that everyone around them is involved in harassment. This can allow the target to gain some perspective and not to hide in fear.
Everyday sounds are present to all of us. This makes for a great cover should a TI try to explain what they experience to those closest to them. This is also of enormous interest for the psychiatry profession whom can deal with the situation quickly with a number of routes to discredit an individual.
Perps have to find ways of operating around those in the public services to avoid whistle blowers. This is where slandering campaigns and falsification of evidence is used to work a target into the company of perpetrators in a position of authority. This is conducted slowly so to isolate a target within a system.
System manipulation can operate within anything from property markets, drivers licensing, work environment, anywhere where the target can theoretically move about and acquire money to live needs to be “nipped in the bud”. The most important is to distrupt the targets position in society to work and earn money from whatever avenue of life. This includes trying to disrupt internet communications with others online about harassment  or writing about it with the aim to publish it.
All perps need to keep as much distance from wrong-doing as possible so are handed down to operations that require money and loyalty. These tactics are known as handovers. Targets should observe “time wasting” to be an act of Perps interfering with the systems to gain time to perform acts of fraud or what is required to get “dis-creditors” in a position to deal with the target as close as possible.
These individuals can sometimes be assumed to be Perps but are not always. They are chosen because they are individuals who work to order and do not ask questions. This again goes by the principle of sensitization. Perps do not want non-TIs to be sensitized to the bigger picture so will always keep maximum distance and normally conduct activity as an act of favours with those unaware. These people could be informants, criminals or are just merely threaten to do something against their will to handle information incorrectly.


As a targeted individual, Perps can try to take the reigns over the targets moral compass.
What can be noticed is a feeling of unspoken teaching or direction that the target can sometimes assume that the perpetrators are somehow good people. Because harassment is indirect, Perps can be in positions to bend the will of a target into believing things about them that have no grounding in reality.
Examples of people who are head hunted for recruitment are normally people who are considered in society to be morally balanced and with an excellent reputation. They are generally well educated, researched broadly in aspects of psychology, literature, philosophy and sociology. They can also be charismatic, charming and very social. They can also be heavily narcissistic, argumentative and passive aggressive should they feel threaten or inferior to others.
These types of Perps go beyond normal gossip. There are individuals that tend to be in the way to break social links within a targets life. Using a broad social network built up over time, they can call in suitable persons to operate around a target quite easily with no need for any really disclosure or intervention.
These Perps like to psychologically analyze individuals for weaknesses and strengths. In weakened stages, these types of Perps conduct their business with the mirage of providing their services such as offering favours or some kind of provision that might be seen to be making friends or keeping a close contact. The desire of the Perps is none other that to ratify and use the target.
Based on the targets intelligence, Perps in a position of power may avoid contact should the person clock onto the fact that they are being hustled along with plans that of no benefit to them at all.
Perps can then use individuals who can seem un-intelligent to represent the other spectrum of social interaction. Power over a weaker minded individual. Perps calculate that the target may only be able to take so much harassment and abuse until they crack.
After a prolonged period of abuse, where the target may be isolated from friends and family they maybe drawn to a situation where they make new friends in a different place should they change job or the area they live. After a period of isolation the target may start to display a dominion of power over those that appear less intelligent or act and play the fool. It is expected by perps, that after sometime the mind of the target might begin to free up to the point where confidence is restored but with no place to direct the experiences of harassment, so the target will take it out on those who they have enjoyed time with. To those around the target, they may see displays of mild bullying or feel uncomfortable in their presence, whilst coming across arrogant and forcing opinion.
The aspect of the moral compass is one incorporated into perpetrators which serves to integrate into their principles. That’s right Perps have principles, an ideal which can be seen operating in front of a TI who can only stand and watch them influence a group of individuals around them using their personal lives to act as a walking example. Therefore the target can make friends but moral compass and influence can be used to pull down a target with stronger personality within a group of friends. This is normally consider to be part of a stage called progressive social destruction of a target. The target may see it happening right in front of them but will struggle to explain it to others.
The Perps principles are also use to exemplify the targets to others as an aim to recruit more people into their database. It is mostly like a selling point in business and it can be seen actively in modern culture.

Lifting Phases and Moral Compass

Harassment and abuse can last many years and will not relent until objectives are completed.
A target sat in society that holds experience of harassment is a serous liability. The longer they are out in the open then the more threat they impose to their operations.
I had mentioned earlier about reformed individuals. Reformed individuals are people that can become perpetrators. There is all possibility that they were targeted individuals beforehand and have been manipulated into a position where they felt they had no other choice than to comply or have been brainwashed by the principles that Perps claim to have. It depends on the circumstances. Reformed individuals should never be assumed to be bad people and certainly if they were TIs beforehand then they could be valuable allies should the person start to open up about past experiences.
Within CBH philosophy, rather than trying to entrap a target straight away for the purpose of imprisonment and risk a case collapse (because there is normally no wrongdoing, just suspicion) they are placed on to an illegal register that incorporates constant and prolonged illegal surveillance and harassment with the intention to produce more solid charges based on falsified evidence. This can happen at any age and the reasons can be so utterly trivial that the means do not justify the cause. Also, the amount of money used in these operations can amount to absurd amounts that pose serious questions about the way our governments are spending their money rather than providing correctly for communities.
Reasons for targeting can be so trivial, they may simply be individuals who have a personal gripe with a family or family member.
Therefore a target can be put on this register (normally a local council or city hall) for no other reason than for being a bit disrespectful to someone. The most preposterous situations are used to fuel on an harassment network on targets to try and prove points to others blinded from the real life of the target.
Young target could be said to be a problem child or they maybe seen to be a risk in the future. Things that have not happened. The reality is the target is put into a situation where they may have no other choice other than to break the law or bend the rules. Quite ironically for the errors of a TIs ways, many have driven themselves to expose the true nature of these programs because in reality, the target has learned a way of life imposed by perpetrators. Legally this is completely flawed in all aspects, so is a target to blame for their actions or the ones they have had to learn for themselves where correct guidance has be disrupted or cut off. The problem has been created artificially.
This can be compared to deliberately causing a disaster such as a leak on a an oil rig to study how the situation is dealt with knowing full well the implications this means for the surrounding environments and waste of resources.
For a child who is targeted, the community works within the social structure of the child in attempt to manipulate a disordered learning pattern. This can involve isolating the target at certain times of their life or forced out of situations to breed feelings of loneliness.
These induced feelings are what some consider to be recall or short circuit programming which are used to dissolve any suspicion that they are being watched and hide the core programming that they hold.

Device Targeting and AI

As I had mentioned on my twitter feed, Perps rely heavily on the use of the targets technology which has already been compromised. As long as the microphones and cameras of these device are clearly heard and visually accessible, then Perps can always be steps ahead of the target. Take them away and they have nothing to go on at all predictive patterns that have been learned by perps and technologies.
Perps do not want their eyes taken off the target and if they suspect that the target is looking for ways around electronic harassment (invasion of privacy) by covering cameras on their property, or looking to capture their Perps on camera, then they will increase harassment in other ways, normally by using negative language to convince the target that they can still see them. This is normally not the case unless there are hidden cameras in the property or illegal surveillance equipment such as wall scanning technology used in neighbouring or surrounding properties at a distance. Wall scanners are known to struggle in wet weather conditions or if the target is immobile, so Perps rely on the electronic device of the target to know their position in a property.
The premise is simple. Regardless of the camera on the phone, if the harassment can be heard by the electronic device, then they can be almost certain that the target can hear the harassment too. It really is that simple and is a method that has been used for many years before cameras made their way onto modern mobile devices.
This form of harassment is very effective and does not require the need to introduce mind based control weapons. The reason for this is because mind based control weapons are difficult to use and keep hidden from public attention. They are also expensive to run and not just in operation but the money reserved to cover any legal proceedings that should come about.
A person normally tends to have one mobile device. The device that is kept on a target is known as the “Bullseye” and the target is known as the “Minotaur” based on the bull-like creature found in greek mythology which is trapped in a labyrinth. The mobile device is seen to be the “labyrinth” that is used to control the individual through the technology incorporated into it and hold the mind with indirect control, keeping the target in a state of fear and panic and removed emotionally from others.
The problem facing the target is that most people today need their phones to keep in contact with others. Targets may come to learn that Perps rely on technology to communicate so they might see it as a disadvantage if at target part ways with there personal devices to avoid being tracked and harassed.
There are some measures that can be taken to disrupt stalking activities.
The first is very simple, and only requires applying small amount on insulation tape over the camera lenses on the mobile devices which feature them. This removed the eyes of the Perps from close up when you are not paying attention, such as using internet, texting etc all which is monitoring your reactions.
The second is to turn your mobile off when you do not need it, especially when sleeping. Perps use applications on modern devices that monitor your sleep patterns and your patterns when you are awake so to determine your state of mind. Turning off the device can dramatically help with sleep and predicting your behaviors during the day.
The third is to leave your device in a part of your house where Perps can hear themselves but so you can be in another part of the house away from what is being said. This is for times of the day when you may need to use your mobile. If you do not have an area that is away from what is being heard outside then turn the phone off and use earplugs to drown out the sound. Ear plugs can be applied lightly so close conversations can still be heard but ones in the distance can be dulled considerably. This can also help the target to concentrate on their own voice rather than the harassment. Ear plugs can be preferable over headphones as music can also be used as triggers for targets. Certainly if a target can only use one device for listening to music, being that of a device that can be compromised then ear plugs can be used and are inexpensive to acquire.
Other things used to distrupt targets is the useage of notifications which we will look at next.

Interrupting Thought Patterns In A Target.

Where Perps cannot intervene, AI steps into to try and control the thought patterns of a target.
Most of us who use computers receive notifications from either email providers, social media or online shopping networks. A majority of the technology used in marketing is geared towards getting the public to buy things or encourage a sale they maybe thinking of. The same implies to the indirect messaging that can occur within a specific text, email or social media.
The idea is to flood the targets mind with information, so much information that the target can process so much in a given period of time. Because the target is trying to comprehend what is happening to them, the information they look for may point to different avenues that may explain what they are experiencing, such a psychology books, history, human experimentation and so on. Something that they can relate to past and present experience. If a majority of this information is being sourced online, then it will be logged. Depending on the nature of the topic, a chain of algorithms is introduced to adjust the mental state of mind and the actual physical environment through iconing or triggers.
Triggers apply to all of us, so the methods used to control peoples living habits is broad and not just to targets.
For example, a TI looking at articles on “Gangstalking” will be flagged by the internet servers logs and apply “counter-measures” using a sophisticated set of cryption (not encryption) dedicated towards the person. Cryption is a protocol to talk directly to the memory of the user, a language they understand as if they shared it with a friend. In this case it is both machine and Perps who are spying on them.
This Cryption is one directional so making the system used to send it, encrypted and scrambled. The cleverness of this is that the code is scrambled in the users mind where the message just looks innocent.
This is using a way of making use of the selling point of the message. A caption or an order of sentences which can, along with other messages sent to the target can build a picture within the targets mind.
This picture is designed to create a pattern within the mind of the target which can cause a prompt or outcome. A yes or no response. The target may not decide to chose one way or another which would become a “possibility” therefore which could be used at a later point.
In order for this to take affect, the target has to have their attention drawn to the source code via a prompt. Notifications on mobiles are one way mind control operates to break thought patterns through delivering a sound or vibrate to the user, so to alter them. The key is that the notification makes the user curious and is drawn to their device to read what has been sent. This is where the user develops and impulse to repeat this action.
This is where sensitizing can get extremely weird to the point where impulses can develop a physical reaction with in the user.
Remember, whenever a person gets a notification, they need to move. In a given place the movements may make a pattern. It will take into account how far a person moves in their room to attend to the prompt. These actions can become repetitive or ingrained into memory map of the person.
This is like learning to type. All keyboards use a standard QWERTY system. Take those keys out and put them in a different order and the efficiency to type a sentence becomes far slower as a new pattern has to be learned. Really, the user has to learn how to type all over again. If the act of changing the method a person uses to communicate persists this can drive a whole host of psychological responses. The first one being that the user who could write fast and efficiently is now writing much slower. But instead of getting better at the new system, the system has changed again and again to where the tasks at hand are not worth conducting anymore.
This technology is so sophisticated that modern tech can predict very complex things, such as how much energy you are using up, just on picking up your phone alone, just as much as going about your day.
So person who doesn’t use a phone for example will not be drawn to the interrupts and will have more time “free” to them to think clearly if not more “free-will” than a person who does. They have order and control, not distractions. However, because of the wealth of information held on the internet, they may be more uninformed. This might mean that a portion of people might feel disconnected from news and information. This is where reliance can utilize disinformation quite effectively.
All of us have a way to turn off notifications on the programs we use, but many companies find ways around to readjust they’re own security measures to try and send their customers messages. This is obvious to us all. But it is the same interrupt that causes the user to waste time or do something they wouldn’t normally do without a prompt.
A lot of these principles apply to stalking harassment. In fact they use a lot of the prompting methods that are used to notify a smart phone user. In previous years, Perps tended to use text messaging or business calls to interrupt targets and non-targets alike.
It is attention to detail on a targets life just like the interests of business used to sell things. Business want money, stalkers want information and reactions. Both are one and the same. They are the same enterprise.
Perps know that the more they more about a target, then the more they are likely to respond to whatever harassment that is being used. This acts like the prompt, a curiosity that is fueled by the target wishing to know what is being said about them and how this information was obtained.
The prompt might get the target to speak but what is said needs to be caught in a net. This is where the device is used to catch the fish and sell it back to you.
What psychologists have learned from these methods is that to the unassuming person, prompted talk without the need for intervention was observed to be of enormous interest to many fields of science. From simple prompts, a person could reveal things about themselves indirectly. If prompted enough, it was observed in people to become paranoid depending on how severe the nature of the prompts were.
For example, being accused of doing something through a prompt. If the prompt is repeated over and over again, and the target is not allowed to get away from it, this distress may turn into a confession. This is where the target may think, that if they come forward, the prompting will stop.
This is what happens in community based harassment/stalking operations. Therefore the counter measure is to limit as many prompts that are being directed at you as possible which are not coming from people and from technology.
For technology that is not in your control such as friends or colleagues, then it is best to ignore any kind of indirect language coming through an environment being adjusted by AI.
Environments that are being adjusted by AI is where coincidences and mind control get extremely weird and complex because the control it has over others is so severe that to really understand it involves having to comprehend to involvment of mass supercomputers dealing with billions of complex situations every second. This is so complicated that it can make normal people look like they know something about you that they don’t. It is just through prompting, or generating a picture in peoples heads, they might start to talk about things that a target assumes to be about them.
The key to eliminating this fallacy, certainly if you are TI is to prompt back through the technology being used to harass them.









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