Community Based Harassment: Targeted Individuals and the Legal System

Harassment operations have been in use for sometime and are still trying to find ways of incorporating it into the system legally. Many people today have heard about MK Ultra victims but what is not know is that the targets have been used and manipulated as a means to change laws artificially and not with good reason. Most are isolated from a young age and have already been slandered or placed in false light unknowingly against the community. Therefore these victims have been at greater risk of being mislead or have been put in positions where Perps have tried to make the target commit crimes.

The problem Perps have is that they have broken many rules, so many that over the years target may not be clear of their rights or may fear they have none.

Everything a target throws back at stalkers maybe met with replies that state the target is a hypocrite, or a liar. The list is endless. It is only done to make the target feel powerless.

This is not the case and TIs should not be afraid of using the law when necessary. There have been cases of recent years where certain individuals have been placed on illegal registers without their knowledge and have won based on defamation of character and lack of evidence, most of which was acquired illegally.

Therefore, a TI victim should look to protect themselves within the confines of the law and not to exploit it. Organized harassment relies heavily on the target making mistakes and how well they respond to what is being done. Therefore, it is important just to be yourself and not allow others to take advantage of you, your family and your personal life. It is also important to look after your mental health no matter how difficult things can get. Make sure you eat and drink the best you can. Make it a priority. The stress targets can be under is immense, so make provisions. Otherwise the more your mental health suffers, the more you will be put at risk at being perceived as a person who is harassing others with no reasons and can be judged to be delusional.

Targets who have tried to take their own lives or have succeeded may feel they have nowhere to turn through isolation. They may feel that perhaps they have done wrong or something bad that might warrant imprisonment.

The problem with this is that regardless of anything, stalkers or harassment groups do not speak out to the public. They do not give reasons nor provide any kind of justification for what they do…at all. The hide in numbers, trying to protect something which seems very much like a secret society. Regardless, this hidden order run under the hand of fear is a contradiction to the “chaos” they claim to be challenging.

The other problem is that regardless of what moral principles they claim to have a lot of what they do goes un-questioned and un-answered. Therefore, they take advantage to cover up mistakes as a means to justify what they do.

In a lot of these cases they have succeeded where it was not necessary and is a TIs who have taken their lives needlessly is a sad and unjustified loss of life. This tends to come about where the target believed they had no other options where it was not the case.

Lastly, perpetrators have absolutely no rights to determine what is right or wrong nor make judgement about what a target is or not. Surveillance or no surveillance. Targets are manipulated with the intent to be silenced indefinitely because it is to attempt to hide what they do, not to make the world better. If this was the case, then they would come out and state why!

Therefore a target should not assume that any events they have been involved in are real and hold the possibility that they have been orchestrated with the intent to discredit.

Balancing this with reality is the most difficult part. But if you can function and gain control of your mind alone, then the knowledge you learn from what you experience might be able to help others.


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