Countering Harassment: Making Use of Indirect Speech.


Perhaps the most effective counter measure to dealing with stalkers is learning a few tricks and sending it back at them.

Indirect harassment is designed around the act of saying something without saying it so it restricts them from replying or to assume what is being said. This is based on that in most conversation, we reveal things about ourselves when talking, a lot of the time we don’t realize we are doing it. Perps however use it so often that it defines their personality where it has been a fully conscious way of communicating.

Many can assume it to be psychosis or finding meaning in anything, but when a perp has hold of a targets personal information and is listening into you camera or not, being indirect can become situational and can hide in plain sight. It can also become so personal that Perps will attempt to impersonate things a targets does, says to other or copy what they are doing. This is where the target can be forced to become angry and lose their temper because the impulse to react cannot be directed appropriately.

This is effective in Perp harassment online.

Currently on my Twitter account there are coincidences that haven’t gone unnoticed as well as the subject matters. A TI should study hard at certain Perps who are trying to mirror information you are writing on personal devices to cause panic in a target. Such as the bulk of this article, while being written, key phrases that have appeared elsewhere online and out in public. Distributing key words from all areas to conceal the source of data theft and cause confusion.

This is normally a clear indication that you information is being taken from your computer illegally and that the Perps involved has been assigned to oversee and discredit an individual. Never react to a person who accuses you of being something you are not online unless you are fully prepared to take the argument back to them.

In day to day events, talking indirectly at a stalker means that it can reveal a perpetrator if they are caught unprepared. Remember, perps and stalkers are sensitized to you but all in differents ways.

Perps who watch and monitor a target will have seen them in all sorts of circumstances. Therefore they will be triggered to your reactions. Dropping a comment about nudity is an example of getting a reaction from a Perp because it is one clear way of making them embarrassed to the nature of what they do. It is a form of indirect exposure that forces the mind to reveal a weakness where it would have otherwise have been considered to be hidden from view. A complete reversal of what is being done to the target. This also means that targets do not require the need to spy on their Perps, and a target can extract things form Perps they may not be aware of just as much as what is being extracted from them.

There are a few drawbacks to indirect speech. Focusing on alternative ways to get a message across can be a difficult on to incorporate into everyday events. Sometimes you may not always be able to do so. Being discrete can be difficult but using language and some hand signs can be enough to get a reaction. This may sound childish but it is effective.

However, after it is practiced perps make the mistake of misreading indirect speech you performed indirectly for visual signs or words you are not thinking about. From a cognitive point of view, stalkers can reveal themselves to you without even having to look for it as they have been sensitized to your own triggers. Over time a target can feel more empowered and in control.


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