Flood Gates Open.

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Almost 5 months. During that time much has happened, a move and new home. In amongst it, two blogs that have not been completed which were due to be published in August.

Up until July, I had worked hard to try and get as much info down as possible using Twitter and WordPress. I had done far more than what I had expected and realised there was a lot of information that I brought to people that was not known about.

Having taken sometime to reflect and look apon other peoples accounts of harassment and mind based tech weapons, it is nice to know I am not alone. That is not to say that this should be happening but during a mobile device psychological attack in 2012, I can see now that there are others coming forward that are reporting experiences very much like what happened to me.

The line “It’s difficult to explain.” I quote from one you tuber is one I use often when I try to introduce others to this world that is hidden in plain sight. Sometimes, it feels like Im Morpheus trying to help someone out of the Matrix.

From around 2009 onwards, Android phones took mind control to the next level. That is when shit got serious. Everyone slowly started carrying around a pocket PC, one that was listening, watching and psychologically profiling every single person who owned one.

Make no mistake, this collosal AI machine wherever it is, is being used globally and in is full operation.

As some of my TI friends are aware, I stated my targeting occured for 30+ years. Now, I am seeing targets coming forward on the internet stating that they also have had experiences of community based harassment that dates way back to the early 90’s. This does not shock nor surprise me, I was expecting it. I expect accounts to go further back with more individuals coming forward.

What the public will begin to realise over time, that there have been a number of complex operations that have gone un-noticed right under our noses. It was an operation that many understand to be like how the Stasi operated in East Germany. There is no difference. Many areas of the world underwent the same survellience. The East German Stasi was merely a cover.

The older ways of survellience required some pretty serious counter-intelligence to keep these operations quiet. This is why people are being to come forward about it because they can see the trends of the past, present in the now.

It is highly likely, that many individuals may have got entered onto a survellience program because they either saw or were suspected of knowing something they shouldn’t have about illegal spying.

What we have to remember is that before AI was introduced into society, these machines had to be tested vigourously. What is possible, is that certain individuals that had been targeted for experiments had to be kept safe, sometimes under high police protection for the purpose of exactly what was intended for the future. Individuals were being tested for the big inventions of the future.

What is even more frightening, is that targets may have been put into senarios where major crimes have been commited by intelligence services. Those being not of entrapment operations but encouraging criminality in those identified to be suitable.

What we have are individuals who have law enforcement and other protections placed on them, so that secret operations could oversee and control situations around them. Friends, family or whoever was around them could be told anything or bribed quite easily as none of tech was even available at the time to even question what it was about. Everyone else was distracted and oblivious but not those who were part of community survellience.

From the 50’s onwards, Alan Turins computer got put to the test on the world and that is the way things have been ever since. Your communities have individuals who have had access to your information, seen, heard and observed you from the most mundane to the most intimate of situations, even the most horrific, where they have just let it happen!

How could that be true?

Defined bounderies of scientific experiment! Observers that cannot interfere with what is supposed to happen naturally. That is unless that illusion is broken.

That is what a lot of TIs are. Many were not intended for experiment. Others are actual MK victims.

What we have today is the flood gates of these experiments coming to light as I am seeing more or these stories coming into the publics attention. People from all walks of life.




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