Occult and Gangstalking Series Part 2


Occult involvement in Gang stalking

There are many targeted individuals whom report a kind of Occult nature to the stalking harassment they experience. Gang stalking would not be able to function to the extent that it does without technology. Yet gang stalking is only a modern term for something that has been used broadly in many cultures. It was a practice used often in the Occult for the purpose to follow, observe and if necessary, harass those that were either a threat, untrustworthy or were listed to be enveloped into their collective. Many of these tactics used deceptive techniques that have been borrowed and incorporated into not only modern cults but the military and is why many nations have taken interest in Occult and Esoteric doctrines.

Before the resurgent Wiccan movement in the early 40’s-50’s much of the Occult was confined to orders of individuals that practised majick in secret. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is one example, for which the famed black Magician Aleister Crowley once once part of operated before the 20th century. Crowley whom was connected to other cults around that period went on to build his own cult, the cult of Thelema which even after death manages to attract many followers around the world.

Today although still rather Taboo, Witchcraft is more accepted in society. The problem is that Witchcraft is often painted in false light and can blur the picture of what the Occult actually is. In the context of crime, considering that Gang stalking exists in the way it does, the connection to witchcraft isn’t something to be dismissed but also not thought of in the way of crime we understand it. It is something more of an unseen manipulation of a few or many individuals at one time.

Occult Ritual

Ritual and practice are the parts of the Occult that are rarely seen but a common perception is one that involves nudity, the use of symbolism and in the most extreme, acts of sacrifice.

Unless you are in a coven or religious cult, then scripture can largely seem like complete nonsense as well as ceremony. The point many miss is that Occult knowledge is hidden. The untrained eye is not meant nor allowed to be seen unless that person is chosen or has the ability to do so. It is what can be shown is what most cults strive to protect the most. Certainly in Cults with rich history, many if not all of the rites and rituals are considered highly sacred.

As far as nudity is concerned, many experts who write about witchcraft state that it is the act of nudity where we feel the most vulnerable, therefore it generates energy and emotional feeling which in some practices trains a magician to gain mental control over the awareness of their vulnerability. But nudity is not a requirement in all witchcraft.

In contrast to gang stalking, the Occult can introduce other aspects than to illuminate and that is the knowledge to control others with the deeper fear of the unknown. What this can allow perpetrators to achieve is an illusion around a targeted person. However, what the Occult take interest in more than anything is what kind of effect the illusions take upon the target. That is something which modern gang stalking incorporates on its targets. In fact, the observing of targets sometimes brings about the requirement to re-enact situations amongst those within a cult, using members as subjects. The purpose of this is to test the strength of the techniques. Those that are powerful enough to have effect on one of their own are considered to be immensely powerful and are therefore found to be useful in application to targets.

Ritual Stalking

Have you ever played a prank on someone where afterwards, everyone laughed at how he/she thought that something was happening or was going to happen? This is what a lot of gang stalking involves accept there is no lifting of veil of what is really going on. Subsequently the effects of harassment upon the subject is studied and used on others. This is a trait seen in some areas of the Occult and also in scientific study.

 In the case of gang stalking, it is a liberty that is being abused.

So does this mean that there are higher forces at work upon victims of gang stalking?

The answer to that is dependant on your point of view as to how you perceive technology against those whom draw upon the forces of nature to influence good or bad. Certainly, many do not consider the latter to be of much significance today, yet there are those who practice it.

The argument is, that the human creation of computer technology is no different to that of animals in the natural world whom utilize their environments to survive. Therefore many will argue that computer technology is the utilization of the complex mathematical construct that is all around us. Contrary to this, many argue that technology is not natural and this argument sometimes comes down to a persons religious beliefs where their scripture warns against the control of machines.

From a personal standpoint I understand modern gang stalking to incorporate many Occult traits. What targets should be aware of is that a lot of what they can witness can be deceiving in that the use of technology, harassment and control by fear can make it easy to convince anyone into thinking there are higher forces at work. That in itself is enough to state that the actions of gang stalkers are like that of the Occult.

Referring to part one of this article, I quote aspects of Gerald Gardner’s Witchcraft today which note the art of witchcraft involved the abilities of conditioning the mind of a person to work to subconscious commands. In the case of cause and effect, hypnosis can be powerful enough to make someone do things they would not normally do, even to the point they could be completely under control day in and out. This almost sounds like artificial intelligence. An organic being under the complete control of instructions that they are not aware of.

I perceive a lot of the time, that TIs are persons who are not receptive to social conditioning and are subseqentially targeted as a result. Other times I see TIs are persons who have woken up at some point of their lives to see that much of what we perceive is the truth to actually be an illusion. Many others like myself were chosen deliberately.

Ritual Abuse Traits in Gang stalking

“Targets are harassed, discredited, bullied at work and socially, slandered by perpetrators so their victims will eventually become isolated to the point they want to take their own lives. Perpetrators of this crime use as many resources to ensure the crime is kept at distance, indirect and aim to do so leaving minimal evidence.”

The sentence above is a generalized quote by victims of gang stalking. This in itself is a good description of what Ritual Occult Abuse involves.

Paranoid schizophrenia is a mental illness seen often in individuals who have suffered under R.O.A along with other physical illnesses that might at first seem unrelated. In gang stalking, symptoms of ROA are also claimed often yet many state that they are labelled mentally ill and that physical problems are related to unseen weapons being used on them.


For the record, there are technologies that are in existence that can be used on others to hurt and abuse them out of sight from the target. However, in regards to the occult, there are methods of psychological control that can act upon the body to induce illnesses.

The first and most obvious is stress which can ultimately lead to anxiety, depression and towards further worsening of general mental and physical well-being.

Schizophrenia, paranoia, Bi-polar disorder can be resulting states of this ritual abuse or psychological torture.

Above all else, there are rare accounts found by those claiming to be gang stalkers whom declare that a majority of what they do as part of their job is to induce synthetic mental illness upon their targets.

If we were to look at this critically, the knowledge of human function studied extensively over many years could well indicate that the programs used on targeted individuals are far more calculating.

Such is the method of sensitization, the most common tactic noted in gang stalking used for the propose of drawing attention away from what a target is going about their business.
Sensitization is perhaps one of the most commonly reported experience in gang stalking. The classic “red car” scenario. The red car scenario is in fact a mental state known in psychology under a different description and this is of awareness.

We can look at this as a way that we become to notice something that has been present around, yet we do not notice it at the time until, either through choice or introduction from a friend or through reading literature we eventually come to notice it.

Perhaps we can see that is not an uncommon trait. Sensitization is used often in advertising to gain our attention.

Advertising has been thoroughly researched even before television came into our lives and is something that is known to provoke emotions within us. Those emotions can take hold of us and can effectively use up our energy. If this stimulus is continued for long enough, it can become an unwanted trigger which is what most gang stalkers use to program their targets.

Comfort Zone

In the Occult, these emotions can be manipulated further than mere TV advertising. That is way gang stalking incorporates the two together and is why I see the two are very closely linked. The other aspect that sensitization involves is not only that of fear but is that of when the target is sought to be manipulated. That is when the target is within their comfort zone.

In confined Occult practice (comparable to the stalkers) participants can be exposed to situations where the ritual can involve acts that can provoke strong emotions such witnessing others perform encouraging acts such as bullying, group sex, violence and so on. This can eventually lead to more extreme events such as torture, sexual abuse and murder. Amongst a collective, someone introduced to a cult might feel protected or above the normal rules of society especially if they are getting away with it. Dependant on the individual, these acts can be portrayed as tests that cult initiates must aspire to prove worth and loyalty. In these comfort zones becomes the fear of what they have done and mental bounds cult members with unspoken honour. This is why many cults try to appear on the outside as a force for good and the actions within them are very much hidden from sight.

Many understand this as the act of those involved in brainwashing. When we take this to the level where entire nations of people are brainwashed then this is where some form of control greater than the intentions of the few become far greater. Now this might seem apparent to the many today as there are many factors of society that have a direct impact on our train of thought where before the term brainwashing might have been reserved only to the actions of the Occult and not larger religions.

Now it is technology that is being often criticised for its ability to have influence over life events. The scapegoat used often is that of computer hacking but primary script codes used in modern social websites and advertising are meant to gauge control over their consumers. With the help of audio, visual extraction and psychological programming algorithms, it is not hard for most modern technology to gauge and predict what people like or dislike to give an idea for a sales pitch. What many do not realise is that hackers can take these source codes and modify them for other purposes. This makes for a complicated situation. It means that hackers are capable of influencing isolated targets to some degree should the target take the bate of false information.

Whatever the point of view, it is undeniable that technology is a vastly powerful influence on the world around us yet the Occult however is still an area that is shrouded with obscurity. To notice something that can be only described as Occult involvement or influence is a pretty difficult thing to connect to gang stalking but that is only because it is something not broadly talked about in modern society and comes under a religious stigma. The words Occult or Esoteric are to describe hidden knowledge that can not be perceived easily by the naked eye. It involves practice and utilization of the senses, things which many of us do not partake in today because it is broadly considered to be of no use to us. However, the ability to tap into our minds eye is one that society has forgotten. It is ignored and not taught how to be utilised by our education systems.

When you look at things this way you may be able to understand better as to why there is an Occult presence which is incorrectly perceived as Witchcraft, Black Magic and so on. That is not to dismiss any of it lightly.

Geometry and the Occult.

Christianity labels most things Occult as “Satanic” where the truth of the matter is that Christianity is full of hidden knowledge and is found all over the world in its Churches, Cathedrals, Chapels and so on, just as much as the bible. Most religious around the world have some form of hidden knowledge. One example of hidden knowledge might be obvious, and that is within Sacred Geometry.

When you are dealing with modern technology, you are dealing with mathematics. With mathematics you are also dealing with shape and space, Geometry because everything in the material world can be broken down into number. In fact, the material world is what gave rise to our understanding of number in the first place. Therefore from the basics of mathematics, computers have moved forward to combine the sciences where currently, Scientists have moved to new levels of understanding using quantum physics to manipulate the material natural world of biology.

The Flower of Life and the Seed of Life are two patterns that are found world wide within the halls of certain religious buildings, ancient ruins and so on. These two patterns can be drawn by literally anyone who has a pencil, compass and a piece of paper.

As well as all the other complex shapes, humans have the ability to draw any of these shapes using circles as constructs. With the use of computers, vastly complex shapes have been been utilized with the power of algorithms to represent the real world in the form of video graphics. In terms of AI, the processors found in graphics cards are above all some of the most power in the world and are instead of standard processors were the main chips used to crunch enormous amounts of complex data in super computers.

However, to pigeon hole all Ritual Abuse under one roof would be wrong. After all if we were to look at other religious or pagan groups, many do not share the same views on the way that our universe works against what modern science states it to be. Nonetheless, science and religion are deeply combined and this is where many targets talk about spiritual attacks.

Chaos majick and Sigils

Today there are are areas of the Occult which are focused on the worship of technology. One particular Cult or area of Esoteric thought is that of Chaos magic. There are also other cults that are based on or are focused around modern cultural topics ranging from books, TV shows to video games.

Chaos Magic defined is simply the practice of manifesting thoughts into ideas that are willed on to take root into the physical world. The types of practice in Chaos magic are fairly obvious as many whom practise it utilize their magic symbolism within written works ranging from books, comics and literally any media that can be viewed by many. However, what cannot be seen is the outcome the magician wishes his work to bring about.

Sigils are what are typically understood to be a visual spell that can be drawn or incorporated in the living space around us. This can range from drawing imaginary lines around or about the magician or using points of reference such as circles of protection. For whatever purpose required, Sigils can be drawn on paper or anywhere of choice depending on the specific rites of the magicians practice.

Comparatively to sensitization, Chaos magic is something which could be considered to be broadly advertised compared to other cults that choose a more reserved approach away from the prying eyes of cameras and microphones. In fact, that aspect would be more reserved for their own eyes and ears.

Much for its namesake, Chaos majick can be considered to be a far more unstable and unpredictable in comparison. Chaos magicians are quite happy to let lose their creative works upon the masses. This is where in Chaos majick, Sigils can be used in anything from  a logo to the plot of an entire set of books. Normally in the Occult world, majick spells are conducted to a set of rules because it is understood that the actions of sigil majick can not always work according to plan into favour of the magician and therefore suitable protection is often practised. In chaos majick, a spell that does not take root undergoes a process of banishment much like other spells performed in the occult in order to end the actions of a spell that could potentially become a curse. However, the banishment in Chaos majick as well as the spells are not treated with as much seriousness and are therefore more relaxed in practice. In fact, Chaos magicians are encouraged to laugh when something does not transpire based on the principle that laughter requires no thought but merely the projection of energy.

What is the purpose of this? Typically, it can be for any purpose. If we look at a classic example of witchcraft such as a curse to bring ill will to someone, then those actions could  manifested themselves into the real world through the creative works of a magician.

This many sound bizarre but that is effectively what many Chaos magicians believe and implement into their work. And it doesn’t stop at books, comics, music and the like. It is very much active in computer programming in the form of Chaos mathematics, a deeply studied form of number.

Chaos as we know from modern science cannot be without order and vice versa. They are one and the same. Chaos majick is no exception. For it to work, Chaos must be worked into the ordered to bring an element of control to the magician to form their own order. Some may consider this to be enlightenment or lifting the veil to something they were not aware of before. This is again like sensitization yet it is the magician that is extracting detail from the physical realm. To say if this is good or bad is to compare it to the practice of other realms of the Occult. Some would emphasize that a lack of respect and underestimation of the forces of nature could be ones undoing or for the many.

The Occult is an area of knowledge that is often rejected by the Science world as nonsense along with religion. However, the point of a lot of hidden knowledge was to hide or encode important information rather than to act as direct instruction.

Either way, chaos majick is very much active within the world of technology and the manifestations of its followers are trying to use its influence in many ways that you many not think possible.

In comparison to gang stalking, the acts undertaken by handlers and perpetrators do possess very similar characteristics to Chaos majick regardless of if the persons involved are members of the Occult or not. The fact is, those who participate in Gang stalking are using methods that are used by certain fractions of the Occult.

Perhaps where things get confused is that the people who are responsible for a majority of organised harassment and surveillance take instruction from a system that they do not understand. What it might be, is that the targeted individuals themselves can see the patterns around them that are not natural to the normal laws of nature but are in fact ones that many of us can pick up on and not targets alone.

What is also apparent is that with modern surveillance laws taking control, the actual laws we once had now seem lost where right and wrong have become lost.

If there is anything that this can tell us, is that we as people have perceptions to detect things, changes in our environment that our senses do not normally reveal to us. Yet because the changes are extreme in comparison to the laws of nature we do notice it. The influence of AI is so dramatic, that it makes no difference if a child born into the world today, that person would still be able to sense an artificial influence on our environment.

Indigo Children and The Chakras

Some may have heard of the term Indigo Children. This is a name that was coined to describe children born between the 70s and 90s who seemed to possess a form of extra sensory perception or qualities that were much different for other children.

If we take into account that a majority of computer advancements were made before computer technology was introduced into the general public, children born during this era could have been those who possessed hyper-senses. There is nothing particular special about this. It is merely the senses many of us have passed down genetically, ones that keep us in tune with the worlds natural rhythms which were there generation after generation. As we all come from different backgrounds our ancestors would have all taken different paths but natural life cycles would have still integrated to social rhythms and practices. Repeated over centuries the actions an rhythms can become encoded into our DNA. Some could perceive this as a reincarnation of our former ancestors but it could be more of a case that from blood to blood, our history is buried deep in our veins.

Indigo children might simply be those that happened to end up in a position where they began to question and wonder very early on. It is also possible that from this early stage, these traits may have been identified by those involved in projects such as MK Ultra. Therefore, it is likely that most MK Ultras were classified Indigos in attempt to find a way to deal with these traits in a secure way.

Perhaps as the orders of control developing after the second world war were seen as one of peace and security and indigos were seen to be as threats to the new projects being undertaken by the western governments.

The colour indigo is associated with the highest vibrational frequency of the human consciousness and one found within the Chakras of the body. The Mind.

Third Eye

The Minds Eye or the Third Eye is said to be associated with that of the Pineal Gland which is located at the very tip of the spine entering the centre of the brain. This gland is around the size of a nut shaped very much like a closed pine cone. In terms of human chemistry, the pineal gland deals with some of the strongest hormonal elements the body can produce. One of the most important is the one that regulates sleep which in turn is what allows us to go in-between the stages of consciousness.

Mystics maintain the awakening the Third Eye as one of the most important levels of consciousness that a person can obtain. This level of consciousness is usual obtained through development of the lower Chakras from Red (the lower body) through the spectrum to Indigo, the head and mind.

Much like our eyes we view the world with, the pineal gland can open and close in the sense that we can achieve another levels of dimensional perception. Therefore, the Third Eye is known to be a part of the brain that associates with our spiritual being and it is a gland that can sometimes open and close without warning. This can be due to many factors to in length to mention here.

Because over the many centuries humanity has become less in touch with their spirituality, modern systems do not teach society how important this gland is. In fact, the more the pineal gland is kept closed, the more in control a ruling power can be.

The act of brainwashing can involve the direct violation of the pineal gland. When LSD was discovered in the early 20th Century, it later became to be used by the CIA in MK Ultra experiments.

Most human mind programming involved using LSD and other synthetic drugs produced with the intent to awaken or prize-open the pineal gland without the consent of the subject. That is perhaps the whole point. Most persons do not know how to use the pineal gland nor know that it can be opened by themselves. Most of all, many do not know how powerful and empowering it is. Therefore, the effects of LSD introduced to someone un-wittingly made it almost undetectable.

In psychiatric wards, LSD could be administered very easily under the perception of other medicine. Thus the effects of sedation could be turned into those of anger, frustration and fear based on how the drugs took hold of the psychological state. So ones of happiness and elation might also be felt. It is for this reason that anti-psychotics are often used to combat the effects of LSD and other psychotropic drugs. The action can cause the third eye to close and also force the mind into a semi-conscious state. Effectively, this is a form of forced hypnotism through the use of chemicals and is portrayed in films such as A Clockwork Orange.

Certainly so the opposite effect to permanently close the pineal gland was researched extensively. That process involved the use of fluoride which could over time calcify the gland. The pineal gland mostly contains water. When fluoride is ingested in high amounts, the lack of excretion can cause fluoride to deposit into the vital organs. Calcification causes the pineal gland to harden. This is why it is though that fluoride is present in many water supplies over the world with the purpose to spiritually disconnect large populations.

Perhaps my readers can begin to see some connections as to why the Occult does have some significant presence amongst targeted individuals. Some maybe curious as to wither this has connections to what is know as voice to skull technologies. Perhaps, but what is clear in religion, the occult and technology is that geometry interconnects them all. The fundamental construct of AI is that of Geometry. Without it, AI would not function on modern day computers. That said, its influence on life does not need a visual presence because it can appear in frequencies of sound and forms of light, some of which that cannot be heard, nor seen by our eyes or ears.

The importance of the pineal gland is exactly that, that it is the eye that transcends our basic senses and is why it is highly important to all of us that it is protected as well as our general health. For the purpose of making my readers aware of spiritual attacks, technology is being used to operate on frequencies that attempt to  open and close the pineal gland along with the other physical frequencies of the body.

If activated correctly, the pineal gland can produce very powerful emotional and outbody experiences similar to that of LSD. Along with the interaction of AI technology, our minds are open to manipulation and possibly almost complete control over our lives.

Yet, we still have the ability to gain control if we understand ourselves better.

In fact, aspects such a good diet, sleep, meditation and thoughtfulness are some of many aspects that that are attempted to be shutdown by others using sensitization techniques. Therefore there are aspects of the Occult that are part of all life that can be used for good or ill.


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