The Occult and Gang stalking Series. Part 1

The occult (from the Latin word occultus “clandestine, hidden, secret”) is “knowledge of the hidden”. In common English usage, occult refers to “knowledge of the paranormal”, as opposed to “knowledge of the measurable”, usually referred to as science.
Western esotericism, also called esotericism and esoterism, is a scholarly term for a wide range of loosely related unconventional ideas and movements which have developed within Western society. They are largely distinct from both orthodox Judeo-Christian religion and Enlightenment rationalism.

The Occult Today

With the age of the internet, information on the Occult is not particularly difficult to find within message board forums and websites dedicated to the subject. Yet it is still clouded by obscurity simply because it is not something the general public fully understand. The internet also, despite its broad knowledge base does not provide everything we should be aware about the Occult. Occult doctrine is complex and often obscurely written unless it is explained by those who understand it. Also, proper Occult literature is not something easily acquired from local book shops and due to recent restrictions on file sharing, information on the occult which was once easily obtainable on the internet is now only available on the dark net through the use of Tor.

Is the Occult Satanic?

The Occult is most often assumed to be Satanic but this is a misconception. Satanism is a relatively new religion founded by Anton LaVey in the early 50’s, known as the Church of Satan with its principle church located in San Francisco. Its doctrine is primarily Anti-Christian which takes a atheist standpoint. Within the atheistic standpoint, the book The Satanic Bible written by LaVey incorporates Ritual Magic and spells into its further teachings. Considering Atheists are non-religious, doesn’t even the premise of Ritual Magic seem hypocritical?
Aleister Crowley, an Occultist and Black magician whom founded the religion of Thelema in the early 20th Century is also another person who was considered to be a Satanist. However, this is something heavily debated in Occult circles. It is again considered to be a branch of Atheism which isn’t that great for actual atheists who hold no subscription to religion at all. Certainly from a Christian point of view almost everything atheist could be considered to be Satanic.
This is where the Occult becomes confusing for many. Therefore, SRA or Satanic Ritual Abuse is very much misconstrued and should be understood to be just Ritual Abuse.
Black majick is also another term that is misunderstood. Black majick is merely the abuse of Occult law. Therefore Occult knowledge is referred to as majick. What one chooses to do with it defines its merit as good or bad. Religions and cults will always take one side over the other but it is generally cults to be assumed to be those connected with Black majick. This is not true.
Ritual abuse is a deeply disturbing subject and there are many who have suffered under it. Ritual abuse is exceptionally difficult to prove, even by todays standards where almost everything is being surveyed. Ritual abuse also does not have to incorporate things of a physical or sexual nature but the two can used against others in different ways. It is normally a prime motivator in dealing with others whom stand against those whom suspect know of their commitments to Black Majick practices or practices that are at threat of being exposed.


The Occult is also very often referred to as Witchcraft, a name flooded with misconceptions. Witchcraft Today, a book written in the 1950’s by Gerald Gardner gives details of an order of witches that are still in existence despite the persecutions undertaken by Christians over the ages. This order is considered to date back to the stone age and preserves the knowledge and practice passed down through thousands of years. The book details much information that aims to debunk many of the myths and sheds light on what the true religion is and how far back it goes. What is interesting about the book considering the time it was written, is that there are aspects to Witchcraft that are strangely similar to some accounts of Ritual Abuse and the presence of Gang stalking. Those aspects refer to mental conditioning or Brainwashing.
To quote Gardner:
Many people ask me how I can believe in magic. If I explain what I believe magic to be, I go a long way towards an answer. My view is that it is simply the use of some abnormal faculty. It is a
recognised fact that such faculties exist. So-called calculating boys are famous, and very many people have the faculty under hypnotic control to calculate time most accurately. While asleep they are ordered to do something at, say, the end of a million seconds; they will know nothing of this order in their normal state, but their inner consciousness calculates it and at the end of
the millionth second they obey the order without knowing why.
Try to calculate a million seconds in your waking state, and say when it is up, without a watch, and you will see what I mean.”
It is the abnormal facilities that we are all in possession of that are sought to be possessed by those whom wish to exploit it. It is why I tell many of my fellow TI’s to be wary of not just perpetrators but of technology. It is technology that has made this rise of control far easier to permeate the walls of our homes and into our minds. Hypnotism is the operative word!
However, here is a contradiction and one that can disrupt ones thinking towards that of order. Without Chaos we cannot have order. The world we live in today is arguably chaotic yet AI is hailed to be something that is to give rise to an order that is to be beneficial to us all. That is an assumed statement based on what we are told. Yet, AI is criticised heavily for taking from us things that in the ordered world we once knew into what many now describe as Chaos.
TIs can certainly grow strong enough to deal with psychological attacks but must understand that their own will is the strongest weapon they have. The will in themselves can also utilize powers within themselves to defend against something that is set against them. However, this does not require a person to delve deep into the world of the Occult but making oneself familiar with it can be of great help in understanding its correlation with the following subject.

AI and the Occult

The subject of the Occult is finding it’s way in many modern fictions found in most creative media. It is centred around many fantasy films which are bridging parallels to Science. However, in the media today, the schools of scientific thought tend to be against the premise of religion where many modern atheists and scientists take the view that in terms of a divine being or beings, there is no such thing. Yet, this seems riddled with contradictions.
The artificial intelligence today which runs our modern systems is harboured behind closed doors to the point where many of us have no idea where it is located, what it is doing or what impact it is having on the world. Yet the media does give major hints to what AI is capable of. It is where many are starting to push their minds to perceive what these machines are capable of. Because many of use us it, it is not hard to see the impact it has on our own personal lives.
To date, it is understood that AI is now using Quantum computing, that is using the fabric of the smallest building blocks to process deeply complex calculations well beyond that of the silicon predecessors. Quantum computing is only something that has been mentioned in the media recently, and looks to be the next step in the future of home computing. But is it really necessary?
Quantum computing goes far beyond the needs of computing we use for modern day work and enjoyment. Therefore what would be the purpose for Quantum computing in our lives? It could be a very firm nod that the world we live in is being furthered in large global experiments.
It is clear that AI is built on a construct that for years has been designed to solve problems itself. Therefore it seems that for technology to deal with information so vast and to so rapidly control so much, it has a learning mechanism which in turns creates its own vastly complex technology for it to expand. In turn it is we who take that information to turn it into something we can use. That is a frightening thought that AI is creating things for us cutting out years of work and testing.
AI utilizes all current knowledge collected by humanity. It is bold enough to say that AI is currently filing in the gaps to our own history and mapping not only our planet, but the solar system and far beyond our own world.
If you have read my piece called Divinity of Gold, my readers might see that my view is that computing has been the one thing humanity has been fighting over for thousands of years. The Occult was one aspect within it that the Nazi’s took particular interest in and also gold, a major component of modern computing was harvested from surrounding nations during the second world war.
Because the Occult is part of human history, it has most undoubtedly undergone deep study by artificial intelligence and extracted every piece of knowledge from it much like all of our history. Wither it is actually the construct of our modern technology is now harder to ignore as many large machines involved in scientific study are incorporating complex structures that seem to have a presence of something unworldly. Just look to any conspiracy video about CERN and there is much information that holds links to the Occult. Therefore, AI is highly likely to be an Occult machine or that is to say, that mathematics is the core language of the Occult. Therefore our very existence can be permeated by this machine and is perhaps why many targets are experiencing things that can only be defined as the Occult. Where people involved in targeting are concerned, that is a question of if they are participating in Occult ritual acquired and distributed from this machine. If it is, then serious questions need to be answered about what artificial intelligence really is.

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