Psychiatric Medications: A Brief History and Monarch Programming.

A Brief History of Psychiatric Medications

The origins of antipsychotic medications date back to the late 19th century during drug trials that aimed to find a cure for the tropical disease Malaria. The drug was not originally intended to treat psychotic symptoms but was to treat the disease itself. Therefore the discovery of antipsychotic medications came about by accident. The chemical that was observed to alleviate psychotic delirium was methylthioninium chloride or Methylene blue for short.

Immune system suppressant anti-histamine drugs that can be freely bought from chemists and local supermarkets also evolved from methylene blue and were in fact the reason anti-psychotic drugs were discovered in the first place. French pharmacists of the early 20th century had pioneered new anti-histamine drugs and had found that some of their other experimental chemistry had produced strong sedative and anti-psychotic properties. It was these drugs that went on to become the first psychiatric drugs used in mental care wards.

So is it true that all psychiatric drugs are chemicals that act on the immune system?

Mental illnesses are often linked to immune system disorders but are not directly addressed by medical professionals. The fact that the psychotic medications came about from drug trials intended to treat disease is clear indication that modern psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar depression are not being recognised as the result of immune system disorders.

Based on the evidence in chemistry, yes. They originate from histamine chemical channel blockers.

The sedative effects of antipsychotic medications are found in antihistamines and some antidepressants. Some common prescription medications used to treat allergies are in fact older medications that were used used to treat psychosis. Phrenegan is one particular medication used as a sleeping aid but also functions as an antihistamine.

Antipsychotic medications first used in the treatment of mental health patients in the 1950s and have continued to be used to the present day giving them a history of over 60 years.

When antipsychotic medications were first introduced they were claimed to be the future of active treatment of mental illness. Not long after their introduction many mental health wards were discharging their patients due to the positive effects that were observed upon them. It also signalled a new era in psychiatry where the use of the straight jacket began to be used less in the restraint of violent aggressive patients. This positive effect that was observed in mental health wards western world went to earn the pharmacists created antipsychotic medications a Nobel Peace Prize.

In terms of research the branch of psychiatric medications used to treat patients have still not been tested over a long enough period to suggest that they have proven efficiency in treating been in a mental health condition over a lifetime. The Atypical drug Aripiprizol for example was only introduced as early as the 1990’s.

Of recent years, research conducted into the long list off side effects and long-term health consequences from prolonged use of psychiatric drugs are often reported about in the media. Links to brain damage, diabetes and heart conditions are some of the few permeate effects on the body identified from prolonged use of psychiatric drugs and have brought about serious questions to their safety treatment of mental illnesses.

It is these kinds of questions that pharmacist and mental health professionals clearly avoid when asked directly from any area development and the administering drugs of these drugs. Despite this, psychiatric medications used to treat patients today it still claimed that psychiatric drugs are a safe and effective treatment for mental health disorders.


The production and sales of psychiatric medications is a multi-billion cash generating industry. It is hardly any surprise too many diagnosed with a form of mental illness are more or less told they should maintain their medication compliance for the rest of their lives regardless of whether they feel it is helping them or not.

The truth is that no mental health patient is required by law to take psychiatric medications unless it is proved that they are a danger to themselves. Usually in these situations patients are required to receive depot injections. Not all anti-psychotic medications can function over a long time period due to their half life. Risperidone is one drug that can be administered to act either over the course of a week to as long as a few months. After this period discontinuation syndrome beings to take hold and will eventually bring about psychotic symptoms and cold turkey symptoms as the immune system tried to cope without the drug. Much like all anti-psychotics, discontinuation syndrome is a horrible affliction.

Anti-psychotics are therefore consider to act like a chemical strait jacket and even worse is that the discontinuation syndrome of these drugs is making companies big money because people do not know how to get off them. This makes it easy for doctors to label patients as ill if their medication is stopped.

The Immune system, Mental Illness and Anti-Psychotic side effects.

If one was to visit internet forums that deal with helping to cope with mental illness many many be surprised to read about the true nature of the horrible side effects which these drugs cause and not about how they are helping.  Yet many of these effects are ignored by health professionals

Many patients can take a combination of drugs in order to treat a specific illness that they have. Wither is through choice or recommendation the lists of side effects which range from severe memory loss, sexual dysfunction too more severe conditions that mimic Parkinson’s Disease and severe weight gain have have to be tolerated day in day out through the course of their treatment.

Some patients are told that the side effects are not permanent and that other medications can be prescribed to treat them.

Unfortunately this is a false hope. Most medications describe to patients complaining about side effects usually given false diagnosis of other conditions and they usually given more medications to treat a condition was by the drugs that they’re taking the treated mental health condition. This means that all the time being treated with drugs will be taking more medications for conditions that they have not got. Is not hard to see that the more medications being used is generating more money to pharmaceutical Industries.

Any person the judge person trying to get by taking these types of medications really should try taking them themselves to see what it is like. I can guarantee you it is not the most pleasurable experiences.

In terms of their efficiency in treating psychosis this can be heavily debated. Something that might be considered delusional in one culture might be considered completely normal in another.

It would seem the large pharmaceutical businesses then I pushing the message that they are helping to treat mental illnesses that are claimed to be caused by genetic conditions where it is in fact the result of many factors that are influencing our general mental well-being in our environments.

Pollution and western diets are there areas that are being researched into the impact they have on our mental well-being overlooked when being discussed generally health communities. This relates to our immune systems. The factors of social stresses also link to the immune system. Conditions such as hives are one such human response generated by the human body that is produced by the immune system.

Of course industry and the production of modern technologies take a toll on our resources ultimately have an impact on our environments. Along with pollution that enters our water supply and air quality, the impact on our physical health is much greater than it was some 100 years ago. It will be no surprise to learn that our bodies are working much harder to process out harmful disease and pollution which is an indication that our own bodies are trying to tell us something about the environment we live in.

If we are to look at the example of Methelene Blue which acted upon the immune system in those being treated for malaria, the state of allivated psychosis experienced by the patient may be perceived to be the delirium most of us experience when we are ill with a disease.

Use of psychiatric medications to treat something that is directly related to our immune systems asks serious questions has to whither patients are really getting the correct treatment for their conditions.

Mental Health Diagnosis

For all the diagnosis that exist for mental illness many are compared to modern frameworks used in group help therapies, many of these use scales or spectrum to explain how people feel. However, when treated with medication the perception of reality is being changed to an unnatural state of well being. Most patients never got to talk to or address their problems correctly as many will be placed on long waiting lists for one to one or group therapies.

Psychiatric drugs are coined by some patients to be Zombie Perscriptions because prolonged use can make them numb to feelings and emotions. This is because the levels of medications are specific and alter the perception to limits and not to what is being experienced naturally. Over time the false sense of feeling will become more noticable and it is is what many people describe as a flatline of emotion. Because of the lack of services available, many turn to medications of this sort, normally starting with an anti-depressant.

Of the many health studies done into the effects of these drugs, noted to be the most severe is brain damage which severe nerve connections to the cerebral cortex, an area of the brain that deals with perception. This is why antipsychotics are dubbed the chemical straight jacket as they can cause an effect similar to labotomy, an illegal psychatric practice used in the 19th-20th Century that involve severing the cerebral cortex through surgery.

The damage antipsychotics cause is enough to see other conditions such as eating disorders, high anxiety, social functioning, concentration, eating habits and healthy relationships are a direct result of harmful contributing side effects. Just how this is meant to be treatment in the long run is only marginally outwayed by the minor benefits of the ability anti-psychotics have to combat severe psychosis. After all national health services state on their websites that these drugs are only meant to be short term measures. So how is it that many mental health patients are on these drugs permanently?

Discontinuation Syndrome

In my eyes discontinuation syndrome is a term coined by doctors to skirt over the facts that anti-psychotics cause high dependency much like that of the addictive nature of hard street drugs such.

Anti-psychotic medications block certain brain receptors. If this medication is taken for a long enough period these receptors can become closed. During treatment the brain is constantly trying to compensate for the receptors in order to receive messages from certain chemicals in the body. You could compare this to a radio signal that is not strong enough to be picked up clearly but if a person was to use a signal booster then this should help improve the quality of the signal.

The brain adapts to the reduction of chemical signals the same way by producing more brain receptors in order to balance the function of the body. This is in turn what causes a majority of side effects in patients because even though there are more receptors, the condition is not a natural one, so therefore the body becomes out of balance even though the effects might be positive.

Some persons might feel benefit from their medication but over time, a sense of flatness and increase of side effects can cause even worse symptoms than before, causing patients to switch to other medications which may only relieve symptoms for a short period.

If a person decides to stop their medication, the brain would have to cope with an overload of chemical signals by having too many receptors. This can be compared to a microphone producing distortion from the receiving of too much signal. The use of prolonged medication can also cause other receptors to become less active or heighten even if they are not blocked. This causes heighten states of perception, to much for the brain to cope with at any given time. This is how experiences of paranoia, hyper-sensitivity and psychosis make dis-continuing medication so difficult to cope with.

This makes stopping medication very dangerous even fatal, especially if take over a long period. The body will not have enough time to re-learn how to cope without the chemicals in the blood so in turn the immune system will be shocked back into activity.

Patients can experience sudden weight loss which for some can be of some immediate relief because many put on weight due to the side effects caused by anti-psychotics.However, again this is a dangerous sign of rapid withdrawal and can make a person very ill. In all most cold turkey side effects caused by anti-psychotic dsicontinuation are like those seen in those of heroin addicts. It is not a pleasant experience.

Thankfully, it is possible to stop anti-psychotic medications but this can take many months even a few years to readjust. Many have found that even small reductions are enough to cause serious mental instability and that even the lowest doses of some drugs do not provide a low enough dose to recover without some form of easy withdrawal. This can make the withdrawal period very difficult and testing for anyone.However, if planned carefully, even after failed attempts, a person can recover.

There are also help groups that can be found on the internet that help those come through withdrawal. Some organisations in America have dedicated facilites with programs that specialize in psychiatric drug withdrawal. Most of these are pay only treatments but they may be of use to those who can afford it..


Every 11 months, the body is said to renew every single cell in the body. This means that you have a complete new set of rejuvenated cells. This is one benefit to recover. It means over time the body can readapt and repair damaged caused. If a health diet and consideration to reducing stimulants, alcohol and street drug (if used) then this recovery can be helped.

Anti-psychotic withdrawal can be a very delicate process and a frightening one that needs a lot of support, one which can be difficult to find. The process might involve identifying any allergens or other causes that might trigger illness. Some can find this invaluable into controlling their mindset and give hope to what might feel to be a hopeless situation.

The elivation of sedation is another process the brain can find hard to adapt to once medication is stopped. Short and long term memory can be affected to the point that heightened sensitivity can produce extremely powerful emotions that can either result in deep depression or mania, mimicking that of bi-polar depression.

These obstacles can prove to one of the most challenging experiences that are effectively hidden from those around you.


Brainwashing and Deprogramming: LSD, Anti-psychotic and Anti-anxiety drugs.

Now many might be shocked at what I am going to present here but there is a counter side to the use of anti-psychotic medications that can be of benefit in certain situations if only used for a brief period. This relates to the psychological aspects of mind control, especially those that involve LSD.

Anti-psychotics and LSD have a shared history in development. In fact it was LSD that was used to simulate the mental stated of stress, delirium and psychosis. LSD and Anti-psychotics were not just tested on humans but also animals. There a a famous case where two adult elephants were subjected to LSD. Originally only one elephant was intended to be used but because of fatality from the used of too much LSD injected into the blood, the animal died. Anti-psychotics where not of any help to saving the animals state of mind. This meant a second elephant was used for testing but also died in the same circumstances. The project was abandoned with immediate effect.

LSD operates differently in humans  and it is how anti-psychotics were tested in order to see how effective the acted on altered states. MK Ultra was one of those experiments conducted by the CIA from the 1950s onwards, coincidentally around the time anti-psychotics were first introduced into psychiatry.

Anti-psychotic were never trailed properly and it is clear that LSD was used in one capacity to push forward the advances of this medication without questioning to their safety. It was also used as a cover operation for mind control as some maybe aware of.

Anti-psychotics were at one point used by field agents because LSD and other psychoactive drugs were known to be effective in extracting information.

If any of my readers have seen the Matrix, the famous scene of Agent Smith using a truth serum on Morpheus in order to extract information isn’t uncommon in the fields of counter espionage.

So what does this mean? In terms of those whom have been deliberately brainwashed regardless of techniques used, anti-psychotics can help to some extent to bring a person out of a mind controlled state. As to wither a person can break their deepest programming is another question. It depends on how long the programming has been happening for and what programming was involved.

If strangely coincidental, mindfulness techniques used in modern psychiatry techniques can be helpful but are not as effective when taken anti-psychotics in the long term. This is because anti-psychotics restrict access to parts of the memory. As memory is used in programming, anti-psychotics deny access to trauma based events making it difficult for a person to deal with or even remember the trauma to deal with it.

Anti-psychotics are like LSD a drug that open the mind to suggestibility. Therefore, LSD can be used alongside anti-psychotics to further mind control.

Valium is one such drug that is known to make a person compliant or impressionable and is why it is used in many mental hospitals as a sedative. It is assumed to be a relaxant but it operates on parts of the brain that deal with pleasure and perceptional faculties of the brain.

This means that Valium is perhaps one of the most potent drugs used in order to brainwash others. It is a drug known for its addictiveness and its withdrawal effects noted for being some of the worst known simply because of the areas of the brain it acts upon.

Recovery form this drug can take years but in some cases it can cause permanent effects on the mind making it almost impossible to come off. Sometimes this means a patient may have to switch over to anti-psychotics in order to deal with psychotic symptoms.

Valium is a drug sometimes used in covert techniques to disrupt a persons mindset. It is where operatives can introduce sensitization techniques because the effects of Valium can make the target impressionable. Once the drug wears off, the target can feel depressed and disoriented without knowing why. In order for this to be effect, Valium has to be ingested so covert methods can be used in order for the target to eat or drink the drug without their knowledge.

Monarch Programming and Harassment Operations

This is the part Targeted Individuals will be most interested in.

Some may have heard or are aware of mind programming that takes influence from the life cycle of the Butterfly. This is called the Monarch Programme taken from the Monarch Butterfly.

A typical Butterfly goes through a transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly after it has consumed enough food to form a cocoon in order for it to develop wings and thus transform.

The Monarch Programme is a Mind Control operation that involves the control of development of individuals through learning, growth into adulthood.

Persons whom awake from their programming will almost certainly become mentally ill to the point that they may attempt to commit suicide. Others however, may cope differently and may depend on how long they have been awake for.

Some wake or break from the programming early because their minds have already identified a hidden disorder in their environment.

Many do not realise that their own bodies are designed to protect them, not to kill them. Side effects produced by many psychiatric medications can be misperceived to be the actions of the drugs. It is not. It is the body that is warning that person that something is wrong with what they are ingesting. Much like anything that can make us ill, the body is designed to warn us of disease and threats aka the Flight or Fight response.

The last stage of the Monarch Butterfly allows it to take flight, which is a metaphor for the subject to surrender the fight aspects into mind control so the target can be restrained psychologically. Flight is a metaphor of many human emotions but it is many that to control a mind through drugs which makes a person “high” with feeling.

Removing the fight stage is where the Caterpillar is fighting for survival in a vulnerable state.

Harassment operation are used to revert a target to the grounded state of the caterpillar. The cocoon state is representative of the sleep development state which makes the bi-pass to the grounded caterpillar state the objective.

Somewhere along the line, targeted individuals do not respond to the programming in the sleep/development state. That is to say that the core part of the brain that deals with reason and logic does not submit its will to the commands of the programmer. This reason can be simple because the mind identifies the commands as a threat to themselves and others. This part of the mind is the Will of the individual and as mentioned in the Occult Series it is one which is sought to be infiltrated and controlled by programmers.

Much like Morpheus resists the truth serum many people resist that which goes against the natural will of nature. That is to say that many people are not without hope and can break this programming. It purely depends on the structures that are incorporated into their lives.



Thoughts on Max Spiers


I have additional information in relation to the BBC concerning this information. When written on the evening of 20th March this draft was already read and accessed before the morning events of 21th March (today) which included references to the the term “blind”. This included using a company that advertise their window blinds company (a firm that I have dealt with once in the past) and the exploitation of a blind elderly person. These events have been video evidenced along with persons involved in my targeting at a previous address and persons involved in community harassment.

I have been reluctant to watch the videos on you tube that are currently in circulation especially ones that are speculating about if he was assassinated or not.

The BBC (an organisation you have to be blind to not see that they are part of the gangstalking phenomena) are currently doing features on the subject on Max Spiers.

Perhaps as early as late 2015 there has been a surge in the information on conspiracy theory websites finding their way on to mainstream websites in an almost struggling way to contain an obvious admittance that a lot of population control projects such as MK Ultra are in fact real.

If you are confused about what is actually happening, you should pay attention to what is being said between the lines, right now, today! A majority of people think of the subjects presented in the press are merely for the purpose of entertainment. In some respects this is true but not for the people.

Everyone is literally watching a very well organised pre-planned sequence of events that is incredibly difficult to dis-connect your mind from. Mainstream sporting events, entertainment and arts. The list is endless. Unless the events are specifically done privately then there is a large element of control attached.

Over the last year myself and a few select TIs I talk to occasionally began to notice the trend of press interest in targeted individuals. On the 16th July 2016 Max was found dead. Up until this point I had not known of his existence but discovered that he known to those involved in Project Avalon an organisation that also deal with conspiracies and hidden knowledge.

The whole aspects surrounding Max Spiers are questionable but there are many bits of information he spoke of that are starkly real. Max is a very difficult person to watch and absorb information from because sometimes he loses track of what he is saying. It is clear that he was not a public speaker but tried to present the information the best way he could. Once I got past this, I started to see that this man was clear traumatised and fearful about what he was talking about.

I am very wary to talk about reptilian DNA because although I am a TI I still retain logic and reason. Like David Icke, Max mentions that the powers that be retain reptilian DNA. I find it is one subject that is very much open to ridicule. As far as I understand, their are many angles on bloodline groups an area that I am not in a position to comment on. I have read extensively on it but am still not convinced this is the entire story nor is the link to DNA in reptiles. Therefore the thirteen ruling families and the 300 whom operate underneath is perhaps the reality and probably share more in common with bloodlines that are Rh negative non-recess monkey DNA.

For whatever reason people over the world are targeted and harassed. However, this pattern does not correlate to blood type. I know this based on my own type which is not a negative strain. However, I have characteristics that fit what some research material suggests links my ancestral lineage back to apparent “higher dimensional beings” or ruling families from long ago. That however is pure speculation on my part. I have a brief understanding of traits I carry and where they have originated from.

The part where Max states that we can experience flashbacks or visions from the past due to the bloodline lineage of our ancestors is something I have held a belief in for sometime. The past is encoded into our DNA no doubt and perhaps many of us whom have psychic or extrasensory abilities may be able to tap into this type of consciousness. Maybe some people have the ability to do this and do not know they are doing it. It is an interesting point of view no doubt.

The War

Max states that many Rh negative bloodlines are being targeted and experimented on but this makes no sense. It seems clear that no blood group is specifically targeted and certainly when it comes to global population control I seriously doubt that Rh negatives which make up 15% of our population are the primary targets.

Fourth Reich

Now this is something that I agree with Max to an extent. Where I agree the Nazis did win the Second World War I fell that this was more to do with ideals and knowledge. Considering the information and resources of technology and science obtained by the allies, it is unavoidable to say the Nazi did help to forward humanity. Many should be aware that the many advances in science came before the Nazis came to power. Therefore it could be seen to be an uprising to take control of the science that has moved forward to advance humanity,

Having met people whom have Nazi sympathetic tendencies from backgrounds you would least expect, many are of the opinion that Hitler was a good person for looking after his own people and take offence to any disdain in his name.

Obviously the history of population control is a twisted one where the final solution was an ideal looked at by more than one country. For example, it was Britain whom first experimented with death camps in the late 19th century. It was an idea borrowed by the Nazi’s in order to exterminate the Jews. So in this respect the history of the death camp is quite shady.

If we are to look at the Nazi ideals it is perhaps something that is not confined to the hate on one specific race or gender. It is the ideals of life is what is under the microscope. Therefore the fourth Reich ideals maybe be branching into modern society and could be part of MK Ultra control methods, ideals that are built into Reductionism which I talked about in a previous article.

Either way, I think it is important to look on from the past and not look at the German peoples as the source of this problem at all. It is now history. The ideals of the Stasi were ones introduced afterwards and not by the Nazis. However, it is speculated that these methods were part of a second stage of world order by the Nazis. These have been implemented by many nations, therefore the hypocrisy of this ideal in society is very apparent especially with modern surveillance.

As for the events that have happened to me today on the morning of 21st March this is nothing new and it is something that I expect everyday as I have already mentioned in blogs. It is something I am used to and for the most part ignore to a great extent much like other TIs whom report the same thing.

As far as the recent arcticle done by the BBC about those whom begin to research about the “illuminatti” and begin to experience strange things I can tell you for a fact that you will be followed in the manor that TIs report. The BBC should know full well because they are experts in this field, therefore you should pay attention to what is being said between the lines in the media. They do have the ability to programme elements of targets lives into their schedules quite easily and covertly whilst being able to co-ordinate this with companys that dealt with modern technologies.

On that note, considering that David Icke was once a presenter for the BBC, I speculate if he was enrolled very early on to deal with the conspiracy theory aspects of projects that were active in the 80’s. What we may have is aspects of truth being mixed with invented theories designed to covertly stigmatize the average conspiracy theorist as mental ill. This is not anything new. The problem is what aspects to believe but anyone with an ounce of logic will be able to recognise that the truth is certainly trying to be glossed over with very poor control of internet news. People aren’t buying the crap on tv and in the media. It is clear on facebook and other news websites from many personal comments that they are not being fooled by this bullshit nor should they have to take it either.

As for Max Spiers, I hope that again that he is not part of covert propaganda. I seems clear that the BBC have jumped upon this story and have attempted to glorify it like the death of a modern rock star. However, it is clear that there are people that they are aware of like myself that they keep a close eye on and if possible attempt to get themselves close enough to shadow their stories off the backs of targeted individuals.

This does not clarify anything new for me other than people concerned about these events should view Max Spiers videos with an open mind and look to do the research yourselves. Wither you will end up being targeted is another thing. Considering the man hours and resources needed for one indivdual alone, Im unsure as to wither the control of many citizens at one time is possible regardless of the technology being used. That is perhaps the point of why CBH is secretive, it has its limitations.


CBH: Dopplegangers, Six Degrees of Separation and the philosophy of Reductionism.

I read a lot about targeted individuals whom wither in public or in other situations, they may encounter persons that can look like or have some significance to people known to the target.

The use of dogglegangers is one practice that has been able to be incorporated into community based harassment through the use of computer profiling. A doppleganger or a “deadringer” is a person whom is considered to have an equal physical match to another or multiple persons. In terms of psychiatry, this area of biological sciences has been of significant interest for many years.

Since data harvesting has been a global operation, a majority of people who have used technology or have records on government systems will have detailed information including photos and videos. Therefore, it is not hard for computers to build digital pictures on us and match our physical attributes to other around the world as well as our mannerisms and past history.

The other aspect known as “Six Degrees of Separation” is phenomena which somes how well we are interlinked and connected socially. That is to say one person can be connected intricately with many other people who are likely to know each other. Anyone who uses social media will understand just how relavent this phenomena is.

What are the objectives of using this technique?

Community Based Harassment operations are include practices which hope to mirror as much of the persons life as possible. This is done in attempt to overwhelm the subject and to operate on the targets confidence and ego. It is based around the Freudian model of the ID where the superego is attacked with methods of covert psychology to force collapse of the personality. See the article on Monarch Control.


You many not be a person whom is interested in changing the world and might be happy keeping out of peoples way quitely. However, the basic psychological needs of acceptance within society vary in many complex ways.

The doppleganger effect can be observed to be a method that hopes to destroy a targets confidence. It depends on the individual.

For example, targets who are creative, the psychological profiles of these types of people usually attract professional and business types in the same field whom can sometimes shadow “hacked” information or can imitate characteristics of the target. Otherwise they can just be bullied by professionals in the relevant field of work.

Many creative artists look to make their own money from what they do rather than working for an institution or a firm that specialise in that area. However, the complexity of this type of harassment are structures used on social media and search engines designed to send an indirect message of  It Has Been Done Before.

First of all you should know that a large portion of people are experiencing this already. That is what the systems are designed to do. Control populations.

In mathematics, Creativity also falls under the catagory of chaos especially when something new happens. It can cause changes in order and therefore can have unpredictable concequences.

The argument of “coincidence” is very much swept under the carpet by many psychiatrists because of the existence of these type of media. This can make discussing this phenomena difficult in the context of community based harassment.


At the heart of the global operation is a philosophy called Reductionism. The idea being pushed by harassment operations is to reduce the complexity of humanity to a more basic structure that is easier to manage. This is where for an example a lot of religions are in a process of taking significant attack from all directions of society. Religion maintains order to its followers but if that order is in conflict with another then the situation is harder to predict. In mathematics, situations like this are considered chaotic or unpredictable.

Reductionism is used to counter every opinion or known fact to reduce ego, belief, way of life and so on….

Amongst the deeper areas of gangstalking, this is what is happening as a religion in itself. Reductionism is part of the religion they follow.

Reductionists are perhaps the most obvious of hypocrites, especially to targets because they do not practice what they preach. For example the mentally ill will attempt to slander others whom also have mental health problems in order to fulfil instructions from operatives.

Most targets notice that if these types of people are confronted, their knowledge on you or the subjects that they claim to know well tend to lose substance. For example, those accused of being liars then to show the same traits themselves therefore showing hypocrisy. However, CBH believe the reductionist attitude is right, therefore the target is wrong unless incorporated into the structure of CBH.