CBH: Dopplegangers, Six Degrees of Separation and the philosophy of Reductionism.

I read a lot about targeted individuals whom wither in public or in other situations, they may encounter persons that can look like or have some significance to people known to the target.

The use of dogglegangers is one practice that has been able to be incorporated into community based harassment through the use of computer profiling. A doppleganger or a “deadringer” is a person whom is considered to have an equal physical match to another or multiple persons. In terms of psychiatry, this area of biological sciences has been of significant interest for many years.

Since data harvesting has been a global operation, a majority of people who have used technology or have records on government systems will have detailed information including photos and videos. Therefore, it is not hard for computers to build digital pictures on us and match our physical attributes to other around the world as well as our mannerisms and past history.

The other aspect known as “Six Degrees of Separation” is phenomena which somes how well we are interlinked and connected socially. That is to say one person can be connected intricately with many other people who are likely to know each other. Anyone who uses social media will understand just how relavent this phenomena is.

What are the objectives of using this technique?

Community Based Harassment operations are include practices which hope to mirror as much of the persons life as possible. This is done in attempt to overwhelm the subject and to operate on the targets confidence and ego. It is based around the Freudian model of the ID where the superego is attacked with methods of covert psychology to force collapse of the personality. See the article on Monarch Control.


You many not be a person whom is interested in changing the world and might be happy keeping out of peoples way quitely. However, the basic psychological needs of acceptance within society vary in many complex ways.

The doppleganger effect can be observed to be a method that hopes to destroy a targets confidence. It depends on the individual.

For example, targets who are creative, the psychological profiles of these types of people usually attract professional and business types in the same field whom can sometimes shadow “hacked” information or can imitate characteristics of the target. Otherwise they can just be bullied by professionals in the relevant field of work.

Many creative artists look to make their own money from what they do rather than working for an institution or a firm that specialise in that area. However, the complexity of this type of harassment are structures used on social media and search engines designed to send an indirect message of  It Has Been Done Before.

First of all you should know that a large portion of people are experiencing this already. That is what the systems are designed to do. Control populations.

In mathematics, Creativity also falls under the catagory of chaos especially when something new happens. It can cause changes in order and therefore can have unpredictable concequences.

The argument of “coincidence” is very much swept under the carpet by many psychiatrists because of the existence of these type of media. This can make discussing this phenomena difficult in the context of community based harassment.



At the heart of the global operation is a philosophy called Reductionism. The idea being pushed by harassment operations is to reduce the complexity of humanity to a more basic structure that is easier to manage. This is where for an example a lot of religions are in a process of taking significant attack from all directions of society. Religion maintains order to its followers but if that order is in conflict with another then the situation is harder to predict. In mathematics, situations like this are considered chaotic or unpredictable.

Reductionism is used to counter every opinion or known fact to reduce ego, belief, way of life and so on….

Amongst the deeper areas of gangstalking, this is what is happening as a religion in itself. Reductionism is part of the religion they follow.

Reductionists are perhaps the most obvious of hypocrites, especially to targets because they do not practice what they preach. For example the mentally ill will attempt to slander others whom also have mental health problems in order to fulfil instructions from operatives.

Most targets notice that if these types of people are confronted, their knowledge on you or the subjects that they claim to know well tend to lose substance. For example, those accused of being liars then to show the same traits themselves therefore showing hypocrisy. However, CBH believe the reductionist attitude is right, therefore the target is wrong unless incorporated into the structure of CBH.




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