Thoughts on Max Spiers


I have additional information in relation to the BBC concerning this information. When written on the evening of 20th March this draft was already read and accessed before the morning events of 21th March (today) which included references to the the term “blind”. This included using a company that advertise their window blinds company (a firm that I have dealt with once in the past) and the exploitation of a blind elderly person. These events have been video evidenced along with persons involved in my targeting at a previous address and persons involved in community harassment.

I have been reluctant to watch the videos on you tube that are currently in circulation especially ones that are speculating about if he was assassinated or not.

The BBC (an organisation you have to be blind to not see that they are part of the gangstalking phenomena) are currently doing features on the subject on Max Spiers.

Perhaps as early as late 2015 there has been a surge in the information on conspiracy theory websites finding their way on to mainstream websites in an almost struggling way to contain an obvious admittance that a lot of population control projects such as MK Ultra are in fact real.

If you are confused about what is actually happening, you should pay attention to what is being said between the lines, right now, today! A majority of people think of the subjects presented in the press are merely for the purpose of entertainment. In some respects this is true but not for the people.

Everyone is literally watching a very well organised pre-planned sequence of events that is incredibly difficult to dis-connect your mind from. Mainstream sporting events, entertainment and arts. The list is endless. Unless the events are specifically done privately then there is a large element of control attached.

Over the last year myself and a few select TIs I talk to occasionally began to notice the trend of press interest in targeted individuals. On the 16th July 2016 Max was found dead. Up until this point I had not known of his existence but discovered that he known to those involved in Project Avalon an organisation that also deal with conspiracies and hidden knowledge.

The whole aspects surrounding Max Spiers are questionable but there are many bits of information he spoke of that are starkly real. Max is a very difficult person to watch and absorb information from because sometimes he loses track of what he is saying. It is clear that he was not a public speaker but tried to present the information the best way he could. Once I got past this, I started to see that this man was clear traumatised and fearful about what he was talking about.

I am very wary to talk about reptilian DNA because although I am a TI I still retain logic and reason. Like David Icke, Max mentions that the powers that be retain reptilian DNA. I find it is one subject that is very much open to ridicule. As far as I understand, their are many angles on bloodline groups an area that I am not in a position to comment on. I have read extensively on it but am still not convinced this is the entire story nor is the link to DNA in reptiles. Therefore the thirteen ruling families and the 300 whom operate underneath is perhaps the reality and probably share more in common with bloodlines that are Rh negative non-recess monkey DNA.

For whatever reason people over the world are targeted and harassed. However, this pattern does not correlate to blood type. I know this based on my own type which is not a negative strain. However, I have characteristics that fit what some research material suggests links my ancestral lineage back to apparent “higher dimensional beings” or ruling families from long ago. That however is pure speculation on my part. I have a brief understanding of traits I carry and where they have originated from.

The part where Max states that we can experience flashbacks or visions from the past due to the bloodline lineage of our ancestors is something I have held a belief in for sometime. The past is encoded into our DNA no doubt and perhaps many of us whom have psychic or extrasensory abilities may be able to tap into this type of consciousness. Maybe some people have the ability to do this and do not know they are doing it. It is an interesting point of view no doubt.

The War

Max states that many Rh negative bloodlines are being targeted and experimented on but this makes no sense. It seems clear that no blood group is specifically targeted and certainly when it comes to global population control I seriously doubt that Rh negatives which make up 15% of our population are the primary targets.

Fourth Reich

Now this is something that I agree with Max to an extent. Where I agree the Nazis did win the Second World War I fell that this was more to do with ideals and knowledge. Considering the information and resources of technology and science obtained by the allies, it is unavoidable to say the Nazi did help to forward humanity. Many should be aware that the many advances in science came before the Nazis came to power. Therefore it could be seen to be an uprising to take control of the science that has moved forward to advance humanity,

Having met people whom have Nazi sympathetic tendencies from backgrounds you would least expect, many are of the opinion that Hitler was a good person for looking after his own people and take offence to any disdain in his name.

Obviously the history of population control is a twisted one where the final solution was an ideal looked at by more than one country. For example, it was Britain whom first experimented with death camps in the late 19th century. It was an idea borrowed by the Nazi’s in order to exterminate the Jews. So in this respect the history of the death camp is quite shady.

If we are to look at the Nazi ideals it is perhaps something that is not confined to the hate on one specific race or gender. It is the ideals of life is what is under the microscope. Therefore the fourth Reich ideals maybe be branching into modern society and could be part of MK Ultra control methods, ideals that are built into Reductionism which I talked about in a previous article.

Either way, I think it is important to look on from the past and not look at the German peoples as the source of this problem at all. It is now history. The ideals of the Stasi were ones introduced afterwards and not by the Nazis. However, it is speculated that these methods were part of a second stage of world order by the Nazis. These have been implemented by many nations, therefore the hypocrisy of this ideal in society is very apparent especially with modern surveillance.

As for the events that have happened to me today on the morning of 21st March this is nothing new and it is something that I expect everyday as I have already mentioned in blogs. It is something I am used to and for the most part ignore to a great extent much like other TIs whom report the same thing.

As far as the recent arcticle done by the BBC about those whom begin to research about the “illuminatti” and begin to experience strange things I can tell you for a fact that you will be followed in the manor that TIs report. The BBC should know full well because they are experts in this field, therefore you should pay attention to what is being said between the lines in the media. They do have the ability to programme elements of targets lives into their schedules quite easily and covertly whilst being able to co-ordinate this with companys that dealt with modern technologies.

On that note, considering that David Icke was once a presenter for the BBC, I speculate if he was enrolled very early on to deal with the conspiracy theory aspects of projects that were active in the 80’s. What we may have is aspects of truth being mixed with invented theories designed to covertly stigmatize the average conspiracy theorist as mental ill. This is not anything new. The problem is what aspects to believe but anyone with an ounce of logic will be able to recognise that the truth is certainly trying to be glossed over with very poor control of internet news. People aren’t buying the crap on tv and in the media. It is clear on facebook and other news websites from many personal comments that they are not being fooled by this bullshit nor should they have to take it either.

As for Max Spiers, I hope that again that he is not part of covert propaganda. I seems clear that the BBC have jumped upon this story and have attempted to glorify it like the death of a modern rock star. However, it is clear that there are people that they are aware of like myself that they keep a close eye on and if possible attempt to get themselves close enough to shadow their stories off the backs of targeted individuals.

This does not clarify anything new for me other than people concerned about these events should view Max Spiers videos with an open mind and look to do the research yourselves. Wither you will end up being targeted is another thing. Considering the man hours and resources needed for one indivdual alone, Im unsure as to wither the control of many citizens at one time is possible regardless of the technology being used. That is perhaps the point of why CBH is secretive, it has its limitations.



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