Wild Goose Chase: Perpatrator tactics and (GS) Google Services


This is information relating to how harassment operative working in the community and on the internet are using methods to take targets attentions off of mobile and satellite technologies.

I have observed TI testimonies on the internet for some time and a majority of them are looking for the sources of electronic weapons that are active in their areas. Most often than not, most TIs who begin to experience harassment especially when they feel the source of it is happening in their own homes begin to suspect that it is due to hidden cameras located in their property.

If you have a mobile device then it goes without saying that the number one source of leaked information is coming from that device.

Of course, most TIs become aware of this and find ways around it. I often recommend to TIs using smart phones that they use black tape to cover all lenses and eye recognition (the source of face detection software to read emotions) if they can deal with a phone that might operate a bit slower.

However, many will notice that this is not enough to prevent harassment. For this I advise reading my blog post on the subject of radar-r which is about wall penetrative radar which is able to see through the walls on properties to spy, regardless if your smart devices are on or not.

I recently watched a video where a target was advised to check for an inanimate object located on their property where it was suggested that it was the source to v2k harassment. It appeared from the persons point of view when the object was dealt with that the v2k harassment stopped.

Unfortunately, this is a just a wild goose chase that operatives use to feed false information and ultimately use to waste the targets time. It is likely that any harassment will stop once the person has taken the bate so to influence a state of relief. From that point onwards harassment will work on a different area ultimately taking the attention off the true source. This in eccence is the true nature of mind control and the current devices used today are playing a major part in it. Most TIs are looking for something that is starring them right in the face. Especially when a target records a video directly onto you tube via their mobile phone, the situation is quite an unsettling one.

TIs know that turning off their mobiles are not enough. Even if your property is in a confined area, there is something that everyone and not just TIs should be aware of.  Only last year it was announced that Facebook were trialling a satellite technology much like google already use. Satellite imaging used today is advanced enough to work in conjunction with the technology you use to co-ordinate operations down to small scale situations.

Therefore be careful of whom you get your advice from. So far I have received an number of messages from some individuals claiming to be targets where they are in fact just routing for information. Considering the scale of this operation it is highly likely there are major attempts currently underway to deal with the rise of TI testimonies. One notable thing to look out for is those with apparent “credentials”. We are likely to see more “Undercover Operatives” claiming to be from certain areas of society whom are wanting to dis-solve this situation. They will feed a lot of dis-information whilst also bringing about a lot of real information. However, it is still at a time where the balance is very complex because the act in itself is a huge war crime which pre-dates any current laws that have been brought in.

Smart phone cameras and Global Mapping

People may not realise this but practically every single property or area on the planet where a smart phone has been present will have been mapped its surroundings and will have been logged onto a computer server. Especially if the owners or previous owners were perps then they will have been required to map it out completely including areas that are not accessible.

Every time you use a device, snap shots will be taken everywhere you go. Therefore objects, people literally anything around you can be accounted for.

Recently the new Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S8 was announced around a few months ago incorporates new AI software which will take technology to new levels.

The public may think that this technology will be useful for being able to detect and record things in their surroundings which can then automatically find these items on the internet but the purpose isn’t just for public convenience.

Much like its always been, this is a way that the public will unwittingly be opening the door to more detailed observations of their own surroundings to be data harvested. A majority of the current harvested data is enormous but these devices might operate more in real-time to track, log and predict events.

GS: Google Services

Many do not realise just how big a company Google is and just how powerful the artificial intelligence is having influence on us all.

It is not clear as to where or when the term Gang stalking came from but it is now clear that it is was likely a coined term used to mislead everyone away from the source of the main operation at play. That was to make people assume that any technological harassment would be coming from organised cyber-gangs/criminals with the intent to take the public’s attention off of the major co-operations which have ultimately controlled those situations from the start.

Most perpetrators work for Google, the rest can work in-between other major internet companies and can be paid handsomely. It is these kinds of salaries that make working for these companies almost unavoidable especially if the person has financial problems.

It is also another reason why TIs who are targeted can become perpetrators. Some TIs become pushed towards financial ruin and therefore end up taking the salary over becoming homeless.

Why TIs are valuable to GS.

This is probably obvious to many because TIs are at the forefront of all operatives active at the same time. This means that TIs can see the grand operations in more detail. They can also observe that these individuals are separated off in many ways wither it be through contracts (do not talk about what you do to anyone) or social conditions. Operatives do not realise that this technology is used on them also and it is highly likely that these people are the most brainwashed of them all.

If TIs can be turned then it will be of enormous benefit because if anything despite being isolated to whatever degree, the main aspects of separation are purely psychological. Within the organisations there are legal contracts which then make the situation worse because this makes the likelihood of prosecution greater. Therefore most operative have no other choice than to go down the route of whistle-blowing.

The most prime example we know of is Edward Snowden. As most TIs know, Edward Snowden has revealed a lot of information about the NSA. Considering the nature of surveillance, there has been no mention of the phenomena of “gangstalking” or “Company/Government funded harassment” a la Stasi/Zersetzung style tactics. This is a bizarre situation which has many wondering if he is in fact a person who has been assigned as a propaganda operative.




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