Organised Harassment: Transport

Update: I tweeted this post on the morning of 5/07/17


The morning of 5/7/17 I had decided to drive to a location I am familiar with. I has a small car park and is frequented by friendly types. The journey there was like any other I take. Plenty of perps and a vast variety of reflective tactics.

Considering the time frame, this was done in two hours since the post. These two car were not present on my arrival but were when returning. In the second picture the car was parked next to mine whilst the other was directly opposite.



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Road activity has increased since the arrival of smartphones as most have GPS technology, there are many reasons why a person could assume that being a driver today is harder than it used to be in some respects. True it is, but what is it actually like to be stalked on the road in real-time be it busy or quiet? How can a person notice the difference and how could it be possible to navigate or concentrate while all this happens?

The first thing I can say is that for the person who is not a TI, the frequency of this activity is not purely confined to harassments operatives, in fact they use human error as cover.

The frequency of traffic of millions of people can give a clear outline of peoples ability to deal with what is a stressful activity for many. That being that yes accidents happen but a majority of the time, traffic is able to flow each day without fail. That is millions and millions of people that are able to look after each others safety everyday.

This blog will include some insight to some highly sophisticated technology that is being used 24/7 and in real-time on targets and other people of interest at large. When you see it, it cannot be unseen, especially when a highly coordinated operation is in full swing.

You may have read about how targets can be sensitized to stimulus such as noise, colours, words, signs, in fact anything that the stalkers want you to be focused on.

On the roads drawing your attention to details is one aspect that is used often, therefore if you are a driver, stalking tactics used can be highly dangerous as many of them are designed to cause accidents. The operation is designed in such a way to avert blame away from the perpetrators but is also used to relay messages.

Car Licence Number Plates

Drivers in the western world have been able to use private number plates instead of the legal Reg plate that comes with their vehicle for many years now. It is a common thing and is often used for advertising.

Private plates allow a vehicle owner to customise a short message into their plate. It typically incorporates up to three words but the average is around two at most. The least that can be used is one letter and one word.

As legal requirement, a private plate is not allowed to spell out a word, it must incorporate number.

For example, if we were to make a plate with the sentence, “Word Up” then this plate would need to incorporate numbers such as Wor4 UP so that there is not a direct message applied to the plate.



A few years ago, the presenters of Top Gear caused international outrage during filming of an episode in Argentina.

The plate H982 FKL seen in the episode is code for HI (19)82 FKL(Falklands) and is what is considered to cause the most offence, as it is a reference to the Falklands War which Great Britain was involved in. The licence number H982 FKL is a legitimate British plate which dates to the late 80’s where the first letter of the licence number would change from year to year. From 1980 to the late 90’s this ranged from the letters A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M/N/P/R/S/T/U/V/W.

The second car with Plate N269 KNG or N(B)(F)(I) KNG is less obvious but references the following:

  • NB: To note the matter at hand

  • 69: A sexual position which involves simultaneous oral sex known in the Karma Sutra as Congress of the Crow. Perhaps ironic, the matter at hand involves no hands implicating the sexual position.

  • KNG: Normally short for King and can also apply to the last syllable of fuc(king) which in respect to the preceding numbers seems intentional.

In order, the message could imply “Take note of a hands free fucking”. This could reference the “Exocet” missiles Argentina fired at HMS Sheffield, sinking the ship

The third car EKH 646J presented a bit of difficultly to decipher but it seems to reference the number of Argentinian casualties 649 with the second car implying to invert the last 6 in (646).

Taken from Wiki, the expression:

Ekh (expression)

Ekh (Russian: Эх) is a spoken interjection in Russian and certain other Slavic languages. Ekh-ma (Эх-ма) is closely related.[1]

It is typically spoken by itself or at the beginning of a sentence, and can be used to express wonder, feeling sorry for something, reproach, pride at a just-accomplished feat, and other strong feelings.

“Эх, как важно развернулся! Фу ты, какая пышная фигура!” (“Ekh, how splendidly he’s getting on! Phew, what a magnificent figure!“) – Taras Bulba by Nikolai Gogol

In all, the message that seemed to be wanting to get across was that against 258 British deaths the Argentinians suffered far worse. The argument presented is that the plate H982 FKL was pure coincidence and that the presenters had no idea they were driving around with cars that were causing offence. It is well known that there has been history between the presenters and the BBC and it is probable that this was a tactic deployed to sabotage their careers. It is also debatable that the event was staged.

If one licence plate can cause such offence, imagine what an entire sequence can do to someone.

From experience, a car that was sold to me has reference to the government and a major world event. It was deliberate and the car was chosen for the purpose of sending a message. The way it is designed also made me question wither the car is used to relay the message to other targets should they have been sensitized to this system.

Further information

Coded Sentence Generator

This is a program used within a co-ordinated planning system that involves databases of many factors.

The whole idea is to attempt to relay a message across to a target without raising any suspicion in densely populated areas. This is the tactic used in organised harassment and it requires the use of data harvesting in real-time and a co-ordinated effort to relay information as soon as possible to the target.

This system is not confined to transport alone and incorporates many avenues which can find its way into the eyes of the target. If the message can be sent directly, frequently and where the target has no other option than to view the message, then this can act as part of the “coincidence” that targets experience when harassed.

If one is able to observe the operation as a whole and document it, one will notice patterns. Where operatives are used, consistences like a car which is use to relay a particular code can stand out. Therefore this is easier to evidence against that of e-mail and advertising which is being used as “coincidental” harassment,

An operative will be assigned one or a number of transports for use in harassment or maybe required to modify their current plates with private or issued plates. There are operatives in most areas of a country where cities tend to use different systems to those that are densely populated. It takes into account the way of life and the nature of the environments.

One of the most covered aspects of numerical and alphabetical coding is modern acronyms. Some targets report the frequent use of three numbered emergency codes such as 911, 999. In terms of intelligence, MI 5 is a commonly reported acronym incorporated into Reg Plates along with all number variants MI1, MI2 Etc.

In America (but not confined to), plates will include FBI, CIA and variants of PD, police departments. The list of Acronyms that can be used is endless simply because the harassment system can incorporate anything that it wishes to construct a “theme” around a target.

It does this through an artificial intelligence system that is already operative 24/7. It is much like a hive that is ordered but to create the “theme” specific members of the hive will be called upon “on demand.” This brings the un-ordered theme into an ordered sequence of events.

The AI system gathers enough intelligence on the target to pre-plan events. Considering how quick the system is, the plan is delivered by text message or though more sophisticated means where their is more participation required.

Particularly in street theatre, perpetrators many have to learn mannerisms, ways of dressing, coping the actions in videos or anything that is personal to the target.

This can be delivered by instructional video typically a cloud server that is access (read only) and will not be stored on the perpetrators phone for evidence purposes.

In respects to individual targeting, the events are always observed, studied and researched, looking at reactions, reaction times and other aspects of interest.




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