Gangstalking Techniques: Transport and Social manipulation.

Having looked at some of the coded methods used in psychological manipulation on transport, this blog looks at how it is incorporated into real-time operations,

How perps are able to reflect coincidence effectively in realtime.

The nature of how perps use the tactic of indirect language/sound on transport is a curious subject making its way into TI communities. It is also a looking glass into how effective this tech is and how it relates to mass mind manipulation.

Transport Gaslighting.

For a majority of the planned events, most are used in co ordination with street perps using street theatre. Transport used in operations generally tend to use fixed plates and certain advertising that is paid for by the government to be used in specific areas at certain times. Therefore this does not require complicated technology, only a presence.

Technologies used in Real-time.

One specific technology used on certain vehicles that exists isn’t to far removed from fiction. It is found in the film Goldfinger on the famous Aston Martin used by James Bond.

The DB9 uses a turn style number plate system which can interchange three different number plates within a barrel. Albeit a primitive design needing an extension to house the interchanger, it is not something we see on modern car designs.

The deceptive principles of this tech are not that difficult to achieve today considering the vast leaps in technology and it is likely to have been around for sometime when prototypes were being developed and tested. Certain perp issue plates are electronic display devices that can change to adapt to changing situations using the data file on the target. These plates are linked into an onboard computer that connects wirelessly to the mainframe computer. Naturally these plates cannot be changed on the roads in front of the public and normally have to be done out of sight using perps from outside the area.

Otherwise, local perps use a broad range of plates that are used for sensitization techniques. Generally they are non-specific. Examples of these are plates that incorporate 666, 999, 911, MI5, MI6 etc.

For more directed attention to the target the plates used can be changed if needed but if a target is a resident to one area these plates are not often changed but make up a series of aspects suited to the targets life.

A change of plate can sometimes be an issued order from perp controllers. A perp is either given money to buy a new car, ordered a new custom plate or is given a new car directly.

However as some targets know, the reflection of personal information can at times be too accurate to be possible using co-ordinated operations. Some of these events are planned well in advance and are practised on the roads before a target even goes near an area.

Therefore, electronic plates are sometimes used to fill the gaps. They will look exactly like standard plates, almost unidentifiable. They can be detached where some will be wireless and others with a small wire connection linking straight into the cars computer.

These vehicles will normally be introduced onto routes from quiet lay-bys, usually estimating the ETA of the target and adapting as necessary. In specific areas, perps need transport in numbers in order to subtlety manipulate traffic situations in order to get perps into position. This of course means controlling the speed of unassuming drivers. With the use of intelligence, civilians using predictable routes can also be shadowed to draw attention to plates and advertising if needed.

Civilians using registered plates sit on a database that is analysed in real-time on our roads using onboard mobile devices. If these devices are off or not present, then traffic cameras and satellite act as the eye to fill in what it can’t track.

How manipulative and accurate is this technology?

Staggering. Even to those unaware, traffic can be manipulated to very high efficiency around one or multiple targets. It can also control movement to isolate targets from those they know or bring them together if needed.

However this requires deep study of the targets actions, reactions and movements.

In terms of transport manipulation, this still categories under social manipulation where mobile devices can be used as prompts to control and time a multitude of individuals at any given time. This includes distancing Ti away from each other or introducing individuals that are subject to study.

Psychological control usually emanates from mobile devices depending on the nature of what the target is looking at during the day, through to the conversations they have. The subject matter or suggestion is usually a subconscious trigger where as previous events of the targets day to day lives are used as diversions or to other purpose.

Engineered coincidence.

Transport is also used by perps to highlight coincidence to targets whom are stationary, usually when at home. The “Newsfeed”, a function found in Facebook which generates random articles is one example of a linked process in the harassment program, as well as the functions in apps and programs.

If a target is to flick through their newsfeed, a series of co-ordinated events can be used to highlight sensitivity to specific articles. The program will select an article to show in the newsfeed while streaming downwards, one which has not been shown. A perp transport, normally one which is doing a circuit with others will travel past the house of the target. The program will then synchronize with the perp car computer to time its actions with sometimes distinct accuracy.

Sometimes perps need transport close to the targets address in order to arrive at the passing point in time.

Facebook is essentially the public view of the target against the information data harvested from search engines, advertised back at the user. This is exactly the same why community harassment works. It mimics the actions of internet social networking and data mining.


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