There’s Something about Mary: Modern Stalking and Technology in film.

I am not a person whom likes to compare the TI experience to films, no-matter how true to life they can be but there is one film that stands out as a perfect example of how psychological manipulation can be achieved using standard electronic equipment.

The film ‘Theres something about Mary’ released in 1998 makes a major Faux Pas in terms of what is happening to targets today. It also personifies the entire problems of modern day hacking and survellience.

The film centres around two significant issues. Stalking and illegal survellience. By todays standards the equipment seen in the film is quite primative but observed to be exceptionally effective. The types of equipment seen in the film are real and is still used for spying by the intelligence services, police and private investigators. A majority of it can be legally purchased from the internet if one was so inclined.

Useless you have access to bug detectors or devices that can detect long range scanning equipment, then the techniques used by the investigator in the film are just as effective at psychologically manipulating a person today as they were then. Interestingily, the films central charater Mary (Cameron Diaz) and her roommate both have access to survellience equipment themselves, yet is still manipulated. Her stalker is always one step ahead. The irony the irony that another of Marys stalkers Tucker (Lee Evans) is the only person whom makes her aware of that the person she is dating Healy (Matt Dillon), isnt who he says he is.

‘There’s Something about Mary’ was released at a time before the arrival of social media, smart phones and the AI that can be found on them. More primative survellience can perhaps play a more important role than modern tech.

The most obvious is coincidence which can be observed when Mary mets Healy, the private eye sent to track her down by her childhood sweetheart Ted (Ben Stiller). Healy whom whom instantly falls in love with Mary uses survellience equipment in close proximity to her property to detail as much of her life as possible before introducing himself. Their first encounter sees Healy attempting to appeal to Marys personal interests and passions of which in reality, they are of polar opposites. This works at attracting Marys attention which was otherwise dismissed by her first impressions.

The second is that modern tech leaves a digital footprint which has the potential to be tracked thus leaves more of a chance of locating the source of hackers which could be all means have access to ones audio and camera at any given time, should the device be comprimised. In the film, it is mobiles and land lines that are tapped using long range scanners. Otherwise, the charaters do not have a real-time visual view through cameras which were not found on mobiles in 1998. Most mobile calls being monitored in the late 90’s were logged by telephone number by intelligence services and some TIs were used to test future systems separate to that of law enforcement. Those that would be involved would be classed a special-ops.

The third is that it is now common knowledge that internet companies extract our data. It is by all means legal should you agree to the terms and conditions. Proving if that information has been used illegally is exceptionally difficult considering that it could be anywhere in the world, but there is always the likelyhood that it can be traced through error. Considering hacking groups and whistleblowers are now commonplace, the threat to those which conduct illegal survellience is much higher. Therefore, non-internet connective devices are less likely to be traced and a sign that pre-internet technology has some major advantages in effective harassment campaigns.


Modern Stalking.

As I have maintained, the majority of tactics used by perpatrators within the community are not all state sponsored spies but are in fact just common criminals. However, they can sell this information on to intelligence agencies without realising it which adds to a complex problem of how many sources are active on one person at a time.

Individuals whom spy illegally are exceptional useful to intelligence agenices. They are people whom are marked in the system as criminals but are allowed to continue what they do because of what they do.

This does not mean that targets are not exposed to real-time observations by intelligence agencies but it more the fact they have to be distanced as far as possible from illegal activity that could comprimise operations that they undertake on everyone through digital extraction. This makes criminals in society far easier to manipulate than before and thus can be brought into the harassment programs.

Main operatives employed by intelligence agencies are ones that tend to reflect more real-time coincidences, that is information leaving your digital devices as quick as you could be having a phone conversation with someone you know. Secondary operatives (Criminals/vigilantes) are used as counter measures where illegal survellience is at threat of being exposed. These individuals are of course more at risk of imprisonment and blackmail simply because their activities were or are not state sponsored. However, they are used more often than intellience agencies because again, through law, these activities, if it ever went to court, could be blamed on citizen crime rather than the state.

In terms of the Syndicates which employs perpatrators is another aspect altogether and are normally intergrated inbetween law enforcement, state sponsored spies and controlled organised crime. These individuals work for companies concerned with deeper aspects of projects that involved artifical intelligence and development of weapons/drones/android/machine tech. They are not all computer specialists, but have been identified as possessing qualities that the company requires and not always to do with their moral backgrounds.




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UK Codes of Vehicle Harassment

Over the years I have observed how perpetrators have incorporated a form of psychopathy into the representation of data that mirrors targets. Most harassment conducted in vehicles is designed to blend in with other traffic and considering how it is performed, it is difficult to spot but it is present around targets and others in frequency.

The most obvious signs of vehicle harassment is found in the the registration plate as it is the most attention drawing of a vehicle next to advertising.

Typically, a perpetrator needs to get the attention of the target and a number of options are used in order to do so. The first is a private plate which can be more direct with a message. Advertising can also be used.

Vehicle matching

Perpetrators use a tactic which involves using transport known to the target. These could be cars owned by family or friends even those owned by ex-partners or work colleagues and so on. Normally the pattern incorporates a few of these cars with reg plates that can reflect aspects of the targets life.

The most obvious reflection is that of the targets mode of transport but this can depend on the circumstance.

Colour matching

Colour matching is the tactic is one that is the most stigmatised in gangstalking. It is known as the “red car” tactic. There is already a description of this in a previous blog.

The types of reg plates used by operatives sometimes depend on the person and what they notice. What they notice is dependant on their circumstances, however, this does not mean operatives will not attempt to introduce new codes to gain the targets attention.

Common Harassment Reg Plates

Many of the plates mentioned are very common on our roads, some less so simply because of their implications.

Emergency Services:




MI1 to MI9. MI5 most common.

Law Enforcement

DI or represented as 49: Detective Inspector

PC OR P3: Police officer

Public services.

GOV/70V/V07: Government

PIP: Personal Independence Payment

ESA: Employment Support Allowance

DWP: Department of Work and Pensions

CAB: Citizens Advice Bureau (Played upon a lot. It is also code for Taxi drivers or firms that provide information in exchange for money.)

UBR: Uber

Health Services and Mental Health References:

MH or MHS (mental health services)

ECT: Electro-convulsive Therapy

NHS: National Health Services

References to name of individuals/employees involved in care. Normally shortened to fit in the last three letter spaces of the reg plate. Commonly used after appointments or contact with health services.

WRD (Ward) Has used as a threat and injunction with a number of tactics. This one has been tested recently and has incorporated companies with the word ‘Ward’. One particular vehicle gained attention by undertaking on a motorway.


LSD: Most commonly used. This is sometimes used to gain the attention of the target to more specific details of what is around them. In regards to synthetically induced mental manipulation, the tactics deployed are carefully presented in a way to induce a variety of emotional states, sometimes subconsciously. These are normally done as a well co-ordinated effort of many pre-planned factors. To a target whom is not knowledgeable to the tactics, one can experience severe emotional states and assume they themselves are not well. These can also incorporate a wide variety of street theatre and orchestrated actions designed to cause the target to make mistakes.

In these situations, an attempt at causing a collision can be very much predicted in most situations. Most times out of all, these tactics are abandoned for a while so to avoid drawing to much attention to operatives.

XTC: Ecstasy. (Can also mean ex-stasi/former operative turned TI or retired.)

MED: Medication

Secret Societies/Religious/Occult Reference:

666: Commonly reported on plates and not always perp activity.

AC or 13: Aleister Crowley/ Witch Coven

OTO: Ordo Templi Orientis. An international fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss.

AA: A∴A∴ Thelema (Aleister Crowley)

33: Masonic degree

G: Freemasonry/Geometry. Normally seen as G*** ***

I (i): Eye or aye (acknowledgement). Can also represent the All Seeing Eye.

Body and Physical:

BCK (Back)
HED (Head)
TOE (Tow)
BLO (Blow)



911: September 11th Attacks 2001

TI: Targeted Individual. Very commonly represented as TI** *** on standard plates.

ATS: Above Top Secret (website)

JFK: John F Kennedy

CBH: Community Based Harassment

Internet and Technology:

AI/19: Artificial Intelligence

PC/ITL/AM: Personal Computer (not commonly used due to confliction)

HD/84: Hard drive/High Definition

ATT: AT&T. Can also act as a broad term for mobile networks.

Colour Orange: Previously used to represent the Orange mobile network in the United Kingdom. Now know as EE (55)

AOL: America online

NTL: Still used today to represent the internet provider Virgin Media.

BT: British Telecom

Media and Television


BBC/223 or combination: British Broadcasting Co-operation


C*** OCK




British Year Plate Uses:

C: See
V: Hand gesture
U: You

CU: See you or You See. UC will be CU and code will be back. For example


CU91 MSI: Is MI9 you see.


CU can be followed by initials of the target if in range.

CU11: AA
CU12: AB
CU13: AC

All the way to:

CU99: II

Otherwise initials from j to z are covered in the last three lettered spaces as well as A to I.

Sexual References:

69: Sexual reference or star sign of Pisces

71Y: Gay/Homosexual

FKG: Fucking

OS: Oral Sex

BJ: Blow-job

Hand signals and gestures.

Know or knows: Rubs nose.
Here or to hear: Touches ear
I: Touches eye.

Pyramid: Driver rests arms on wheel to meet hands in middle.




Road maintenance:

Road maintenance signs can be used in a variety of ways, some quite creatively.


This method of harassment is normally used in an area where motorways are close to the target. This creative targeting is designed to make the target think about what the sign is implying.

The foremost is that the sign implies a warning to other operatives that the TI is ahead of them. However, this is only used as a confusion tactic and it is normally incorporated where a TI begins to analyse the systems of harassment. It is meant to take the targets mind of the real technology being used in order to control and manipulate traffic around the target and others.

Mobile works indicated by arrow.

Used on the inside lane when driver is passing. The reference here implied that illegal extraction of data mining and real-time surveillance works in terms of control.

In all, there are simply to many ways in which the combination of creative harassment can be used on targets to list. However, this list provides some of the basic codes that can be found.




Thoughts on Dr. Katherine Horton (stop007), Vice and Online Shilling techniques used against TIs.

Electroweak interactions and corruption psychopathy systems?

Behind every bit disinformation there is a purpose. Besides the obvious aspects of false information there is an area of modern conspiracy theory, one that can be also pigeon holed under “fake news” that has a purpose other than to make money or lead people away from the truth.

Dr. Katherine Horton (stop007) and her Associates

Dr Katherine Horton is an alleged TI whom is most noted for her you tube videos where she is seen sitting in front of aluminium foil sheeting. She also displays the use of a Faraday cage in order to block out frequencies that she claims the intelligence agencies using to bombard her with harmful radiation in order to slowly kill her rather than outright.

One of her videos shows her demonstrating an device which detects electromagnetic radiation within the  Faraday cage and most recently, methods of detecting implants with bug detecting devices.

The most interesting aspects about Dr Horton are her background.

Dr Horton states her professional work was geared towards psychology within human systems. The system in which she goes into the most detail is that of Psychopathy in organised corporate systems. She parallels this phenomena to that of individuals whom control in the pecking order of businesses and goes into great detail in order to explain how it works. She also compares this system to gangstalking/organised harassment.

Whilst this information has credibility, there is a major aspect of her background that seems to impose the assumption that she has exceptional knowledge about the technology being used against her.

A majority of surveillance technology and electronic arms are normally sold at specific expos around the world for the interests of law enforcement and the military. The …… expo held every year at Paris is the main event where tech companies come together in order to promote these types of technology.

This has no connection to CERN or Universities in or out of the UK other than research that is bought by outside sources for development. How Dr. Horton is able to portray her claims with credibility is more or less speculation through the use of deduction.

Most whom follow my wordpress and twitter with interest know that I am an advocate of self deduction. Especially when it come to organised harassment, one which is exceptional difficult to prove, I have always held that TIs should test what is happening to them in order to derive logic from the situation.

It is interesting that before Dr. Horton was even know of, I had written about the aspect of scientific principles of experiment, how they relate to harassment techniques and how they reverse themselves when the tactics are mirrored back, thus cancelling themselves.

Detection of Implants

Unfortunately, the only true test of discovering if you have an implant is to have an MRI scan certainly for the purpose of evidence. Therefore advocating the use of a bug detection device in order to isolate implants comes with quite a price tag, especially when all you have to go by is a sound emitter. If a doctor is willing enough to take your claim seriously to issue a scan, then the legitimacy of the detection device shall be revealed in relation to where it is observed to be. Therefore it is advisable to avoid spending a lot of money on something that could otherwise be detected with something that can see inside your body and to avoid ridicule from others whom will almost instantly judge you to be mentally ill, despite the reality of modern technology.

The Power of Deduction

The process of deduction and elimination is one a TI should never shy away from. This can help you as a person to remove assumptions that maybe being pushed by persons on the internet with the intension to mislead you. You may not experience the same things as others. You may have no history of mental illness nor any symptoms of hearing voices or indications of technology harassment.

From experience, those whom are the most resistant to manipulation are either those whom do not use much technology or non-at all. It is because they are not linked into the system like others are. Those whom carry a mobile, especially a modern one with cameras are almost certainly helping the system of indirect surveillance (not aware that their phone is spying on others as well as themselves).

In fact, when raising the point about psychological manipulation induced by Googles deep mind technologies in conversation with Dr. Horton, she very much brushed of the prospect with no concern.

However, Dr. Horton has no hesitation in portraying more extreme forms of persecution under the perception that she is being slow killed by directed energy weapons deployed by the intelligence agencies. Despite being willing enough to go on the internet, she is not willing enough to gain a single piece of evidence of harassment from the outside world which by all accounts is what a majority of TIs show is the biggest threat to harassment operations. If anything this would help strengthen her case.

Fact vs Fiction

A majority of the time, Dr Horton sits in a Faraday cage whilst also engulfing herself in aluminium foil. It is claimed that this helps shield herself from directed energy weapons. This is laughable from a scientific point of view and not because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

The Faraday Cage was designed to block out electromagnetic radiation whilst aluminium is used as shielding in electrical wiring in order to block out interferece. Therefore, to a reasonable degree there is some legitimacy in the use of tin foil.

Unfortunately, a Faraday cage as well as tin-foil can only block out specific frequencies and those frequencies depend on the type of protective netting or type of foil used. Therefore, the other frequencies that are not being blocked will pass through the cage. Dr Horton actually demonstrates this contradiction within one of her videos where she uses a Geiger counter in order to detect the signals as they continue to pass through her shield.

If somewhat ironic, the tin foil hat stigma is more or less a mockery of its low effectiveness rather than it doesn’t work at all.

Dr. Horton claimed that if she did not have this shielding she would have been dead. Then what would be the point of making these videos? Shouldn’t all other TIs be dead? This is a very strange scenario.

Coincidence: Dr Horton and the Heirarchy System

Dr Hortons attitude of assumed authority is another reason which leads me to suspect elements of shilling techniques.

In her most recent video SOS 8 – Evidence Collection (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) she states that if a person claims they are being electronically harassed and does not look ill or gaunt then it is likely that they are a perpetrator. Before this, she points to her face and makes a fleeting comment about “symmetry” as if to make the term sound an important part of how direct energy weapons are making her look ill. What symmetry has to do with this is anyones guess but seems clear that Dr Horton does not pay much attention to her pseudo-science. Dr Horton herself does not look ill other than looking like she needs sleep. Otherwise, she looks healthy. For a majority of her videos she looks well enough to present broadcasts in great detail and some without the protection of her cage.

Dr Horton presents herself as a person whom has authority within the TI community with an assumed her position to state what makes a TI or not. This is helped along by the presence of apparent “whistle-blowers”.

Lockheed Martin

In one video, Dr Horton and her sources claimed that the company Lockheed Martin were the company responsible for illegally targeting and experimenting on civilians. Although there is some legitimacy in this, what was overlooked is the glaringly obvious link to one of the biggest names in space exploration, NASA. Lockheed Martin have been the primary contractor to NASA for many years, delivering some of the most complex technology available.

As I had I covered in some Tweets, I had stated that NASA were responsible for some targeted experiments. Targeting of individuals has some individual qualities that parallel space exploration. Those are:

  • Isolation

  • High levels of Stress

  • Radiation Exposure

  • The use of digital communication

  • Repetitive scenarios

  • Medication

All of these promote self developed problem solving skills, hyper awareness and resilience to extreme psychological conditions. Albeit these conditions do not replicate the physical conditions. However, what is interesting is the advancements in technology which suggest that future space exploration is going to include AI and AI interaction.

Other observations of Shilling

Considering Dr. Horton has produced very lengthy and detailed videos about psychopathy in corporate systems, I’m sure she would have been careful enough to avoid slipping into the trap of sounding a hypocrite when discussing the pecking order of systematic torture. As far as shilling is concerned the whole scenario of her angle of what it is to be targeted, is surrounded by very sloppy and lazy inaccuracies which only shows she is a victim of her own self organised hypocrisy.

To others around the world whom might be watching, especially individuals whom suspect they are targets, this information is not presenting empowerment to others. In fact is presenting the opposite that of self absorption and that of subtly gearing the viewer towards her point of view and encouraging the viewer to spend a lot of money of bug detection devices and the like. None of these things are cheap and in terms of financially ruining targets seems a fitting tactic of indirect extortion and time wasting.

Around the time Dr Horton appeared, I had been messaged a number of times by a person on Twitter whom had attacked me based on the grounds that I could not be a TI because I did not use a Faraday cage. This is perhaps the funniest trolling I have experienced. TIs are somehow expected to acquire a Faraday cage or at least go along with a shills idea of that direct energy weapons are the primary source of harassment. The person behind this account also had something to sell, a book which was apparently all about their TI experience.

Compared to other TIs, almost all of Dr Hortons videos are conducted from home. A majority of TIs whom report harassment tend to incorporating observations of real-time harassment that can be seen, involving perpetrators, some of which are approached and confronted.

Of two of the most startling videos can be found are those posted by Nappy Head Roots (California) and Andrea Damask (Romania). Although, I have reservations about the legitimacy of their accounts, there are hints of genuine Stasi-esq tactics, ones which are used on myself.

Dopplegangers and the Art of Discrediting.

Not so long back, I wrote an article about Dopplegangers and how they are sometimes used to mirror the target. In terms of my experience, Dr Katherine Horton is a doppleganger of a perpatrator I came into contact with between 2009-2012. This person was also highly educated. So, this was quite a surprise indeed and more so because Dr. Horton had arrived on the scene not long after I wrote the article.

It would seem that perpatrators are working on highly creative ways of trying to discredit their own techniques by in fact using their own tactics in their own videos.

In terms of TI information, there seemed to be a bit of a race to force feedback the information I was drafting in wordpress. Bits of information I wrote seemed to be appearing in a different context elsewhere on the internet, be it facebook, the news or even in some advertising. The psychology of this was most fasinating. It was if there was a collabatorive effort to put me off writing the article and that the use of TI shilling was an indication that I should give up. I found this quite amusing and proved to me that this technology cannot read minds like it is assumed to. I was able to ignore these tactics and produce other information to counter what was happening.

CERN and Bio-Chemistry

Having talked briefly with Dr Horton on Twitter, I questioned what work she conducted at CERN. As most know, CERN is not a university as such. It is primarily geared towards particle physics by smashing atoms in order to understand their structure. To my knowledge, CERN does not have a department of Psychology.

 This may sound a bizarre concept but the bio-physical relationship of thought might be deeply connected to aspects of “telepathy”, a subject which is of great concern not only within the TI community but the whole world in term of technological advancement.

What does this mean?

Scientists have been attempting to understand and explain the origin of the “soul”  for sometime. So far the methods of attempting a gateway to the other side have involved the use of electronic scanning technology to isolate thoughts within the mind. This can also be labelled as “mind hacking.” I shall go on to explain how this relates to the gangstalking program.

Whilst under observation, visual and audible stimulus is used in order to prompt the brain to respond. In order to extract thoughts, the brain needs to be scanned in a way that neural pathways can be mapped. This means that one solitary memory can be isolated down to one neural pathway thus, this pathway can be activated under prompted command. The only way to see if it has been activated is through scanning the brain. So this neural pathway will light up like a beacon in the same place.

The problem for scientists is identifying areas of the brain which involve thought processes, that is, what you are thinking against what you remember. That again involves stimulus. It is also why the gangstalking program is likened to an extraction program akin to that of torture. The response you give will activate neural pathways which may allow an insight into your mind. This is where the trick of “mind reading” can be identified.

Normally, a concerted effort undertaken by Gangstalkers is usually issued out under the disguise of “organised harassment” or local community law enforcement.

It is however issued under experiment from CERN that links into supercomputers of the western world that are in charge of real-time observations of society. You could think of this as CERN represents the data crunching and project management of external operations. Once this information is processed, the slave computers are updated with new algorithms and projects.

Within the organic world of our minds is the quantum world and in terms of bio-physics, this is where things get weirder. Because we are made up of quanta, neurons and every single connection in our minds is linked to the infinitesimally small including quarks.

It is this realm of physics that scientists are most interested in. Therefore the influence of thoughts are just as important within the quantum world as they are in the larger world. This means that scientists are likely to be studying the link to thought patterns and quantum exchange.

How does this relate to Dr. Katherine Horton?

This again maybe extremely bizarre, but Dr. Horton might actually be a scientist whom is directly interacting and data analysing her subjects (human experiments) for the purpose of studying social interaction within the TI community. Therefore is could be true that she is whom she says she is except the point is to study and map the data across the web of those whom are targeted whilst using herself as a gineau pig.

Therefore to ease the blow, Dr Horton incorporates half truths and real aspects of gangstalking in order to draw in a number of responses for study.

Whilst I speculate this, if anything the stop007 project is one TIs should be highly cautious of in terms of the nature of the background of Dr. Horton.

TIs responses on the internet will like everything else be studied and will be used in ways to discredit individuals in the most calculated of ways. If you can appreciate that recently, more Tis are beginning to speak out, then a counter operation can be expected.

My Twitter account is rarely directed trolled and if it is, it is normally done discretely via private messaging. Over nearly a year and a half I have noticed patterns which suggest that there are efforts underway to dupe and extract information off of Tis.

Of one notable operation was that of the media agency Vice whom had been data analysing Twitter from around February to the point their report on targeted individuals was released. The Vice article about Tis contained some very interesting research that mirrored some very brief things I had mentioned amongst the majority of other TI information.

The Vice online video documentary which followed, featured Dr. Katherine Horton in the opening credits (to no surprise), most likely because the stigma of the tin foil hat joke.

As a matter of bias an editorial psychology, this was a classic case of planting a seed from the start and obviously a video I myself was never going to take seriously. Having blogged about Kerion Lee Perrin (whom was featured in the documentary) the year before having found one of his videos online, I was unsure to his credibility. Yes, tracking devices can be used and I do not doubt for a moment that the technology available to insert implants that can read our responses exists.

However, I personally have loose ties to Vice as one of their headquarters was located not far from a place that I worked as well as the local newspaper whom along with neighbouring organisations, actively participate in the program. My personal relationships at the time also had a lot of ties to these organisations and experienced very high levels of systematic harassment. Considering that a person assioiated with program has been coincidential mirrored as a doppleganger, I’d say that this has been a long planned event and it has gone exceptionally wrong.

As much as Keiron Lee Perrin has some startling information, I am of the opinion he is a shill and in fact anyone who has anything to do with Vice.

Vice it seems have been asked to take on a big challenge. That is to work out a way to discredit the targeted individual community simply because us, the targets are simply causing to many problems.

Who is mind controlled?

Many TIs do not realise that despite what they are subjected to, they are not mind controlled, regardless of if implants are used. They are in fact resisting it. Otherwise they would not be talking about it. What they are observing is a mind control program around them that is not working.

The only logical reason for this is very easy to point out.

Shills attempt to draw attention away from harassment operations on civilians, ones which many TIs know is what intelligence agencies do not want you filming for evidence.

Dr Hortons seems to be driven towards a message that TIs should isolate themselves rather than empowering themselves in order to live their lives.

From my point of view I hope to be wrong about Dr. Horton but I am afraid that the signs of a hierarchy developing within the TI community alongside shills might look to destroy the information people bring to the world via the internet.

However, with the realities of surveillance laws and hacking, none of these shills seem likely to succeed. Not all people are stupid enough to believe the bullshit. The fact the media had to develop a very disparaging documentary to ridicule something that is deeply intertwined with the medias own reporting on related subjects, only goes to show how far they prepared to go to keep this under lock and key.

Paranoid Schizophrenic or not. We are all being watched.