UK Codes of Vehicle Harassment

Over the years I have observed how perpetrators have incorporated a form of psychopathy into the representation of data that mirrors targets. Most harassment conducted in vehicles is designed to blend in with other traffic and considering how it is performed, it is difficult to spot but it is present around targets and others in frequency.

The most obvious signs of vehicle harassment is found in the the registration plate as it is the most attention drawing of a vehicle next to advertising.

Typically, a perpetrator needs to get the attention of the target and a number of options are used in order to do so. The first is a private plate which can be more direct with a message. Advertising can also be used.

Vehicle matching

Perpetrators use a tactic which involves using transport known to the target. These could be cars owned by family or friends even those owned by ex-partners or work colleagues and so on. Normally the pattern incorporates a few of these cars with reg plates that can reflect aspects of the targets life.

The most obvious reflection is that of the targets mode of transport but this can depend on the circumstance.

Colour matching

Colour matching is the tactic is one that is the most stigmatised in gangstalking. It is known as the “red car” tactic. There is already a description of this in a previous blog.

The types of reg plates used by operatives sometimes depend on the person and what they notice. What they notice is dependant on their circumstances, however, this does not mean operatives will not attempt to introduce new codes to gain the targets attention.

Common Harassment Reg Plates

Many of the plates mentioned are very common on our roads, some less so simply because of their implications.

Emergency Services:




MI1 to MI9. MI5 most common.

Law Enforcement

DI or represented as 49: Detective Inspector

PC OR P3: Police officer

Public services.

GOV/70V/V07: Government

PIP: Personal Independence Payment

ESA: Employment Support Allowance

DWP: Department of Work and Pensions

CAB: Citizens Advice Bureau (Played upon a lot. It is also code for Taxi drivers or firms that provide information in exchange for money.)

UBR: Uber

Health Services and Mental Health References:

MH or MHS (mental health services)

ECT: Electro-convulsive Therapy

NHS: National Health Services

References to name of individuals/employees involved in care. Normally shortened to fit in the last three letter spaces of the reg plate. Commonly used after appointments or contact with health services.

WRD (Ward) Has used as a threat and injunction with a number of tactics. This one has been tested recently and has incorporated companies with the word ‘Ward’. One particular vehicle gained attention by undertaking on a motorway.


LSD: Most commonly used. This is sometimes used to gain the attention of the target to more specific details of what is around them. In regards to synthetically induced mental manipulation, the tactics deployed are carefully presented in a way to induce a variety of emotional states, sometimes subconsciously. These are normally done as a well co-ordinated effort of many pre-planned factors. To a target whom is not knowledgeable to the tactics, one can experience severe emotional states and assume they themselves are not well. These can also incorporate a wide variety of street theatre and orchestrated actions designed to cause the target to make mistakes.

In these situations, an attempt at causing a collision can be very much predicted in most situations. Most times out of all, these tactics are abandoned for a while so to avoid drawing to much attention to operatives.

XTC: Ecstasy. (Can also mean ex-stasi/former operative turned TI or retired.)

MED: Medication

Secret Societies/Religious/Occult Reference:

666: Commonly reported on plates and not always perp activity.

AC or 13: Aleister Crowley/ Witch Coven

OTO: Ordo Templi Orientis. An international fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss.

AA: A∴A∴ Thelema (Aleister Crowley)

33: Masonic degree

G: Freemasonry/Geometry. Normally seen as G*** ***

I (i): Eye or aye (acknowledgement). Can also represent the All Seeing Eye.

Body and Physical:

BCK (Back)
HED (Head)
TOE (Tow)
BLO (Blow)



911: September 11th Attacks 2001

TI: Targeted Individual. Very commonly represented as TI** *** on standard plates.

ATS: Above Top Secret (website)

JFK: John F Kennedy

CBH: Community Based Harassment

Internet and Technology:

AI/19: Artificial Intelligence

PC/ITL/AM: Personal Computer (not commonly used due to confliction)

HD/84: Hard drive/High Definition

ATT: AT&T. Can also act as a broad term for mobile networks.

Colour Orange: Previously used to represent the Orange mobile network in the United Kingdom. Now know as EE (55)

AOL: America online

NTL: Still used today to represent the internet provider Virgin Media.

BT: British Telecom

Media and Television


BBC/223 or combination: British Broadcasting Co-operation


C*** OCK




British Year Plate Uses:

C: See
V: Hand gesture
U: You

CU: See you or You See. UC will be CU and code will be back. For example


CU91 MSI: Is MI9 you see.


CU can be followed by initials of the target if in range.

CU11: AA
CU12: AB
CU13: AC

All the way to:

CU99: II

Otherwise initials from j to z are covered in the last three lettered spaces as well as A to I.

Sexual References:

69: Sexual reference or star sign of Pisces

71Y: Gay/Homosexual

FKG: Fucking

OS: Oral Sex

BJ: Blow-job

Hand signals and gestures.

Know or knows: Rubs nose.
Here or to hear: Touches ear
I: Touches eye.

Pyramid: Driver rests arms on wheel to meet hands in middle.




Road maintenance:

Road maintenance signs can be used in a variety of ways, some quite creatively.


This method of harassment is normally used in an area where motorways are close to the target. This creative targeting is designed to make the target think about what the sign is implying.

The foremost is that the sign implies a warning to other operatives that the TI is ahead of them. However, this is only used as a confusion tactic and it is normally incorporated where a TI begins to analyse the systems of harassment. It is meant to take the targets mind of the real technology being used in order to control and manipulate traffic around the target and others.

Mobile works indicated by arrow.

Used on the inside lane when driver is passing. The reference here implied that illegal extraction of data mining and real-time surveillance works in terms of control.

In all, there are simply to many ways in which the combination of creative harassment can be used on targets to list. However, this list provides some of the basic codes that can be found.





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