For my readers…..

Here is a list for my readers of the top ten most viewed blogs on this site since gangstalkinginfo wordpress started almost a year and a half ago. Thank you for your support and time.

Corrosioninfo: Most viewed Blog Posts

  1. The Divinity of Gold: Cern and other Wormholes.

  2. The Occult and Gangstalking Series. Part 1

  3. Occult and Gangstalking Series Part 2

  4. Deconstructing Gangstalking: What Gangstalking is, how is it conducted and scientific principles.

  5. GB Wills: The Illegal UK Register of Targeted Individuals

  6. Community Based Harassment: Targeted Individuals and the Legal System

  7. The Target

  8. In Response to Tamil Vendhan (Twitter conversation)

  9. The Eye Thanks. An experience of Gangstalker Extraction AI Tech. November 2015.

  10. Thoughts on Max Spiers


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