Operatives and special projects

In this blog I wish to disclose some information about special operatives.

Where I grew up, people my own age were drafted in to special projects through the schooling systems in the 80’s. What this means is, there is a network that operates in the schooling systems today and has done so since the 80’s. As I have covered in a previous blog, children who are from families with intelligence backgrounds will be automatically involved in participating in community spying.

A person whom I am aquinated with introduced me to one of his work friends back in the late 90’s. A trait they both shared was a love for music. The person I meet had walls of copied Cassettes, CDs, DVDS and so on which easily constituted as a small library. This was at a time where illegal downloading online was much easier than it is today.

A lot of operatives I know have a deep obsession with music. I myself love music but in the respect I am talking about, I have learned quite a few things about why some operatives keep large collections of music, so large that it would be un-nessessary.

These types of operatives are involved in studying the psychological effects of music on targets and the general public. These experiments have been conducted for many years using many thousands of studies in various places around the world. Some have been conducted in public places such as places of business since the introduction of background music in …. but there also been many other experiments that have been conducted in places you would not expect.

Contrary to what people know, MK Ultra victims can live a relatively normal life by appearance yet are mentally controlled within an ever changing experiment. So it means that people whom might seem to be popular or in places of society that might indicate that they are in a position of power matters not. It is widely known that even celebrities can be programmed and why MK Ultra is talked about a lot in the film industry.

Operatives chosen for music studies will listen to anything. Ranging from the most extreme kinds of music you can find right back to the most primitive of music beginnings. Because a majority of music is interpretive, analysts have been used to observe the psychological influence of lyrics right down to the effects of sound, rhythm and so forth in order to develop protocols.

Music is used often in harassment operations under many different guises with the intent to influence the feelings within a target. Under some torture conditions, music has been used in ways to extract information. In organised harassment, it can range from external methods such as low bass rhythms emanating from cars that pass a house, to vocal linguistics. All these are developed using manipulation of the languages, auditory and visual phenomena which are practised by street theatre groups involved in harassment.

Music has an enormous influence over our lives that it can shape how we feel. It can make us feel sad, happy even angry. It is therefore why the music business is almost certainly dominated by a system designed to control nations through the use of advertising.

Some MK Ultras can be found in the music business and many do not know that they are victims.

This is such a closely knit operation operative musicians themselves can incorporate an MK Ultra into a band. This is a little bit like an Occult operation of incorporating the enemy into the system. Therefore, this is something commonly seen in more extreme forms of music.

A classic MK Ultra example seen in front of the whole world was that of Sid Barrett of Pink Floyd. Despite Sid once being the frontman of one of the biggest bands of all time, he was also subjected to LSD mind control to the point he eventually became mentally ill.

Pink Floyd are almost exclusively associated with LSD, most notably the 1974 album Dark Side Of The Moon as their origins were bred from the drug cultures of that time. After the departure of Barrett in the early 70’s, he was often referenced in lyrics written by the surviving band members.

MK Ultras are sometimes used as examples or foundations for their music and psychological studies, meaning there is nothing to stop them controlling them within the band itself.

This is very akin to the premise of the 1975 film The Wicker Man where the main character is drawn to a situation that has already been pre-planned, therefore running the maze. In the music industry, it does not matter what area of the stage they occupy, from singer to drummer, any member could be the subject of abuse control.

Therefore, where it is assumed that this kind of mind control abuse only happens in extreme types of music, when in fact it applies to every area, especially popular music which is far easier to advertise to the public.

A majority of the music industry that exists today is a fully fledged operation that now works in-co-operation with the mass media control network. It is why music psychologist that have submitted their work over many years have contributed towards predictive programming and Mind Coercion.

Mind Coercion is a phrase not often covered in information that exists about mass mind control but it is one aspect of digital persuasion that exists on the internet. It can be observed by anyone who uses technology, especially that which has control newsfeeds and so on. In fact, it is the part of organised harassment that is least understood and why those whom wake from programming become at risk of serious mental health problems because the actions of operatives co-exist also side the operations of the internet.

Music has the ability to penetrate some of our deepest emotions, especially sadness. Rhythm and beat also has the ability to regulate our heart rhythms and other functions. Therefore, being surround by a stimulus that can subconsciously trigger feeling and emotion can act as triggers, including memories and thought patterns.

It is these aspects that music psychologists concern themselves with, contributing to studies under controlled conditions.

Music identity exists as a baseline to sort types of people, right down to the way a person thinks. Therefore, those whom listen to one genre of music against many others is select to only certain perimeters of emotional expression or understanding.

For example, a person might harbour fears about certain genres of music, such as hard rock as it is sometimes associated with Occultism and adversity, therefore representing negative traits. Therefore , this is where there is much music politics and grouping. Someone whom is broad minded to music, with subjective criticism might be less influenced by mind control methods.

Music also allows the ability to express emotional and even religious expression. Singers and musicians use muscle memory for a majority of their practises and performances thus becoming rhythms that enter the very core of our beings.

Repetition of music is therefore something that was studied quite intensely under the MK Ultra projects. LSD was considered to be effective at de-programming learned behaviour as the experience can separate the mind from the confines of the perception of time and reality.

It is in this vulnerable state that operatives could take advantage of the core programming of a person much like scenes found in the Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange.

Victims are therefore treated much like meat as operatives have to be required to separate all emotional attachment from the target. The reason for this is so the operative can avoid the prospect that their own minds are also vulnerable to programming. It is why many operative refer to humans as being products of our environment.

Music and Algorithms

Algorithms designed to influence the natural world have been developed over many years. If comparative to Occult/Witchcraft practice, the psychology of manipulating human emotion is one that has been studied and utilized in a way to bring people together or in fact separate others.

One particular mathematician I had met basically came outright and stated that they had been developing algorithms in which they could make someone fall in love with them. But these algorithms have to be experienced themselves in a one to one nature as it is only their feelings which can be experience and measured against the nature of their equations.

This is quite important, because it means that many MK Ultras are in or have been in relationships with programmers for the primary purpose of data analysis. These individuals will even go to the lengths of marriage and have children together, even to the grave. This is far more likely of the generations from the 50’s and 60’s.

These individuals will likely have a secret relationship alongside the study, where a job can cover time away from the study. The reality denotes that the target is the subject of study and is therefore work. The operative will obviously develop emotional connections and a depersonalisation of the situation they are involved in controlling their target and perhaps a deep sense of isolation. This is due to the controlling nature they inflict, as an unnatural process, the agent needs to be pulled occasionally to be kept in focus.

They also know, that a one to one experience must be kept as real as possible in order to provide accurate enough data, one which have variables considering the relationship is only part of experiment. These false feelings therefore need to be rectified under comparative study of others in natural relationships. However, these experiments include other factors, situations which relate to friends, family, finance and so on.

Music will also be the feature of many relationships around the world. Therefore it is comparatively studied and used by many field agents especially in regards to manipulating the emotions and thoughts of their subjects.

Music exploits our most primal functions.

With the music industry, there are many different types of cults. In terms of controlling cults, there are a few and ones which incorporate programmers.

Some of you may have heard of the term Death Cult. It is one feature found in the industry that some celebrities commit to. Although the cult isn’t considered to be a “death cult” by its followers, the origins of the nature of what happens within one are very misconstrued by the same premise that music has. That is, the core of the cults believes are interpretative and therefore what one does under interpretation is primarily the desires and whats of that individual alone. This is stated in order to protect the code or religious teachings contained within in, especially if they challenge conventional laws of society.

Cults are often associated with celebrities ranging from Scientology to older sects that can span back to many centuries. Some modern cults are merely experiment, where older ones tend to be ones that have control over the smaller groups as their foundations/principles act as keys to modern elements such as technology and lifestyle.

In the music industry, these branch cults can be represented as one area of a larger cult. One band can actually symbolise a movement of a branch of the cult where it could be assumed to be by its followers to be completely separate of any other influence.

This is can facilitate what is known as a death cult. Higher order members which oversee the operation put in place methods to run the secret collective with the intention to use selected individuals for certain purposes. These cults can also trade of their members in certain ways to more socially accepted branches of religion for the purposes of money. The bottom line is, if an individuals moral compass is easily swayed, it will be identified and is why you will see many celebrities used for the purpose of making money, especially in the media. For those whom are not in the media limelight, cult members that become difficult to manage can be moved down “routes”

which is where some celebrities are exposed for criminal acts. If the target avoids the law, then they can be constructive passed on to the mental health systems or traded to a different religion eg Christianity.

Individuals dealt with this way do not necessarily have to be MK Ultras but members that have decided to choose a different path or go too far in what they are doing to be noticed, drawing unwanted attention. MK Ultras tend to be those that keep on the fringes of the cult. They do not participate in there ceremonies but could be assumed to be part of them purely by association.

That is what is known as scapegoating and it is more common than people realise. Through association, operatives can use unsuspecting individuals as part of objective operations. Teenage gangs are one example. By mere appearance, a group of individuals do not have to appear as stereotypical street thugs. They can employ tactics within the neighbourhood whilst being able to conduct an operation at the same time.

This is for a number of reasons. Keeping “unknowers” around allows for scapegoating. Should they ever face legal complications or risk of exposure, an “unknower” can be used to take the heat. They are almost always kept in the dark about some situations they get into. This literally means a person could be committing to indirect harassment and not know it. A “unknower” can be influenced into doing and saying things that contribute to the activity. Those whom are suggestible or at risk of peer pressure tactics are ones whom can end up in these sorts of situations. For outsiders, this is what can happen.

Within a cult, these methods will almost exclusively appear under Satanic Ritual Abuse. This is covered in the Gangstalking and the Occult Blogs.

MK Ultras in Film/Television

There are many examples of MK Ultra programs in media history, dating back to the 50’s.

Of my older readers, many UK folk will know of or have heard of Spike Milligan.

Spike Milligan was a British comedian whom was a much loved TV personality whom began his career starring alongside Peter Sellers and Harry Seacombe in BBC Radio’s The Goon Show. Milligan was known for suffering with Manic Depression, (commonly known as Bi-Polar disorder) for most of his adult years. Milligans co-stars Seacombe and Sellers had links with Christianity and Freemasonry.

Sellers is still considered one of Britain’s most loved comedians. He was also know for womanising and drug use in his private life. Seacombe however maintained a more conservative lifestyle in contrast. However, Milligans lifestyle was very heavily influence by his work, took prescription mediations to treat depression and was known for very extreme mood swings, violent outbursts and at times, threats to others close to him.

Considering Peter Sellers connection to Freemasonry, it would be no surprise if Milligan was being subjected to mind control methods by himself and those within the industry. If only subtly.

However, Seacombe whom was was very much a notable choir singer and Christian committed to religious TV program Highway in his later years (1983-1993). Although Seacombe was not known to be a Freemason, personal connections to me suggest otherwise.

If somewhat a nod to organised harassment “The Goon Show” was very much a mockery of the community organised spying harassment development projects of the 50’s and 60’s. Although primarily aimed at the criminal gangs (goon squads) it was well known that these individuals could be used by the Police as informants if caught. Therefore, Sellers would have been more than aware of what was happening at the time, informed under Freemasonry. Sellers was also noted for making many spoof spy movies and featuring in two of Stanley Kubrick movies Lolita and Dr. Strangelove. It is quite apt that Milligans could be so closely associated to someone whom worked with the director who would go on to make the film “A Clockwork Orange.”

Alongside growing up with music, stage and acting experience all three like many men of their time served in the military during the Second World War. Milligan particularly is most noted for writing many memoirs about his war time experiences and that about the Nazis.

In 1951, The first Goon Show episodes went to air around the same time that anti-psychotic medications were being discovered although the very first observations of anti-psychotic properties in trial medications were observed in tests conducted before the 20th century. At this point, MK Ultra was documented to have already started and likely that LSD and anti-psychotic were being experimented on before the first serious introductions into psychiatry in the 1960s.

The Goon show also specialised in Radio theatrics, which in the days before TV was a very distinct art of creating sound effects in order to create atmosphere without stage or screen. Much of this was widely studied against the in house audience and listeners around the nation. The Goon Show was very successful in the UK and if anything, one of Britain’s most pioneering comedy shows, crafting textbook radio entertainment.

Bi-polar is essentially the result of deep manipulation of the moral compass or parts of the primary ID within Freudian psychology.

Visual and Audio Triggers: Mandela Effect Debunked

Those that have grown up in the age of television while have been subjected to many images and sounds over many years almost certainly routed to one particular place whilst doing so. Today, this can be anywhere with the use of the internet.

Media programming of the MK Ultra era developed a method which today is being referred to as The Mandela Effect. This theory suggests that somehow, the fabric of space-time is being manipulated and people are remember things differently to the way they are told. Hence the Mandela Effect uses the example that some people believed that Nelson Mandela had died during the 80’s when he was in fact still alive.

This tactic is known as separated news events and was used on MK Ultras whom were primarily isolated or considered “unsuspecting” where a number were tested. They were by all means the first tests on fake news.

Either way, split programming was designed to implant the memory with a false belief whilst the rest would be told the truth. This presents many problems for those being experimented on especially under perceptions of intelligence.

In the early days of radio, some individuals could be experimented on through the use of frequency hacking. This basically meant broadcasting to localised radios in the area much like a walkie talkie accept onto commercial radio bands. This later went on to be exploited by pirate radio and TV stations.

Therefore, TV has had the ability to be able to introduce triggers to the nation. There can be for example, memory triggers implanted from very young age.

TV programs or advertising which only had very brief airing are examples of this. It was seen very often in the early 80’s. These memories can be stored deep in the mind. You tube introduced deprogramming on a massive scale because it was able to allow people to view things that they haven’t been able to find on TV for many years which had otherwise been put to the back of the mind.

Another example of split programming is used in films. Many know these as deleted scenes.

One very popular sci-fi film from the 80’s Return of the Jedi has a missing scene but was featured in CIA issued tests at some cinemas and video store outlets.

I have online found one person whom recalls the scene.

The missing scene is found at around … into the film where the Rebels arrive at the Death Star and begin advancing to attack it. At the point where Lando Calrissian notices that the deflector shield is operational he orders the fleet of X-Wing fighters to pull up. Here there is a missing scene where X-Wing fighters should be seen crashing into the deflector shield. If you watch closely on the currently available releases, you will be able to notice there is some editing, particularly in the music.

Strangely, in the film Independence Day released in 1996, there is a scene where this happens involving F-16 fighter jets crashing into the deflector shield of a large alien spaceship. Independence Day was also a 20th Century Fox film like the Star Wars movies.

The premise of this scene implanting is similar to subliminal advertising. What seems to happen to MK Ultra test subjects is that they can be shown films or TV that can include scenes which will be removed but copied and placed into other movies.

The mental effects are like looking at a photograph but with bits of the original picture missing. It causes a person to think deeply, trying to force a memory because the person remembers the photograph differently.

There are in fact many movies from the 80’s and early 90’s where these experiments were tested. They normally only involve very brief scenes and these copies were only found at video rental outlets and some national broadcasts.

Interestingly, Return of the Jedi was released on Blu-ray which featured extra deleted scenes. These scenes were in the rental versions but were correctly edited in. However, the crash at the death star cannot be found in these deleted scenes.

To someone believing this is a Mandela Effect is merely being fooled by media deception and it is amazing how much they have been able to get away with.


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