Dutchsinse predicts False Flag and a personal message from EA Games.

Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.18 - (2)

This is fresh news as of 18/10/17. Dutchsinse has accurately predicted a false flag by using a media fed code warning story.


The base line to this is that FOXNEWS have been releasing news articles that indicate a hidden warning to Americas servellience networks. This particular article released online had been used a number of times and it had been observed that not long after, some form of attack would happen. The article was a regurgitated story on the classic “Bigfoot” so it’s likely that “mythical” stories are one amongst a large percentage of news catagories that are used. Personally, I think this false flag is an error made by the global AI system for simply repeating to much to be noticed. It also suggests that the work flow for NWO operations is being governed without intervention or at least is being left to run on autopilot. Sounds crazy but this is a major mistake, one to obvious to ignore.

What is interesting me is the nature of the attack. There is a possibility that the person who commited the killings was a targeted individual and was primed into commiting the act by manipulation. Data harvesting is watching a lot in real-time, so through predictive conditioning, it is possible that AI has been able to manufacture the situation quietly, manipulating the target and the victims in one go, while the news article acted as the warning as a stay clear alert.


Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.18 - (2)

The shooting report can be found here:



My personal targeting

I wanted to show my readers something that I encountered right after posting this blog last night.

I regularly play the online multi-player Star Wars Battlefront, a game which is rigged into AI intelligence. Online gaming harassment is something I haven’t covered in my blogs yet but recorded the session I played right after this blog. In the screenshot below shows the first moments of entering into a multi-player session.


Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.19 - (2).png

In the chatroom top right, you will be able to observe a user called OmgItsObama and below that the watch play is anchored on a user called Hassi1210 or (Hassle) whom is the black stormtrooper.

It goes without saying that Barack Obama wanted to make a move on gun control laws. So this indirectly sends a message to me in the context of the article and it’s implications.

To quote the Foxnews article about Bigfoot (a monster that is paroded in Empire Strikes Back on the planet hoth):

“The legendary Bigfoot and other creatures like it have reportedly been spotted near a Northern California lake, according to a paranormal investigator. Jeffrey Gonzalez, a self-described paranormal expert, said he heard about the sighting from a local farmer who said he saw the creature and five others running on his ranch near Avocado Lake. “One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder,” Gonzalez said in comments obtained by Fox 26, a Fox News affiliate. “And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over.” According to his Facebook page, Gonzalez is a talk show host and an investigator”


Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.19 - (3)


This reflects the five others. In the incident, three were killed and two were injured according to the article. Decoded, it is implied that the attacker was employed to do this hit by the Government, where the five stars were the targets. The attackers name is Radee Labeeb Prince. The last bit of the message implies he was given a reward of somekind for what he did.

For those that don’t know, Star Wars Battlefront does not feature online voice chat nor does it offer a choice of server to connect to. This is done automatically. Any communication is done via the chatroom. This means that play interaction with the outside world can be very easily mimicked by AI and can be used as an extraction tool or for indirect harassment.

This game was plugged by operatives known to me before its release. I have studied the game since its release, and it is almost always used as a way of indirect communication.


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