The Implanted Operative: Tech and Psychology

The world of Psychiatry is having a difficult time dealing with the “phenomena” of Gangstalking although I’m very certain that they are working overtime to devise a way of challenging that problem.

At the moment, Psychiatry deals with “TIs” of any shape or size with medication, but ask most with some form of mental health problem and I’ll guarantee many are also treated the same with minimal help or care, if any at all. So its safe to say that when it comes to psychiatry, medication and long waiting lists are their answer to vitually everything.

In most modern sub-MSM documentaries about “Gangstalking”, the psychiatry profession is often turned to for “opinion”. Generally, a long string of textbook terminology is roled off the tongue much like an ignorant person shrugs off someone elses bad news and from person experience, psychiatrists will dodge the subject in person much the same. But with mounting evidence of community harassment happening amongst us everyday, I fail to see the relevance of psychiatry’s “opinion” or usefulness when evidence enters into the forefront of an increasing problem.

If you can’t see this already then it needs to be said, but organised harassment in the community doesn’t intend to stay hidden (in certain terms) forever.

The reason for this is that for the effort and money that goes into this mass project would not be without purpose and it is those purposes that need to be addressed. Many Tis can see this and talk about it in great depth, But personally, I think its a waste of time. We only have to look at the employees of California Tech company Three Square Market sleep walking into a nightmare by volunteering for implant tech, tech which has already been tested on TIs for years.

Harassment operatives are well known to be found knitted into the professions of psychiatry and and the health systems. It would be foolish to think otherwise but they are only protected through ignorance and a set of carefully attuned protocols that are just part and parcel of workforce driven laws. That is to say, that getting someone to help you depends on how much they value their job and credibilty. Otherwise, there isn’t much standing in the way of a TI and getting the truth out.

Despite ignorance being bliss, the Psychiatry profession has a problem bridging the gap between its sceptical sciences and real science. You can see a lot of this happening in the world today. In a world obsessed with facts, psychiatry still only remains an opinion. Yet on the other side of the coin, it is used in tandem with survellience much like the mental hospital environment. So it doesn’t take a genius to work out that organisations that use mass survellience need a psychiatric voice in order to protect what they do to avoid any “wrongdoing” by the public eye.

A large percentage of us who use tecnology are subjected to AI net neutrality algorithms. It seems pretty evident that with the host of AI bots that were offically introduced online a few years ago, the aim of these projects is to extract information from every single person around the planet using a psychological format of mirroring information through any possible medium possible ranging from a picture to the clothes you wear. If you don’t think this is possible, then you might be surprised to learn that big corporate businesses will literally find meaning in anything, especially when it comes to selling you something. It breaks down into form of psychology which can then be “triggered” through prompt administered through technology. That in itself is the core foundation of hunter/gatherer iconography that the material world is built on, one which is parallel by knowledge. Much of this is talked and debated about on the web, particularly on the science channel TED.

Psychiatry and Community Harassment

Psychiatry has big involvement with the development of the AI revolution and the Organised Harassment Network so its understandable that no professional would dare to go near the subject with a barge pole and thats simply to do with how much senstive and experimental tech is is physically out there in the communities at large. Hence, this is why doctors are unlikely to be too happy to remove any weird implants you might happen to have on you. Its going to involve them having to testify in court in a society defining court case.

Therefore, the Community Harassment network is a bit harder to understand when it comes to TI testimonies. A majority of operatives are essentially working from mirroring algorithms sent to them from a mainframe server, the same ones which link to our emails, texts and almost everything we do online.

This in reality, makes them the very definition of a cyborg or even as far to say, android by nature. That purely comes down to how much an operative interacts with the tech or how advanced the tech is designed to have control over the person. Ultimately, they are more or less enslaved by agreement so the likelihood of having any sort of free will or privacy is almost zero.

These individuals are likely to be chipped and using a range of prototype tech. Others work from mobile devices but this is likely to reduce in respects to protecting the integrity of the technology they carry. So implants are likely to be manditory.

These operatives on observation have traits where a majority of their tactics of distraction aren’t always directed at the target for purpose of harassment, it is designed to stop the target analysing for the source of information theft.

Therefore, individuals carrying implants make extracting evidence harder. Although they are likely to carry a mobile device, the server code will be written into an unassuming program from the company that is hosting the data link. So on perception, any harassment operative will have a clean device.

Operatives will be directly linked to your device or a number of devices at any given time, functioning much like a hive mind. What you touch on your screen or the information you are sent in a live feed with be programmed to prompt, interacting and predicting reactions.

This physical human extraction is extraordinarily creepy because it can also be used alongside developing vechile tech. Harassment operatives interact with the target with a number of various methods but it depends on the platform being used.

The scrolling method a lot of use on our mobile devices is much like a runway of information. Particularly in areas where transport is in high frequency, AI vechiles can be used to synch with data on a target device as they scroll through information. Operatives can also sensitize targets to particular bits of information that present themselves on a newsfeed.

Operatives find it much harder to interact if all sensors, cameras and microphones are covered or if there is a lack of internet or no connection. Effectively, you are not only unplugging from the web but unplugging from operatives who are experiencing your information and others through neural interface.

One aim of these experiments is attempts to humanize technology but you should look to your own personal life for key indicators to understanding what programming you could expect in the future. Hence, much of the situations are simulated and require a lot of pre-planning, programming and being in the precence of employees of the company that target you. All of this can happen around you in real-life.

Are operatives implanted more than TIs?

This is a highly debatable question and it comes down to an aspect we could call information denial protocol.

TIs in contrast to operatives question about implants, so it is probable that some TIs have brain implant interfaces that extract only but can interact should there be need to. This makes communication a one way interaction. Therefore the system will not co-operate with a TI, only monitor them. In contrast, an operative with implants will be able to interact with the system remotely but it depends on what that person wants from the system in regards to requirement or need.  If the information request is considered a threat, it will be denied because certain thought patterns might be identified to be ones that extract information from the system for purposes other than that of what they are required to do. This defines the very nature of how an operative spends their spare time, as it will be with the community, alongside their targets, they’re job, is now their life.

If we can assume that an operative will never come out about the truth of what they do, then it would be highly likely they would be too scared to think of talking publicly about it because their thoughts are being read in real-time. That is the unfortunate catch 22 of being an operative from what I can gather. So to bring into context, operatives with implants can only respond to order, and their free will would be unquestionably be comprimised.

But this comes down to what type of experiment you are part of. Many Tis believe they are implanted. Considering how difficult it is to get a body scan in a general hospital, the odds are that implants are being ignored because it is standard protocol.

Most individuals whom will report implants will likely be given the run around. Runaround tactics are time wasting protocols used often in the psychiatrict professions. It is why many people who have some type of mental health problem will not have a dedicated psychiatrist or if they do, sometimes, protocols are used to breakdown frequency of visits. It is designed to distance help from the individual no matter how helpful it is presented.

General hospital protocols are designed in a similar way. Mention the word “implant” and it will be recognised as “mental health illness protocol” by a nurse or if it isn’t it will be by someone in higher authority.

Implants are the next stage of the big agenda. What isn’t commonly known is that they have been trialed and tested extensively in society for years in many various ways.

What you need to do is question is the nature of individual intelligence.

This is a question to my knowledge is yet unapproached.

How an implant interacts with a human presents serious questions.

If we are to assume there are individuals in society receiving information directly into their brains through the use of wireless connection, then the way that human is presented to the rest of us is a lie and may possess talents and abilities that would not be present without it.

It means that a person of intellicutal excellence could in fact be completely under the control of a machine. What we need to ask, is that if this person is disconnected from a hive mind system, does that person still retain the same intelligence or connectivity. Much like unplugging someone from the matrix. Unfortunately, if you have no love of the Matrix films, this is the reality that might be facing everyone.

There are some TI’s that report having discovered brain implants but others suspect ones that are less invasive on thoughts but were used only for the purpose of GPS tracking only.

However, the way the machine chooses to interact with you is not a coincious choice unless you personally programmed it or are part of a system which grants you control over the information.

This to me presents a utopia of control through true or false knowledge. The aim it seems is to disconnect the creative and functional part of the brain which enables us to problem solve.

This is why the psychiatry profession has placed itself on top of the debates and the the barage of thought provoking arguments found in the realm of net neutrality in order to use their operatives to test a number of complex systems.

What they are ultimately silent on is dealing with the reality of implants. Approaching it would essentially ruin a majority of big tech projects currently in operation and on a large scale, serious ethical and human rights questions would need to be answered.

No matter how alone you may feel as a TI, I guarantee there isn’t someone to far away from you who is also being targeted or being used on the other side of the coin of human experimentation.


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  1. Leon Gledhill · March 6, 2018

    So Glad for this information, I have V2k an monitoring, and have been duped with online advice before, so am happy that there is some genuine stuff about too, and help/ strategies


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