Today I had a catch up with a friend who is being targeted in London.

From the conversation, I can gather that their targeting has reached a plateau much like my own. It seems that there are limitations to what involvement perpatrators have in harassing others. That is the defining line of privacy which regardless of what is happening, doesn’t allow those other than the police to invade the privacy of others. It still seems strange to say that but in reality of the law, survellience powers are what they are.

The civil line of privacy is still obviously being broken on a day to day basis, and is maintained through the classic indirect traits that the harassment operations continue with, by using collected data on targets.

I wished to address with my friend concerns about TI involvement with the media channel Vice.

Today, I researched further into this alternative news channel which is the only company I know of to date that has attempted to approach the “TI” phenomena. What I came to discover is that a majority of this company is owned by some of the industries big companies such as Disney and Fox news. Vice also has links to companies which were involved in the phone hacking scandals earlier in the decade. That is the name Rupert Murdock popped up to no surprise. His involvement in ownership was around 2013.

To date, Vice have made two documentaries about Targeted Individuals, of which feature a  number of TIs which participate in online blogging about their experiences. One of which I have already blogged about, Dr. Katherine Horton and Keiron Lee Perrin whom in comparison has done more extensive TI based forums to the public.

A person whom I have not talked about is Scott Gibbs whom is now the most current blogger of TI Television. As far as Scott is concerned, I don’t really have much to say. I have watched a number of his videos and much of them talk about his experiences with clarity.

Keiron is a very notable TI because he is the only TI who has presented some form of evidence of implantation. Regardless of if you believe his case for implantation, Keiron states that these implants were performed by the military, which is a pretty strong story. Considering, implants are now currently being talked about and in some cases, becoming a reality, the amount of information that Keiron has brought to the public can hardly thoughout to be considered “far-fetched” anymore.

With this said, it wouldn’t be correct to say that Vice is shilling the TI situation, unless of course the move is to discredit the lot with a court case in the near future.

Of course, discrediting is one of the many areas Targeted Individuals face. If Vice is attempting to use actors to then in turn discredit their own creation, then it would be one of the only logical move a shilling operation would take. But, it would seem a very brave move considering that they cover topics of survellience with just as much vigor.

Vice makes a lot of money it seems, running into the billions and it has been pointed out by some TIs that are not part of the Twitter collective that there are many TIs with a lot of important information that Vice chose to overlook for the first documentary. It was noted by Andy Lewis, a TI that can be found on Facebook, that the first documentary appears to undermine the whole subject by portraying the targets as stupid.

Despite that this documentary is part investigatory, the style of it can be compared to satirical comedy documentaries which came to rise in the late 90’s such as The Day Today and Brasseye, two programmes masterminded by TV scriptwriter and Actor, Chris Morris.

The Day Today and Brasseye were what I can describe as “Mediamockumentaries” which were designed to pull apart the pompus aspects of the media at the time, although I find myself reading many comments from the public whom think that the current state of the media today was a prediction on Chris Morris’s part. For some, The Day Today and Brassye could be considered the successor of Spitting Image, which stopped airing in Britain during the late 90’s.

Brasseye in particular grabbed headlines because of its aparent misleding of celebrities into commiting into “madeup” senarios. These included convincing MPs, Actors, Tv presenters, Musicians and so on into believing they were campaigning against drugs, pedophila and other controversial topics. At the time, Brasseye, caused serious controversy with one epidsode that centred around Pedophiles, where Ofcom recieved one of the highest list of complaints of all time. The pranks were later seen to reveal that some of the celebrities were only participating for social recognition, whilst some of the others later came to be charged with sex offences. Many who have seen Brasseye will know that Jimmy Saville (who didnt appear in the program), was repeatedly mocked and was later revealed to be a pedophile.

My point here is that despite what is known about pedophiles in the TV industry, Brasseye was one of the first programs to bring about a form of public shaming before any from of court case came about. This is something we are seeing more of today, certainly with the recent public shamings of celebrities of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, are we overlooking the fact that this was one of the aims of MK Ultra, to create a society just like we have now?

It is of worthy note, that some celebrities who were accussed of various crimes had their carrers completely ruined despite being proved innocent later on. Is it possible that those in the industry are just as vulnerable to control as the rest of us? To be used for news stories and profit?

With this said, I find that the second documentary by Vice changed its tune to a more serious standpoint, and that comments found on the video channel were not filled with as much mockery as the first. It seems that people are beginning to consider that MK Ultra is not as full of fantasy as the media spin it. Personally I think its because that these programs are becoming more predictable, and with survellience the way it is, it effects everyone now, not just the isolated experiment.

With a number of TV programs that are due to be realised that focus on the subject of MK Ultra, I believe that the most recent two series of Netflix “Stranger Things” was just merely an icebreaker to making money out of those whom have suffered under the name of illegal human experimentation.

With all this said, perhaps Tis featured in the Vice documentaries are genuine after all. If celebrities can be so easily manipulated into positions where their careers are put on the line, the vulnerablity of individuals whom are being targeted by portions of the community at large are perhaps just as likely to be used for the purpose of spinning the picture the way the media want it.

To contrast to the world of organised harassment, Vice has a lot of money and the world of showbusiness at its fingertips. I wouldn’t think for one second, that an actor isn’t out of their reach, especially ones that can be taught how to think and act like a TI. The reasons for this are simple. Obtaining TI information isn’t difficult with survellience the way it is.

You can also consider that the realm of the targeted community sits in a dangerous balance. It will take one or a number of people to take a hold of this situation for it to become something more than a collection of victims and could instead considered to be something cult like in the future.

If TIs can’t see the religious stigmata following them in tow across the internet, then you might be too blind to see that the media already has ideas of how to deal with the upsurge of TIs coming forward across the planet.





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