Survellience is their privacy

It would seem that over the course of a year quite a lot of information about survellience tech is being approached by the MSM and alternate news sources.

From my own personal perpective, there seems to be a rush to get this information out to the public.

When I have been writing inforamtion about topics of inforamtion that to my knowledge are currently little talked about or personal experiences related to “secret tech” even in the hypothetical sense, there then seems to be a little glitch in the system, kind of like a “panic”.

I constantly see articles/press stories that tend to parallel the topic either while I’m writing it or sometimes when I’m thinking it (what some may be percieved to be mindreading).

The truth is, when this happens, you are actually living that shared reality of survellience to the point the computer AI systems are predicting your next move. It is a very erie but somewhat observable thing.

Obviously businesses now are so paranoid to protect their critical systems experiments and projects that the two are really one and the same. That is, using systems that have been in place as early as 2000 whilst testing out the “program” methods.

Stalkers at the moment have taken to being less shy, perhaps in hope to try and impose their automated reflected “psychology” in order to try and regain the control over the TIs minds. Some of these examples include waving on the street when there is literally no reason to do so in order to get your attention. (Waving perhaps in attention detail of researching D-“Wave” Quantum Computing last week).

Normally this is met with a stunned reaction as I am somewhat unhesitently sarcastic. Triggered? Not really. Why should TIs maintain the illusion that we don’t see what they are doing? Why should we also feel the need to respond?

Of course that is something that would be uncomfortable for anyone who is deliberately abusing and harassing someone, and so it should. Therefore, it would seem quite a paradox to see these people at the mercy of their reflected motivations. Hardly seems to be worth the effort.

That in my eyes is the actual nature of company harassment. It is a crime being commited by companies who feel that because you can think for yourself, that might be in infingment of their AI systems.

You see, because the information we get online is tied to legalities, some of these nutjobs with checkbooks might be so inclined to claim ownership over infomation that resides in our neural receptors.

Crazy though right?

Well it has cross their minds.

The information you recieve online, especailly through automation is delivered through copyrighted technology, therefore how you process that information no-matter how it is delivered can be seen to be owned.

The same applies to the actions of stalkers.

It has been a stirring undercurrent, one that is obviously defined by AI’s harassment online which tries to probe my receptors for information of how to gain control over my thought patterns. The sub-texts are easy to spot, and some harasment ops are trying to imply that some TIs are “thieves” lol.

As a matter of legal issue, and automated machine which is “prompting” you with “response intentional”, “marketed advertising” can’t really be considered to be “digging” for inforamtion.

This is why I find a lot of shill aaccounts online to be very amusing, because apps like You Tube and WordPress are promoting these sites on my livefeeds.

Therefore, there is a distinct parallel between “privacy” and “company data”. That is, perps can’t talk about what they do because it seems that the tech companies have legally implanted inforamtion into their minds that might be seen to be deemed as “their property”.

Psychicatric medicines are a way that companys deal with this problem because some are considered to be “brain damaging”. Thus, it is hoped that with consistent treatment, illegal harassment and of course loopholes in the law, these companies can exploit the individuals knowledge mindset so it would never reach court or the open internet.

Of course the issue of privacy now is a distorted one, especially for the people who work for these major companies.

To the TI, the wall is merely a one way thing. However, with knowledge, it is removed simply by knowing it is a reality. Therefore, the objective to take over that division in the court of law is defined by denial of accountability for their employees actions who are like their automation of AI are being used in ways that are extremely difficult to prove.

But lets not forget how honest the press are about what tech is actually out there. When people get on their high horse about gangstalking and how it is a “mental illness” many don’t really tend to read the papers or listen to the bits of news that filter out once in a while.

I quote that some media outlets are cautionously mentioning that “survellience is a genuine concern” in the world of AI when approaching the subject of gangstalking.




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