Quantum Leap’n the facts with Dr. Horton.

**Some information regarding observations about Dr. Horton in this article are currently being rectified due to acquiring relevent information in the video below. This is video is found on Project Avalon.**

“My name is Dr Katherine Horton. In 2011, when I was a research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford, I became the target of British intelligence when I attended the public High Court case of Berezovsky v Abramovitch in London as part of my research.”

Dr. Horton claims her targeting started after attending a contract law court case involving two Russian Oligarchs. Her precence at the court case is stated as being for “research purposes”.

So far, no-one really understands what Dr. Hortons role of studying “complex systems” has to do with being a “high energy physicist” or the more commonly known expressions “Quantum/Particle Physicist”. It might also be a mystery as to why someone with these qualifications would be researching a court case that had nothing to do with quantum science at least from the poorly understood reason as to her targeting.

Dr. Horton does go into depth about psychopathy within business structures and virtually gives an online lecture to explain these systems in great detail. Yet, this type of information isn’t to difficult to come by.

This is where everything gets confusing.

Her background becomes blurred when she begins to talk about direct energy weapons. So we have a shift from contract law cases and psychopathy systems to direct energy weapons. Within the middle of this is apparent stalking, harassment and electronic attacks by MI5, Germany Secret Police and so on which I assume was meant to link her profession in court law to quantum mechanics.

Has Dr. Horton let slip here that she has exceptional knowledge of Direct Energy Weapons because she is a scientist who is responsible with illegal human experimentation?



Because we have little information of Dr.Hortons involvement with Cern, we can only go by the science aspects of her videos and her court case evidence which all centre around Direct Energy Weapons. So somewhere along the line, Dr. Hortons profession has gone from attending court cases to having some explict knowledge about secret weapons.

Dr. Horton often demostrates in online videos that she is being hit by weaponsied frequency assaults and is also claims to have microchip implants in her body which are only identified by the used of frequency range scanners which are claimed to detect pulses.

Dr. Horton sits behind metal sheeting, which is intended to block particles which she states to be penetrating the walls of her home from some type of mobile weapon. This is why Dr. Horton is seen sat with the classic “tin-foil” hat, a method which is suitably mocked for it’s conspiracy theory background.

This is what some TIs denote to be the mocking factor, especially when her pals from other parts of the world aren’t really that concerned about protection. To top it off, Dr, Horton finds it ok to nip out for a jog and disappear to her “secret hiding location” which appears to look like a science lecture room and does not feature any protection at all.

The Suspect

Yet here lies a paradox. Now, I’m not going to side with Dr. Hortons credibility (which I think is far more suspicious for reasons I shall go into) but there is some scientific truth in using aluminium as protection. Aluminium is used to prevent frequency noise interference in a range of cabling made to connect to electronic items.

The effect on the foil Dr. Horton is attempting to portray is not a charateristic of a microwave weapons but of that of particle collisions. That is of course if what we are seeing in the video is real.

Some of the first ever particles observed in Science were through the use of radioactive materials. These materials would be placed in a box that would have a directional opening, so any particles released in this direction would fly out, making it a particle gun of sorts.  The box was placed in a dark room in front of a pressed gold sheet. When particles “hit” the gold sheet, a tiny glow could be observed on it. One aim of this experiment was to test the theory of wither particles could pass through other objects based on mathematical calculation that atoms have vast spaces or gaps between the nucleus and surrounding electrons and protons. With other sheets of gold placed behind, it could be determined if the particle would pass through holes in the first sheet but collide with the bonds in the second or third.

Gold was used because it is a maluable metal that is easy to press into thin sheets because of its placement in the periodic table.

So in theory, gold isn’t that good for protection against radioactive materials because its atomic bond has less particles to block the path of any roaming radioactive particles.

Lead however is one of the best radioactive insultators because its atoms are much larger and denser.

Lead is not a radioactive material but it’s particles can be extracted and “beamed” rather than fired. This is what is lead is used for in Cerns Alice experiments by smashing the atoms together at speeds approaching the speed of light.


The problem is, because the Tin Foil hat theory has been weaponised as a cultural stigma to attack “conspiracy theorists” who complain of ill health, the mere mention of it is likely to lose a lot of peoples attention very quickly.

However, here is where she has let slip.

What Dr. Horton describes “hitting” her, is something which I read about some years ago. That is, particles which do this have to be significantly heavy to cause damage if fired at ones body, yet she is confusing the matter by not stating “specifics” other than some sort of “microwave” weapon which don’t act this way.

Cern however, use particle colliders. So really, the science of firing particles is well known as the LHC which is found in Switzerland.

Lead is one type of metal that is used in science as it can be utilised its quantum structure and is currently being used in Cern. Lead also has notoriously heavy particles, which by definition make it a larger particle also. Thus, it would be useful in a place like Cern for smashing atoms together as it’s bigger structure give it more chances of it colliding accurately.

Lead is currently used in Cern within the Alice experiment, curiously one which has “led” scientists around the world further down the rabbit hole of scientific discovery.

The difficultly linking lead used in Cern and Lead particles in DEWs is not an easy one to comprehend but one thing is for sure.

In terms of modern science experiments and tech companies, lead particles might be being fired at targeted subjects for human experimentation within the realm of quantum biology.

This is where I am of the opinion that Dr. Horton is actually not a victim but a scientist who is studying “complex systems” of quantum biology.


Lead is notoriously poisonous to humans. It was once used for water piping in many homes in the western world but was banned due to discoveries it was causing sever health problems.

Lead particles cause mental and psychological problems, some of which parallel mental illnesses that TIs are accussed of having such as Schizophrenia and Psychosis.

This is because if lead enters ones body, it can act on certain chemical receptors causing short circuits.

Two specific receptors linked to mental illness are gama-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and Dopamine.

With the precense of lead in the body, Dopamine can be spontanously increased. High dopamine activity is thought to be the reason Schizophrenia occurs.

Its interesting that such a parallel can exist between this metal and diseases of the mind.

Certainly, if lead particles are being weaponised then that would make a suitable cover to mental illness too.

Drugs such as anti-psychotics which act on Dopamine levels and Benzodiapines on GABA would only mask the damaging effects of such a weapon. On the outside, it would appear to others this medication works when in fact it was never a mental illness in the first place.

Paradoxically, if lead is a currently being used as a medium to unlock the quantum effects operating in the brain, then the much speculated voice to skull would thus require shots to be fired at the audiable cortex of the brain.

If victims who claim the experience of people being able to see what they see, then this would require access to quanta in the eye, specifically the natural sensor located within the eye ball. Along with other parts of the brain, the shots would be able to connect or talk back to a reciever in real-time.

WI-FI along with microwave radiation from cell phone towers is though to be some of the wireless communication that interacts with  internal communications some people are claiming to have within them. Many think these are illegally implanted microchips which are of course becoming a reality fo the masses.

Dr. Hortons focus is very much driven towards searching for these implants, when all it may require is an MRI scan from a general hospital to locate such devices providing you can be taken seriously enough to have one done. Of course, if ones mental health has been significantly ruined by these “atomic assaults” in combination with harassment conducted by people in the communities, then there is a broad challenge that stands in the way.

From a personal perspective, I have experienced the “sensations” that Dr. Horton describes, and did infact coincidentally “increase” when she appeared online. Therefore I personally see her as an operative who has been placed to distrupt an experiment that is being conducted from Cern that connects to other systems around the world.

Public Perceptions Used As Scientific Experiment Control Boundaries.

This is something I have already discussed. To breifly sum up. If the globe itself is being used as a scientific experiment, which if we were perfectly honest about it is no more real than the world wide web then shill/crisis actors are likely to be used within that situation to prompt targets with information to subdue their minds with a combination of information overload and harassment.

That is, if targets are experiencing the sensation which can only be percieved as particle shots, then that person is going to assume that it is also no coincidence that a person online is describing the same thing. It is also likely that the person might have a desire to contact this person for more information and talk about their own personal targeting.

This in a lot of cases are what shills are attempting to do right at this moment. It can really be compared to the scientist interacting with their own experiments. Dr. Horton from my point of view is a bit of a “pied piper” charater as described by one of my followers. From my point of view she is pretending to be Alice down the rabbit hole, when in fact she is just a grinning cat.

Alice in Wonderland btw is the key to this experiment, and why I can now see why targeting harassment stepped up when I began writing the blog Cern: The Divinity of Gold and other Wormholes. It is because within it is mentioned quantum computing, something that scientists describe as our link to “alternate dimensions”. Coincidence?

I think not.

Berezovsky v Abramovitch


To finish this blog, I’d like to point out something interesting about the Berezovsky v Abramovitch that Dr. Horton sat in on.

Berezovshy lost the case for the following reason:

“Boris Berezovsky, known as one of the “Russian oligarchs” who became rich under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, claimed that in 1995 he had made a contract with Roman Abramovich. Berezovsky alleged that the agreement was that he would share in half the profits generated by Sibneft, a Russian oil company. In 2001, he alleged that he was forced to sell his stake in the company because of threats made by Abramovich, when Vladimir Putin’s government came into power. Abramovich denied any of this was true. The essence of the case was whether there was any credible evidence that an agreement had in fact been made.”

A year later after this case, Boris Berezovsky killed himself. In terms of the situation, it could be percieved to be mental health problems developed as a result of the case.

With Dr. Hortons allusive precence at the case and her outwardly brutal attacks on the intelligence agencies, it seems that there is much more to this story than meets the eye.

Her empasis on “psychopaths” and “bullies” aren’t held back, with a tone of extreme distain that appears to be quite intergral, but not of someone who has been targeted with the last few years.

Very much lost in translation, her “Message To MI5” parts 1,2.3 are very much tarnished by overwhelming egotiscal smashing of British Intelligence with taunts of “Do you Understand”, repeated relentlessly.

And of course.

“I am a high energy physicist you know”!

Really? In what department?

You would think that with all the information out there about Cern, Conspiracy Theory or not, her background involvement about the place she claims to have worked seems completely off limits.

Project Avalon.

Dr. Hortons interview was hosted by Kerry Cassidy from Project Avalon.

Kerry was once partnered with Bill Ryan but from what I understand, due to a conflict of interest went their separate ways due to an intervention from a person called Charles back in 2011.




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