Hello and welcome to Gangstalking Info blog.

I am a what is known as a Targeted Individual, one of a few coined terms for people who experience a form of indirect harassment from non-specific members of the community. The term Targeted Individual or TI used often assioiated with another coined term called Gangstalking which is in itself a very mis-leading term. The term gangstalking emerged on the internet around 2005 to the best of my knowledge. From 2006 onwards, much more information became available and new terms such as Community Based Harassment emerged. Community Based Harassment or CBH, is very much like an organised gang of neighbourhood watch who have been gifted limited survellience powers to spy on and if nessessary harass persons of interest.

Little investigation has been done into CBH because in the media it is a subject that is still to this day ignored and for good reason. CBH has all the hallmarks of an activity that was conducted in East Germany by the Secret Police force whom were known as the Stasi. Zersetzung is a german word that has a few meanings. In english, the closest term to it is Corrosion.

The Stasi were an elite group of survellience operatives that were put together for the purpose of dealing with post-war Germany. For the fear that the defeated Nazi’s would look to hide in post war Germany, the Stasi were involved in a number of operations to maintain control within the country. However, after the second world war, secrets that were extracted from Nazis by allied countries and the use of ex-nazi scientists allowed detailed military and social experiments to be conducted worldwide.

The Stasi precence in East Germany was in fact one of the first most recognised social experiments of population control.

Alongside, most western countries were actively gaining intelligence from the East German melting pot of social reconditioning. This allowed for agencies such as the CIA, KGB and MI5 to employ this knowledge into small home based operations that involved illegally targeting citizens for experimentation.

As well as social control projects, the Second World War gave birth to the rise of computer technology which was to serve alongside state survellience. Before the first world war, many discoveries in medicines and biological weapons were poise to be tested. It was not until the 1950’s where to groundbreaking drugs such as LSD, Anti-Biotics and psychiatric medications were to emerge into public knowledge.

Psychoactive compounds which were identified as early as the late 19th century from chemical trials on patients with tropical disease later became to be developed in pre and post war France. The most significant beginnings were the development of Anti-histamines which can be considered to be the root of drugs such as Anti-Depressants and Anti-Psychotic medications.

The use of LSD by the CIA allowed the development of mind control projects.The most notorious is the MK Ultra human experimentation project. MK Ultra was a highly top secret project, yet was able to be conducted in broad daylight in public.

Experiments that involved LSD could be monitored and dealt with using various methods of covert control. The mental health systems were created with specific constructs to ensure that human subjects were completely unaware of what was happening so to maintain the integrity and secrecy of experiment.

Anti-psychotic medications which were originally tested on animals to see if the effects of psychoactive drugs like LSD could be combated. When it was observed that Anti-psychotics were effective at dealing with psychotic mental states, LSD and Anti-psychotics were enlisted to be tested together as a drug and anti-dote combination. Over the years, other street drugs would be tested alongside antidote based drugs to develop new therapies and deeper understanding of drugs.

This is one of the principle aspects of modern day population control. The practice of Psychiatry is very promenent in modern society along with the host of psychiatric medications that are used to treat diagnosed mental illnesses. However, since the 70’s, the psychoactive drug LSD has remained on the list alongside drugs like Cannabis as an illegal drug. Cannabis is seen to have more practical medicinal purposes than LSD at this time and is therefore being legalised for medicinal use in some countries. LSD however is a synthetic drug that can have more unpredictable effects on human behaviour.

Beneath the core of this project, sees it’s workings out into the modern day world. Subjects of human experimentation lead many to question the number of experiments in strange observable phenomena such as chemical trails left behind from overhead aircraft, additives in our water supplies, GM crops and artifical technology testing.

In the world of targeted individuals, the rumours of weapon technology such as Voice to Skull and a host of directed energy weapons which are practically unheard of in mainstream news yet plague many claiming victims. Recently, there have been rises in prosecuted for organised harassment and non-lethal directed energy weapons.

In this day and age, targeted individuals are not different from anyone. They are however, subjected to cruel harassment and huamn experimentation for technologies many will not see emrging into the public eye for many years to come. The future is literally here around us, much of it is in plain sight. Some of these technologies are already in your modern mobile computers and tablets.

The reality is, much of the testing of modern technology has moved out of the laboritories and is now around us. The illusion is, many of us are living in a designed present crafted by scripted media brainwashing.

My blog is here to provide some information, thoughts and insight into what I have experienced over the years. I cannot provide all the answers but as part of a community of people who share thoughts on these types of activities, you input is just as good to me also. Therefore feel free to leave comments and I hope to reply providing I can answer to the best of my abilities.




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