Thoughts on Dr. Katherine Horton (stop007), Vice and Online Shilling techniques used against TIs.

Electroweak interactions and corruption psychopathy systems?

Behind every bit disinformation there is a purpose. Besides the obvious aspects of false information there is an area of modern conspiracy theory, one that can be also pigeon holed under “fake news” that has a purpose other than to make money or lead people away from the truth.

Dr. Katherine Horton (stop007) and her Associates

Dr Katherine Horton is an alleged TI whom is most noted for her you tube videos where she is seen sitting in front of aluminium foil sheeting. She also displays the use of a Faraday cage in order to block out frequencies that she claims the intelligence agencies using to bombard her with harmful radiation in order to slowly kill her rather than outright.

One of her videos shows her demonstrating an device which detects electromagnetic radiation within the  Faraday cage and most recently, methods of detecting implants with bug detecting devices.

The most interesting aspects about Dr Horton are her background.

Dr Horton states her professional work was geared towards psychology within human systems. The system in which she goes into the most detail is that of Psychopathy in organised corporate systems. She parallels this phenomena to that of individuals whom control in the pecking order of businesses and goes into great detail in order to explain how it works. She also compares this system to gangstalking/organised harassment.

Whilst this information has credibility, there is a major aspect of her background that seems to impose the assumption that she has exceptional knowledge about the technology being used against her.

A majority of surveillance technology and electronic arms are normally sold at specific expos around the world for the interests of law enforcement and the military. The …… expo held every year at Paris is the main event where tech companies come together in order to promote these types of technology.

This has no connection to CERN or Universities in or out of the UK other than research that is bought by outside sources for development. How Dr. Horton is able to portray her claims with credibility is more or less speculation through the use of deduction.

Most whom follow my wordpress and twitter with interest know that I am an advocate of self deduction. Especially when it come to organised harassment, one which is exceptional difficult to prove, I have always held that TIs should test what is happening to them in order to derive logic from the situation.

It is interesting that before Dr. Horton was even know of, I had written about the aspect of scientific principles of experiment, how they relate to harassment techniques and how they reverse themselves when the tactics are mirrored back, thus cancelling themselves.

Detection of Implants

Unfortunately, the only true test of discovering if you have an implant is to have an MRI scan certainly for the purpose of evidence. Therefore advocating the use of a bug detection device in order to isolate implants comes with quite a price tag, especially when all you have to go by is a sound emitter. If a doctor is willing enough to take your claim seriously to issue a scan, then the legitimacy of the detection device shall be revealed in relation to where it is observed to be. Therefore it is advisable to avoid spending a lot of money on something that could otherwise be detected with something that can see inside your body and to avoid ridicule from others whom will almost instantly judge you to be mentally ill, despite the reality of modern technology.

The Power of Deduction

The process of deduction and elimination is one a TI should never shy away from. This can help you as a person to remove assumptions that maybe being pushed by persons on the internet with the intension to mislead you. You may not experience the same things as others. You may have no history of mental illness nor any symptoms of hearing voices or indications of technology harassment.

From experience, those whom are the most resistant to manipulation are either those whom do not use much technology or non-at all. It is because they are not linked into the system like others are. Those whom carry a mobile, especially a modern one with cameras are almost certainly helping the system of indirect surveillance (not aware that their phone is spying on others as well as themselves).

In fact, when raising the point about psychological manipulation induced by Googles deep mind technologies in conversation with Dr. Horton, she very much brushed of the prospect with no concern.

However, Dr. Horton has no hesitation in portraying more extreme forms of persecution under the perception that she is being slow killed by directed energy weapons deployed by the intelligence agencies. Despite being willing enough to go on the internet, she is not willing enough to gain a single piece of evidence of harassment from the outside world which by all accounts is what a majority of TIs show is the biggest threat to harassment operations. If anything this would help strengthen her case.

Fact vs Fiction

A majority of the time, Dr Horton sits in a Faraday cage whilst also engulfing herself in aluminium foil. It is claimed that this helps shield herself from directed energy weapons. This is laughable from a scientific point of view and not because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

The Faraday Cage was designed to block out electromagnetic radiation whilst aluminium is used as shielding in electrical wiring in order to block out interferece. Therefore, to a reasonable degree there is some legitimacy in the use of tin foil.

Unfortunately, a Faraday cage as well as tin-foil can only block out specific frequencies and those frequencies depend on the type of protective netting or type of foil used. Therefore, the other frequencies that are not being blocked will pass through the cage. Dr Horton actually demonstrates this contradiction within one of her videos where she uses a Geiger counter in order to detect the signals as they continue to pass through her shield.

If somewhat ironic, the tin foil hat stigma is more or less a mockery of its low effectiveness rather than it doesn’t work at all.

Dr. Horton claimed that if she did not have this shielding she would have been dead. Then what would be the point of making these videos? Shouldn’t all other TIs be dead? This is a very strange scenario.

Coincidence: Dr Horton and the Heirarchy System

Dr Hortons attitude of assumed authority is another reason which leads me to suspect elements of shilling techniques.

In her most recent video SOS 8 – Evidence Collection (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) she states that if a person claims they are being electronically harassed and does not look ill or gaunt then it is likely that they are a perpetrator. Before this, she points to her face and makes a fleeting comment about “symmetry” as if to make the term sound an important part of how direct energy weapons are making her look ill. What symmetry has to do with this is anyones guess but seems clear that Dr Horton does not pay much attention to her pseudo-science. Dr Horton herself does not look ill other than looking like she needs sleep. Otherwise, she looks healthy. For a majority of her videos she looks well enough to present broadcasts in great detail and some without the protection of her cage.

Dr Horton presents herself as a person whom has authority within the TI community with an assumed her position to state what makes a TI or not. This is helped along by the presence of apparent “whistle-blowers”.

Lockheed Martin

In one video, Dr Horton and her sources claimed that the company Lockheed Martin were the company responsible for illegally targeting and experimenting on civilians. Although there is some legitimacy in this, what was overlooked is the glaringly obvious link to one of the biggest names in space exploration, NASA. Lockheed Martin have been the primary contractor to NASA for many years, delivering some of the most complex technology available.

As I had I covered in some Tweets, I had stated that NASA were responsible for some targeted experiments. Targeting of individuals has some individual qualities that parallel space exploration. Those are:

  • Isolation

  • High levels of Stress

  • Radiation Exposure

  • The use of digital communication

  • Repetitive scenarios

  • Medication

All of these promote self developed problem solving skills, hyper awareness and resilience to extreme psychological conditions. Albeit these conditions do not replicate the physical conditions. However, what is interesting is the advancements in technology which suggest that future space exploration is going to include AI and AI interaction.

Other observations of Shilling

Considering Dr. Horton has produced very lengthy and detailed videos about psychopathy in corporate systems, I’m sure she would have been careful enough to avoid slipping into the trap of sounding a hypocrite when discussing the pecking order of systematic torture. As far as shilling is concerned the whole scenario of her angle of what it is to be targeted, is surrounded by very sloppy and lazy inaccuracies which only shows she is a victim of her own self organised hypocrisy.

To others around the world whom might be watching, especially individuals whom suspect they are targets, this information is not presenting empowerment to others. In fact is presenting the opposite that of self absorption and that of subtly gearing the viewer towards her point of view and encouraging the viewer to spend a lot of money of bug detection devices and the like. None of these things are cheap and in terms of financially ruining targets seems a fitting tactic of indirect extortion and time wasting.

Around the time Dr Horton appeared, I had been messaged a number of times by a person on Twitter whom had attacked me based on the grounds that I could not be a TI because I did not use a Faraday cage. This is perhaps the funniest trolling I have experienced. TIs are somehow expected to acquire a Faraday cage or at least go along with a shills idea of that direct energy weapons are the primary source of harassment. The person behind this account also had something to sell, a book which was apparently all about their TI experience.

Compared to other TIs, almost all of Dr Hortons videos are conducted from home. A majority of TIs whom report harassment tend to incorporating observations of real-time harassment that can be seen, involving perpetrators, some of which are approached and confronted.

Of two of the most startling videos can be found are those posted by Nappy Head Roots (California) and Andrea Damask (Romania). Although, I have reservations about the legitimacy of their accounts, there are hints of genuine Stasi-esq tactics, ones which are used on myself.

Dopplegangers and the Art of Discrediting.

Not so long back, I wrote an article about Dopplegangers and how they are sometimes used to mirror the target. In terms of my experience, Dr Katherine Horton is a doppleganger of a perpatrator I came into contact with between 2009-2012. This person was also highly educated. So, this was quite a surprise indeed and more so because Dr. Horton had arrived on the scene not long after I wrote the article.

It would seem that perpatrators are working on highly creative ways of trying to discredit their own techniques by in fact using their own tactics in their own videos.

In terms of TI information, there seemed to be a bit of a race to force feedback the information I was drafting in wordpress. Bits of information I wrote seemed to be appearing in a different context elsewhere on the internet, be it facebook, the news or even in some advertising. The psychology of this was most fasinating. It was if there was a collabatorive effort to put me off writing the article and that the use of TI shilling was an indication that I should give up. I found this quite amusing and proved to me that this technology cannot read minds like it is assumed to. I was able to ignore these tactics and produce other information to counter what was happening.

CERN and Bio-Chemistry

Having talked briefly with Dr Horton on Twitter, I questioned what work she conducted at CERN. As most know, CERN is not a university as such. It is primarily geared towards particle physics by smashing atoms in order to understand their structure. To my knowledge, CERN does not have a department of Psychology.

 This may sound a bizarre concept but the bio-physical relationship of thought might be deeply connected to aspects of “telepathy”, a subject which is of great concern not only within the TI community but the whole world in term of technological advancement.

What does this mean?

Scientists have been attempting to understand and explain the origin of the “soul”  for sometime. So far the methods of attempting a gateway to the other side have involved the use of electronic scanning technology to isolate thoughts within the mind. This can also be labelled as “mind hacking.” I shall go on to explain how this relates to the gangstalking program.

Whilst under observation, visual and audible stimulus is used in order to prompt the brain to respond. In order to extract thoughts, the brain needs to be scanned in a way that neural pathways can be mapped. This means that one solitary memory can be isolated down to one neural pathway thus, this pathway can be activated under prompted command. The only way to see if it has been activated is through scanning the brain. So this neural pathway will light up like a beacon in the same place.

The problem for scientists is identifying areas of the brain which involve thought processes, that is, what you are thinking against what you remember. That again involves stimulus. It is also why the gangstalking program is likened to an extraction program akin to that of torture. The response you give will activate neural pathways which may allow an insight into your mind. This is where the trick of “mind reading” can be identified.

Normally, a concerted effort undertaken by Gangstalkers is usually issued out under the disguise of “organised harassment” or local community law enforcement.

It is however issued under experiment from CERN that links into supercomputers of the western world that are in charge of real-time observations of society. You could think of this as CERN represents the data crunching and project management of external operations. Once this information is processed, the slave computers are updated with new algorithms and projects.

Within the organic world of our minds is the quantum world and in terms of bio-physics, this is where things get weirder. Because we are made up of quanta, neurons and every single connection in our minds is linked to the infinitesimally small including quarks.

It is this realm of physics that scientists are most interested in. Therefore the influence of thoughts are just as important within the quantum world as they are in the larger world. This means that scientists are likely to be studying the link to thought patterns and quantum exchange.

How does this relate to Dr. Katherine Horton?

This again maybe extremely bizarre, but Dr. Horton might actually be a scientist whom is directly interacting and data analysing her subjects (human experiments) for the purpose of studying social interaction within the TI community. Therefore is could be true that she is whom she says she is except the point is to study and map the data across the web of those whom are targeted whilst using herself as a gineau pig.

Therefore to ease the blow, Dr Horton incorporates half truths and real aspects of gangstalking in order to draw in a number of responses for study.

Whilst I speculate this, if anything the stop007 project is one TIs should be highly cautious of in terms of the nature of the background of Dr. Horton.

TIs responses on the internet will like everything else be studied and will be used in ways to discredit individuals in the most calculated of ways. If you can appreciate that recently, more Tis are beginning to speak out, then a counter operation can be expected.

My Twitter account is rarely directed trolled and if it is, it is normally done discretely via private messaging. Over nearly a year and a half I have noticed patterns which suggest that there are efforts underway to dupe and extract information off of Tis.

Of one notable operation was that of the media agency Vice whom had been data analysing Twitter from around February to the point their report on targeted individuals was released. The Vice article about Tis contained some very interesting research that mirrored some very brief things I had mentioned amongst the majority of other TI information.

The Vice online video documentary which followed, featured Dr. Katherine Horton in the opening credits (to no surprise), most likely because the stigma of the tin foil hat joke.

As a matter of bias an editorial psychology, this was a classic case of planting a seed from the start and obviously a video I myself was never going to take seriously. Having blogged about Kerion Lee Perrin (whom was featured in the documentary) the year before having found one of his videos online, I was unsure to his credibility. Yes, tracking devices can be used and I do not doubt for a moment that the technology available to insert implants that can read our responses exists.

However, I personally have loose ties to Vice as one of their headquarters was located not far from a place that I worked as well as the local newspaper whom along with neighbouring organisations, actively participate in the program. My personal relationships at the time also had a lot of ties to these organisations and experienced very high levels of systematic harassment. Considering that a person assioiated with program has been coincidential mirrored as a doppleganger, I’d say that this has been a long planned event and it has gone exceptionally wrong.

As much as Keiron Lee Perrin has some startling information, I am of the opinion he is a shill and in fact anyone who has anything to do with Vice.

Vice it seems have been asked to take on a big challenge. That is to work out a way to discredit the targeted individual community simply because us, the targets are simply causing to many problems.

Who is mind controlled?

Many TIs do not realise that despite what they are subjected to, they are not mind controlled, regardless of if implants are used. They are in fact resisting it. Otherwise they would not be talking about it. What they are observing is a mind control program around them that is not working.

The only logical reason for this is very easy to point out.

Shills attempt to draw attention away from harassment operations on civilians, ones which many TIs know is what intelligence agencies do not want you filming for evidence.

Dr Hortons seems to be driven towards a message that TIs should isolate themselves rather than empowering themselves in order to live their lives.

From my point of view I hope to be wrong about Dr. Horton but I am afraid that the signs of a hierarchy developing within the TI community alongside shills might look to destroy the information people bring to the world via the internet.

However, with the realities of surveillance laws and hacking, none of these shills seem likely to succeed. Not all people are stupid enough to believe the bullshit. The fact the media had to develop a very disparaging documentary to ridicule something that is deeply intertwined with the medias own reporting on related subjects, only goes to show how far they prepared to go to keep this under lock and key.

Paranoid Schizophrenic or not. We are all being watched.





Neural Isolation and Electronic Stimulation Triggering: Controlling Your Mind Against Invasive Tech.

This blog gives advice to those that are experiencing un-usual thought patterns. What I mean by this is when you begin to experience feelings, thoughts or even voices that are not part of you.

The complexity of neural triggering comes down to the state of high tech electronic devices that have been scientifical designed with the purpose to distrupt brain patterns.

The premise of this technology is more simple in principle than many assume but in sciencific experiment the way they have gone about gaining access to the human mind has the use of practical methods of ‘problem solving incorporating psychology with technology.

In 2009-2010 BBC Horizon featured a programme called The Secret You which hinted at this technology. One machine featured in this program was able to predict the answers of a test subject 8 seconds before the person replied to yes or no answers. This experiment was conducted in a laboratory using a high powered brain scanning machine developed by the Company Siemens which coincidently design and make mobile phones.

Also in the program, Scientists were able to identify areas of the brain which stored memories through neural stimulation. This involved using a cap with electronic sensors placed on a subjects head so to observe brain activity. The subject would be shown various pictures , mostly ones found in the media and from history where each one would produce a response in the mind thus isolating a part of the brain where the thought would reside. For example, if you were shown a picture of a celebrity, the machine would be able to detect if you had certain feelings such as sexual desires, admiration, distaste and so on for this person based on the neural connections formed in the brain.

At the time of airing on tv, the program covers technology which would be quite primitive against todays claims of high tech neural weaponry.

Dealing with a problem such as distorted thinking involves understanding how the mind works first before dealing with the consideration that your own mind might be interfered with outside sources. We also must consider that if you as a person use or abuse alcohol and drugs that this is not the best thing you can be taking to establish if you are being electronically manipulated and also goes against your crediblity.

Reading on psychology and simple mind/emotional coping techniques are a good place to start. Despite the information regarding the mental health services, the recent intergration of “mindfulness “ and encouragement of meditative techniques are in fact highly useful. They are in fact the main techniques that will help you establish control over your own mind. However, it is advised that the use of psychiatic medications should also be stopped, especially neuroleptic mediations that induce severe drowsiness.

Neural “triggering” is something that you can not so much observe but “experience” unless your are of course the scientist on the other side whom is observing.

The problems is isolating the “triggered” thought which in essence is not a clear “voice”, but is simply a machine simulating parts of the brain with small electronic pulses.

The act of controlling someone elses thoughts is like that of a series of collisions or creating links in a chain, one impacting the other that create a “train of thought”, such as the expression, one precedes the other.

The predictability of ones thoughts and actions with todays modern technology has been made easier for scientists given the amount of data that is collected on us every second.

However, neural stimultation is a level too far.

Meditation Methods: The Monkey Mind.

Meditation is an exceptionally great tool for controlling thoughts. In fact it is a highly important tool for inner emotional and spiritual development.

The monkey mind is a part of our consciousness that most of us dont pay attention to. It is also known as the subconscious mind, a state of awareness that sits between the awakened and sleep state or the concious and unconcious mind.

The subconcious monkey mind as it dubbed, is used to described the chaotic nature the mind has at deciphering the environment. This may seem a strange concept to some and perhaps a bit extreme to call the mind “chaotic”. However, in states of meditation the monkey mind can make its precence known when using methods to quieten in the mind.

In relaxed states , the monkey mind is far easier to experience as your concentration pulls from reality in to a state of conditioning. For example, close your eyes and try to focus on your own breathing for a minute or two. Do you find after a while your thoughts wander? That is your monkey mind fighting sgainst your own will to quieten as it slowly turns off from the world around.

Taming the monkey mind enables clearer thinking, thus meditation serves as a great way to develop a state of no thought, which resides in the sub-conciousness mind.

This feeling can be described as the point of falling asleep or awakening. However I find that ill defined.

Controlling the subconcious mind and making use out of it is what makes our minds special. For when in a state of calm and control we can use a place of no thought to introduce new thoughts or control one thought at a time.

Dealing with intrusive thoughts that are suspect of electronic harassment.

Dealing with intrusive thoughts can be difficult. In this respect we are talking about a symptom that is respectfully like borderline schizophrenia. The experience of voices or thoughts that feel alien to us.

It is a fact that all of us have a state of monkey mind which can run off at its own will. That can include voices and thoughts. This could be be simply recalling memories from the day or from the past. Therefore, they will include your perceptions and point of view of events.

In terms of Schizophrenia, the good news is that ALL of us hear voices or to put it another way, all of us can hear a voice in our heads when it comes to memory recall.

What can be worrying is when these voices are out of control. Certainly for some with Schizophrenia may describe their experiences differently especially when they maybe frightening to that person. However, the development of ones inner knowledge must also be understood to be that of darkness and light, good and bad. Therefore enlightenment is not always a happy experience

However, the use of meditation is a universal gift of humanity and can therefore allow us to control these thoughts if given the right knowledge to do so and also to control negative emotions.

If you want to know how important the sub-concious mind is to you then it is worth knowing that it is part of a persons awareness that is targeted by cults, organised religion and almost indisputably an area identified with mind control in organised harassment.

Identifying intrusive thoughts

In a controlled semi-concious state it is possible to hear neural triggering.

Having tested this numerous times it is clear to me that neural stimulation is actively having effect on the monkey mind.

What I have deduced is that the experiment is about pinging the brain for activity and then observing what it was that was pinged throught the use of cahrged particles in the air.

Therefore sometimes what you may hear or feel was the result of an electronic pulse aimmed at a specific part of the brain which has been stimulated.

You might be able to identify these thoughts, voices or sounds differently to the ones you hear around you. They will not be distinct or clear but can be random. That being that the voice or sound will not be a full sentence but more like short phrases.

Stimulating the brain only requires small electric charge but must be strong enough to penetrate bone and flesh. Alongside this, if the machine being used to conduct signals is behinf walls or some distance away then it will also have to penetrate walls and so on.The other thing we must consider is the size of neurons and nerves contained in the brain and how vastly complicated it would be to isolate specific ones when confined in a place with no apparent electronic machinery.

The other perception is that triggered thoughts are being created by the brain itself. That is that the monkey mind is constantly making sense of reality and therefore thoughts can be unhinged, this firing off neurons that hold a specific feeling or visual/audiable memory. However, this is something that can be produced by repetition and pattern. Certainly when it comes to computer applications the introduction of icons and patterned information in the simplest unassuming of forms can unfortunately be a programming you can not immediately detect without careful observation. In fact it could take a few years until you see daily patterns.

The human body holds a charge of that equivalent to that of 12v battery and therefore the directed electric charge required in the air must be of greater value to have an significant effect. If the monitoring is in realtime then there must also be equipment present in proximity to measure the electrical activity in the brain. This could be perceieved as a form of radar, xray scan etc but it could also be percieved as radio waves that most of our communication devices connect to such as wi-fi. Considering the nature of these technologies are able to penetrate thick walls then the ability to pass through the human body would present no real obstacle. It would mean that we would essentially sit in a form of ether that we can pass through being as the atomic structures in all matter including our selves are almost transparent on an atomic scale. To compare, a typical hydrogen atom comprised of one nucleus and electron are divded by a gap that on a real scale would be the equivalent to a few miles. If we were to compare this to the atomic structures contained in the bodies of living things then this makes us almost like a sponge that can absorb water. Therefore our bodies can pass through a network of waves or web of electrically charged air.

Wifi devices such as internet hubs and mobile phones both use this ether type of frequency transmission.

Scientific principle.

Because we are all studied to a broad extent the main flaw or gap in these systems is scientific boundaries. Also for the sake of scientific principle each person around a targeted person or subject must be divided. This is where ip addresses or identification number have been a consideration for people across the world. Alongside the concepts of microchipping and implants, the need for advanced surgury might be of no requirement. The web ether we pass through is already here.

This is not to say implants will not be used and that the claims of implants used on targeted individuals are a hoax. The fact that people know there is a problem and are talking abouy it openly means that we are not completely under control.

Gangstalking Techniques: Transport and Social manipulation.

Having looked at some of the coded methods used in psychological manipulation on transport, this blog looks at how it is incorporated into real-time operations,

How perps are able to reflect coincidence effectively in realtime.

The nature of how perps use the tactic of indirect language/sound on transport is a curious subject making its way into TI communities. It is also a looking glass into how effective this tech is and how it relates to mass mind manipulation.

Transport Gaslighting.

For a majority of the planned events, most are used in co ordination with street perps using street theatre. Transport used in operations generally tend to use fixed plates and certain advertising that is paid for by the government to be used in specific areas at certain times. Therefore this does not require complicated technology, only a presence.

Technologies used in Real-time.

One specific technology used on certain vehicles that exists isn’t to far removed from fiction. It is found in the film Goldfinger on the famous Aston Martin used by James Bond.

The DB9 uses a turn style number plate system which can interchange three different number plates within a barrel. Albeit a primitive design needing an extension to house the interchanger, it is not something we see on modern car designs.

The deceptive principles of this tech are not that difficult to achieve today considering the vast leaps in technology and it is likely to have been around for sometime when prototypes were being developed and tested. Certain perp issue plates are electronic display devices that can change to adapt to changing situations using the data file on the target. These plates are linked into an onboard computer that connects wirelessly to the mainframe computer. Naturally these plates cannot be changed on the roads in front of the public and normally have to be done out of sight using perps from outside the area.

Otherwise, local perps use a broad range of plates that are used for sensitization techniques. Generally they are non-specific. Examples of these are plates that incorporate 666, 999, 911, MI5, MI6 etc.

For more directed attention to the target the plates used can be changed if needed but if a target is a resident to one area these plates are not often changed but make up a series of aspects suited to the targets life.

A change of plate can sometimes be an issued order from perp controllers. A perp is either given money to buy a new car, ordered a new custom plate or is given a new car directly.

However as some targets know, the reflection of personal information can at times be too accurate to be possible using co-ordinated operations. Some of these events are planned well in advance and are practised on the roads before a target even goes near an area.

Therefore, electronic plates are sometimes used to fill the gaps. They will look exactly like standard plates, almost unidentifiable. They can be detached where some will be wireless and others with a small wire connection linking straight into the cars computer.

These vehicles will normally be introduced onto routes from quiet lay-bys, usually estimating the ETA of the target and adapting as necessary. In specific areas, perps need transport in numbers in order to subtlety manipulate traffic situations in order to get perps into position. This of course means controlling the speed of unassuming drivers. With the use of intelligence, civilians using predictable routes can also be shadowed to draw attention to plates and advertising if needed.

Civilians using registered plates sit on a database that is analysed in real-time on our roads using onboard mobile devices. If these devices are off or not present, then traffic cameras and satellite act as the eye to fill in what it can’t track.

How manipulative and accurate is this technology?

Staggering. Even to those unaware, traffic can be manipulated to very high efficiency around one or multiple targets. It can also control movement to isolate targets from those they know or bring them together if needed.

However this requires deep study of the targets actions, reactions and movements.

In terms of transport manipulation, this still categories under social manipulation where mobile devices can be used as prompts to control and time a multitude of individuals at any given time. This includes distancing Ti away from each other or introducing individuals that are subject to study.

Psychological control usually emanates from mobile devices depending on the nature of what the target is looking at during the day, through to the conversations they have. The subject matter or suggestion is usually a subconscious trigger where as previous events of the targets day to day lives are used as diversions or to other purpose.

Engineered coincidence.

Transport is also used by perps to highlight coincidence to targets whom are stationary, usually when at home. The “Newsfeed”, a function found in Facebook which generates random articles is one example of a linked process in the harassment program, as well as the functions in apps and programs.

If a target is to flick through their newsfeed, a series of co-ordinated events can be used to highlight sensitivity to specific articles. The program will select an article to show in the newsfeed while streaming downwards, one which has not been shown. A perp transport, normally one which is doing a circuit with others will travel past the house of the target. The program will then synchronize with the perp car computer to time its actions with sometimes distinct accuracy.

Sometimes perps need transport close to the targets address in order to arrive at the passing point in time.

Facebook is essentially the public view of the target against the information data harvested from search engines, advertised back at the user. This is exactly the same why community harassment works. It mimics the actions of internet social networking and data mining.

Organised Harassment: Transport

Update: I tweeted this post on the morning of 5/07/17


The morning of 5/7/17 I had decided to drive to a location I am familiar with. I has a small car park and is frequented by friendly types. The journey there was like any other I take. Plenty of perps and a vast variety of reflective tactics.

Considering the time frame, this was done in two hours since the post. These two car were not present on my arrival but were when returning. In the second picture the car was parked next to mine whilst the other was directly opposite.



Main Article

Road activity has increased since the arrival of smartphones as most have GPS technology, there are many reasons why a person could assume that being a driver today is harder than it used to be in some respects. True it is, but what is it actually like to be stalked on the road in real-time be it busy or quiet? How can a person notice the difference and how could it be possible to navigate or concentrate while all this happens?

The first thing I can say is that for the person who is not a TI, the frequency of this activity is not purely confined to harassments operatives, in fact they use human error as cover.

The frequency of traffic of millions of people can give a clear outline of peoples ability to deal with what is a stressful activity for many. That being that yes accidents happen but a majority of the time, traffic is able to flow each day without fail. That is millions and millions of people that are able to look after each others safety everyday.

This blog will include some insight to some highly sophisticated technology that is being used 24/7 and in real-time on targets and other people of interest at large. When you see it, it cannot be unseen, especially when a highly coordinated operation is in full swing.

You may have read about how targets can be sensitized to stimulus such as noise, colours, words, signs, in fact anything that the stalkers want you to be focused on.

On the roads drawing your attention to details is one aspect that is used often, therefore if you are a driver, stalking tactics used can be highly dangerous as many of them are designed to cause accidents. The operation is designed in such a way to avert blame away from the perpetrators but is also used to relay messages.

Car Licence Number Plates

Drivers in the western world have been able to use private number plates instead of the legal Reg plate that comes with their vehicle for many years now. It is a common thing and is often used for advertising.

Private plates allow a vehicle owner to customise a short message into their plate. It typically incorporates up to three words but the average is around two at most. The least that can be used is one letter and one word.

As legal requirement, a private plate is not allowed to spell out a word, it must incorporate number.

For example, if we were to make a plate with the sentence, “Word Up” then this plate would need to incorporate numbers such as Wor4 UP so that there is not a direct message applied to the plate.



A few years ago, the presenters of Top Gear caused international outrage during filming of an episode in Argentina.

The plate H982 FKL seen in the episode is code for HI (19)82 FKL(Falklands) and is what is considered to cause the most offence, as it is a reference to the Falklands War which Great Britain was involved in. The licence number H982 FKL is a legitimate British plate which dates to the late 80’s where the first letter of the licence number would change from year to year. From 1980 to the late 90’s this ranged from the letters A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M/N/P/R/S/T/U/V/W.

The second car with Plate N269 KNG or N(B)(F)(I) KNG is less obvious but references the following:

  • NB: To note the matter at hand

  • 69: A sexual position which involves simultaneous oral sex known in the Karma Sutra as Congress of the Crow. Perhaps ironic, the matter at hand involves no hands implicating the sexual position.

  • KNG: Normally short for King and can also apply to the last syllable of fuc(king) which in respect to the preceding numbers seems intentional.

In order, the message could imply “Take note of a hands free fucking”. This could reference the “Exocet” missiles Argentina fired at HMS Sheffield, sinking the ship

The third car EKH 646J presented a bit of difficultly to decipher but it seems to reference the number of Argentinian casualties 649 with the second car implying to invert the last 6 in (646).

Taken from Wiki, the expression:

Ekh (expression)

Ekh (Russian: Эх) is a spoken interjection in Russian and certain other Slavic languages. Ekh-ma (Эх-ма) is closely related.[1]

It is typically spoken by itself or at the beginning of a sentence, and can be used to express wonder, feeling sorry for something, reproach, pride at a just-accomplished feat, and other strong feelings.

“Эх, как важно развернулся! Фу ты, какая пышная фигура!” (“Ekh, how splendidly he’s getting on! Phew, what a magnificent figure!“) – Taras Bulba by Nikolai Gogol

In all, the message that seemed to be wanting to get across was that against 258 British deaths the Argentinians suffered far worse. The argument presented is that the plate H982 FKL was pure coincidence and that the presenters had no idea they were driving around with cars that were causing offence. It is well known that there has been history between the presenters and the BBC and it is probable that this was a tactic deployed to sabotage their careers. It is also debatable that the event was staged.

If one licence plate can cause such offence, imagine what an entire sequence can do to someone.

From experience, a car that was sold to me has reference to the government and a major world event. It was deliberate and the car was chosen for the purpose of sending a message. The way it is designed also made me question wither the car is used to relay the message to other targets should they have been sensitized to this system.

Further information

Coded Sentence Generator

This is a program used within a co-ordinated planning system that involves databases of many factors.

The whole idea is to attempt to relay a message across to a target without raising any suspicion in densely populated areas. This is the tactic used in organised harassment and it requires the use of data harvesting in real-time and a co-ordinated effort to relay information as soon as possible to the target.

This system is not confined to transport alone and incorporates many avenues which can find its way into the eyes of the target. If the message can be sent directly, frequently and where the target has no other option than to view the message, then this can act as part of the “coincidence” that targets experience when harassed.

If one is able to observe the operation as a whole and document it, one will notice patterns. Where operatives are used, consistences like a car which is use to relay a particular code can stand out. Therefore this is easier to evidence against that of e-mail and advertising which is being used as “coincidental” harassment,

An operative will be assigned one or a number of transports for use in harassment or maybe required to modify their current plates with private or issued plates. There are operatives in most areas of a country where cities tend to use different systems to those that are densely populated. It takes into account the way of life and the nature of the environments.

One of the most covered aspects of numerical and alphabetical coding is modern acronyms. Some targets report the frequent use of three numbered emergency codes such as 911, 999. In terms of intelligence, MI 5 is a commonly reported acronym incorporated into Reg Plates along with all number variants MI1, MI2 Etc.

In America (but not confined to), plates will include FBI, CIA and variants of PD, police departments. The list of Acronyms that can be used is endless simply because the harassment system can incorporate anything that it wishes to construct a “theme” around a target.

It does this through an artificial intelligence system that is already operative 24/7. It is much like a hive that is ordered but to create the “theme” specific members of the hive will be called upon “on demand.” This brings the un-ordered theme into an ordered sequence of events.

The AI system gathers enough intelligence on the target to pre-plan events. Considering how quick the system is, the plan is delivered by text message or though more sophisticated means where their is more participation required.

Particularly in street theatre, perpetrators many have to learn mannerisms, ways of dressing, coping the actions in videos or anything that is personal to the target.

This can be delivered by instructional video typically a cloud server that is access (read only) and will not be stored on the perpetrators phone for evidence purposes.

In respects to individual targeting, the events are always observed, studied and researched, looking at reactions, reaction times and other aspects of interest.



Information on Syndicates (Copied from “Information from COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture”)

This blog post is taken from COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture. It was the first time I have seen this article which was reposted on Twitter by a fellow TI yesterday. It dates from 2014.

From experience a majority of this is valuable information for targeted individuals and persons whom are concerned about organised harassment.

In this article there is a mention of a Supreme Council. I’d like to point out that this council is in fact the Freemason Organisation. In my targeting I have been approached three times about Freemasonry, one of which was more of an introduction. I also know that there are links to Freemasonry in my family.

Many thanks to the author of this article and I use this with full credit to the publisher. None of the article is edited by myself nor have I any involvement in its writing. The original article can be found at



“Confessions of a Gang Stalker” AKA Life in the Syndicate

“…I was eventually offered a place in the syndicate. The syndicate was presented to me as a kind of fraternity, a masonic-like mutual profit organization with strong police-like overtones. I was told that I was helping to build a better society. However, I have never been given any of the advancement opportunities I was promised. The “advancement system” of the syndicate is a slippery slope. They make you give up your security privileges, so eventually all of your communications are watched (which is why I composed this email offline where they can’t see me, and sent it via an internet cafe) and you have to attend meeting after meeting of mind-numbing pledges and chants. The premise is that if you sign contracts giving up personal liberties for the group, and you are genuinely innocent, then you will be promoted. I have only been promoted once, to the rank of manager, and I don’t feel as if it is a rewarding experience.Worse, you are never allowed to leave because they think you will give away secrets. Leaving is only permissible with a special contract that permits the syndicate to destroy your credibility (usually they make sure that the most attention any secrets that you reveal get is from crackpot UFO magazines, or diagnose you with schizophrenia).There are other problems. If you have children, you have to send them to education in syndicate owned schools. If you have a wife, you have to report on her, allow her to be spied upon, and be prepared to target her if they decide to turn her into a TI. The official “compensation” policy is that you will get to keep the children if she lodges a divorce. However, you won’t get to keep most of her material goods. They only want her to lose in the divorce proceedings so she gets nothing, not so the husband gets anything, so the syndicate takes it back as a tithe.

I suppose I should introduce the syndicate in a little more detail. I’m still not sure precisely what it is trying to do. [Blog Author note: It depends on the person selected and who initiated the campaign. In my case, CR is a Psychopath who likes to abuse women and this is the method he employs to do it. There are also different groups doing this that are not necessarily connected and whose motivations are different.] To everyday citizens, it presents itself as a group trying to monitor terrorists (or any other kind of flavor-of-the-month undesirables like gays/communists/witches) and drive them out. To other people, its a rotary club/chamber of commerce type operation. To others still, the most twisted conspiratorial minds, it is an organization that pulls the strings behind everything. To the puritan, it is a cleansing force. To the deviant, it is a gang of other deviants where everything is permissible. It’s the syndicate to everyone, though. I don’t know the extent of what it owns.

I do, however, know a great deal about the targeting process. When we get targets, we divide them into four categories: mercenary, practice, planning, and enemy. Mercenary targets are bought by outside parties. We advertise under a range of guises, from ads by “individuals” claiming to be able to kidnap people, to practical jokers. Some groups, like big corporations and some governments (the government of Xxxxxx pays us to keep some people busy, so do the Xxxxxxs when they have too many people protesting whaling) know fully well what sort of services we do, so we don’t really hide them. [Blog Author note: Certain unethical PI firms are actively involved. I know of two. One has become a national firm simply because they were rewarded by CR for participating in his campaign against me and the other is a large multinational firm where CR has very high level connections. He has also spawned another firm involved in  online “identity theft protection”. – Ironic (and suspicious) given his predilection for stealing and abusing  people’s identities.]

We get a lot of money from them, but we can still muster up a fair bit if worst comes to worst. I’m not sure so much about the NWO theory. Maybe the Xxxxxxx count, but you’d be surprised at how much money we can get from crime.  [Blog Author note: CR agrees. He was responsible for two major thefts netting him 1.3 million dollars each. One was an Art Theft and the other a Jewellery Theft (from close friends).] I don’t mean that we go out robbing people, but we can outsource money from biker gangs/skinheads/drug dealers pretty easily.[Blog Author note: And from Government Grants when one is connected as well as CR.] Our syndicate gets a lot of support from people in rough areas like Xxxxxx and Xxxx’s Xxxx. Because there are areas with a lot of people in genuine need, who would leap at the thought of fighting back at the criminals, we can always find allies to pressure the criminal portions of society. Of course, they are only pressuring them into giving us money, but it’s a pretty cozy arrangement. [Blog Author note: Sure it’s cozy. It’s called blackmail but what are the criminals going to do? Report it to the police?]

The second type of target is the practice target. We use them to train mobs. The targets don’t actually change, because we don’t want TOO many people fighting back at us. But we do rotate trainees between practice targets. This stops the person seeing the same people every time there’s a street show.

Then there are planning targets. These are selected by the syndicate for some reason or rather but aren’t paid for by mercenaries. You can usually tell the difference between planning and practice targets because they send people with experience after them. They’re still chosen by the same people though. The practice ones are of course chosen for their timidity. I don’t know how the planning ones are chosen.

Enemy targets are people that decide they’ve had enough and turn against us. Since they protest and try to foil our plans (which, considering that our jobs are already nervy, is a real pain in the arse), we try to really give them hell. The best way, of course, is through the psyche. My supervisor used to say that the Soviets had it right with Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia. [Blog Author note: CR figured this out in 1958 through his “friendly” (if that’s even possible) association with Dr. Ewan Cameron of MKUltra fame and his use of this strategy against his earlier victim Greta Goede, who I believe ended up an MKUltra victim.]

Some people up-top are proposing that we just kill them and have them declared Natural Causes or Accidental by the coroner. It isn’t likely to happen, though. [Blog Author note: CR has killed at least three people who got in his way. So some people at the top are in fact doing this. Of course, CR doesn’t hire “syndicates”. He is his own syndicate and has put together his own organization for this purpose. His targets are innocent women associated with controversial figures. In only one case has he violated this rule and in this case the woman was as guilty as the man – of course he’s not obsessing over the man…he’s too gutless to do that. And the people who were killed were mostly men who got in the way of his hate campaign against a woman he targeted. My guess is that he kills them when he loses control over them because he’s basically afraid of men.]

Anyway, I should introduce the main branches of the syndicate. Each branch recruits its own (everybody is a member of one of the branches) instead of people just joining a common pool. This keeps the work separate and stops people from finding stuff out that they shouldn’t.

My branch is the Scripting, Observation, and Execution Bureau (or “The Theater” as it is popularly known). By execution, I mean the execution of orders, not the other kind. We do the work that the majority of people with any knowledge of gang stalking will be familiar with: pestering and scripting minor incidents.

The Theater is actually divided into two sub-branches: Scripting Orchestration Officers (or “playwrights” as they call themselves) and Field Officers (or “thespians” as we call ourselves).

We have the most variety in our recruits. Popular sources are the police, the fire department, the zoo, and technicians of any kind. But we recruit from all places. Most members are neighborhood watch types (not official Neighborhood Watch, but “concerned people”). Ironically, we make sure that we do a lot of good, just to get some credibility. [Blog Author note: CR likes to “help” vulnerable people like abused women, women with cancer, mentally ill people, victimized minorities, etc. then recruit them for his hate campaigns. If a person is a key person (like a friend of the target) he will often victimize the person himself to “soften” them up, claim that the target did it and then use that to recruit them.]

Then there is the Bureau of Authority (“The Moneybags”). They don’t actually control the syndicate, but they have all the right jobs and connections. So, a judge might have control over the judicial process, but he will answer to a superior in the syndicate. Psychiatrists belong here too.

The Moneybags are so-called because they raise a lot of the money. It would be suspicious if big corporations funded groups like this, but they can invest money into front groups.  [Blog Author note: Like government funded “anti-hate” networks which they use to actually incite hate. CR set one up in 2007 in my community.] And the majority of the syndicate’s work is done through completely legitimate fronts. We can tap phone lines and access people’s records from behind government agencies.  [Blog Author note: CR has done this to me using high level corporate, government, police and intelligence connections.] Usually, these are the guys that go after Enemy Targets. Normally, harassment is organized under several “action policies”. If a target isn’t an enemy, a standard policy is enforced. Low level organizers (the aforementioned “playwrights”) play around with the target for a while and rotate crews. [Blog Author note: While the individuals change certain other things do not so it’s easy to identify these “crews”.]

When a target is an “enemy”, the policy doesn’t immediately change, but orders filter down from high-level organizers (usually the Supreme Council) which direct ‘Thespians’ to provoke the target or a similar action, and Moneybags to crack down on them once they get in the way of the system. This is called Mincing, because the thespians lure the “meat” (by making it complain or fight back) into the “mincer”. [Blog Author note: This is what CR is doing to me right now. I receive negligent medical care because he is paying people to tamper with my lab results. In some cases they indicate perfect results where I actually do have issues and in other cases where I don’t have issues I’m getting positive results. See my comments on the mammogram issues. There is no lump in breast and  a birth mark appeared where mammogram detected something. The Doctor is aware of this and yet continues to force the issue by insisting on ridiculously frequent testing on this, despite the visible birth mark. I complain about this and refuse to act on the positive results but want action on the negative results (which I have actually proven concretely are wrong. See my comments on my blood sugar). The Doctor is told that I’m complaining , the complaints are exaggerated and law suits are mentioned. This is intended to and does make the Doctor get defensive. The Doctor is encouraged to attribute this to my medical issues all “being in my head”. The next step will be the Doctor fabricating some reason to involve a psychiatrist.]

The Bureau also protects members of the syndicate. Normally, in a court case/psych examination or similar situation where a syndicate member is at the mercy of a moneybag, a special order arrives from above telling the moneybag to take it easy on the guy and let him off scott free. The order is always printed in blue, on fancy cherry-blossom paper, but in a very official border/font. [Blog Author note: I know of several cases where the person was caught doing something illegal (the intent being to frame me) and in all cases,  with the exception of one, neither the news media reported nor was any action taken. This one case was not done in the commission of a frame up against me, but it involved one of CRs paid skanks. The news media picked it up, and the person was not charged under the most bizarre justification imaginable. He committed a hit and run killing the person. There was suspicion that he was drunk but since he had left the scene this couldn’t be proven. His story was that road was slippery and he couldn’t stop. There was no evidence that he even tried to stop. He was not charged on the grounds that he was a new immigrant (Filipino) and he wasn’t used to driving in the snow. Frankly I have never heard of anything so ridiculous.]

“Cherrying” is the name for this secret process. The Bureau of Authority has a very organized system of lawyers, judges, medical officers, etc. Whenever you’re committing a crime for the good of the syndicate, you must always report your location. Then they send Cousin Nancy (this is an affectionate term for the police in the employment of the syndicate that they send to arrest you instead of non- syndicate cops, so you can go straight through the appropriate channels without anything suspicious being seen) to tail you and “arrest” you the moment somebody calls 911.

They all follow a minimalist strategy though. For example, the mayor of Xxxxx isn’t a member of the syndicate. But several of his advisors and aides are. This way we can get laws passed in a discreet manner, and if a high-profile figure is targeted, our hold on an organization doesn’t loosen. We try to arrange elections of mayors that aren’t too headstrong. Though the government is mainly used as a minor nuisance. We prefer the courts for most activities. [Blog Author note: The past Mayoralty race in Toronto was an example of this in action. Except that CR wanted a candidate he could  control directly. The media golden boy in that race was that candidate. Thank goodness, he lost.]

The Bureau of Technology (Field), BoT(F) is the group in charge of the electrical equipment. They work alongside us thespians and “gaffer” the targets by giving them the usual fatigue/headaches/medical problems. They can also destroy equipment, screw up televisions, the works. I think they are particularly sadistic.

Different crews use different Techs, but they’re all unpleasant. The incapacitators come in a lot of different forms. There are ones that come as a lightbulb that slowly gives people eye-strain and makes them tired. You can fit some in computer/TV monitors and the glare irritates people.

I’ve heard they’re even building fridge magnets with electronic devices in them. That isn’t the extent of the BoT(F)’s machinery.

They manufacture pills that can cause deformities in the womb, as well as miscarriage and give them to women in their food. They can fake HIV/AIDS so the test shows up positive the first time, but subsequent tests show that it was a false positive. This faux-HIV can be put in the target’s food. They usually give the target a few health scares, but they don’t like to physically hurt anyone. [Blog author note: Not true in the case of CR but then we know he’s more extreme than your average since he’s a sexually sadistic Psychopath. His intent is to create real health problems and ensure they aren’t looked after. or misdiagnosed health problems where the treatment itself will damage the health of a healthy person. See my comments on my mammogram fiasco and recent rumors that my other health problems “are in my head” (an excuse to justify involving a shrink). CR has recently funded an Alzheimer’s clinic and has made a new contact, a well-known psychiatrist, who specialized in the mental health of older adults. (I’m in my 50s). He’s also been spreading ugly rumors about me to dentists (and I suspect offering bribes and favors). As a result every dentist I’ve gone to has done serious damage to my teeth to the point where my face is changing and my bite is so messed up now that I can’t eat without biting my lips or the inside of my mouth. In some cases (most) these dentists have engaged in deliberate fraud which has been covered up by the Dental Insurance company which has another paid skank of CR’s on the BOD, Lorna M. The last dentist deliberately drilled too deep to force a root canal which I would have had to pay for. Previously  my co-workers were setting the stage that the coverage only covered “certain types of root canals”. Of course this is a fabrication which would have been backed by the Insurance Company simply to ensure that I had to pay out of pocket. Since CR has wiped me out financially and uses his connections to violate my privacy by accessing my bank and other financial records through various illegal means, he’s well aware that I can’t afford this and as a result the work won’t get done and my teeth will deteriorate further.]

One Field Tech I knew had a penchant for giving people Syphillis. They could treat it easily enough with penicillin (and the syndicate always made sure that it would be diagnosed on time), but it showed up on the targets’ permanent records for medical treatment. They also conduct extensive testing without the target’s knowledge. [Blog Author note: I believe this was done to me when I contracted Trichomoniasis a couple of years ago, which I also believe was improperly treated by the Doctor I was seeing at the time. I believe she is one of CRs paid skanks and related to a Sikh terrorist who claimed to be a CSIS informant but conveniently never gave CSIS any useful information that would have resulted in the conviction of the Air India terrorists. (another of CRs paid skanks). I also believe the person who transmitted it to me did so unknowingly and was deliberately infected by someone else. The Doctor felt it necessary to report this (not normally done because it’s so common) and improper treatment can result in the Protozoa going into one’s organs (liver and kidney) and damaging them permanently. Since I’m a kidney donor and only have one kidney this is particularly pernicious assault on me by CR amongst many other assaults intended to do damage to and weaken my single remaining kidney. Something in the drug treatment I was provided also resulted in my face swelling and hooded eyelids.]

One TI we were monitoring was found to have a malignant tumor in his head (not our doing). He wasn’t experiencing any of the symptoms, so we gave him some through the incapacitators and had a few of his friends warn him about cancer. He had a test done, and just for fun, we had the doctor tell him how dangerous it could be and how he could die soon. We gave him a six month waiting period and told him that by then the tumor could progress so far that it could never be removed. That’s a lie, of course. Our BoT(F) had it out in a jiffy by sending one of their brain surgeons to do the job, but it’s the fear that counts. [Blog Author note: CR would have gone further and had the Brain Surgeon do deliberate damage. Enough to cause problems but not enough to put the person out of commission. This is the difference between how a Psychopath and a non-Psychopath function.]

The Bureau of Technology (Communications) monitors the target’s phone calls, emails, and absolutely everything else. They tend to recruit from the national archives, census takers office, records office, credit card companies, medicare, insurance, etc. They are the logistics branch. As I said, most of the syndicate’s work is done from within legitimate areas.

What the BoT(C) does (very often) is send a “receptionist applicant” over to a credit card company or government agency pretending she knows nothing about hacking computers or accessing records. We pull a few strings and she’s in. She then steals information while nobody is looking. A few old-timers like to have 100% control over the “records farm” but most prefer the minimalist approach. This is the bureau that gives out information and orders to everybody else, and also acts as a communications post for the whole syndicate.

The Supreme Council delivers orders through them. Outside orders are also taken in through the BoT(C), which advertises as a mercenary group through certain channels.

The Bureau of Alliances, or “trading partners” handles our allies. As far as I know, the syndicate is Xxxxxxan only. The only other gang stalking group in this country is a West Xxxxxxxxan organization called the confederacy. Very often they try to move into the xxxxx xxxxx so we have to hold them back, diplomatically or otherwise. However, we have contracts with Xxxxxxan groups whereby we handle their targets when they move into Xxxxxx. The same with the Xxxxan groups and the confederacy. The other groups pay for their targets to be “handled” while they travel here. We make millions of dollars this way.

Finally, the Supreme Council controls the entire operation. I have no idea who they are, except that they have a fancy name instead of being a Bureau. They do not recruit their own men. They promote from the other departments.

Most of them seem to be wealthy individuals with inheritances that manage to maintain their fortunes from investments. Not one is a CEO, Judge, or Politician. They are all just old money family types that live in the Xxxxxx Xxxxx and seem unusually lucky with their money (no doubt through insider trading).

Despite this, they have a lot of spiffy technology. They have a kind of reverse incapacitator that improves their health and increases their performance. Most of them look incredibly young for their age. We don’t see them much, though. Often, an audience with one of them is a kind of reward for good service.

There are also ranks in our syndicate. The lowest members are pawns. They’re not technically members, because there’s no permanent service contract and they don’t know they’re working for us. They take orders from us but they’re not expected to attend meetings. We call our pawns “concerned citizens”, the Authority bureau has “office boys” or “secretaries”, the BoT(F) has “lab rats” (who very often are paid volunteers for experiments, or people who don’t know what they’re testing), the BoT(C) has “spelunkers”, the BoA has “travel agents”.

Unfortunately, we’re not obligated to give protection to any of these people. So, we can give a vet an order to put down a dog, without telling him that it isn’t consented to by the owner, and he will do the job and get sued without us giving him legal protection. A lot of our street theater is done by people that don’t even know they’re part of a syndicate. They think they’re a grass roots movement and don’t know that there are other people harassing the target.

The BoT(C) recruits people that think they’re joining the hacker groups on the internet, or people that think that they’re just following orders from the archives. The BoT(F) does 80% of its research at legitimate agencies like Xxxxxx’s XXXXX and its drug companies. The task of pawns is to think that what they’re doing is either normal and routine, or criminal in an individual isolated manner.

Recruits, however, are aware of a conspiracy. However, they still remain at a misinformed level. We simultaneously maintain teams of “religious” actors and “punk” actors. A person might join us thinking he’s going to clean up the community. Another person might join us thinking he’s going to cause trouble and anarchy. And they can go about their merry ways.

We even deliver information to them in different ways. To the religious ones, it’s wrapped up in prophecy and revelation. To the punks, it’s given a communist candy coating. However, they’re all aware that the group is large.

They’re also aware of a mutual benefit aspect to the operation. Only greedy unidealistic people get beyond the recruit rank.

All the Bureaus wrap themselves up in different colors. The Moneybags pretend to be a secret club for the elite (and many of them are indeed quite powerful and wealthy, second only to the Supreme Council). The BoT(F) claims to be a “humane” research agency, or a means by which scientists can resist corporate greed, though it still attracts deviants. The BoT(C) is conspiratorial minded, and pretends to be a group searching for the ‘secrets of the Illuminati’ or the Illuminati themselves. The BoA claims to be a contract agency, traveler’s club, or accounting firm.

Recruits perform tasks that they know are illegal, or immoral, but they still generally believe that they’re doing it for a reason.

Managers like me come above the recruits and do some actual organization, whether leading a crew to a street theater match or planning an attack. Generally, managers know everything about the syndicate except what its goal is. Most are greedy enough to accept that it isn’t a morally motivated group. We also engage in communication with other Bureaus to co-ordinate our activities.

Different terms are used for different MOs.

The Theater has “Playwrights” and “Leading Roles”. The moneybags have “Success Stories”. The BoT(F) has “Research Directors”. The BoT(C) has “Information Awareness Officers”. The BoA has “Arrangers”.

Finally, a rare few are promoted to the Supreme Council.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS (both colloquial and official):

Contract: A TI or Target. This is the official term. Used as “Enemy Contract” or “Planning Contract”. Enemy contract is often referred to as “hostile contract”.

CHERRYING: Getting out of a legal tangle through the syndicate’s intervention.

NIPPLE-KISSER: a ‘deviant’ recruit, recruited because of a desire for sadism.

HOLY POLY: a ‘religious’ puritan recruit.

THE EFFECT: the fact that greedy and sadistic recruits are selected for managing jobs more readily than anybody with integrity.

FBG (fertile breeding ground): a crew of nipple-kissers, based on the idea that they are a fertile breeding ground for future managers.

MINCING: Luring a target into the legal system.

DEFACING: making faces at a contract, or otherwise intimidating them.

XXXXXX XXXXX SYNDROME: having a target so socially unpredictable and badly-off that you can’t really think of many ways to make their life much worse.

RAINBOW SHOCK: the fact that you have to act nice to the rest of the public immediately after you’ve stopped defacing a contract.

BREAK-A-LEG JOB: a particularly hostile attack against a contract, or a plan which involves approaching the target and talking to them.

SAKURAKAI: a crew that is particularly overt in its stalking and gets caught too often. In other words, it has to be cherried all the time.

CREW: A unit of recruits and pawns under a single MO. In other words, a group of gang stalkers.

ZAPPERATING: using electronic devices to affect the health of a target.

XXXXXXX XXXXX: rhyming slang. for big mistake, roughly means “we shouldn’t have used this method”.

UNCHAINED, UNCOVERED: authorities that are not pawns or recruits.

COVERED: A member of the public that is under the control of the syndicate (as a pawn).

PUBLIC FACE: A recruit or manager’s official life outside of the syndicate.

PRIVATE LIFE: a syndicate member’s activities with the syndicate.

INCAPACITATOR: a device that affects the sleeping patterns/stress/fatigue/headaches of a contract.

VOODOO: the means of acting hostile to a target (pointing, staring, etc).

LOMOSEXUAL: a syndicate member with a knack for photography. (“There’s a lomo in every crew!”)

NYUNKIA: (Not Your Usual Nipple-Kissing Incapacitator Asshole), the “yu” is pronounced as the “oo” in ‘moon’. refers to a particularly sadistic or deviant BoT(F) member.

BONER: another word for an enemy target.

YELLOW MEAT: criminals, as opposed to “concerned citizens”. refers to criminals recruited into the syndicate.

XXXXXXXX (verb): to Xxxxxx somebody is to run them over or chase them with a car.

GIGOLO-BOP: to make sexual advances to an unattractive target, term mainly used by “nipple kisser” deviants.

CANCELLING: causing a miscarriage.

CRASH TEST DUMMY: a practice target.

HANG-JOB: the experience of having a target that one has enjoyed tormenting suddenly commit suicide. Term used mainly by nipple kissers/nyunkias.

COUSIN NANCY: a police unit sent to tail a crew and arrest them before an unchained police unit can do it.

XXXXXX NECKTIE: a death threat made with no intention of it being carried out.

GENERAL LEEING: randomly chasing after a target and threatening to rape them before immediately running away.

XXXX’S LAW: a police department that is thoroughly under the syndicate’s control.




DEJA VOOOO: doing the same skit over and over again.

Wild Goose Chase: Perpatrator tactics and (GS) Google Services


This is information relating to how harassment operative working in the community and on the internet are using methods to take targets attentions off of mobile and satellite technologies.

I have observed TI testimonies on the internet for some time and a majority of them are looking for the sources of electronic weapons that are active in their areas. Most often than not, most TIs who begin to experience harassment especially when they feel the source of it is happening in their own homes begin to suspect that it is due to hidden cameras located in their property.

If you have a mobile device then it goes without saying that the number one source of leaked information is coming from that device.

Of course, most TIs become aware of this and find ways around it. I often recommend to TIs using smart phones that they use black tape to cover all lenses and eye recognition (the source of face detection software to read emotions) if they can deal with a phone that might operate a bit slower.

However, many will notice that this is not enough to prevent harassment. For this I advise reading my blog post on the subject of radar-r which is about wall penetrative radar which is able to see through the walls on properties to spy, regardless if your smart devices are on or not.

I recently watched a video where a target was advised to check for an inanimate object located on their property where it was suggested that it was the source to v2k harassment. It appeared from the persons point of view when the object was dealt with that the v2k harassment stopped.

Unfortunately, this is a just a wild goose chase that operatives use to feed false information and ultimately use to waste the targets time. It is likely that any harassment will stop once the person has taken the bate so to influence a state of relief. From that point onwards harassment will work on a different area ultimately taking the attention off the true source. This in eccence is the true nature of mind control and the current devices used today are playing a major part in it. Most TIs are looking for something that is starring them right in the face. Especially when a target records a video directly onto you tube via their mobile phone, the situation is quite an unsettling one.

TIs know that turning off their mobiles are not enough. Even if your property is in a confined area, there is something that everyone and not just TIs should be aware of.  Only last year it was announced that Facebook were trialling a satellite technology much like google already use. Satellite imaging used today is advanced enough to work in conjunction with the technology you use to co-ordinate operations down to small scale situations.

Therefore be careful of whom you get your advice from. So far I have received an number of messages from some individuals claiming to be targets where they are in fact just routing for information. Considering the scale of this operation it is highly likely there are major attempts currently underway to deal with the rise of TI testimonies. One notable thing to look out for is those with apparent “credentials”. We are likely to see more “Undercover Operatives” claiming to be from certain areas of society whom are wanting to dis-solve this situation. They will feed a lot of dis-information whilst also bringing about a lot of real information. However, it is still at a time where the balance is very complex because the act in itself is a huge war crime which pre-dates any current laws that have been brought in.

Smart phone cameras and Global Mapping

People may not realise this but practically every single property or area on the planet where a smart phone has been present will have been mapped its surroundings and will have been logged onto a computer server. Especially if the owners or previous owners were perps then they will have been required to map it out completely including areas that are not accessible.

Every time you use a device, snap shots will be taken everywhere you go. Therefore objects, people literally anything around you can be accounted for.

Recently the new Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S8 was announced around a few months ago incorporates new AI software which will take technology to new levels.

The public may think that this technology will be useful for being able to detect and record things in their surroundings which can then automatically find these items on the internet but the purpose isn’t just for public convenience.

Much like its always been, this is a way that the public will unwittingly be opening the door to more detailed observations of their own surroundings to be data harvested. A majority of the current harvested data is enormous but these devices might operate more in real-time to track, log and predict events.

GS: Google Services

Many do not realise just how big a company Google is and just how powerful the artificial intelligence is having influence on us all.

It is not clear as to where or when the term Gang stalking came from but it is now clear that it is was likely a coined term used to mislead everyone away from the source of the main operation at play. That was to make people assume that any technological harassment would be coming from organised cyber-gangs/criminals with the intent to take the public’s attention off of the major co-operations which have ultimately controlled those situations from the start.

Most perpetrators work for Google, the rest can work in-between other major internet companies and can be paid handsomely. It is these kinds of salaries that make working for these companies almost unavoidable especially if the person has financial problems.

It is also another reason why TIs who are targeted can become perpetrators. Some TIs become pushed towards financial ruin and therefore end up taking the salary over becoming homeless.

Why TIs are valuable to GS.

This is probably obvious to many because TIs are at the forefront of all operatives active at the same time. This means that TIs can see the grand operations in more detail. They can also observe that these individuals are separated off in many ways wither it be through contracts (do not talk about what you do to anyone) or social conditions. Operatives do not realise that this technology is used on them also and it is highly likely that these people are the most brainwashed of them all.

If TIs can be turned then it will be of enormous benefit because if anything despite being isolated to whatever degree, the main aspects of separation are purely psychological. Within the organisations there are legal contracts which then make the situation worse because this makes the likelihood of prosecution greater. Therefore most operative have no other choice than to go down the route of whistle-blowing.

The most prime example we know of is Edward Snowden. As most TIs know, Edward Snowden has revealed a lot of information about the NSA. Considering the nature of surveillance, there has been no mention of the phenomena of “gangstalking” or “Company/Government funded harassment” a la Stasi/Zersetzung style tactics. This is a bizarre situation which has many wondering if he is in fact a person who has been assigned as a propaganda operative.



Psychiatric Medications: A Brief History and Monarch Programming.

A Brief History of Psychiatric Medications

The origins of antipsychotic medications date back to the late 19th century during drug trials that aimed to find a cure for the tropical disease Malaria. The drug was not originally intended to treat psychotic symptoms but was to treat the disease itself. Therefore the discovery of antipsychotic medications came about by accident. The chemical that was observed to alleviate psychotic delirium was methylthioninium chloride or Methylene blue for short.

Immune system suppressant anti-histamine drugs that can be freely bought from chemists and local supermarkets also evolved from methylene blue and were in fact the reason anti-psychotic drugs were discovered in the first place. French pharmacists of the early 20th century had pioneered new anti-histamine drugs and had found that some of their other experimental chemistry had produced strong sedative and anti-psychotic properties. It was these drugs that went on to become the first psychiatric drugs used in mental care wards.

So is it true that all psychiatric drugs are chemicals that act on the immune system?

Mental illnesses are often linked to immune system disorders but are not directly addressed by medical professionals. The fact that the psychotic medications came about from drug trials intended to treat disease is clear indication that modern psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar depression are not being recognised as the result of immune system disorders.

Based on the evidence in chemistry, yes. They originate from histamine chemical channel blockers.

The sedative effects of antipsychotic medications are found in antihistamines and some antidepressants. Some common prescription medications used to treat allergies are in fact older medications that were used used to treat psychosis. Phrenegan is one particular medication used as a sleeping aid but also functions as an antihistamine.

Antipsychotic medications first used in the treatment of mental health patients in the 1950s and have continued to be used to the present day giving them a history of over 60 years.

When antipsychotic medications were first introduced they were claimed to be the future of active treatment of mental illness. Not long after their introduction many mental health wards were discharging their patients due to the positive effects that were observed upon them. It also signalled a new era in psychiatry where the use of the straight jacket began to be used less in the restraint of violent aggressive patients. This positive effect that was observed in mental health wards western world went to earn the pharmacists created antipsychotic medications a Nobel Peace Prize.

In terms of research the branch of psychiatric medications used to treat patients have still not been tested over a long enough period to suggest that they have proven efficiency in treating been in a mental health condition over a lifetime. The Atypical drug Aripiprizol for example was only introduced as early as the 1990’s.

Of recent years, research conducted into the long list off side effects and long-term health consequences from prolonged use of psychiatric drugs are often reported about in the media. Links to brain damage, diabetes and heart conditions are some of the few permeate effects on the body identified from prolonged use of psychiatric drugs and have brought about serious questions to their safety treatment of mental illnesses.

It is these kinds of questions that pharmacist and mental health professionals clearly avoid when asked directly from any area development and the administering drugs of these drugs. Despite this, psychiatric medications used to treat patients today it still claimed that psychiatric drugs are a safe and effective treatment for mental health disorders.


The production and sales of psychiatric medications is a multi-billion cash generating industry. It is hardly any surprise too many diagnosed with a form of mental illness are more or less told they should maintain their medication compliance for the rest of their lives regardless of whether they feel it is helping them or not.

The truth is that no mental health patient is required by law to take psychiatric medications unless it is proved that they are a danger to themselves. Usually in these situations patients are required to receive depot injections. Not all anti-psychotic medications can function over a long time period due to their half life. Risperidone is one drug that can be administered to act either over the course of a week to as long as a few months. After this period discontinuation syndrome beings to take hold and will eventually bring about psychotic symptoms and cold turkey symptoms as the immune system tried to cope without the drug. Much like all anti-psychotics, discontinuation syndrome is a horrible affliction.

Anti-psychotics are therefore consider to act like a chemical strait jacket and even worse is that the discontinuation syndrome of these drugs is making companies big money because people do not know how to get off them. This makes it easy for doctors to label patients as ill if their medication is stopped.

The Immune system, Mental Illness and Anti-Psychotic side effects.

If one was to visit internet forums that deal with helping to cope with mental illness many many be surprised to read about the true nature of the horrible side effects which these drugs cause and not about how they are helping.  Yet many of these effects are ignored by health professionals

Many patients can take a combination of drugs in order to treat a specific illness that they have. Wither is through choice or recommendation the lists of side effects which range from severe memory loss, sexual dysfunction too more severe conditions that mimic Parkinson’s Disease and severe weight gain have have to be tolerated day in day out through the course of their treatment.

Some patients are told that the side effects are not permanent and that other medications can be prescribed to treat them.

Unfortunately this is a false hope. Most medications describe to patients complaining about side effects usually given false diagnosis of other conditions and they usually given more medications to treat a condition was by the drugs that they’re taking the treated mental health condition. This means that all the time being treated with drugs will be taking more medications for conditions that they have not got. Is not hard to see that the more medications being used is generating more money to pharmaceutical Industries.

Any person the judge person trying to get by taking these types of medications really should try taking them themselves to see what it is like. I can guarantee you it is not the most pleasurable experiences.

In terms of their efficiency in treating psychosis this can be heavily debated. Something that might be considered delusional in one culture might be considered completely normal in another.

It would seem the large pharmaceutical businesses then I pushing the message that they are helping to treat mental illnesses that are claimed to be caused by genetic conditions where it is in fact the result of many factors that are influencing our general mental well-being in our environments.

Pollution and western diets are there areas that are being researched into the impact they have on our mental well-being overlooked when being discussed generally health communities. This relates to our immune systems. The factors of social stresses also link to the immune system. Conditions such as hives are one such human response generated by the human body that is produced by the immune system.

Of course industry and the production of modern technologies take a toll on our resources ultimately have an impact on our environments. Along with pollution that enters our water supply and air quality, the impact on our physical health is much greater than it was some 100 years ago. It will be no surprise to learn that our bodies are working much harder to process out harmful disease and pollution which is an indication that our own bodies are trying to tell us something about the environment we live in.

If we are to look at the example of Methelene Blue which acted upon the immune system in those being treated for malaria, the state of allivated psychosis experienced by the patient may be perceived to be the delirium most of us experience when we are ill with a disease.

Use of psychiatric medications to treat something that is directly related to our immune systems asks serious questions has to whither patients are really getting the correct treatment for their conditions.

Mental Health Diagnosis

For all the diagnosis that exist for mental illness many are compared to modern frameworks used in group help therapies, many of these use scales or spectrum to explain how people feel. However, when treated with medication the perception of reality is being changed to an unnatural state of well being. Most patients never got to talk to or address their problems correctly as many will be placed on long waiting lists for one to one or group therapies.

Psychiatric drugs are coined by some patients to be Zombie Perscriptions because prolonged use can make them numb to feelings and emotions. This is because the levels of medications are specific and alter the perception to limits and not to what is being experienced naturally. Over time the false sense of feeling will become more noticable and it is is what many people describe as a flatline of emotion. Because of the lack of services available, many turn to medications of this sort, normally starting with an anti-depressant.

Of the many health studies done into the effects of these drugs, noted to be the most severe is brain damage which severe nerve connections to the cerebral cortex, an area of the brain that deals with perception. This is why antipsychotics are dubbed the chemical straight jacket as they can cause an effect similar to labotomy, an illegal psychatric practice used in the 19th-20th Century that involve severing the cerebral cortex through surgery.

The damage antipsychotics cause is enough to see other conditions such as eating disorders, high anxiety, social functioning, concentration, eating habits and healthy relationships are a direct result of harmful contributing side effects. Just how this is meant to be treatment in the long run is only marginally outwayed by the minor benefits of the ability anti-psychotics have to combat severe psychosis. After all national health services state on their websites that these drugs are only meant to be short term measures. So how is it that many mental health patients are on these drugs permanently?

Discontinuation Syndrome

In my eyes discontinuation syndrome is a term coined by doctors to skirt over the facts that anti-psychotics cause high dependency much like that of the addictive nature of hard street drugs such.

Anti-psychotic medications block certain brain receptors. If this medication is taken for a long enough period these receptors can become closed. During treatment the brain is constantly trying to compensate for the receptors in order to receive messages from certain chemicals in the body. You could compare this to a radio signal that is not strong enough to be picked up clearly but if a person was to use a signal booster then this should help improve the quality of the signal.

The brain adapts to the reduction of chemical signals the same way by producing more brain receptors in order to balance the function of the body. This is in turn what causes a majority of side effects in patients because even though there are more receptors, the condition is not a natural one, so therefore the body becomes out of balance even though the effects might be positive.

Some persons might feel benefit from their medication but over time, a sense of flatness and increase of side effects can cause even worse symptoms than before, causing patients to switch to other medications which may only relieve symptoms for a short period.

If a person decides to stop their medication, the brain would have to cope with an overload of chemical signals by having too many receptors. This can be compared to a microphone producing distortion from the receiving of too much signal. The use of prolonged medication can also cause other receptors to become less active or heighten even if they are not blocked. This causes heighten states of perception, to much for the brain to cope with at any given time. This is how experiences of paranoia, hyper-sensitivity and psychosis make dis-continuing medication so difficult to cope with.

This makes stopping medication very dangerous even fatal, especially if take over a long period. The body will not have enough time to re-learn how to cope without the chemicals in the blood so in turn the immune system will be shocked back into activity.

Patients can experience sudden weight loss which for some can be of some immediate relief because many put on weight due to the side effects caused by anti-psychotics.However, again this is a dangerous sign of rapid withdrawal and can make a person very ill. In all most cold turkey side effects caused by anti-psychotic dsicontinuation are like those seen in those of heroin addicts. It is not a pleasant experience.

Thankfully, it is possible to stop anti-psychotic medications but this can take many months even a few years to readjust. Many have found that even small reductions are enough to cause serious mental instability and that even the lowest doses of some drugs do not provide a low enough dose to recover without some form of easy withdrawal. This can make the withdrawal period very difficult and testing for anyone.However, if planned carefully, even after failed attempts, a person can recover.

There are also help groups that can be found on the internet that help those come through withdrawal. Some organisations in America have dedicated facilites with programs that specialize in psychiatric drug withdrawal. Most of these are pay only treatments but they may be of use to those who can afford it..


Every 11 months, the body is said to renew every single cell in the body. This means that you have a complete new set of rejuvenated cells. This is one benefit to recover. It means over time the body can readapt and repair damaged caused. If a health diet and consideration to reducing stimulants, alcohol and street drug (if used) then this recovery can be helped.

Anti-psychotic withdrawal can be a very delicate process and a frightening one that needs a lot of support, one which can be difficult to find. The process might involve identifying any allergens or other causes that might trigger illness. Some can find this invaluable into controlling their mindset and give hope to what might feel to be a hopeless situation.

The elivation of sedation is another process the brain can find hard to adapt to once medication is stopped. Short and long term memory can be affected to the point that heightened sensitivity can produce extremely powerful emotions that can either result in deep depression or mania, mimicking that of bi-polar depression.

These obstacles can prove to one of the most challenging experiences that are effectively hidden from those around you.


Brainwashing and Deprogramming: LSD, Anti-psychotic and Anti-anxiety drugs.

Now many might be shocked at what I am going to present here but there is a counter side to the use of anti-psychotic medications that can be of benefit in certain situations if only used for a brief period. This relates to the psychological aspects of mind control, especially those that involve LSD.

Anti-psychotics and LSD have a shared history in development. In fact it was LSD that was used to simulate the mental stated of stress, delirium and psychosis. LSD and Anti-psychotics were not just tested on humans but also animals. There a a famous case where two adult elephants were subjected to LSD. Originally only one elephant was intended to be used but because of fatality from the used of too much LSD injected into the blood, the animal died. Anti-psychotics where not of any help to saving the animals state of mind. This meant a second elephant was used for testing but also died in the same circumstances. The project was abandoned with immediate effect.

LSD operates differently in humans  and it is how anti-psychotics were tested in order to see how effective the acted on altered states. MK Ultra was one of those experiments conducted by the CIA from the 1950s onwards, coincidentally around the time anti-psychotics were first introduced into psychiatry.

Anti-psychotic were never trailed properly and it is clear that LSD was used in one capacity to push forward the advances of this medication without questioning to their safety. It was also used as a cover operation for mind control as some maybe aware of.

Anti-psychotics were at one point used by field agents because LSD and other psychoactive drugs were known to be effective in extracting information.

If any of my readers have seen the Matrix, the famous scene of Agent Smith using a truth serum on Morpheus in order to extract information isn’t uncommon in the fields of counter espionage.

So what does this mean? In terms of those whom have been deliberately brainwashed regardless of techniques used, anti-psychotics can help to some extent to bring a person out of a mind controlled state. As to wither a person can break their deepest programming is another question. It depends on how long the programming has been happening for and what programming was involved.

If strangely coincidental, mindfulness techniques used in modern psychiatry techniques can be helpful but are not as effective when taken anti-psychotics in the long term. This is because anti-psychotics restrict access to parts of the memory. As memory is used in programming, anti-psychotics deny access to trauma based events making it difficult for a person to deal with or even remember the trauma to deal with it.

Anti-psychotics are like LSD a drug that open the mind to suggestibility. Therefore, LSD can be used alongside anti-psychotics to further mind control.

Valium is one such drug that is known to make a person compliant or impressionable and is why it is used in many mental hospitals as a sedative. It is assumed to be a relaxant but it operates on parts of the brain that deal with pleasure and perceptional faculties of the brain.

This means that Valium is perhaps one of the most potent drugs used in order to brainwash others. It is a drug known for its addictiveness and its withdrawal effects noted for being some of the worst known simply because of the areas of the brain it acts upon.

Recovery form this drug can take years but in some cases it can cause permanent effects on the mind making it almost impossible to come off. Sometimes this means a patient may have to switch over to anti-psychotics in order to deal with psychotic symptoms.

Valium is a drug sometimes used in covert techniques to disrupt a persons mindset. It is where operatives can introduce sensitization techniques because the effects of Valium can make the target impressionable. Once the drug wears off, the target can feel depressed and disoriented without knowing why. In order for this to be effect, Valium has to be ingested so covert methods can be used in order for the target to eat or drink the drug without their knowledge.

Monarch Programming and Harassment Operations

This is the part Targeted Individuals will be most interested in.

Some may have heard or are aware of mind programming that takes influence from the life cycle of the Butterfly. This is called the Monarch Programme taken from the Monarch Butterfly.

A typical Butterfly goes through a transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly after it has consumed enough food to form a cocoon in order for it to develop wings and thus transform.

The Monarch Programme is a Mind Control operation that involves the control of development of individuals through learning, growth into adulthood.

Persons whom awake from their programming will almost certainly become mentally ill to the point that they may attempt to commit suicide. Others however, may cope differently and may depend on how long they have been awake for.

Some wake or break from the programming early because their minds have already identified a hidden disorder in their environment.

Many do not realise that their own bodies are designed to protect them, not to kill them. Side effects produced by many psychiatric medications can be misperceived to be the actions of the drugs. It is not. It is the body that is warning that person that something is wrong with what they are ingesting. Much like anything that can make us ill, the body is designed to warn us of disease and threats aka the Flight or Fight response.

The last stage of the Monarch Butterfly allows it to take flight, which is a metaphor for the subject to surrender the fight aspects into mind control so the target can be restrained psychologically. Flight is a metaphor of many human emotions but it is many that to control a mind through drugs which makes a person “high” with feeling.

Removing the fight stage is where the Caterpillar is fighting for survival in a vulnerable state.

Harassment operation are used to revert a target to the grounded state of the caterpillar. The cocoon state is representative of the sleep development state which makes the bi-pass to the grounded caterpillar state the objective.

Somewhere along the line, targeted individuals do not respond to the programming in the sleep/development state. That is to say that the core part of the brain that deals with reason and logic does not submit its will to the commands of the programmer. This reason can be simple because the mind identifies the commands as a threat to themselves and others. This part of the mind is the Will of the individual and as mentioned in the Occult Series it is one which is sought to be infiltrated and controlled by programmers.

Much like Morpheus resists the truth serum many people resist that which goes against the natural will of nature. That is to say that many people are not without hope and can break this programming. It purely depends on the structures that are incorporated into their lives.


Thoughts on Max Spiers


I have additional information in relation to the BBC concerning this information. When written on the evening of 20th March this draft was already read and accessed before the morning events of 21th March (today) which included references to the the term “blind”. This included using a company that advertise their window blinds company (a firm that I have dealt with once in the past) and the exploitation of a blind elderly person. These events have been video evidenced along with persons involved in my targeting at a previous address and persons involved in community harassment.

I have been reluctant to watch the videos on you tube that are currently in circulation especially ones that are speculating about if he was assassinated or not.

The BBC (an organisation you have to be blind to not see that they are part of the gangstalking phenomena) are currently doing features on the subject on Max Spiers.

Perhaps as early as late 2015 there has been a surge in the information on conspiracy theory websites finding their way on to mainstream websites in an almost struggling way to contain an obvious admittance that a lot of population control projects such as MK Ultra are in fact real.

If you are confused about what is actually happening, you should pay attention to what is being said between the lines, right now, today! A majority of people think of the subjects presented in the press are merely for the purpose of entertainment. In some respects this is true but not for the people.

Everyone is literally watching a very well organised pre-planned sequence of events that is incredibly difficult to dis-connect your mind from. Mainstream sporting events, entertainment and arts. The list is endless. Unless the events are specifically done privately then there is a large element of control attached.

Over the last year myself and a few select TIs I talk to occasionally began to notice the trend of press interest in targeted individuals. On the 16th July 2016 Max was found dead. Up until this point I had not known of his existence but discovered that he known to those involved in Project Avalon an organisation that also deal with conspiracies and hidden knowledge.

The whole aspects surrounding Max Spiers are questionable but there are many bits of information he spoke of that are starkly real. Max is a very difficult person to watch and absorb information from because sometimes he loses track of what he is saying. It is clear that he was not a public speaker but tried to present the information the best way he could. Once I got past this, I started to see that this man was clear traumatised and fearful about what he was talking about.

I am very wary to talk about reptilian DNA because although I am a TI I still retain logic and reason. Like David Icke, Max mentions that the powers that be retain reptilian DNA. I find it is one subject that is very much open to ridicule. As far as I understand, their are many angles on bloodline groups an area that I am not in a position to comment on. I have read extensively on it but am still not convinced this is the entire story nor is the link to DNA in reptiles. Therefore the thirteen ruling families and the 300 whom operate underneath is perhaps the reality and probably share more in common with bloodlines that are Rh negative non-recess monkey DNA.

For whatever reason people over the world are targeted and harassed. However, this pattern does not correlate to blood type. I know this based on my own type which is not a negative strain. However, I have characteristics that fit what some research material suggests links my ancestral lineage back to apparent “higher dimensional beings” or ruling families from long ago. That however is pure speculation on my part. I have a brief understanding of traits I carry and where they have originated from.

The part where Max states that we can experience flashbacks or visions from the past due to the bloodline lineage of our ancestors is something I have held a belief in for sometime. The past is encoded into our DNA no doubt and perhaps many of us whom have psychic or extrasensory abilities may be able to tap into this type of consciousness. Maybe some people have the ability to do this and do not know they are doing it. It is an interesting point of view no doubt.

The War

Max states that many Rh negative bloodlines are being targeted and experimented on but this makes no sense. It seems clear that no blood group is specifically targeted and certainly when it comes to global population control I seriously doubt that Rh negatives which make up 15% of our population are the primary targets.

Fourth Reich

Now this is something that I agree with Max to an extent. Where I agree the Nazis did win the Second World War I fell that this was more to do with ideals and knowledge. Considering the information and resources of technology and science obtained by the allies, it is unavoidable to say the Nazi did help to forward humanity. Many should be aware that the many advances in science came before the Nazis came to power. Therefore it could be seen to be an uprising to take control of the science that has moved forward to advance humanity,

Having met people whom have Nazi sympathetic tendencies from backgrounds you would least expect, many are of the opinion that Hitler was a good person for looking after his own people and take offence to any disdain in his name.

Obviously the history of population control is a twisted one where the final solution was an ideal looked at by more than one country. For example, it was Britain whom first experimented with death camps in the late 19th century. It was an idea borrowed by the Nazi’s in order to exterminate the Jews. So in this respect the history of the death camp is quite shady.

If we are to look at the Nazi ideals it is perhaps something that is not confined to the hate on one specific race or gender. It is the ideals of life is what is under the microscope. Therefore the fourth Reich ideals maybe be branching into modern society and could be part of MK Ultra control methods, ideals that are built into Reductionism which I talked about in a previous article.

Either way, I think it is important to look on from the past and not look at the German peoples as the source of this problem at all. It is now history. The ideals of the Stasi were ones introduced afterwards and not by the Nazis. However, it is speculated that these methods were part of a second stage of world order by the Nazis. These have been implemented by many nations, therefore the hypocrisy of this ideal in society is very apparent especially with modern surveillance.

As for the events that have happened to me today on the morning of 21st March this is nothing new and it is something that I expect everyday as I have already mentioned in blogs. It is something I am used to and for the most part ignore to a great extent much like other TIs whom report the same thing.

As far as the recent arcticle done by the BBC about those whom begin to research about the “illuminatti” and begin to experience strange things I can tell you for a fact that you will be followed in the manor that TIs report. The BBC should know full well because they are experts in this field, therefore you should pay attention to what is being said between the lines in the media. They do have the ability to programme elements of targets lives into their schedules quite easily and covertly whilst being able to co-ordinate this with companys that dealt with modern technologies.

On that note, considering that David Icke was once a presenter for the BBC, I speculate if he was enrolled very early on to deal with the conspiracy theory aspects of projects that were active in the 80’s. What we may have is aspects of truth being mixed with invented theories designed to covertly stigmatize the average conspiracy theorist as mental ill. This is not anything new. The problem is what aspects to believe but anyone with an ounce of logic will be able to recognise that the truth is certainly trying to be glossed over with very poor control of internet news. People aren’t buying the crap on tv and in the media. It is clear on facebook and other news websites from many personal comments that they are not being fooled by this bullshit nor should they have to take it either.

As for Max Spiers, I hope that again that he is not part of covert propaganda. I seems clear that the BBC have jumped upon this story and have attempted to glorify it like the death of a modern rock star. However, it is clear that there are people that they are aware of like myself that they keep a close eye on and if possible attempt to get themselves close enough to shadow their stories off the backs of targeted individuals.

This does not clarify anything new for me other than people concerned about these events should view Max Spiers videos with an open mind and look to do the research yourselves. Wither you will end up being targeted is another thing. Considering the man hours and resources needed for one indivdual alone, Im unsure as to wither the control of many citizens at one time is possible regardless of the technology being used. That is perhaps the point of why CBH is secretive, it has its limitations.


CBH: Dopplegangers, Six Degrees of Separation and the philosophy of Reductionism.

I read a lot about targeted individuals whom wither in public or in other situations, they may encounter persons that can look like or have some significance to people known to the target.

The use of dogglegangers is one practice that has been able to be incorporated into community based harassment through the use of computer profiling. A doppleganger or a “deadringer” is a person whom is considered to have an equal physical match to another or multiple persons. In terms of psychiatry, this area of biological sciences has been of significant interest for many years.

Since data harvesting has been a global operation, a majority of people who have used technology or have records on government systems will have detailed information including photos and videos. Therefore, it is not hard for computers to build digital pictures on us and match our physical attributes to other around the world as well as our mannerisms and past history.

The other aspect known as “Six Degrees of Separation” is phenomena which somes how well we are interlinked and connected socially. That is to say one person can be connected intricately with many other people who are likely to know each other. Anyone who uses social media will understand just how relavent this phenomena is.

What are the objectives of using this technique?

Community Based Harassment operations are include practices which hope to mirror as much of the persons life as possible. This is done in attempt to overwhelm the subject and to operate on the targets confidence and ego. It is based around the Freudian model of the ID where the superego is attacked with methods of covert psychology to force collapse of the personality. See the article on Monarch Control.


You many not be a person whom is interested in changing the world and might be happy keeping out of peoples way quitely. However, the basic psychological needs of acceptance within society vary in many complex ways.

The doppleganger effect can be observed to be a method that hopes to destroy a targets confidence. It depends on the individual.

For example, targets who are creative, the psychological profiles of these types of people usually attract professional and business types in the same field whom can sometimes shadow “hacked” information or can imitate characteristics of the target. Otherwise they can just be bullied by professionals in the relevant field of work.

Many creative artists look to make their own money from what they do rather than working for an institution or a firm that specialise in that area. However, the complexity of this type of harassment are structures used on social media and search engines designed to send an indirect message of  It Has Been Done Before.

First of all you should know that a large portion of people are experiencing this already. That is what the systems are designed to do. Control populations.

In mathematics, Creativity also falls under the catagory of chaos especially when something new happens. It can cause changes in order and therefore can have unpredictable concequences.

The argument of “coincidence” is very much swept under the carpet by many psychiatrists because of the existence of these type of media. This can make discussing this phenomena difficult in the context of community based harassment.


At the heart of the global operation is a philosophy called Reductionism. The idea being pushed by harassment operations is to reduce the complexity of humanity to a more basic structure that is easier to manage. This is where for an example a lot of religions are in a process of taking significant attack from all directions of society. Religion maintains order to its followers but if that order is in conflict with another then the situation is harder to predict. In mathematics, situations like this are considered chaotic or unpredictable.

Reductionism is used to counter every opinion or known fact to reduce ego, belief, way of life and so on….

Amongst the deeper areas of gangstalking, this is what is happening as a religion in itself. Reductionism is part of the religion they follow.

Reductionists are perhaps the most obvious of hypocrites, especially to targets because they do not practice what they preach. For example the mentally ill will attempt to slander others whom also have mental health problems in order to fulfil instructions from operatives.

Most targets notice that if these types of people are confronted, their knowledge on you or the subjects that they claim to know well tend to lose substance. For example, those accused of being liars then to show the same traits themselves therefore showing hypocrisy. However, CBH believe the reductionist attitude is right, therefore the target is wrong unless incorporated into the structure of CBH.




Thank you for taking the time to read through my blog posts. Since, I started posting about organised harassment at the end of 2015, I have meet quite a few TI’s and gained some incredible insight. Through this wordpress site, I have to the best of my abilities been able to get down and explain some of my experiences and offer some kind of advice.

In the beginning, I had a lot of information to share which made it almost impossible to know where to start. It took sometime to offload the majority of information I had been holding and process it into a readable context.

Looking back over my blog posts, I have realised just how much the experience of organised harassment could have on my day. If almost to write and indirectly talk to those harassing me, the work became twice as difficult to achieve, especially when I was being monitored in real-time. Despite this, I am happy at what I was able to get out as much information as I could to my followers, considering the circumstances.

Over the next few weeks, some of my blog posts will be undergoing a process of refinement. Some a complete overhaul. Having looked over a years worth of articles, I feel it better to start looking eliminating a lot of repeated information which at the time was more a case of driving home a point. Unfortunately, because of the complex nature of organised harassment, writing about one area of the subject can be like going down a rabbit hole and one can find themselves talking about the same point again and again, even in a separate article.

I got there in the end. Now, I feel it is time to give this site a bit of a makeover and hopefully I can provide some better defined information for the future. I still have plenty of information in this head of mine to share and also plenty of room to learn of other TI experiences.

All the Best