9/11 and 7/7 Planetary Allignments





Angular Allignment: Saturn-Earth-Pluto Out of picture

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All Seeing Eye/Eye of Horus

4/7/2002 American Independence Day

Planetary Allignments:, Earth-Mars-Jupiter

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7/7 Venus-Mercury Allignment

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Jupiter defines Eye Of Horus



Quantum Leap’n the facts with Dr. Horton.

**Some information regarding observations about Dr. Horton in this article are currently being rectified due to acquiring relevent information in the video below. This is video is found on Project Avalon.**

“My name is Dr Katherine Horton. In 2011, when I was a research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford, I became the target of British intelligence when I attended the public High Court case of Berezovsky v Abramovitch in London as part of my research.”

Dr. Horton claims her targeting started after attending a contract law court case involving two Russian Oligarchs. Her precence at the court case is stated as being for “research purposes”.

So far, no-one really understands what Dr. Hortons role of studying “complex systems” has to do with being a “high energy physicist” or the more commonly known expressions “Quantum/Particle Physicist”. It might also be a mystery as to why someone with these qualifications would be researching a court case that had nothing to do with quantum science at least from the poorly understood reason as to her targeting.

Dr. Horton does go into depth about psychopathy within business structures and virtually gives an online lecture to explain these systems in great detail. Yet, this type of information isn’t to difficult to come by.

This is where everything gets confusing.

Her background becomes blurred when she begins to talk about direct energy weapons. So we have a shift from contract law cases and psychopathy systems to direct energy weapons. Within the middle of this is apparent stalking, harassment and electronic attacks by MI5, Germany Secret Police and so on which I assume was meant to link her profession in court law to quantum mechanics.

Has Dr. Horton let slip here that she has exceptional knowledge of Direct Energy Weapons because she is a scientist who is responsible with illegal human experimentation?



Because we have little information of Dr.Hortons involvement with Cern, we can only go by the science aspects of her videos and her court case evidence which all centre around Direct Energy Weapons. So somewhere along the line, Dr. Hortons profession has gone from attending court cases to having some explict knowledge about secret weapons.

Dr. Horton often demostrates in online videos that she is being hit by weaponsied frequency assaults and is also claims to have microchip implants in her body which are only identified by the used of frequency range scanners which are claimed to detect pulses.

Dr. Horton sits behind metal sheeting, which is intended to block particles which she states to be penetrating the walls of her home from some type of mobile weapon. This is why Dr. Horton is seen sat with the classic “tin-foil” hat, a method which is suitably mocked for it’s conspiracy theory background.

This is what some TIs denote to be the mocking factor, especially when her pals from other parts of the world aren’t really that concerned about protection. To top it off, Dr, Horton finds it ok to nip out for a jog and disappear to her “secret hiding location” which appears to look like a science lecture room and does not feature any protection at all.

The Suspect

Yet here lies a paradox. Now, I’m not going to side with Dr. Hortons credibility (which I think is far more suspicious for reasons I shall go into) but there is some scientific truth in using aluminium as protection. Aluminium is used to prevent frequency noise interference in a range of cabling made to connect to electronic items.

The effect on the foil Dr. Horton is attempting to portray is not a charateristic of a microwave weapons but of that of particle collisions. That is of course if what we are seeing in the video is real.

Some of the first ever particles observed in Science were through the use of radioactive materials. These materials would be placed in a box that would have a directional opening, so any particles released in this direction would fly out, making it a particle gun of sorts.  The box was placed in a dark room in front of a pressed gold sheet. When particles “hit” the gold sheet, a tiny glow could be observed on it. One aim of this experiment was to test the theory of wither particles could pass through other objects based on mathematical calculation that atoms have vast spaces or gaps between the nucleus and surrounding electrons and protons. With other sheets of gold placed behind, it could be determined if the particle would pass through holes in the first sheet but collide with the bonds in the second or third.

Gold was used because it is a maluable metal that is easy to press into thin sheets because of its placement in the periodic table.

So in theory, gold isn’t that good for protection against radioactive materials because its atomic bond has less particles to block the path of any roaming radioactive particles.

Lead however is one of the best radioactive insultators because its atoms are much larger and denser.

Lead is not a radioactive material but it’s particles can be extracted and “beamed” rather than fired. This is what is lead is used for in Cerns Alice experiments by smashing the atoms together at speeds approaching the speed of light.


The problem is, because the Tin Foil hat theory has been weaponised as a cultural stigma to attack “conspiracy theorists” who complain of ill health, the mere mention of it is likely to lose a lot of peoples attention very quickly.

However, here is where she has let slip.

What Dr. Horton describes “hitting” her, is something which I read about some years ago. That is, particles which do this have to be significantly heavy to cause damage if fired at ones body, yet she is confusing the matter by not stating “specifics” other than some sort of “microwave” weapon which don’t act this way.

Cern however, use particle colliders. So really, the science of firing particles is well known as the LHC which is found in Switzerland.

Lead is one type of metal that is used in science as it can be utilised its quantum structure and is currently being used in Cern. Lead also has notoriously heavy particles, which by definition make it a larger particle also. Thus, it would be useful in a place like Cern for smashing atoms together as it’s bigger structure give it more chances of it colliding accurately.

Lead is currently used in Cern within the Alice experiment, curiously one which has “led” scientists around the world further down the rabbit hole of scientific discovery.

The difficultly linking lead used in Cern and Lead particles in DEWs is not an easy one to comprehend but one thing is for sure.

In terms of modern science experiments and tech companies, lead particles might be being fired at targeted subjects for human experimentation within the realm of quantum biology.

This is where I am of the opinion that Dr. Horton is actually not a victim but a scientist who is studying “complex systems” of quantum biology.


Lead is notoriously poisonous to humans. It was once used for water piping in many homes in the western world but was banned due to discoveries it was causing sever health problems.

Lead particles cause mental and psychological problems, some of which parallel mental illnesses that TIs are accussed of having such as Schizophrenia and Psychosis.

This is because if lead enters ones body, it can act on certain chemical receptors causing short circuits.

Two specific receptors linked to mental illness are gama-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and Dopamine.

With the precense of lead in the body, Dopamine can be spontanously increased. High dopamine activity is thought to be the reason Schizophrenia occurs.

Its interesting that such a parallel can exist between this metal and diseases of the mind.

Certainly, if lead particles are being weaponised then that would make a suitable cover to mental illness too.

Drugs such as anti-psychotics which act on Dopamine levels and Benzodiapines on GABA would only mask the damaging effects of such a weapon. On the outside, it would appear to others this medication works when in fact it was never a mental illness in the first place.

Paradoxically, if lead is a currently being used as a medium to unlock the quantum effects operating in the brain, then the much speculated voice to skull would thus require shots to be fired at the audiable cortex of the brain.

If victims who claim the experience of people being able to see what they see, then this would require access to quanta in the eye, specifically the natural sensor located within the eye ball. Along with other parts of the brain, the shots would be able to connect or talk back to a reciever in real-time.

WI-FI along with microwave radiation from cell phone towers is though to be some of the wireless communication that interacts with  internal communications some people are claiming to have within them. Many think these are illegally implanted microchips which are of course becoming a reality fo the masses.

Dr. Hortons focus is very much driven towards searching for these implants, when all it may require is an MRI scan from a general hospital to locate such devices providing you can be taken seriously enough to have one done. Of course, if ones mental health has been significantly ruined by these “atomic assaults” in combination with harassment conducted by people in the communities, then there is a broad challenge that stands in the way.

From a personal perspective, I have experienced the “sensations” that Dr. Horton describes, and did infact coincidentally “increase” when she appeared online. Therefore I personally see her as an operative who has been placed to distrupt an experiment that is being conducted from Cern that connects to other systems around the world.

Public Perceptions Used As Scientific Experiment Control Boundaries.

This is something I have already discussed. To breifly sum up. If the globe itself is being used as a scientific experiment, which if we were perfectly honest about it is no more real than the world wide web then shill/crisis actors are likely to be used within that situation to prompt targets with information to subdue their minds with a combination of information overload and harassment.

That is, if targets are experiencing the sensation which can only be percieved as particle shots, then that person is going to assume that it is also no coincidence that a person online is describing the same thing. It is also likely that the person might have a desire to contact this person for more information and talk about their own personal targeting.

This in a lot of cases are what shills are attempting to do right at this moment. It can really be compared to the scientist interacting with their own experiments. Dr. Horton from my point of view is a bit of a “pied piper” charater as described by one of my followers. From my point of view she is pretending to be Alice down the rabbit hole, when in fact she is just a grinning cat.

Alice in Wonderland btw is the key to this experiment, and why I can now see why targeting harassment stepped up when I began writing the blog Cern: The Divinity of Gold and other Wormholes. It is because within it is mentioned quantum computing, something that scientists describe as our link to “alternate dimensions”. Coincidence?

I think not.

Berezovsky v Abramovitch


To finish this blog, I’d like to point out something interesting about the Berezovsky v Abramovitch that Dr. Horton sat in on.

Berezovshy lost the case for the following reason:

“Boris Berezovsky, known as one of the “Russian oligarchs” who became rich under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, claimed that in 1995 he had made a contract with Roman Abramovich. Berezovsky alleged that the agreement was that he would share in half the profits generated by Sibneft, a Russian oil company. In 2001, he alleged that he was forced to sell his stake in the company because of threats made by Abramovich, when Vladimir Putin’s government came into power. Abramovich denied any of this was true. The essence of the case was whether there was any credible evidence that an agreement had in fact been made.”

A year later after this case, Boris Berezovsky killed himself. In terms of the situation, it could be percieved to be mental health problems developed as a result of the case.

With Dr. Hortons allusive precence at the case and her outwardly brutal attacks on the intelligence agencies, it seems that there is much more to this story than meets the eye.

Her empasis on “psychopaths” and “bullies” aren’t held back, with a tone of extreme distain that appears to be quite intergral, but not of someone who has been targeted with the last few years.

Very much lost in translation, her “Message To MI5” parts 1,2.3 are very much tarnished by overwhelming egotiscal smashing of British Intelligence with taunts of “Do you Understand”, repeated relentlessly.

And of course.

“I am a high energy physicist you know”!

Really? In what department?

You would think that with all the information out there about Cern, Conspiracy Theory or not, her background involvement about the place she claims to have worked seems completely off limits.

Project Avalon.

Dr. Hortons interview was hosted by Kerry Cassidy from Project Avalon.

Kerry was once partnered with Bill Ryan but from what I understand, due to a conflict of interest went their separate ways due to an intervention from a person called Charles back in 2011.



Survellience is their privacy

It would seem that over the course of a year quite a lot of information about survellience tech is being approached by the MSM and alternate news sources.

From my own personal perpective, there seems to be a rush to get this information out to the public.

When I have been writing inforamtion about topics of inforamtion that to my knowledge are currently little talked about or personal experiences related to “secret tech” even in the hypothetical sense, there then seems to be a little glitch in the system, kind of like a “panic”.

I constantly see articles/press stories that tend to parallel the topic either while I’m writing it or sometimes when I’m thinking it (what some may be percieved to be mindreading).

The truth is, when this happens, you are actually living that shared reality of survellience to the point the computer AI systems are predicting your next move. It is a very erie but somewhat observable thing.

Obviously businesses now are so paranoid to protect their critical systems experiments and projects that the two are really one and the same. That is, using systems that have been in place as early as 2000 whilst testing out the “program” methods.

Stalkers at the moment have taken to being less shy, perhaps in hope to try and impose their automated reflected “psychology” in order to try and regain the control over the TIs minds. Some of these examples include waving on the street when there is literally no reason to do so in order to get your attention. (Waving perhaps in attention detail of researching D-“Wave” Quantum Computing last week).

Normally this is met with a stunned reaction as I am somewhat unhesitently sarcastic. Triggered? Not really. Why should TIs maintain the illusion that we don’t see what they are doing? Why should we also feel the need to respond?

Of course that is something that would be uncomfortable for anyone who is deliberately abusing and harassing someone, and so it should. Therefore, it would seem quite a paradox to see these people at the mercy of their reflected motivations. Hardly seems to be worth the effort.

That in my eyes is the actual nature of company harassment. It is a crime being commited by companies who feel that because you can think for yourself, that might be in infingment of their AI systems.

You see, because the information we get online is tied to legalities, some of these nutjobs with checkbooks might be so inclined to claim ownership over infomation that resides in our neural receptors.

Crazy though right?

Well it has cross their minds.

The information you recieve online, especailly through automation is delivered through copyrighted technology, therefore how you process that information no-matter how it is delivered can be seen to be owned.

The same applies to the actions of stalkers.

It has been a stirring undercurrent, one that is obviously defined by AI’s harassment online which tries to probe my receptors for information of how to gain control over my thought patterns. The sub-texts are easy to spot, and some harasment ops are trying to imply that some TIs are “thieves” lol.

As a matter of legal issue, and automated machine which is “prompting” you with “response intentional”, “marketed advertising” can’t really be considered to be “digging” for inforamtion.

This is why I find a lot of shill aaccounts online to be very amusing, because apps like You Tube and WordPress are promoting these sites on my livefeeds.

Therefore, there is a distinct parallel between “privacy” and “company data”. That is, perps can’t talk about what they do because it seems that the tech companies have legally implanted inforamtion into their minds that might be seen to be deemed as “their property”.

Psychicatric medicines are a way that companys deal with this problem because some are considered to be “brain damaging”. Thus, it is hoped that with consistent treatment, illegal harassment and of course loopholes in the law, these companies can exploit the individuals knowledge mindset so it would never reach court or the open internet.

Of course the issue of privacy now is a distorted one, especially for the people who work for these major companies.

To the TI, the wall is merely a one way thing. However, with knowledge, it is removed simply by knowing it is a reality. Therefore, the objective to take over that division in the court of law is defined by denial of accountability for their employees actions who are like their automation of AI are being used in ways that are extremely difficult to prove.

But lets not forget how honest the press are about what tech is actually out there. When people get on their high horse about gangstalking and how it is a “mental illness” many don’t really tend to read the papers or listen to the bits of news that filter out once in a while.

I quote that some media outlets are cautionously mentioning that “survellience is a genuine concern” in the world of AI when approaching the subject of gangstalking.



Operatives get really protective about their advertising.

Over the last year, I have been spending my time doing constructive things. That is, just getting on with my life.

I figured that harassment is going to follow me anywhere I go so I was never going to be in short supply of stalker activity.

One particular stalker whom I have come across recently seemed to strike up a conversation about “advertising”, certainly about a popular photo website when dress in accordance to his job role. Some people really look too deeply into things.

In other words, the indirect message relates to my photo hack blog “The Eye Thanks” where it was stated that what I was doing was not a “Good way to Advertise the UK”. In relation to his job description, it didnt need to be spelled out.

Its important to point out at the time of the phone hack, I had not even began my Twitter page.





MK Ultra in Film: Fight Club

When I first saw Fight Club back in 1999, I will never forget the way I felt when Edwards Norton’s character collapses backwards onto the hotel bed, like the blood had been drained from his entire body when the penultimate penny dropped. Tyler Durden was a figment of the Narrators imagination all along.

But that was not how I originally felt and for many years afterwards.

Begrudgingly, I went with the general perception (enforced through long discussion and debate) that The Narrator in Fight Club is considered to have some form of mental illness, one of his own creation, which ultimately makes him so ill, he becomes two people. However, I always found the concept of someone beating themselves up in a car park a bit to absurd to warrant an army of followers wanting to do the same and blow up an entire countries banking system.

Some compare the Narrator to be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, where Tyler Durden is a product projection of his imaginary Alpha Male persona. What I wish to show my readers in this blog is that the narrators condition is the result of brainwashing enacted through a number of staged techniques used by Tyler and Marla who are agents of the ruling classes. Tyler is very much real. The illusion he is not is only maintained by ones perception of the film.

Borderline Personality disorder is understood to be a learned pattern behaviour of adopting traits, internalizing them and subconsciously portraying a mixed version of themselves. It is something thought to happen when under extreme stress when in childhood or after suffering consistent traumas (PTSD).

Those with Borderline Personality Disorder are likely to suffer from lowered self esteem where the mind will latch onto stronger personality traits or aspects in order understand and strengthen the ego. Therefore, individuals with personality disorders do not always come across as depressed or unconfident. With the films focus on perfection advertising, it could be perceived as a direct attack of the damage it causes to our mental health, thus the narrator would be the perfect medium to convey that point.

Although this film will appeal more to the male audience, I’m sure many women will find the films attack of the metrosexual lifestyle interesting juxtaposed against the role men have in society today.

Consequently to the narrator, it is Marla who is very much an overlooked character of dominance in this film, something that might be a mixed message to women who watch it. If you go by the perceived version of Fight Club, in which the narrator is Tyler Durden, then you may be questioning just how real Marla is. She is very real in this film, even in the scenes where she, Tyler and the narrator are all in the same room.

“People who are brainwashed don’t know they are brainwashed.”

From what can be said in psychology, Borderline personality disorder can also be considered to be the result of mind control programming, or alter programming.

Mind control programming is a practice which involves splitting the personality up into “recall personalities” through introducing a series of abuse triggers or mini-traumas. It is in fact a very ancient practice and was used on individuals chosen for sacrifice or purposes considered to be for the greater good.

The narrator is subjected to a number of traumas throughout the film, with the most prominent being where the narrator looses his apartment to a fire. From what we come to learn, the narrator is thought to have started the fire himself in order to live alone out of town in an abandoned dilapidated home. We think that these are instructions the narrator has taken from his split personality whom we see throughout the film as Tyler Durden.

Alter programming is a progressive practice and the film is more or less a very good portrayal of how it is achieved.

Unlike ritual abuse which is inflicted from an early age by either parents or persons involved in cult behaviour, the members of project mayhem and the narrator are stripped of their programming of learned behaviours adopted from television brainwashing, something that all of them would have been subjected to from an early age. Therefore, Tyler is in fact someone who represents an agent of the state much like Agent Smith of the The Matrix, a film which also came out the same year as Fight Club.

Why was the Narrator targeted?

Much like Neo in the Matrix was approached by Agent Smith because of his computer hacking activities, the Narrator in Fight Club was flagged because he was exposing company secrets to others on his business flights. This is clear indicator to why the Narrator could not sleep.  Insomnia was being caused from worrying about his job and what he knows.

Tyler is meant to portray an agent who was employed to incorporate the narrator into an already pre-planned operation which was designed to deal with victims of deliberate corporate malpractice, ones which were meant to kill off portions of the population. Project Mayhem is merely a black ops operation that was formulated to devolve accountability of capitalist control through private companies.

The point where the narrator visits the doctor is where we first see Tyler whom is spliced into the film to represent the “cigarette burn” imprinted into his subconscious. It suggests that the doctor himself is the overseer key psychologist or programmer assigned to deal with the narrator. Tyler is therefore a field agent who answers to the doctor and is  chosen to be an alpha male rolemodel figure, to overpower the narrators mind.

This is why we see Tyler spliced in breifly resting on the doctors shoulders as if to represent a hand over.

The narrator tells the doctor that the insomnia is causing him pain when ignoring advice of healthly natural sleep and valerian root. So in retaliation, he advises the narrator to take up cancer help support groups in order to see what real pain is.


Alongside Tyler, Marla is assigned to work alongside and find a way into the narrators mind so to de-program what he knows and reprogram Tyler’s personality through a systematic process of gaslighting and bullying.

Marla is required in the first stages to make her presence known in the support groups after the narrator has developed an embarrassing addiction to something he is not meant to be part of. This makes for the guilt complex which Marla seeks to capitalise on.

We see the narrators awareness of Marla whom is described as a “Tourist” and “Faker” develop into a type of psychosis. Marla whom is using much of the environment to her advantage includes the therapy hypnosis sessions. This is a major weakness the narrator won’t even see coming. This key can be found in the narrators power animal, an imaginary penguin which sits in an ice cave. Eventually it is overpowered by Marla to which she can be seen telling the narrator to “Slide”.

“Slide” to represent the slip or let go can be seen portrayed at critic change points in the film, especially where the narrator and Tyler are involved in a car accident together. This scene itself is the key converge of where the narrator is abandoned. It is the direct link to the narrators job in the car firm. Tyler letting go of the wheel symbolises the will of the narrator being handed over.

After Marla and the narrator exchange numbers, it is only a matter of time that he finds himself sitting next to Tyler Durden.

The psychology used in this scene is very clever. Almost everything Tyler does is stroke the narrators ego whilst insulting him at the same time. This is personified by Tyler giving the narrator the ass whilst the air hostess gets the crotch as he walks off. This is a subconscious attack on the narrators sexuality, one which he is set to play on with Marla.

The Freudian Alter

In Freudian psychology the personality is considered to be comprised of three levels. The ID, Ego and Super-ego. If you are not familiar with this subject I recommend you read about it as this may not make sense.

The ID is typically defined in layman’s terms as the inner child, the state of mind we are in when we are born. It is where we learn and feel all things for the first time along with all the lessons that go with it. Once something is learned, it forms into the Ego that shapes our experiences into a personality that relates to a system of rules they grew up with, thus it is the core of their principles, beliefs systems and morals. The Super-Ego is what defines the Leaders from the followers and what makes our stamp on the people around us. The super ego is considered the outward projection of ourselves that is more mindless or like an auto-pilot, one which function highly in a system that relates to the foundations of the ID.

As humans there are situations where adults revert back to the ID state of learning when we are ill or experience something traumatic. Reverting to the ID can also be compared to where fear of the unknown provokes use to find the answer or solution to something that is of detriment to our well being.

In Fight Club, there are a number of scenes where the narrator is subjected to a trauma which forces him back into an ID state.

Safe House

As mentioned earlier on, the critical trauma or life changer is where the narrator loses his apartment in a fire. At this point he has no one to turn to. It is here we finding him ringing the number on Tyler’s business card gifted to him on the plane flight.

In the phone booth the narrator rings the number to find it ringing without answer. When he replaces the handset, Tyler rings back in a matter of seconds. Tyler has already been to the narrators apartment and rigged the place for destruction. So here the point of role reversal or handing over the will has begun.

Whilst the narrator is out of the way of the support groups, Marla is able to work on recruiting for Fight Club. Her reintroduction is through Tyler whom is seen turning up at her apartment after a supposed overdose. Tyler can be seen arriving at the apartment in a care-free manor. The brief conversation they have before the police turn up is more or less an introduction rather than a known acquaintance which suggests their actions afterwards are two agents which have done this drill before even though they have not met.

The way Marla and Tyler interact are the first stages of psychological abuse the narrator is subjected to. In many respects the actions mirror a combination of street theatre, gaslighting and sensitization all which are likely to cause sleep deprivation. Here we see the narrator isn’t able to sleep being keep awake by Tyler and Marla’s assumed tantric sex sessions.

Here we see another aspect of gaslighting. The scene where Marla is portrayed having sex is without the face of the lover is narrators perception of Marla making love to himself to block out Tyler’s involvement. This is where the audience is fooled into thinking that the narrator is Tyler Durden. These sensitization techniques are designed to violate the narrators masculinity. Wither Marla and Tyler were having sex at all is revealed by how quickly Tyler comes to the door when the narrator is passes one night.

The two were in fact not having sex at all, they were acting and with the door closed, they knew the narrator was unlikely to interrupt.

After the first night Marla and Tyler meet up, the narrator is shocked to find out Tyler has slept with someone who knows about his secret. Tyler imply s that the narrator wanted to fuck her, but this is meant to play on the fact he knew she was a faker and his is threats to expose her might have been valid ones.

Indirectly, this conversation mirrors the narrators previous acts of whistle-blowing and Tyler means to attack it subconsciously.

The safe house in the film is meant to represent a number of aspects. Firstly, the property is likely to be state owned, a place where Tyler to the outside world is perceived to be a local nutter/criminal who therefore has a free licence to do what he pleases within the confines of his job as a programmer. As the house is located in a remote place, it is free of intrusion as the place has no material worth to anyone or infringes on the developed standards of the suburbs.

Secondly, the house represents the take over of the narrators mind. A house so entrenched in decay is still able to function with Tyler’s knowledge, hidden right in front of the Narrator. So much so the house in tandem is renovated with Project Mayhem. The narrators mind is represented being bound to the operation within the house and is how the narrator can be seen to be different to the other members whom have been brainwashed beyond recovery. It is because somehow the narrator retained some of his old self, and its likely it is because he believed that Fight Club was his just as much as Tyler’s. This says a lot about the nature of control when the narrator comes to learn that Fight Club and Project Mayhem were around long before he and Tyler met. He saw himself above the rest but deep down, he a was ashamed to think otherwise because of his secret, one which Marla was well aware of.

Project Mayhem

Brainwashing is considered to be a factor in some religions, where the practice of mantras, communions and so on are practised in order to gain control over the inner will of a person. Some individuals are born into these religion or institutions, whilst it is more common today for people of no religion to be part of societies cultures that revolve around the mainstream media. What can be overlooked is that many cultural aspects of today’s western societies are controlled in some way. This is the root to how Tyler Durden, gains access to the narrators world so he can find a way for it to be written out.

The overall purpose of alter programming is to produce a slave whom can be controlled in a way similar to that of a computer. The control of an alter slave ultimately requires them to be kept away from any truth through the use of denial of information. They are crafted a set of belief systems that the programmer will observe their alter to follow.

Progressive isolation along with periods of stability and social integration are aspects a programmer will seek to inflict on an alter slave. They are pre-planned to enforce a sense of self for filled direction. These are a series of learning curves the programmer must enforce in order to gain a hold over certain psychological bonds the alter has to loved ones, friends and colleagues. Eliminating these bonds is often a requirement unless the person holds some influence or possesses something of use to them such as money or is in a position of power.

It is obvious in Fight Club that Project Mayhem are brainwashed through Tyler’s methods of brute force conditioning. The critical factor that these adults can be programmed so well in adulthood is that many of them have nothing to lose. Some of those from the support groups are dying, therefore their morbid realisation of their death is being replaced with an objective. This bold duty in itself would be a critical influencing factor on the others whom were not terminally ill and were just societies outcasts.

These are examples where a system is able to self organise where knowledge is limited to restricted factors. This is how project mayhem is assumed to be of the narrators own doing. The film parodies real-life advertising so well it becomes a self contained argument. At no point are Tyler or Marla seen for what they really are. The audience just accepts because it is told from the Narrators point of view.

The Symbology of Tiler

Tyler can be referred to as a Tiler, the method of covering walls, rooftops or flooring with insulating or protective sheets of stone tiles, slate etc. Tiling can also incorporate decorative art, with each tile piece containing one section of a larger picture. It can also be viewed as the code word for “cover up”.

In terms of mind control, many metaphors refer to some Masonic practices, in the respect that the mind or temple can be compared to secret knowledge they have obtained from their own practices in a range of sciences. Therefore, the mind is seen like architecture and thus a human mind can be shaped around the modern world by sets of principles particular those they use in construction which is the oldest of masonic tradition and trade.

For example, there is specific Occult knowledge which will apply the role of the Stonemason but will contrast to that of a carpenter. It depends on the material and what that material holds secret. This methodology also applies to handlers or programmers, in that each have certain skill sets when controlling or building commands.

A good Tiler must have patience, be creative and be able to work around different situations especially those whom are required to make decorative art in buildings large or small.

Of course decorative tiling is much the same a jigsaw puzzle. It could be far enough to say that Tilers are the puzzle makers. They know the pieces fit because they crafted them in the first place. Essentially, they must be good at transferring that design from paper to wall, floor or rooftop with great accuracy and precision.

The Tiler is seen as a protector. It particularly refers to the protection of the stone wall which in modern times is plastered rather than tiled. It is common in bathrooms as protection against moisture and around fireplaces. So the metaphor of a Tiler is that of someone whom is able to protect the roof, walls and foundations against the elements.

The term Stonewalling is applicable to the Tiler. In older times, Masons were protective of the methods and materials they used to build, even the way a wall was constructed. The methods were considered secrets, one which other builders wished to steal.

In terms of secret passageways and hidden rooms, Tilers were sometimes used to draft coded patterns into tile-work, which would hold clues to where they might be found in a particular place. Thus the tiler can be considered as the armour of the walls and foundations.

This is where Tiler parallels the phrase “Stonewalling” which is a psychological method of subversion that encompasses the method of denial of information. Persons whom use stonewall methods do so in order to avoid answering a direct question by reflecting that question back at the person whom asked it. Stone-walling is an abuse practice generally used by handlers on targets who are reliant on them by depriving them of truth or knowledge that would otherwise reveal what is actually happening.

The Tiler also metaphors the practice of making edible LSD tabs. LSD is usually found in liquid form but was sometimes distributed on edible paper tabs, which sometimes incorporated designs. Each tab taken from the larger sheet can be seen as a metaphor of a tile that makes up the whole picture.

In summary, Tyler Durden is meant to portray a Masonic mind control expert/ architect that is adept at dealing with large scale operations


The dilapidated house that the narrator is taken to by Tyler is a direct reference to the link between Freemasonry and Mind Architecture. It is meant to symbolise the narrators own mind, fractured from the life it once knew. It is also meant to symbolise Tyler getting into the Narrators own mind as each day is a represent of a program, designed to take complete control over his life.

Ironically, the point where the narrator finds himself confronting Tyler and the truth is in a hotel room. Tyler’s style of dress is completely changed and sporting a shaved head. The Tyler we see here is an hallucination, a manifestation of the narrators mind trying to deal with the trauma of abandonment. We later see the narrator fighting himself, or the mental projection of Tyler.

This is the narrators expression of the fights him and Tyler would have, a psychological response to muscle memory, repetitive actions of pain, exhaustion and traumas, all of which the narrator allowed to happen. Thus, Tyler’s programming and paper trails were all rabbit holes meant to lead the narrator to one place.

Personality Collapse

In the hotel scene where the narrator comes face to face with Tyler whom has manifested as an hallucination, we are witnessing a representation of an alters super ego that has collapsed straight down into the ID. This is the product of Tyler’s enforcement of ideals being striped away by denial of information. The ID state is now survivalist instinct which ironically parallels the state of fight or flight, a sub-text that is played on throughout the film.

Fight or Flight is the critical aspect to explain how Tyler is now the conflict within and is how the narrator can be seen fighting himself. It is an overlooked point that Tyler has used the narrator through every stage but he cannot work out how or to what reason.

All the narrator can follow is his own footsteps, ones which he cannot see are because of exposing company secrets.

However, we cannot overlook another critical point in the film which is where the narrator was used to gain access to money, resources and inside information from the car company he worked for. This was something other members of Project Mayhem were being used for also. This suggests that the corporate industries were not all involved in a hidden plan to destroy the banking system. If Tyler was an operative, then it might be that he was employed by the government to help destroy the business control.

MK Ultra Codex

Fight Club along with other films such as The Matrix, American Beauty, Donny Darko, Eyes Wide Shut, make up just a few pre-planned media programs that were put in place ready for the events of 9/11 and the surveillance age. They can be considered as MK Ultra codex films because some of them feature mind control methods and subversive techniques that were part of real experiments conducted by a number of nations on their own citizens after the Second World War.

The film is noted by fans for being quite a close representation to Chuck Palanuiks book of the same name, which he claims to have written to piss off the publishing industry after the rejection of his first book “Invisible Monsters”. Therefore, this makes the book as much a codex as the film. To contrast, many writers of the western world who have written horror novels seem to contain aspects of MK Ultra experiments. Stephen Kings “The Shining” is perhaps one of the best examples I can think of as it features many core principles of how the modern internet is controlled and governed today. Jack Torence a man whom is portrayed to go insane in front of his family during a period of intense isolation is also put against the concept of telepathy, something which is son is experiencing. Although still a few years off, these aspects mirror modern technologies we have today that are able to gain access to our thoughts and also give use the ability to communicate wirelessly. Yet, even in the 70s when The Shining was made, there is nothing to say these technologies were not known about then and may have already been in existence.

Fight Club in particular is a suitable boast by the film industry of just how effective MK Ultra is.

The typical format of a film storyline is thought to be seen through the eyes of the protagonist. It is in fact a trick of cinema we don’t tend to notice but yet when we watch together, we are all typically seeing the same story, sharing the experience through a combined eye of an event. We never question that eye, and never tend to ask if that eye played a part in the film because usually, it doesn’t.

This is the key to understanding Fight Club which uses cinematic trickery, one which mocks the real audience. If what Tyler says is true about how we perceive ourselves, then the eye that is watching the narrator makes of an interesting paradox. The eye telling this story is that of Tyler’s perception of himself in relation to the narrator.

Fight Club was a codex for the pre-planned “gangstalking program”, and should you watch it, you will find it is actually a film portrayal of how Gaslighting and Mind Control operate in society today.

Throughout the film we see a number of portrayals of Tyler by the narrator, showing him undertaking a number of mind altering techniques on the unsuspecting public, something of which the CIA were known for, thus leading me to conclude that Tyler and Marla are meant to portray agents of the state operating in a heavily brainwashed world.

Tyler’s philosophy can be viewed as a deprogramming of the illusion forced apon them by the world of commerce and advertising. Because this enemy is something that resides inside their minds in the form of music videos, TV trash, jingles and “shit they don’t need”, Tyler acts as a recall agent whom is able to tap into his victims rebellious nature of rejection as silently as the media is able to splice pornography into a family movie.

Another film released in 1999, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut interestingly gives away big hints to “organised harassment” and “gangstalking” as a form of programming or awakening once Tom Cruise’s character Bill Harford is exposed to the “illuminati orgy” his friend tells him about. Bill’s profession of interest is that of a Doctor, one which is exploited by Victor (Stanley Pollack) to cover for his ill fated uses of narcotics on an escort, a person of which we learn to be a member of the death cult Victor is part of.

To contrast the message, Eyes Wide Shut was once quoted by Kubrick to portray the troubles one can come across in marriage as if a means to show the world on the other side.

Ultimately, it portrays a world were the “other-side” is questioned to being a force for good or bad as the victims in the film are clear seen to be in a position of slavery yet, the Bill Harford is spared with a warning. That was however only through the act of a sacrifice committed on behalf of one of the slaves that Bill knew of. To contrast once more, Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is clearly one of 13 segments as the Slaves found within the Occult circle of Eyes Wide Shut are clearly meant to portray women who are brainwashed like Alex. This furthers my understanding, that Alex from A Clockwork Orange was already a brainwashed alter before he was commuted to have treatment. Like Fight Club, the narrator was merely a pawn used amongst other white collar slaves to do the dirty work.

Of Kubrick’s 13 films, one should have to be considered a priest or priestess within the coven. 2001: A Space Odyssey perhaps. Two years after Eyes Wide Shut was released the world was witness to the fall of the World Trade Centre Buildings. If anything the dark stone block can tell us, is that it’s rectangular shape like that of a widescreen TV was to hold the future.

BBC Acorn/Archimedes and MK Ultra PART 1: Bridging the Mind to the Computer

“MK Ultra never ended” is a term I see being thrown around here and there but ask them why and you might find it difficult to get an explaination.

What I have come to learn is that MK Ultra all centres around ARM, a computer language  architecture that most of the worlds biggest tech giants revolve around. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs and computer programmers all around the world will be very familiar with this computer construct. What many may not realise is that this computer technology has been around us for more than 30 years and began on a machine that was partly funded by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

ARM, originally Acorn RISC Machine, later Advanced RISC Machine, is a family of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures for computer processors, configured for various environments. British company ARM Holdings develops the architecture and licenses it to other companies, who design their own products that implement one of those architectures—‌including systems-on-chips (SoC) and systems-on-modules (SoM) that incorporate memory, interfaces, radios, etc. It also designs cores that implement this instruction set and licenses these designs to a number of companies that incorporate those core designs into their own products.” Reference https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture


I wonder how many people remember the BBC/ACORN Archimedes computers? British children born in the 70’s/80’s are likely to remember them being used in schools and universities during the 1980’s and early 90s as part of student education, whilst many teachers and professors would have been involved in their development. Many of these machines featured learning and games programs as well as primitive word processing tools.

By today’s standards the Acorn Archimedes computer could be considered to be extremely slow and basic, yet these computers were some of the first to incorporate ARM architecture, a computer language which is a standard used in modern mobile and tablet devices. ARM architecture is essentially the backbone which makes up any particular computer system that is designed today. It could be compared to how an architect designs a building around the physics of the real world. Therefore, if a computer company or individual wishes to build a new processor, a licence must be obtained in order to use the ARM architecture.

“Companies can obtain an ARM architectural licence for designing their own CPU cores using the ARM instruction sets. These cores must comply fully with the ARM architecture. Companies that have designed cores that implement an ARM architecture include Apple, AppliedMicro, Broadcom, Cavium, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Samsung Electronics.” -Wikipedia

Sumerian/Chinese Maths Systems and A.R.M

From what I understand, ARM at its core incorporates a very basic Sumerian/Chinese mathematical system.

The system itself was found to make large calculations easier, particularly multiplication and division using very simple rule sets. It was this system that modern mathematicians found to be the quickest and easiest methods to work with when it came to computer design.

This system allows, addition, subtraction, Multiplication and Division to be represented as a physical map, hence the architecture of ARM has patterns of number much like geometry. You could say that modern computers in some ways are more or less physically shaped by the numerical system that they use in order to represent data.

The father of the modern computer Alan Turin was well aware of this, and is why some of his most exotic studies involved those of self organizing systems in nature. These studies included the analysis of aerial reconnaissance pictures taken of land forms such as coastlines and forests.

LSD and Technology: The MK Ultra Connection.


After doing a bit of digging online, it seems that one of the BBC Micro/ACORN computers incorporated a computer processor made by Rockwell (a now defunct aerospace manufacturer). More specifically, the Model B+64 featured a “Rockwell Semiconductor 6512A at 2 MHz” built by Conexant Systems, Inc a division of Rockwell International, before being spun off as a public company.

Teledyne is a company that is still running today and has been noted for buying out some of the worlds leading technology manufacturers. Rockwell Scientific Company LLC was one company bought out by Teledyne (major US defence contractor) in 2006 for $167.5 million in cash?!?!?!?!?! Its not often you hear a story like that, almost like something out of a film where a deal is made with a briefcase full of cash.

Teledyne, Conexant Systems and Rockwell all have a link to the CIA Project MK Ultra through a man called Alfred Matthew Hubbard.

Hubbard was directly involved with MK Ultra, particularly in the area of LSD experimentation but he is also noted for being involved with other projects, particularly in engineering. Alfred Matthew Hubbard was referred to as the “Johnny Appleseed of LSD” and known to his peers as “The Captain”.

From a google books source, it would appear that Alfred Matthew Hubbard was once an employee for Teledyne in 1960.

Martin A. Lee and co-author Bruce Shalin strongly indicate that Captain was in fact an asset in their classic study Acid Dreams: A Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond:

“The Captain also engaged in undercover work for a number of other government agencies, including the Federal Narcotics Bureau and the Food and Drug Administration (at a time when both organizations were assisting the CIA’s drug testing programs.) During the mid-1960s he was employed by Teledyne, a major defence subcontractor, as ‘director of human factors research.’ In this capacity Hubbard served as adviser and consultant to a combined navy and NASA project that involved testing the effects of psycho-chemical agents on newly designed ‘helicopter avionics system.’

Teledyne worked closely with various government organizations, including the CIA, to apply these techniques to additional areas of military interest.

“While Hubbard was not a CIA operative per se, his particular area of expertise –hallucinogenic drugs –brought him into close contact with elements of the espionage community.”



Information on Alfred Matthew Hubbard is limited but what seems clear is that LSD played a critical part in the development of computer technology. My reasons for this are based on a few aspects. The first is clear that Conexant, Rockwell and Teledyne had some use for LSD experiments through their connection to Hubbard and the CIA. The second is what is described by Michael S Schnider in the video to be computers links to natural mathematics.

Our own brains are natures most powerful computers and in terms of mathematical calculations, the Sumerian/Chinese methods of number crunching is what both our minds and computers are suited to. It could be considered that natures own mathematical system or key is the same system.

Therefore, MK Ultras LSD experiments are most likely to have been conducted as “brain hacks” in order to open up and study the mind for its secrets. Computers would have been used alongside to input the results for use in further experimentation drawn from conclusive data.

Bridging the gap between computer technology and mind altering substances is a contrast, but ultimately, LSD was studied uniformly as a substance that had the potential to ‘program’ human beings. It is why many MK Ultra victims suffered greatly under the horrors of the experiments which included  methods of torture, sensitization/desensitisation techniques, sleep deprivation, starvation and so on.

Whilst LSD usage has been known for its negative effects, Alfred Matthew Hubbard is understood to have been an advocate of its usage for the bettering of humanity. But considering what MK Ultra did to people, it is likely the drug movements of the 60’s and 70’s were the first steps to introducing LSD on a large scale in order to divert public attention away from what was really happening. We could also look at other drug experiments such as The Jonestown Massacre, LSD Food poisoning at Pont-Saint-Esprit, in the Gard, southeast France 1951 and the Charles Manson Cult to see that these experiments were operating in plain site but were being spun as something else.

LSD can potentially turn on parts of the brain that are otherwise inactive at certain times of the day such as when we sleep. Therefore the experience of LSD can render a person out of touch with the balanced projection of the reality they perceive around them. Certainly if the unconscious projection we experience when sleeping can become activated under the influence of LSD, then a persons perceptions can seem to feel timeless and unworldly, much like the dream-state becoming a reality.

Modern AI has evolved to calculate incredibly complex mathematical problems within fractions of a second. Perhaps the most ground breaking event was when DNA code was cracked for the first time during the 90’s. DNA code is vastly complex and many thought it would not be able to be cracked for many years to come. GM (genetically modified) foods would not have been possible without computer advancements as computer were used to fill in the ‘gaps’ of DNA that would have otherwise taken many years just to complete one single sequence.

In a matter of 35 years, we have moved from silicon processors to quantum processing. In terms of practical needs, quantum processing  is not really a nessessity for the home environment. In fact, computing power used on todays modern machines is far beyond capable of dealing with office based tasks. Quantum computing is perhaps something that could be viewed as a server processor for the future, one which intends to act as a network of host computers that will crunch large amounts of data for millions of computers at a time, all in real-time.


Today I had a catch up with a friend who is being targeted in London.

From the conversation, I can gather that their targeting has reached a plateau much like my own. It seems that there are limitations to what involvement perpatrators have in harassing others. That is the defining line of privacy which regardless of what is happening, doesn’t allow those other than the police to invade the privacy of others. It still seems strange to say that but in reality of the law, survellience powers are what they are.

The civil line of privacy is still obviously being broken on a day to day basis, and is maintained through the classic indirect traits that the harassment operations continue with, by using collected data on targets.

I wished to address with my friend concerns about TI involvement with the media channel Vice.

Today, I researched further into this alternative news channel which is the only company I know of to date that has attempted to approach the “TI” phenomena. What I came to discover is that a majority of this company is owned by some of the industries big companies such as Disney and Fox news. Vice also has links to companies which were involved in the phone hacking scandals earlier in the decade. That is the name Rupert Murdock popped up to no surprise. His involvement in ownership was around 2013.

To date, Vice have made two documentaries about Targeted Individuals, of which feature a  number of TIs which participate in online blogging about their experiences. One of which I have already blogged about, Dr. Katherine Horton and Keiron Lee Perrin whom in comparison has done more extensive TI based forums to the public.

A person whom I have not talked about is Scott Gibbs whom is now the most current blogger of TI Television. As far as Scott is concerned, I don’t really have much to say. I have watched a number of his videos and much of them talk about his experiences with clarity.

Keiron is a very notable TI because he is the only TI who has presented some form of evidence of implantation. Regardless of if you believe his case for implantation, Keiron states that these implants were performed by the military, which is a pretty strong story. Considering, implants are now currently being talked about and in some cases, becoming a reality, the amount of information that Keiron has brought to the public can hardly thoughout to be considered “far-fetched” anymore.

With this said, it wouldn’t be correct to say that Vice is shilling the TI situation, unless of course the move is to discredit the lot with a court case in the near future.

Of course, discrediting is one of the many areas Targeted Individuals face. If Vice is attempting to use actors to then in turn discredit their own creation, then it would be one of the only logical move a shilling operation would take. But, it would seem a very brave move considering that they cover topics of survellience with just as much vigor.

Vice makes a lot of money it seems, running into the billions and it has been pointed out by some TIs that are not part of the Twitter collective that there are many TIs with a lot of important information that Vice chose to overlook for the first documentary. It was noted by Andy Lewis, a TI that can be found on Facebook, that the first documentary appears to undermine the whole subject by portraying the targets as stupid.

Despite that this documentary is part investigatory, the style of it can be compared to satirical comedy documentaries which came to rise in the late 90’s such as The Day Today and Brasseye, two programmes masterminded by TV scriptwriter and Actor, Chris Morris.

The Day Today and Brasseye were what I can describe as “Mediamockumentaries” which were designed to pull apart the pompus aspects of the media at the time, although I find myself reading many comments from the public whom think that the current state of the media today was a prediction on Chris Morris’s part. For some, The Day Today and Brassye could be considered the successor of Spitting Image, which stopped airing in Britain during the late 90’s.

Brasseye in particular grabbed headlines because of its aparent misleding of celebrities into commiting into “madeup” senarios. These included convincing MPs, Actors, Tv presenters, Musicians and so on into believing they were campaigning against drugs, pedophila and other controversial topics. At the time, Brasseye, caused serious controversy with one epidsode that centred around Pedophiles, where Ofcom recieved one of the highest list of complaints of all time. The pranks were later seen to reveal that some of the celebrities were only participating for social recognition, whilst some of the others later came to be charged with sex offences. Many who have seen Brasseye will know that Jimmy Saville (who didnt appear in the program), was repeatedly mocked and was later revealed to be a pedophile.

My point here is that despite what is known about pedophiles in the TV industry, Brasseye was one of the first programs to bring about a form of public shaming before any from of court case came about. This is something we are seeing more of today, certainly with the recent public shamings of celebrities of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, are we overlooking the fact that this was one of the aims of MK Ultra, to create a society just like we have now?

It is of worthy note, that some celebrities who were accussed of various crimes had their carrers completely ruined despite being proved innocent later on. Is it possible that those in the industry are just as vulnerable to control as the rest of us? To be used for news stories and profit?

With this said, I find that the second documentary by Vice changed its tune to a more serious standpoint, and that comments found on the video channel were not filled with as much mockery as the first. It seems that people are beginning to consider that MK Ultra is not as full of fantasy as the media spin it. Personally I think its because that these programs are becoming more predictable, and with survellience the way it is, it effects everyone now, not just the isolated experiment.

With a number of TV programs that are due to be realised that focus on the subject of MK Ultra, I believe that the most recent two series of Netflix “Stranger Things” was just merely an icebreaker to making money out of those whom have suffered under the name of illegal human experimentation.

With all this said, perhaps Tis featured in the Vice documentaries are genuine after all. If celebrities can be so easily manipulated into positions where their careers are put on the line, the vulnerablity of individuals whom are being targeted by portions of the community at large are perhaps just as likely to be used for the purpose of spinning the picture the way the media want it.

To contrast to the world of organised harassment, Vice has a lot of money and the world of showbusiness at its fingertips. I wouldn’t think for one second, that an actor isn’t out of their reach, especially ones that can be taught how to think and act like a TI. The reasons for this are simple. Obtaining TI information isn’t difficult with survellience the way it is.

You can also consider that the realm of the targeted community sits in a dangerous balance. It will take one or a number of people to take a hold of this situation for it to become something more than a collection of victims and could instead considered to be something cult like in the future.

If TIs can’t see the religious stigmata following them in tow across the internet, then you might be too blind to see that the media already has ideas of how to deal with the upsurge of TIs coming forward across the planet.




The Implanted Operative: Tech and Psychology

The world of Psychiatry is having a difficult time dealing with the “phenomena” of Gangstalking although I’m very certain that they are working overtime to devise a way of challenging that problem.

At the moment, Psychiatry deals with “TIs” of any shape or size with medication, but ask most with some form of mental health problem and I’ll guarantee many are also treated the same with minimal help or care, if any at all. So its safe to say that when it comes to psychiatry, medication and long waiting lists are their answer to vitually everything.

In most modern sub-MSM documentaries about “Gangstalking”, the psychiatry profession is often turned to for “opinion”. Generally, a long string of textbook terminology is roled off the tongue much like an ignorant person shrugs off someone elses bad news and from person experience, psychiatrists will dodge the subject in person much the same. But with mounting evidence of community harassment happening amongst us everyday, I fail to see the relevance of psychiatry’s “opinion” or usefulness when evidence enters into the forefront of an increasing problem.

If you can’t see this already then it needs to be said, but organised harassment in the community doesn’t intend to stay hidden (in certain terms) forever.

The reason for this is that for the effort and money that goes into this mass project would not be without purpose and it is those purposes that need to be addressed. Many Tis can see this and talk about it in great depth, But personally, I think its a waste of time. We only have to look at the employees of California Tech company Three Square Market sleep walking into a nightmare by volunteering for implant tech, tech which has already been tested on TIs for years.

Harassment operatives are well known to be found knitted into the professions of psychiatry and and the health systems. It would be foolish to think otherwise but they are only protected through ignorance and a set of carefully attuned protocols that are just part and parcel of workforce driven laws. That is to say, that getting someone to help you depends on how much they value their job and credibilty. Otherwise, there isn’t much standing in the way of a TI and getting the truth out.

Despite ignorance being bliss, the Psychiatry profession has a problem bridging the gap between its sceptical sciences and real science. You can see a lot of this happening in the world today. In a world obsessed with facts, psychiatry still only remains an opinion. Yet on the other side of the coin, it is used in tandem with survellience much like the mental hospital environment. So it doesn’t take a genius to work out that organisations that use mass survellience need a psychiatric voice in order to protect what they do to avoid any “wrongdoing” by the public eye.

A large percentage of us who use tecnology are subjected to AI net neutrality algorithms. It seems pretty evident that with the host of AI bots that were offically introduced online a few years ago, the aim of these projects is to extract information from every single person around the planet using a psychological format of mirroring information through any possible medium possible ranging from a picture to the clothes you wear. If you don’t think this is possible, then you might be surprised to learn that big corporate businesses will literally find meaning in anything, especially when it comes to selling you something. It breaks down into form of psychology which can then be “triggered” through prompt administered through technology. That in itself is the core foundation of hunter/gatherer iconography that the material world is built on, one which is parallel by knowledge. Much of this is talked and debated about on the web, particularly on the science channel TED.

Psychiatry and Community Harassment

Psychiatry has big involvement with the development of the AI revolution and the Organised Harassment Network so its understandable that no professional would dare to go near the subject with a barge pole and thats simply to do with how much senstive and experimental tech is is physically out there in the communities at large. Hence, this is why doctors are unlikely to be too happy to remove any weird implants you might happen to have on you. Its going to involve them having to testify in court in a society defining court case.

Therefore, the Community Harassment network is a bit harder to understand when it comes to TI testimonies. A majority of operatives are essentially working from mirroring algorithms sent to them from a mainframe server, the same ones which link to our emails, texts and almost everything we do online.

This in reality, makes them the very definition of a cyborg or even as far to say, android by nature. That purely comes down to how much an operative interacts with the tech or how advanced the tech is designed to have control over the person. Ultimately, they are more or less enslaved by agreement so the likelihood of having any sort of free will or privacy is almost zero.

These individuals are likely to be chipped and using a range of prototype tech. Others work from mobile devices but this is likely to reduce in respects to protecting the integrity of the technology they carry. So implants are likely to be manditory.

These operatives on observation have traits where a majority of their tactics of distraction aren’t always directed at the target for purpose of harassment, it is designed to stop the target analysing for the source of information theft.

Therefore, individuals carrying implants make extracting evidence harder. Although they are likely to carry a mobile device, the server code will be written into an unassuming program from the company that is hosting the data link. So on perception, any harassment operative will have a clean device.

Operatives will be directly linked to your device or a number of devices at any given time, functioning much like a hive mind. What you touch on your screen or the information you are sent in a live feed with be programmed to prompt, interacting and predicting reactions.

This physical human extraction is extraordinarily creepy because it can also be used alongside developing vechile tech. Harassment operatives interact with the target with a number of various methods but it depends on the platform being used.

The scrolling method a lot of use on our mobile devices is much like a runway of information. Particularly in areas where transport is in high frequency, AI vechiles can be used to synch with data on a target device as they scroll through information. Operatives can also sensitize targets to particular bits of information that present themselves on a newsfeed.

Operatives find it much harder to interact if all sensors, cameras and microphones are covered or if there is a lack of internet or no connection. Effectively, you are not only unplugging from the web but unplugging from operatives who are experiencing your information and others through neural interface.

One aim of these experiments is attempts to humanize technology but you should look to your own personal life for key indicators to understanding what programming you could expect in the future. Hence, much of the situations are simulated and require a lot of pre-planning, programming and being in the precence of employees of the company that target you. All of this can happen around you in real-life.

Are operatives implanted more than TIs?

This is a highly debatable question and it comes down to an aspect we could call information denial protocol.

TIs in contrast to operatives question about implants, so it is probable that some TIs have brain implant interfaces that extract only but can interact should there be need to. This makes communication a one way interaction. Therefore the system will not co-operate with a TI, only monitor them. In contrast, an operative with implants will be able to interact with the system remotely but it depends on what that person wants from the system in regards to requirement or need.  If the information request is considered a threat, it will be denied because certain thought patterns might be identified to be ones that extract information from the system for purposes other than that of what they are required to do. This defines the very nature of how an operative spends their spare time, as it will be with the community, alongside their targets, they’re job, is now their life.

If we can assume that an operative will never come out about the truth of what they do, then it would be highly likely they would be too scared to think of talking publicly about it because their thoughts are being read in real-time. That is the unfortunate catch 22 of being an operative from what I can gather. So to bring into context, operatives with implants can only respond to order, and their free will would be unquestionably be comprimised.

But this comes down to what type of experiment you are part of. Many Tis believe they are implanted. Considering how difficult it is to get a body scan in a general hospital, the odds are that implants are being ignored because it is standard protocol.

Most individuals whom will report implants will likely be given the run around. Runaround tactics are time wasting protocols used often in the psychiatrict professions. It is why many people who have some type of mental health problem will not have a dedicated psychiatrist or if they do, sometimes, protocols are used to breakdown frequency of visits. It is designed to distance help from the individual no matter how helpful it is presented.

General hospital protocols are designed in a similar way. Mention the word “implant” and it will be recognised as “mental health illness protocol” by a nurse or if it isn’t it will be by someone in higher authority.

Implants are the next stage of the big agenda. What isn’t commonly known is that they have been trialed and tested extensively in society for years in many various ways.

What you need to do is question is the nature of individual intelligence.

This is a question to my knowledge is yet unapproached.

How an implant interacts with a human presents serious questions.

If we are to assume there are individuals in society receiving information directly into their brains through the use of wireless connection, then the way that human is presented to the rest of us is a lie and may possess talents and abilities that would not be present without it.

It means that a person of intellicutal excellence could in fact be completely under the control of a machine. What we need to ask, is that if this person is disconnected from a hive mind system, does that person still retain the same intelligence or connectivity. Much like unplugging someone from the matrix. Unfortunately, if you have no love of the Matrix films, this is the reality that might be facing everyone.

There are some TI’s that report having discovered brain implants but others suspect ones that are less invasive on thoughts but were used only for the purpose of GPS tracking only.

However, the way the machine chooses to interact with you is not a coincious choice unless you personally programmed it or are part of a system which grants you control over the information.

This to me presents a utopia of control through true or false knowledge. The aim it seems is to disconnect the creative and functional part of the brain which enables us to problem solve.

This is why the psychiatry profession has placed itself on top of the debates and the the barage of thought provoking arguments found in the realm of net neutrality in order to use their operatives to test a number of complex systems.

What they are ultimately silent on is dealing with the reality of implants. Approaching it would essentially ruin a majority of big tech projects currently in operation and on a large scale, serious ethical and human rights questions would need to be answered.

No matter how alone you may feel as a TI, I guarantee there isn’t someone to far away from you who is also being targeted or being used on the other side of the coin of human experimentation.

Dutchsinse predicts False Flag and a personal message from EA Games.

Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.18 - (2)

This is fresh news as of 18/10/17. Dutchsinse has accurately predicted a false flag by using a media fed code warning story.


The base line to this is that FOXNEWS have been releasing news articles that indicate a hidden warning to Americas servellience networks. This particular article released online had been used a number of times and it had been observed that not long after, some form of attack would happen. The article was a regurgitated story on the classic “Bigfoot” so it’s likely that “mythical” stories are one amongst a large percentage of news catagories that are used. Personally, I think this false flag is an error made by the global AI system for simply repeating to much to be noticed. It also suggests that the work flow for NWO operations is being governed without intervention or at least is being left to run on autopilot. Sounds crazy but this is a major mistake, one to obvious to ignore.

What is interesting me is the nature of the attack. There is a possibility that the person who commited the killings was a targeted individual and was primed into commiting the act by manipulation. Data harvesting is watching a lot in real-time, so through predictive conditioning, it is possible that AI has been able to manufacture the situation quietly, manipulating the target and the victims in one go, while the news article acted as the warning as a stay clear alert.


Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.18 - (2)

The shooting report can be found here:



My personal targeting

I wanted to show my readers something that I encountered right after posting this blog last night.

I regularly play the online multi-player Star Wars Battlefront, a game which is rigged into AI intelligence. Online gaming harassment is something I haven’t covered in my blogs yet but recorded the session I played right after this blog. In the screenshot below shows the first moments of entering into a multi-player session.


Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.19 - (2).png

In the chatroom top right, you will be able to observe a user called OmgItsObama and below that the watch play is anchored on a user called Hassi1210 or (Hassle) whom is the black stormtrooper.

It goes without saying that Barack Obama wanted to make a move on gun control laws. So this indirectly sends a message to me in the context of the article and it’s implications.

To quote the Foxnews article about Bigfoot (a monster that is paroded in Empire Strikes Back on the planet hoth):

“The legendary Bigfoot and other creatures like it have reportedly been spotted near a Northern California lake, according to a paranormal investigator. Jeffrey Gonzalez, a self-described paranormal expert, said he heard about the sighting from a local farmer who said he saw the creature and five others running on his ranch near Avocado Lake. “One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder,” Gonzalez said in comments obtained by Fox 26, a Fox News affiliate. “And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over.” According to his Facebook page, Gonzalez is a talk show host and an investigator”


Desktop Screenshot 2017.10.19 - (3)


This reflects the five others. In the incident, three were killed and two were injured according to the article. Decoded, it is implied that the attacker was employed to do this hit by the Government, where the five stars were the targets. The attackers name is Radee Labeeb Prince. The last bit of the message implies he was given a reward of somekind for what he did.

For those that don’t know, Star Wars Battlefront does not feature online voice chat nor does it offer a choice of server to connect to. This is done automatically. Any communication is done via the chatroom. This means that play interaction with the outside world can be very easily mimicked by AI and can be used as an extraction tool or for indirect harassment.

This game was plugged by operatives known to me before its release. I have studied the game since its release, and it is almost always used as a way of indirect communication.

Operatives and special projects

In this blog I wish to disclose some information about special operatives.

Where I grew up, people my own age were drafted in to special projects through the schooling systems in the 80’s. What this means is, there is a network that operates in the schooling systems today and has done so since the 80’s. As I have covered in a previous blog, children who are from families with intelligence backgrounds will be automatically involved in participating in community spying.

A person whom I am aquinated with introduced me to one of his work friends back in the late 90’s. A trait they both shared was a love for music. The person I meet had walls of copied Cassettes, CDs, DVDS and so on which easily constituted as a small library. This was at a time where illegal downloading online was much easier than it is today.

A lot of operatives I know have a deep obsession with music. I myself love music but in the respect I am talking about, I have learned quite a few things about why some operatives keep large collections of music, so large that it would be un-nessessary.

These types of operatives are involved in studying the psychological effects of music on targets and the general public. These experiments have been conducted for many years using many thousands of studies in various places around the world. Some have been conducted in public places such as places of business since the introduction of background music in …. but there also been many other experiments that have been conducted in places you would not expect.

Contrary to what people know, MK Ultra victims can live a relatively normal life by appearance yet are mentally controlled within an ever changing experiment. So it means that people whom might seem to be popular or in places of society that might indicate that they are in a position of power matters not. It is widely known that even celebrities can be programmed and why MK Ultra is talked about a lot in the film industry.

Operatives chosen for music studies will listen to anything. Ranging from the most extreme kinds of music you can find right back to the most primitive of music beginnings. Because a majority of music is interpretive, analysts have been used to observe the psychological influence of lyrics right down to the effects of sound, rhythm and so forth in order to develop protocols.

Music is used often in harassment operations under many different guises with the intent to influence the feelings within a target. Under some torture conditions, music has been used in ways to extract information. In organised harassment, it can range from external methods such as low bass rhythms emanating from cars that pass a house, to vocal linguistics. All these are developed using manipulation of the languages, auditory and visual phenomena which are practised by street theatre groups involved in harassment.

Music has an enormous influence over our lives that it can shape how we feel. It can make us feel sad, happy even angry. It is therefore why the music business is almost certainly dominated by a system designed to control nations through the use of advertising.

Some MK Ultras can be found in the music business and many do not know that they are victims.

This is such a closely knit operation operative musicians themselves can incorporate an MK Ultra into a band. This is a little bit like an Occult operation of incorporating the enemy into the system. Therefore, this is something commonly seen in more extreme forms of music.

A classic MK Ultra example seen in front of the whole world was that of Sid Barrett of Pink Floyd. Despite Sid once being the frontman of one of the biggest bands of all time, he was also subjected to LSD mind control to the point he eventually became mentally ill.

Pink Floyd are almost exclusively associated with LSD, most notably the 1974 album Dark Side Of The Moon as their origins were bred from the drug cultures of that time. After the departure of Barrett in the early 70’s, he was often referenced in lyrics written by the surviving band members.

MK Ultras are sometimes used as examples or foundations for their music and psychological studies, meaning there is nothing to stop them controlling them within the band itself.

This is very akin to the premise of the 1975 film The Wicker Man where the main character is drawn to a situation that has already been pre-planned, therefore running the maze. In the music industry, it does not matter what area of the stage they occupy, from singer to drummer, any member could be the subject of abuse control.

Therefore, where it is assumed that this kind of mind control abuse only happens in extreme types of music, when in fact it applies to every area, especially popular music which is far easier to advertise to the public.

A majority of the music industry that exists today is a fully fledged operation that now works in-co-operation with the mass media control network. It is why music psychologist that have submitted their work over many years have contributed towards predictive programming and Mind Coercion.

Mind Coercion is a phrase not often covered in information that exists about mass mind control but it is one aspect of digital persuasion that exists on the internet. It can be observed by anyone who uses technology, especially that which has control newsfeeds and so on. In fact, it is the part of organised harassment that is least understood and why those whom wake from programming become at risk of serious mental health problems because the actions of operatives co-exist also side the operations of the internet.

Music has the ability to penetrate some of our deepest emotions, especially sadness. Rhythm and beat also has the ability to regulate our heart rhythms and other functions. Therefore, being surround by a stimulus that can subconsciously trigger feeling and emotion can act as triggers, including memories and thought patterns.

It is these aspects that music psychologists concern themselves with, contributing to studies under controlled conditions.

Music identity exists as a baseline to sort types of people, right down to the way a person thinks. Therefore, those whom listen to one genre of music against many others is select to only certain perimeters of emotional expression or understanding.

For example, a person might harbour fears about certain genres of music, such as hard rock as it is sometimes associated with Occultism and adversity, therefore representing negative traits. Therefore , this is where there is much music politics and grouping. Someone whom is broad minded to music, with subjective criticism might be less influenced by mind control methods.

Music also allows the ability to express emotional and even religious expression. Singers and musicians use muscle memory for a majority of their practises and performances thus becoming rhythms that enter the very core of our beings.

Repetition of music is therefore something that was studied quite intensely under the MK Ultra projects. LSD was considered to be effective at de-programming learned behaviour as the experience can separate the mind from the confines of the perception of time and reality.

It is in this vulnerable state that operatives could take advantage of the core programming of a person much like scenes found in the Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange.

Victims are therefore treated much like meat as operatives have to be required to separate all emotional attachment from the target. The reason for this is so the operative can avoid the prospect that their own minds are also vulnerable to programming. It is why many operative refer to humans as being products of our environment.

Music and Algorithms

Algorithms designed to influence the natural world have been developed over many years. If comparative to Occult/Witchcraft practice, the psychology of manipulating human emotion is one that has been studied and utilized in a way to bring people together or in fact separate others.

One particular mathematician I had met basically came outright and stated that they had been developing algorithms in which they could make someone fall in love with them. But these algorithms have to be experienced themselves in a one to one nature as it is only their feelings which can be experience and measured against the nature of their equations.

This is quite important, because it means that many MK Ultras are in or have been in relationships with programmers for the primary purpose of data analysis. These individuals will even go to the lengths of marriage and have children together, even to the grave. This is far more likely of the generations from the 50’s and 60’s.

These individuals will likely have a secret relationship alongside the study, where a job can cover time away from the study. The reality denotes that the target is the subject of study and is therefore work. The operative will obviously develop emotional connections and a depersonalisation of the situation they are involved in controlling their target and perhaps a deep sense of isolation. This is due to the controlling nature they inflict, as an unnatural process, the agent needs to be pulled occasionally to be kept in focus.

They also know, that a one to one experience must be kept as real as possible in order to provide accurate enough data, one which have variables considering the relationship is only part of experiment. These false feelings therefore need to be rectified under comparative study of others in natural relationships. However, these experiments include other factors, situations which relate to friends, family, finance and so on.

Music will also be the feature of many relationships around the world. Therefore it is comparatively studied and used by many field agents especially in regards to manipulating the emotions and thoughts of their subjects.

Music exploits our most primal functions.

With the music industry, there are many different types of cults. In terms of controlling cults, there are a few and ones which incorporate programmers.

Some of you may have heard of the term Death Cult. It is one feature found in the industry that some celebrities commit to. Although the cult isn’t considered to be a “death cult” by its followers, the origins of the nature of what happens within one are very misconstrued by the same premise that music has. That is, the core of the cults believes are interpretative and therefore what one does under interpretation is primarily the desires and whats of that individual alone. This is stated in order to protect the code or religious teachings contained within in, especially if they challenge conventional laws of society.

Cults are often associated with celebrities ranging from Scientology to older sects that can span back to many centuries. Some modern cults are merely experiment, where older ones tend to be ones that have control over the smaller groups as their foundations/principles act as keys to modern elements such as technology and lifestyle.

In the music industry, these branch cults can be represented as one area of a larger cult. One band can actually symbolise a movement of a branch of the cult where it could be assumed to be by its followers to be completely separate of any other influence.

This is can facilitate what is known as a death cult. Higher order members which oversee the operation put in place methods to run the secret collective with the intention to use selected individuals for certain purposes. These cults can also trade of their members in certain ways to more socially accepted branches of religion for the purposes of money. The bottom line is, if an individuals moral compass is easily swayed, it will be identified and is why you will see many celebrities used for the purpose of making money, especially in the media. For those whom are not in the media limelight, cult members that become difficult to manage can be moved down “routes”

which is where some celebrities are exposed for criminal acts. If the target avoids the law, then they can be constructive passed on to the mental health systems or traded to a different religion eg Christianity.

Individuals dealt with this way do not necessarily have to be MK Ultras but members that have decided to choose a different path or go too far in what they are doing to be noticed, drawing unwanted attention. MK Ultras tend to be those that keep on the fringes of the cult. They do not participate in there ceremonies but could be assumed to be part of them purely by association.

That is what is known as scapegoating and it is more common than people realise. Through association, operatives can use unsuspecting individuals as part of objective operations. Teenage gangs are one example. By mere appearance, a group of individuals do not have to appear as stereotypical street thugs. They can employ tactics within the neighbourhood whilst being able to conduct an operation at the same time.

This is for a number of reasons. Keeping “unknowers” around allows for scapegoating. Should they ever face legal complications or risk of exposure, an “unknower” can be used to take the heat. They are almost always kept in the dark about some situations they get into. This literally means a person could be committing to indirect harassment and not know it. A “unknower” can be influenced into doing and saying things that contribute to the activity. Those whom are suggestible or at risk of peer pressure tactics are ones whom can end up in these sorts of situations. For outsiders, this is what can happen.

Within a cult, these methods will almost exclusively appear under Satanic Ritual Abuse. This is covered in the Gangstalking and the Occult Blogs.

MK Ultras in Film/Television

There are many examples of MK Ultra programs in media history, dating back to the 50’s.

Of my older readers, many UK folk will know of or have heard of Spike Milligan.

Spike Milligan was a British comedian whom was a much loved TV personality whom began his career starring alongside Peter Sellers and Harry Seacombe in BBC Radio’s The Goon Show. Milligan was known for suffering with Manic Depression, (commonly known as Bi-Polar disorder) for most of his adult years. Milligans co-stars Seacombe and Sellers had links with Christianity and Freemasonry.

Sellers is still considered one of Britain’s most loved comedians. He was also know for womanising and drug use in his private life. Seacombe however maintained a more conservative lifestyle in contrast. However, Milligans lifestyle was very heavily influence by his work, took prescription mediations to treat depression and was known for very extreme mood swings, violent outbursts and at times, threats to others close to him.

Considering Peter Sellers connection to Freemasonry, it would be no surprise if Milligan was being subjected to mind control methods by himself and those within the industry. If only subtly.

However, Seacombe whom was was very much a notable choir singer and Christian committed to religious TV program Highway in his later years (1983-1993). Although Seacombe was not known to be a Freemason, personal connections to me suggest otherwise.

If somewhat a nod to organised harassment “The Goon Show” was very much a mockery of the community organised spying harassment development projects of the 50’s and 60’s. Although primarily aimed at the criminal gangs (goon squads) it was well known that these individuals could be used by the Police as informants if caught. Therefore, Sellers would have been more than aware of what was happening at the time, informed under Freemasonry. Sellers was also noted for making many spoof spy movies and featuring in two of Stanley Kubrick movies Lolita and Dr. Strangelove. It is quite apt that Milligans could be so closely associated to someone whom worked with the director who would go on to make the film “A Clockwork Orange.”

Alongside growing up with music, stage and acting experience all three like many men of their time served in the military during the Second World War. Milligan particularly is most noted for writing many memoirs about his war time experiences and that about the Nazis.

In 1951, The first Goon Show episodes went to air around the same time that anti-psychotic medications were being discovered although the very first observations of anti-psychotic properties in trial medications were observed in tests conducted before the 20th century. At this point, MK Ultra was documented to have already started and likely that LSD and anti-psychotic were being experimented on before the first serious introductions into psychiatry in the 1960s.

The Goon show also specialised in Radio theatrics, which in the days before TV was a very distinct art of creating sound effects in order to create atmosphere without stage or screen. Much of this was widely studied against the in house audience and listeners around the nation. The Goon Show was very successful in the UK and if anything, one of Britain’s most pioneering comedy shows, crafting textbook radio entertainment.

Bi-polar is essentially the result of deep manipulation of the moral compass or parts of the primary ID within Freudian psychology.

Visual and Audio Triggers: Mandela Effect Debunked

Those that have grown up in the age of television while have been subjected to many images and sounds over many years almost certainly routed to one particular place whilst doing so. Today, this can be anywhere with the use of the internet.

Media programming of the MK Ultra era developed a method which today is being referred to as The Mandela Effect. This theory suggests that somehow, the fabric of space-time is being manipulated and people are remember things differently to the way they are told. Hence the Mandela Effect uses the example that some people believed that Nelson Mandela had died during the 80’s when he was in fact still alive.

This tactic is known as separated news events and was used on MK Ultras whom were primarily isolated or considered “unsuspecting” where a number were tested. They were by all means the first tests on fake news.

Either way, split programming was designed to implant the memory with a false belief whilst the rest would be told the truth. This presents many problems for those being experimented on especially under perceptions of intelligence.

In the early days of radio, some individuals could be experimented on through the use of frequency hacking. This basically meant broadcasting to localised radios in the area much like a walkie talkie accept onto commercial radio bands. This later went on to be exploited by pirate radio and TV stations.

Therefore, TV has had the ability to be able to introduce triggers to the nation. There can be for example, memory triggers implanted from very young age.

TV programs or advertising which only had very brief airing are examples of this. It was seen very often in the early 80’s. These memories can be stored deep in the mind. You tube introduced deprogramming on a massive scale because it was able to allow people to view things that they haven’t been able to find on TV for many years which had otherwise been put to the back of the mind.

Another example of split programming is used in films. Many know these as deleted scenes.

One very popular sci-fi film from the 80’s Return of the Jedi has a missing scene but was featured in CIA issued tests at some cinemas and video store outlets.

I have online found one person whom recalls the scene.

The missing scene is found at around … into the film where the Rebels arrive at the Death Star and begin advancing to attack it. At the point where Lando Calrissian notices that the deflector shield is operational he orders the fleet of X-Wing fighters to pull up. Here there is a missing scene where X-Wing fighters should be seen crashing into the deflector shield. If you watch closely on the currently available releases, you will be able to notice there is some editing, particularly in the music.

Strangely, in the film Independence Day released in 1996, there is a scene where this happens involving F-16 fighter jets crashing into the deflector shield of a large alien spaceship. Independence Day was also a 20th Century Fox film like the Star Wars movies.

The premise of this scene implanting is similar to subliminal advertising. What seems to happen to MK Ultra test subjects is that they can be shown films or TV that can include scenes which will be removed but copied and placed into other movies.

The mental effects are like looking at a photograph but with bits of the original picture missing. It causes a person to think deeply, trying to force a memory because the person remembers the photograph differently.

There are in fact many movies from the 80’s and early 90’s where these experiments were tested. They normally only involve very brief scenes and these copies were only found at video rental outlets and some national broadcasts.

Interestingly, Return of the Jedi was released on Blu-ray which featured extra deleted scenes. These scenes were in the rental versions but were correctly edited in. However, the crash at the death star cannot be found in these deleted scenes.

To someone believing this is a Mandela Effect is merely being fooled by media deception and it is amazing how much they have been able to get away with.